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My First Time at Gay Sex and Bondage

Author: Deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : May 5, 2014
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Bob started to suck my cock again while Richard still kept on pushing his cock into my open mouth.

* * * * * * *

My name is Dave and I am married and have two children I am 56 years of age 5'1" tall of a medium build going a bit thin of top and never in my life have I ever thought about having sex with a man, I have nothing against gays but never coincided myself as gay or Bi-sexual.

I have been married for 26 Years and my wife and I have sex 2 or 3 times a week, so what happened when I went out for a drink the other night took me by complete surprise I can tell you.

One more thing before I start this story my children are 25 and 23 so do not need looking after.

So about a week ago my wife was going out to see our daughter and so I thought I would nip into town to have a pint or two, my son was out with his mates so I did not want to sit at home alone.

I thought I would try a pub I had not tried before so went in and got a pint and sat at a table, there was a TV on so got myself comfortable with a pint in one hand and watch the TV,

I notice after a while that there were women in the place just men but thought no more of it, two men came and asked if anyone was sitting with me I said know, so they asked if I would mind if they sat there I said no please do, they took a seat and they sat there chatting and got me involved with they chat.

One of them got up to get them a drink and asked if I would like another one so I said yes that would be great, when he came back with the beer instead of sitting next to his mate he sat the other side of me so I was now between the two, as we drank and talked they seamed to move closer towards me bit by bit until each of them had their legs touching mine.

As we talked the one to my right who was about 5'10" a bit over weight I would have said around the 40 mark placed his hand on his leg and as he ran his leg up and down his hand was touching mine, I could not move away due to the other one on the other side of me, I should have spoken up but I did not for some reason and to this day do not know why I did not.

As he ran his hand up and down his own legs as I say he was touching mine, then the man to my left started to do the same I looked at both of them and they just smiled and then together they moved their hands onto my legs and started to run their hands up from my knee and just stopped short of my dick the one on the right then curled his fingers round so he was now running his fingers up the inside of my leg and each time he got to my dick he flicked his finger against it.

Now as I said I had never thought about men in that way but as we sat their talking and drinking and these two men were rubbing their hands up and down my legs I found that I was starting to get a bit excited and my cock started to grow within my jeans,then the man on the left who I shall call bob from now on and the one on the right Richard.

Anyway Bob lent into my ear and said so my friend what do you like doing, I turned to look at him and could not speak for a second or two then said in a low voice sorry but I have no idea what I like doing I have never even thought about it I know what I like with women but men it has never crossed my mind, Bob replied so what are you doing in a gay pub then, did not know it was I said, Richard then said well do you want us to go or stay I am sure we could teach you a thing or to,well you have your hands on my legs and you are making my dick hard with what your doing so if it's ok with you then I would like you to stay.

So Richard went and got in another round of drinks, we sat there talking and they told me that they would like to take me to theirs and strip me off and show me a good time and would I be up for that, I said I have know idea as I had never given it any thought but if they were happy to take there time and not hurry thinks then I was willing to give it ago and see if I liked it.

So we finished our beers and went out the back to the car park Richard turned and pulled me to him were he kissed me full on the lips pushing his tongue fully into my mouth, feeling a man doing this to me made me even more excited and my cock wanted it's release from inside my pants.

He pulled away and undone the car and I got into the back and Bob got in beside me, then Richard got in the other side, I said I thought we were going back to on of your homes we said Richard we just want to see what you have got to offer us that's all, Bob twisted my head to face him and he kissed me fully and while he done this I felt Richard's hand rubbing my cock though my jeans and I had to moan Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm as he did this stroking it and then I felt him undo the top of my jeans and lower the zip and push his hand inside, he said oh my god Bob wait until you see what our friend he is packing, Bob pulled away to look down and he saw my rock hard cock now sticking out from my jeans and not wanting to boast but my cock is just under 12" and 6" round and both these to could not take their eyes from it as it twitched while sticking up like a flag pole, Jesus said Bob that's one fucking great cock there mate, well my wife has never complained I said I bet she ain't said Richard and before anything else was said Richard lowed his head and placed the head of my cock into his mouth and it took my breath away as he ran his tongue around it licking it and trying to push his tongue down the pee hole at the top.

My wife had sucked my cock but never pushed the tip of her tongue down the hole at it's tip and it felt wonderful as he did this and then took as much of my cock into his mouth and when he took his mouth away he said to Bob wow that tastes nice have a lick Bob, Bob bent his head and took my cock into his mouth but he could not take as much as Richard had done.

Richard got out of the car and got into the driving seat Bob said see what you mean Rich dose taste very nice, and with that we set of about 5 minutes later we pulled up outside this house and they told me to get out the car with my dick still sticking out in front of me, What I replied !!! Richard turned and say Just do it Dave don't fucking argue, what had I let myself in for I wondered as I walked up the path with me cock sticking out in front of me like a flag pole.

We went in and I was told to strip off when I said no Richard came up close and said either you take your clothes of here and now or I will cut them of you and chuck you out naked, so what could I do but strip off and stood in the hall way naked, Bob slapped my ass and said get moving so I walked forward and went upstairs and into this room, there were tables with ropes tied to the legs, Chain things hanging from the ceiling and some bolted to the floor, even screwed to the walls, on other tables there were whips, masks dildo's and Butt plugs.

I was ordered to lay on my back on the table I did not want to but felt I had no choice so I did what I was told and then Bob placed shackles round my ankles and wrists so my legs were now chained to the legs of the table as my legs bent over the edge and my arms chained stretched out up above my head.

Look feller's said I am not gay and have never done anything like this before please let me up I am sorry but I am not into this I have a wife at home, Richard came over to me and said Look we did not force you into the car you got in of your own free will, you were kissing us and we both sucked your cock and you did not stop us so I think you will do what we say as I do not like being fucked around got it, Oh my god what was I going to do what could I do now I was just going to have to go along with it and just hope it was not going to hurt to much.

Richard pulled the chains tight so I could not move and as I was stretched out on my back on the table my cock was waving around in the air despite what was going on I still had a raging hard-on and Bob stood one side of the table and Richard the other, Bob placed one hand on the bottom of my shaft and Richard placed his hand on the top half, and together they started to move there hands up and down my cock pulling my foreskin back and forth over the head.

I could not help but let out a low soft moan as they slowly moved there hands on my shaft, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm I said and Richard lent over me and took my cock head in his mouth and sucked of the pre-cum that had covered my cock head, when he had had it all he and Bob kept on wanking me and then Bob had his fill of Pre-cum, and then they wanked me until I could not take any more and I shot my cum and as the first lot left my dick they pushed my cock back so it was pointed up my chest and when it came out it shot so far up me that it reached my own mouth and as the spurts weakened it spat onto my chest, belly button, I licked it of my lips and then Bob and Richard licked it of the rest of my body.

I had gone limp by the time they had finished licking my body getting my cum of me, Bob got some thin cord and tied it under my cock and balls then up thou a hook in the ceiling then pulled it tight pulling my body up just of the table was I was just hanging there by my cock and balls, God the pain was terrible and I shouted out for them to stop but they did no such thing.

Richard took hold of my limp cock and began to roll rubber "O" rings down it spacing them out evenly up my shaft finishing off with one just behind the head of my cock, Richard and Bob now stood back and stripped of and then they placed "O" rings over their own cocks, Bob's dick looked about 6" and Richard's about 7 to 8" long, Richard then got some nipple clamps and placed them on my hard nipples and these were joined by a chain and then there tied a cord to that and once again put that thou a hook in the ceiling and pulled that tight raising up just that bit more, FUCK FUCK FUCK I shouted out as the pain ripped thou my body as I was hanging there by my Cock,balls and nipples.

Bob then started to stroke my body lightly with his hand and gently touch me all over and Richard started doing the same thing but he was rubbing oil into my body and over my cock ,balls and up and down my ass crack just poking his finger into my hole as he did so, each time he went by my hole he added some more oil and push his finger in further until he had the whole length inside me.

Bob was now stroking and kissing my body all over and what with the pleasure of what they were doing and the pain from being hung up of the table I was getting to like the mixture and every time Richard pushed his finger into my ass I moaned a long MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm as it entered me and as he pushed into me that in turn made me move or swing would be a better word for it and that made the pain worse but on and on they carried on and after about 5 or 10 minutes of this my cock started to show signs of life once again but this time it was constricted by the rubber "O" rings and as it grew it bulged out between the rings that did not give way that much, the one just below the head of my cock was the most painful as this one was really digging into my shaft as it grew.

Bob started to run his hands up and down my swelling shaft and it was not long before he had got it to full size and he placed his mouth over the end and licked the head, Richard got a small pair of steps and placed them up by my head and used them to get up and kneel on the table, turning my head to face him he took his cock in his hand and pushed it at my mouth telling my to open wide and I knew I had to and he pushed his cock into my mouth and as he pushed it in I started to gag and splutter as it went further into my mouth and throat.

Richard started to fuck my face holding my head still as he thrust back and forth into me by now he was forcing the whole length into me and I could feel the head of his cock hit the back of my throat each time and each time I started to gag, I then felt something down at my ass hole and I wondered what Bob was up to as I felt something cold and hard between my legs, more oil saw poured on me so it ran down my Balls which were turning red with being tied up tight the oil ran from my balls and down into my ass crack and down over my hole.

Bob pushed this thing into my ass crack and moved it up and down making it oily and then when it was over my whole he pushed forward and the tip of it pushed my hole open just a bit but then the pain hit me and I tried to scream but due to Richard's cock shoved into my mouth I could not make much noise, Bob pulled it back before pushing inward again and this time I bit down on Richard's cock as it sent pain though me once more, I did not bite down to hard but Richard gave out a long soft moan of pleasure as I bite into his cock saying Oh yes yes bite it you fucked bite it and my teeth gripped his cock as he still moved it in and out my teeth raking up and down the sides pulled his skin back and forth.

Bob removed what ever it was he was trying to shove into my ass and then more oil was poured over my balls and ass and then the thing was replaced but this time there was a hard push and the pressure kept onto it and it went further and I thought I was going to faint with the pain and then I felt like a POP as this thing popped into my ass and my hole closed around it trapping it and keeping it in side, I had a butt plug now in side my ass, OK Rich said Bob that's the smaller one in, Smaller one I thought fuck me that felt like a cannon being pushed inside me and that was the small one what the fuck is the bigger on going to feel like.

Bob started to suck my cock again while Richard still kept on pushing his cock into my open mouth, then they changed places and all the pain that was in my ass was starting to ease off I was still in a lot of pain from still being hung there from my balls and cock , nipples and the rubber rings around my cock so I was glad the pain in my ass was going.

Then I felt a rush of pain rip though me as Richard pulled the butt plug from me he was not so gentle and just got hold of it and pulled, my ass had to open up to let it out and by god did that hurt, then without any rest he pushed a bigger one inside me how I took it without being split up the middle I will never know, but instead of just leaving it in there he started to push it fully home and then out before pushing it fully home again, each time my ass ring was stretched open the pain was unbearable, then that one was taken away and then I felt something bigger being pushed it but this was a lot longer and as thick all the way up, then I felt it start to vibrate inside me, Oh god the pain and the pleasure was so fucking good, my cock was now throbbing and the pain in my cock with the rings around them as it swelled even more.

Richard was now fucking my ass hard and fast with this dildo and must have had it on full vibrate as it was shaking like a mad thing inside me I had never felt anything like it before, I was now in heaven as the pain and pleasure went though me.

Bob got down my mouth ached after being open for so long and having two cocks one after the other shoved in there, but I could not help saying OH FUCK YES YES YES as Richard carried on fucking me with the dildo.

Bob started back on my cock for a while stroking it then sucking it going back and forth between the two, Richard then removed the dildo and Bob stopped what he had been doing and then they lowered my body back onto the table and they took the cords that were from my cock to the ceiling and from the nipple chain to the ceiling but left the nipple clamps on and kept my balls and cock tied up, and there was now way to get the rubber rings of my cock now until it went limp again, Bob undone the nipple clamps and the rush of blood back into my nipples shot pain though them hard and fast it was worse than hanging from them and then after a few seconds he replaced them and done them tighter than before.

I was now pushed back so I was fully laying on the table and my tied up cock and balls were sticking straight up and Bob and Richard were stroking it again with one hand each, then Bob carried on while Richard got onto the table with me and he stood over me facing towards me and then lowered himself down and Bob aimed my cock at his hole as it got nearer and nearer, Then I felt his ass just touch the top of my cock and it jumped as Bob held it in place, Richard pushed down and my cock head popped into his anus and I felt the ring of his ass open up letting my cock slip in and then close around it sealing my cock head within his ass, then slowly pushed down and took my cock inch by inch.

Richard said to Bob My god this is one hell of a cock it fills you I can tell you Bob, Great can not wait to fell it in me, Richard was now sitting fully down on my shaft and sitting on my lower stomach and Bob took hold of my now very tender balls after being tied up so long and as he squeezed them I had to lift my back up from the table pushing my cock into Richard just that bit more, Oh yea he said that's great, and then he started to pump up and down my shaft really smashing down onto me.

Bob went round between my legs lifted them just a bit and he pushed the big dildo back into me and switched it back on Oh my god I though I was going to die with pleasure, I could feel my cock bumping in and out of Richard's ass as he rode up and down over the ridges made by the "O" rings the bulges on my cock popping in and out of his ass as he thrust himself onto it, and now my ass was vibrating with the dildo to god oh god was this good.

Richard kept pounding down on me fore some time and then lifted of and Bob took his place but he faced away from me and I saw my cock pop one ring after the other inside this ass that saw slowly going down on it, it looked so good to see it disappear inside him until like Richard he was sitting full down onto it, then he started to ride up and down on it, Saying FUCK Fuck fuck this it good oh Christ yes and he just kept on pounding it into himself, Richard pulled the dildo from me and push some finger into me and started to fuck my ass with his fingers and he made sure he was rubbing my prostrate as he did so sending shivers running though me making me shake on the table.

I was going to cum very soon and I was wondering what it was going to feel like pumping cum out of my dick with these rubber rings tight around it, well I was about to find out as I felt the first spurt running up the inside of my cock pushing it's way up my tube wanting to reach the outside, then the pain hit me as my cock throbbed trying to push out my warm hot cum as each spurt shot past the tight rings my cock had to swell just that bit more as it pumped away and this in turn sent sharp throbs of pain though my whole cock but this it turn was giving me a lot of pleasure so my cock wanted to pump even more, I screamed out fuck fuck fuck Yesssssssssssssssssss and Bob rammed his ass fully down onto my dick and stayed while my cock emptied it's self up into his ass.

My god Bob said I do not think I have ever felt so much come from one cock before, god I can feel it splashing up inside me, you wait until you feel this rich you will bloody love it I can tell you.

Bob removed himself from my cock and as he got up and it slipped from him I saw my cum squeezing out his ass hole, I don't know why but seeing that was such a fucking turn on.

Richard then pulled me down the table and stood me up my feet were then shackled to the floor spread wide and my arms up above my head, Richard came round behind me and the next thing I knew was this sharp pain across me ass cheeks he was fucking whipping me time and time again he thrash this whip across me ass until it was so tender, then he took some oil and rubbed it in soothing it before slapping me again with the whip, then he stood up close behind me and his cock rested in my ass crack as it pointed up my back, and he started to rub it up and down my crack.

It was not long before I was now begging to be fucked, Please please fuck me fuck me I kept saying I want your cock in me please please fuck me, and without saying a word Richard bent his knees to lower himself just a bit placed his cock up against my hole which had been well and truly opened up and with one hard forceful push he entered my ass, pushing in so fast that it felt like I was lifted of the ground as his body slammed into mine, his body hitting my tender ass where he had been whipping it, Yes Yes oh fuck yes I said as he pulled out and rammed back into me.

Now I knew what he had been feeling when he sat on my cock as the rings on his were running up and down the insides of my ass and as each one popped out of my hole and then as they were pushed back into me I could feel me ass opening and closing around them as each one went in and out, I am sure I must have passed out with the pleasure as the next thing I remember was having Bob on his knees sucking my dick and I could not remember him getting down there.

He carried on sucking it making it hard again so Richard could have it filling him up once he had finished with fucking my ass.

Bob reach up and took hold of the chain that was attached to the nipple clamps and gave them a hard tug sending a pain right though my body as Richard was still fucking my ass hard and each time he pushed into me he was grunting as he got closer and closer to cumming Bob pulled the clamps and with each pull my ass tighten around Richard's cock making the rings give me even more pleasure as they went in and out of my, Then Richard gave one hard push and said YES YES oh fuck yes and I felt his cock explode inside me filling my inside with his warm sticky cum, pump after pump his cock throbbing in me and he just clung onto my shoulders completely drain as he filled me up.

When Bob had heard him cum he got up and went round behind me and got ready to take Richard's place inside my ass, Richard pulled from me and I felt some cum seep out of my ass like I had seen from Bob when he got up of mine.

Before to much had come out Bob rammed his cock into my ass to fill the gap left by Richard, he walked round in front of me and he seamed to have gotten his breath back and as I was still standing there arms high in the air legs spread wide and chained to the floor. Richard turned round to face away from me and brought his body back against mine and put his hand down between his legs and found my now hard cock again,

He moved my cock and found his ass hole with it and pushed back and as I had felt with Bob my cock slipped into Richard pushing his ass hole open allowing my cock and all it's rings to pop one at a time into him, OH fuck yes he said and Bob was saying that same thing as he pumped my ass, I was being forced back and forth as Bob rode my ass and Richard rode my dick.

This went on for some time as this was going to be my third lot of cum tonight it was going to take a while before I was ready to release my third lot of the night, Bob put a arm round under mine and found a nipple clamp and took hold of it and twisted it hard, my whole body shook as pain ripped up and down my body OH fuck yea said Richard and I could feel Bob getting more and more urgent with his fucking and knew he would be cumming soon.

I loved this being the meat in a sandwich being fucked hard from the rear while my cock was fucking a ass in front of me, My god it felt wonderful, then Bob shouted out I am fucking cumming and I felt his load leave his cock and just like Richard's it splashed up my insides mixing with Richard's cum that was already there but Bob did not stop on and on he pumped into me until he could not pump into me anymore and he had to let his cock slip from my ass, but he was not finished as he got down onto his knees and pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed his face between them and started to lick my ass licking up his and Richard's cum as it ran from me, my ass was open after what had been fucking it tonight and the cum was just pouring out and Bob wanted it all.

Richard continued to thrust back onto my cock he was now panting and so was I and with the feeling my cock was getting popping in and out with the rummer rings tight against my cock I was getting ready to cum once more.

On and on Richard took my cock into him and then I shouted Ok I am cumming Now oh fuck yes now and as last time I could feel my spunk being pushed past these rubber rings that were restricting the flow of my cum and as before there was pain and pleasure as I emptied my third load of cock for the night.

Richard said I see what you mean Bob got you can feel it spurting up in side you further that I have ever felt it before, mind you I have never had a cock this long inside me before.

Richard just stood in front of me with my cock buried deep inside his ass it was twitching away trying to get every last drop of cum from it and into his ass, in the end Richard moved away as my cock shrank and popped out he turned and knelt down and licked my cock and suck it hard sucking anything that was left inside it.

Once it went limp Richard remover the rubber rings from my tender dick and even thou it was soft once the rings had been removed the blood flowing back into my cock was once more such pain and such pleasure I was light headed again then Bob removed my nipple clamps and that make my shake again all over and the blood poured back into my very tender nipples.

They untied me and undone the cord from my cock and balls I was now free and tender in places I did not know I even had.

Well I said that was great to my to friends who's turn is it to pretend to get picked up next time, mine I thing said Richard ok we will have to work out where and when then Bob, we all sat and had a few drinks before getting dressed and and they ran me home. It's a good job my wife knows nothing about this she would do her nut, but out little game keeps us happy.

If you like this story please contact me and let me know good or bad, why not be brave like some have and send a photo of what you did while reading it, male or female all photos kept of my eyes only - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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