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What an Outcome

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Apr 7, 2014
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My cum was now leaking from his ass so I asked him to get of me and lay on his back.

* * * * * * *

I have been Bi-sexual since I was a teen which is many years ago a mate and I use to wank of over playboy and this like that then we started to wank each other off and in the end we were fucking each other but we both had girlfriends to. And I am now married to the girl that he use to go with.

But as I say I am bi-sexual and I am a member of a gay / bi site called Gaydar and I have often met men from this site sometime just to wank or suck each other off, but most times it is for full on sex I like to take a nice hard cock up the ass as well as shove my cock a nice warm ass.

Some men just like to take a cock and some like to just give it but me I am up for both, I love the feeling of a man's cock pumping cum into my ass feeling the warmth of it as it fills your insides the pleasure you can get from that is out of this world.

Also some members have photos some don' you get a few that will not meet as they are into looks rather than getting laid they might be looking for a long time friend me I will meet you with anyone looks don't come into with me it's the sex that I am after.

I do not show a face photo unless less I am asked for one as I am married I do not want anyone that knows me to know I use this site or the fact I am bi-sexual, any way there was this profile it had no photo so I read what this man was looking for and it said that he was new to this site and new to the gay side of himself and that he was looking for someone to teach him and to see if he liked gay sex, he went on to say that he could accommodate day times but would like to meet up for a coffee or a pint first.

He said on the profile that he wanted to try Kissing,sucking a dick, fucking both ways, rimming, and anything else and would try most things before saying he did not like it, so I sent him a message and said I would love to meet him and teach him about gay sex, I said that I was bi-sexual so had to be careful that my wife did not find out and day times were better for me, I sent the message and a few hours later I got a reply saying that he had a girlfriend and she went to work and as he worked nights so day times were good for him to.

We arranged to meet and we chose a pub in town and we would meet the following day, so I went to the pub and ordered my beer and was there about 30 minutes early sitting at the bar I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to find my son-in-law to be standing there, hi I said what you doing in here could not sleep he said so thought I would come out for a pint or two, what about you at a loose end I would have given you a call but though you would be sleeping.

We had a pint or two and as he was there I could not look for the guy I was to meet so when I got home I went onto the web site and sent of a message to this man and said that I was so sorry but my son-in-law to be turned up and I had to have a drink with him as I told you no-one knows about me so could not leave him to find you.

When I got a re-ply a hour later I was totally shocked when I read his reply your name is not peter is it he asked as I always give a false name until I have met them, as I think he went on I am your son-in-law to be.

I could have past out with shock, but at least we both had a secret to keep, I took the bull by the horns as they say and replied would you still like to meet up and I can show you what you want to know.

Yes he said at least I know you and know you would never tell anyone, so I arranged to go round the following day, I knocked on the door and James let me in and we sat and talked he told me what he wanted and why he thought he was Bi-sexual like me, so I reached over and took his hand in mine and kissed it. I got up and took him into his bedroom and stood him at the bottom of the bed and pulled his t-shirt up and he had some hair on his chest but not that much.

I lifted off my t-shirt and I took hold of his hand and placed it on my chest over my nipple, I could feel his hand trembling as I did this, but he did not pull away but started to run his fingers though the hair on my chest and played with my nipples this made them hard and I said go on kiss it, James lent forward and placed his lips over my hard nipple and licked it then sucked it into his mouth and started to flick the tip of my nipple with his tongue sending shivers thou me as he did this.

He played with my nipples for a while and then stood back up I pulled him to me and kissed him at first he resisted but then relaxed and opened his mouth to allow my tongue to enter, our tongues entwined as we kissed as I pulled away I asked if he was ok and did he still want to carry on,James took a very deep breathe and said yes, so I dropped onto my knees and took hold of his belt and undo that, then popped open the button and lowered his zip, placing my hands either side of his jeans I slowly pulled them down over his boxers, I pushed them to the floor where he stepped out of them.

I could see that James had I big hard on by the way his boxers had to big lump in the front, well that's a good sign I said looking up at him and ran a hand over the front of his boxers, James closed his eyes as I did this and gave a soft moan in the back of his throat, I could feel that he had a big cock hidden inside those boxers and I wanted to see it so once again I placed my hands now on the waist band of his boxers and slowly pulled them down as the top got caught on on his hard cock so I reached in and curled my fingers around his cock and as I took hold of it James said Oh my god.

I pulled his cock free of the waist band and lowered his pants to the floor where he stepped out of them he now stood naked in front of my and I replaced my hand on his 7" cock and it was quite thick to I curled my fingers around it and started to move my hand up and down his nice long cock and I was glad to see that he had a nice foreskin that covered the head of his cock, as I have found out that men with a foreskin have a much more sensitive head and feel a lot more, I slowly pulled the foreskin back over the big purple head and as I did his cock twitched in my hand.

I lent forward and I heard James take a deep breath and hold it in as I ran the top of my tongue around the head and I did not take it into my mouth yet just ran my tongue round it just touching the sensitive head and James let his breath out and a Oh my god as he did so.

James had closed his eyes as he saw I was going to take his cock into my mouth and I close my lips just around the head and still flicked the top of it he had pre-cum seeping form the slit in the top of his cock and he tasted good, as I took more of his cock into my mouth my son-in-laws breathing got faster and heaver and I now had at least half of it in and he started to move his hips back and forth so I knew he like what we were doing, soon I had my face pushed into his pubic hair and the whole of his cock was touching the back of my throat. I felt James put his hands on my head and started to fuck my face nice and slow as his cock went in and out I was running my tongue along the length of it.

James was now breathing heavy as I cupped his balls in my hand and ran them around playing with them, he started to speed up and was now thrusting hard into my mouth the head of his cock going down my throat each time he pushed fully into me, he gave one last thrust held me head so I could not pull away (not that I would have done) and shoot his cum in my mouth and down my throat, saying Oh fuck that's good Oh the fuck yes.

Once he had let go of my head I started to suck on him once more running my mouth and holding my lips tight to his still twitching shaft, I sucked every last drop of cum from him when his cock was limp it was also clean and I hoped it would not be long before it was back up and running so he could place his nice cock into my waiting ass.

I was still had my jeans on so I stood up and got naked and he could not take his eyes from my rising cock and I am proud to say it stands at 10" when full hard which it was getting to now, Wow said James what a cock thanks I said so I take it you like being sucked off, Oh yea he said, well then how do you feel given mine a like and a suck and we will take it from there.

I sat on the edge of the bed and lent back on my elbows and open my legs this made my cock stand up poking towards the ceiling, James got down on his knees between my legs and just looked at my cock, you don't have to if you don't want to I said, O I want to he said just that I can not get over the size it looks so wonderful, then he reached out and took a firm grip wrapping his fingers around it just below the head of my cock and he slid his hand down and he watched as my foreskin pulled back over the swollen head to reveille the purple per-cum covered head that lay beneath.

James lowered his head slowly sticking his tongue out as he got nearer and nearer then his tongue touched my cock and the head was so sensitive that my cock jumped in his hand , Wow he said in a soft voice and licked his lips before licking the head once more, he was still wanking my shaft slowly as he licked the pre-cum from me and then lowered his mouth over the head and put his lips tightly around my cock and I had to close my eyes as he licked and sucked on the head I game out a mmmmmmmmmm you learn fast I said mmmmmmmmmm o so fucking nice.

It was not long before James was taking over half of my length into his mouth and he sounded as if he was enjoying himself as he slurped and sucked on my cock, I was now raising myself up to meet his downward movement of his mouth and I said to him James it won't be long before I cum you don't have to take it in your mouth if you don't want to, the reply was Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and he started to speed up with his hand and mouth and I match him with my upward thrust, on and on until with one loud OH FUCK I exploded in his mouth the cum just shot out of my filling his mouth and running from is overfull mouth and down his chin.

He done the same to me as I did to him and sucked and licked me clean, once my cock had shrunk he got up and lay beside me saying you know I was worried about what cum would taste like and if I was going to bring it back up but it's not a bad taste and I want more, I said well all cum taste different but yea I like it and yours was very nice and sweet unlike some that can be bitter.

We both rolled onto our sides facing each other and held each other close and kiss and cuddled for a while and then I felt his cock starting to stir again, something is getting randy again I said, I guess it wants some more he said, well what it wants is what it will get.

I turned over on my other side and told him to place his arms around me which he did I raised my knees up close to my chest and put my hand down between us and took hold of his now hard cock and placed the tip up against my ready and waiting hole not to fast I said push gently and then once it is in you can go at the pace you want.

I felt him push upward with a firm push and my hole started to open and let his cock have entry to my love tunnel he pushed a bit more then the head popped inside me and he gave a sigh and he felt it go in and he still kept his gentle pushing and his cock slipped into me slowly until our bodies meet and he could not get it any further inside of me.

Oh my god he said that feel wonderful, he withdrew it and pushed it back into me and he started moving a bit faster his breath so heavy as he pumped in and out of me I pulled me knees up further so he could get as far into in as he could on and on he banged his cock into my ass slamming home with each upward thrust he grunted with every push and I was moaning at the pleasure he was giving me, it felt so good having his cock pushing into my ass , filling me with every push, I told him to stop a moment and take his wonderful cock , when he did I put my legs down and rolled over onto my front and open my legs and James climbed between them and placed his cock over my waiting hole once more, this time he was not so gentle pushing his big headed cock into me and as it popped into my ass I shouted out OH fuck he said sorry I did not mean to hurt you, Oh you didn't I say that was fucking wonderful.

On hearing that he raised himself up on both arms above me and started to thrust into me as hard as he could , each time our bodies meet he forced me down into the bed he was now ramming into me hard and fast and I was loving every thrust the pleasure was making my head spin.

He carried on like this for some time and then with final push he held his cock into me and I felt his warm cum enter me body filling me as it spurted out of his throbbing cock, pump after pump his cock did not seam as if it would stop, James was saying Oh Christ Oh Christ Oh boy that was fucking wonderful, Wow wonderful thank you so much. Hay my pleasure I said as he still had his cock in bedded in my ass he lowered himself so he was now laying on my back, god for your fist ass fucking you know how to please someone I said, wow you made my head spin you fucked me so well.

He rolled of me when his cock finally slipped from me ass and as it did I felt it James cum oozing out of my ass and he had pumped so much in there. I rolled over and lay on my back next to him both getting our breath back after a fantastic fuck.

James looked over and said we still have two hours before Kirsty is home so that gives me plenty of time to do something with that fucking big hard on you had there I would not want that to go to waste.

With that he started to get up and I said how about a 69 I would love to suck the cum of your cock ok he said and put one leg over my head and I took hold of his limp cock and placed it in my mouth and as I did I felt James fold his lips around mine, so we started to lick and suck on each others cock's.

After about ten minutes of this I asked James if he wanted to see if he could take my cock into his ass that is if he wanted to, as before I said only if he wanted to, sure he said I want to try but please don't get upset if I can't do it, don't be silly I said there are some men that like to fuck some just take and like me love both so until you try you will not know if you can take it or even if you do if you will like it.

So James got of me and I said as this was going to be his first time and I know my cock is big I thing it would be better if you sat on my cock rather then me pushing into you at way you will control if you can take it or not, sounds good to me so I asked him if he had any KY gel or anything like that, yes he said we have KY so he got it and gave it to me, so I told him to get on his hands and knees I got round behind him and placed a big dollop of gel on his ass and slowly worked it into his hole, slowly I pushed in one finger and worked the gel around the inside of his ass and started to move my finger in and out applying more gel from time to time, how dose that feel I ask, Great he said than I bent my finger and rubbed his prostrate as as I did James gave out a OH FUCKING HELL, and his body shook, bet it dose not feel that good when the doctor dose it I said.

I removed my finger and put on more gel and then without telling him pushed two fingers inside and he took a deep breath and once I started to move then back and forth and rubbing his prostrate again his soon started moaning oh yes oh yes that's good oh yes, it was not long before I had three fingers fully into his ass, after a while I removed one finger from one hand and replaced it with one from my other hand and once he had gotten use to that I started to stretch his ass open slowly pulling it open and soon his ass was wide and he said there was now no pain.

Ok I said I thing your ready to try and sit on my cock and have a cock up your ass for the first time, just remember stop if you don't like it or you find it hurts to much, OK he said but if what you were doing just now and the feelings I was getting just from that well I think I and going to love having a cock inside me even one as big as yours.

So I got on my back on the bed and as before my cock was sticking up like a flag pole, James knelt over me and he was facing me so I could see he was breathing quite fast and I told him take a few deep breath's and relax, when he had done his he lifted himself up on his knees and reached round behind him and found my flag pole and pulled it forward a bit and lined the head up with his well gelled hole and then he lowered himself until the tip of my cock was just touching his puckered hole.

He stayed like that for a few seconds and I said take all the time you need James my cock will stay hard I can assure you, a few seconds later James but a bit more weight on the top of my cock and it was now pushing at his hole, relax relax I said don't tents up just relax, he did and my cock entered just a bit more.

His ass was opening up very slowly but that was ok he said that he could feel a little pain but not that much as what I had done to his ass had helped a lot, I lay very still and let James do the work and he placed a bit more pressure and with out warning the head of my cock popped into his ass, Oh Oh Oh he said Oh fuck Oh, but he did not pull off but just held it there, then as he relaxed he took a few breathes and started to moan Mmmmmmmmmmmm feel nice now very nice in fact, well that's good I said don't forget you might not take the whole length this time, ok he said pushing down a bit now and my cock slid into his ass, it was so hard for me just to lay there as I wanted so much to push up with my hips but stopped myself from doing so.

After about three or four minutes James was about three quarters down my cock and he had a great big grin on his face and he started to move up and down on my cock he was even going up so the head of my cock came out of him before going back down on me, he started to breathe hard again and was now moving faster and faster he was saying under his breath yes yes oh the fuck yes he had his eyes closed as he rode my shaft, now he was going for it I felt it was ok to move and so I started to push up as he came down and as I did this the first time his eyes popped open and he ley a OH my fucking Christ yes yes yes oh fuck yes.

So I started to fuck him and he fucked me and I raised my hands and took his nipples into my hands and gently rubbed them and played with them, then twisted then between my finger and thumb and he moaned again and again his cock getting hard again between us as he rose and fell against my body his cock and balls were slapping against me so I took one hand away from his chest and took his harding cock it my grip and started to wank his as he rode my cock.

By now he was really riding my cock hard and as he relaxed he was now taking the whole 10" inside his virgin ass ramming up and down on it taking it fully out of his ass before pushing the whole thing back into himself.

I continued to rub his cock as he rode me, and it was not going to be long before I was letting me cum shoot from my very excited cock, so I started to wank him hard and fast pulling his foreskin back and forth over the head and I was now ready to unleash my load and I just cried I am cumming and with that James raised up once more and can fully down on me as hard as he could and just stopped there as my cock unloaded it's pay load up into his virgin tunnel, OH MY GOD said James I can feel your cum inside me warm and lovely a can feel it coming from your cock WOW FUCKING Wow I did not know I would feel that he said, I still wanked his as my cock throbbed inside him and as I finished cumming and my cock started to slow with throbbing James also came and his cum shot out and reached up as far as my chin.

FUCK FUCK FUCK he shouted OH FUCK that's so fuck good oh fuck he kept saying as his cock twitched in my hand as it spat out his cum all over me, it was now in a line from my chin all the way down to his twitching cock I let go of his cock and ran my hands up over me getting his cum on my hand then while looking him in the eye I licked it from my hand, he lent forward on seeing me do that and licked the rest of my chest and neck.

As he lent forward my shaft slipped from him and he gave out a Oh! I liked that in there, I am sure there will be plenty of more times I said now we know you like it. Well what more could a man want said James to have his future father-in-law as his lover well at least we know when we can meet and be safe I said.

My cum was now leaking from his ass so I asked him to get of me and lay on his back and I got down between his legs lifted then up so his ass was in the air and licked my cum from his leaking ass.

We got dressed after I had licked him clean and said see you soon for some more fun I hope James, You bet he said and Thanks again for today and taking your time with me another man might not have been so understanding as you.

I was my pleasure I said and as I told you before it might have been your fist time but boy you know how to fuck, so that you for so much pleasure, with that I left before my daughter got home from work.

If you liked this story and it gave to a hard one that you had to re leave then why not tell me or better still send a photo, had a few but can always do with more, will be kept for my eyes only, Dave - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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