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A Gay Old Timer

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jun 26, 2014
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Then he lent forward and took my cock into his mouth I felt dizzy with the feelings running though me I had never felt anything like it.

* * * * * * *

I was only 18 at the time and did not know a thing about sex what so ever and never had a hard on or anything, my name is Dave on the skinny side light brown hair use to just hang around with my mates in the village I use to live in, we would go for long walks during the summer holiday and it is about what happened to me in the summer holiday that I wish to tell you about.

Myself and four others had gone on this walk to what we called the ghost house, it was a old run down place standing all alone miles from anywhere the roof had tiles missing and windows smashed and I can say that we had smashed most of them in our time, people use to say that on some dark nights you could see shadows moving around in the rooms and that's how it got it's name the ghost house.

So on this day we all when there it was really hot and we went to the house and by the time we got there we were all very hot and sweating so we slowly walked up to the porch to sit in the shade for a while, we were all having a laugh and throwing stones when I said did you hear that everyone stopped and were very quite for a moment then said no not a thing you hearing things Dave is it the ghost OoooooooooooOoooooooooooooooooooo they teased yea yea I said just thought I heard a noise in there let go have a look.

You sod of said one I am not going in there and the others said the same so I stood up and went to the door and as I put my hand out to the handle it rattled and shook ,my mates were off like a shot from a gun all shouting RUN and you could not see them for dust I must say I did turn to run but my foot caught in a broken plank of wood floor and I fell over and hurt me knee.

When I looked round a old man was standing there looking at me and smiling and he said sorry sonny did not mean to frighten you and your friends, here let me help you up and as he did he held my hand and even when I was up he kept hold of it, come on in he said let me get you a drink, and he lead me in the house still holding my hand as he did so.

He pulled out a chair and I sat at this table which had a basket on it and from it he brought a bottle of lemonade and poured me a glass, My name is Tom by the way he said giving me the glass where are you from then sonny down in the village I said, Oh how old are you 18 but 19 next month I said trying to sound brave, your mum and dad know you come all the way out hear No I said they thing we play nearer to the village, so what you doing here Mr I said you can't live here no one lives here, No they don't not yet anyway he said with a smile I have just brought the place and I am going to do the place up and live here, don't you mind about the ghost I said, there's no such thing he said and laughed again.

As my knee still hurt he ran me home in his car, my mum thanked him and he did not tell her where I was or I would not have been let out again for some time, a few days later I was back at the house I had gone there all by myself and as just playing around in the garden there when the old man turned up in his car, Hi Dave he said as he got out want some more lemonade yes please I said and went inside with him we had a drink and he told me what he was going to have done to the place and told me I had better not come back here for a while as there would be a lot of work going on, we had another drink and Tom said god I need a pee and as there was no water he went to go outside and walked over to a tree I said that I felt like I wanted a pee to so went with him, he just stood near the tree and undone his buttons and took out his cock and I could not believe the size of it, he just held it there and peed over the tree I had never seen a man's cock before and I could not take my eyes away from it and he saw me looking no staring at it and he smiled and said like what you see Dave.

I said I have never seen a man's dick before and I could not believe how big it was he said tell you what Dave you come back once the work is finished and I have moved in I will show you it properly but you must promise not to tell anyone and I mean no-one, OK OK I said I promise, so we went back into the house and he asked me a few question about the village and then he said so Dave what do you know about sex, I replied what's that well it looks like I will have to tell you about that to when you come back to see me.

So that was that I left later and promised to return when the work was done so 8 months later I did return and he had moved in and was just finishing up when I got there, Well hello Dave he said how you been what do you thing of the place now.

Wow I said looks great come on he said I show you around so as we walked around he said you found out anything about sex yet then Dave No I said still don't know what it is you going to tell me, do you want me to he said yea please I replied, ok he said and we had reached his bedroom and he said sit on the bed and I'll tell you all about it.

When he had finished I sat there with my mouth wide open and that's not all he went on and he told me all about how men had sex with men and woman with woman, so do you understand he said yea yea I got it I said, he sat next to me and said so did you tell anyone about you looking at my cock the last time you were here Dave no no not a sole promise that's good he said so you must have worked it out by now that I like sex with other men and I would love to show you my cock again would you like to see it, yes yes I said eagerly please please Tom Ok he said and he stood up and said once more you sure YES YES I said again.

So this time he undone the button on the waist band of his trousers and then the buttons on his flies and just let them drop to the floor, I could see this bulge in his pants and then he took hold of then and pulled them down and they dropped to the floor with his trousers and he stood there in front of me with his big cock hanging down in front of him,I could not believe what I was seeing, not only did I see his cock but his balls and what I did not know was the hair around them I had none of that at the time.

He saw me staring and he said O Dave did not not know we had hair down there no I said never knew that, want to touch it he said WHAT I said would like like to touch it you can make it grow remember what I said about a cock getting hard yea yea I remember so want to touch it he said again,

He lay on the bed and his limp cock bend down between his legs and I stood beside the bed looking at it and then I raised my hand and started to move it slowly towards his cock as I lay my hand on it it twitched under my touch and I could not take my eyes from it.

It was twitching like made as I curled my fingers around it, Oh that's it that's it he said now move your hand up and down it it's called wanking go try it so I started to move my hand up and down his shaft and to my amazement each time I pulled down on his cock the skin folded back showing the growing head under it, it was turning a deep shade of purple as it grew harder and harder it got until it was standing upright and it was much bigger than it had been a few minutes ago.

Keep doing it keep doing it he said and his breath was getting harder and he was raising his body from the bed every so often and he was now moaning yes yes oh yes his eyes closed and he said faster faster Dave and I did this and then his said loudly OH Christ and with that his cock twitched and throbbed in my hand and to my astonishment this creamy white stuff shot from the top of it and shot up into the air before splashing down over him and my hand I just could not believe what I was seeing, his cock was still throbbing in my hand and little drops of this white stuff still coming from his cock, when he had got his breath back he said that's the cum I was telling you about let that come out from your cock inside a woman it could turn into a baby, WOW I said really, yep sure could, then he scoped up some from his stomach and then put it into his mouth, he turned to me and said want to try it. No thanks I said don't think so.

Oh you don't know what you missing Dave once you get to like the taste you love it, so you going to see if you can shoot some cum for me so I can see how big your cock is, I must have looked scared as he said you don't have to just thought you might like to try and see.

O O OK I said I'll give it ago if you tell me what I should do, Ok then first get undressed you do want to get any cum over your clothes do you, so trembling I stripped off and he said very very nice Dave right climb on the bed and lay down like I did so I did, right he said did you want me to wank you or do you want to do it cccccc can you I said yea sure and he put his hand on my very limp cock and started to wank it off and it started to do something it had never done before and that was get hard Wow I said it's never done that before and it was growing quit a bit to, I could hear him saying very nice very nice as it grew in his hand.

On and on he ran his hand up and down my cock until it would grow no more and as I did not have a foreskin he watched the head turning purple and then he let my cock go and it stood upright just like his had done there you are he said a nice hard cock and you say that is the first even one you have had, yyyyea I said fffist one eeeeever well not so small now is it.

Then he lent forward and took my cock into his mouth I felt dizzy with the feelings running though me I had never felt anything like it his tongue running around my cock head licking it and pushing the tip into my cock slit OH OH OH got some strange feelings Tom should I have them I am scared, don't be he said after taking my cock from his mouth and replacing it in his hand again it is all normal feelings trust me Dave, so I closed my eyes again and felt his mouth close round my cock once more.

Tom started to suck harder and harder and the feeling grew more and more inside me I was now breathing heavy and I felt this strange feeling way down in my balls sack and it was a mixture or pleasure and pain and I really started to get scared but Tom had said I had nothing to worry about so said nothing and these feeling grew and move up into my balls Oh Tom Oh Tom I said I have this very very strange feeling in my balls, don't worry Dave that means you will soon be coming, oooooK I said and rested my head back down and he started to rub my cock hard ramming his hand up and down my dick and the feeling had now moved to the bottom of my cock and I was now really breathing heavy and it was a mixture of fright and pleasure as this feeling grew and started on it's way up the stem of my shaft and the into the head and then release as my cock erupted with it's first ever load of cum, as if left my cock I felt such re-leaf the pain had gone and just the pleasure remained.

I gave out a long OOOOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as my cum shoot out and it reached my chin it came out in such force splashing up my stomach as it landed on me and Tom's hand, there you go said Tom your first ever load of come and you let me do it to you Thank you so so much Dave, wow wow wow that was bloody great I said wow and the room was still spinning round with my light head from breathing so hard.

Tom licked and drank all my cum from my body and he said you had better get dressed now as you have been here sometime don't want you being missed do we, and don't forget do not tell anyone what we done today, I got dressed and left and said can we do that again Tom please please sure we can as long as you do not tell, don't worry I promise I would never tell anyone and with that off I went home.

We done it again and again over the next few week and by now Tom had got me to take him in my mouth he had such a big cock and I had tasted his pre-cum but not his or my cum as yet but today I had made my mind up would be the day.

I got to the house and Tom sat in the kitchen when I walked in what you back again he said of course Tom I said, I sat down with him and we talked for a while and then I just stood up and went over to him and opened his legs and undone the dressing gown he was wearing and he had nothing under it and his limp cock was just there so I cupped it in my hands and lifted it up and gently placed it in my mouth and it started to grow and soon was rock hard and more than enough to fill my mouth and I started to bob my head up and down taking as much of it as I could into my mouth.

Tom did not know that I had planed to take his load today I wanted it to be a surprise for him, he put his head back and closed his eyes as I sucked his cock and played with his ball sack and he was moaning over and over, then I stopped and stood up took his hand and we went to the bed room where I stripped of and got on the bed with him he opened his legs once more and I knelt between them and took his cock back into my mouth and ran my tongue around the head.

He then started to move his hips up and down and I knew that it would not be long before I had my first mouthful of cum , on and on I sucked and played until he shouted yes yes and thrust his hips up but unlike all the other times where I had taken my mouth away this time I clamped it tight round it and I felt the first spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat and it felt warm, sticky, and a bit bitter but I swallowed it and after the second or third lot it did start to taste better and sweeter, OH Dave Oh Dave he said you took it you took it oh Dave I am so so happy thank you thank you and I just carried on sucking it until there was nothing left and his cock had gone soft once more.

I went a lay beside him and said hope you enjoyed that Tom, Oh Dave more than you will ever know what made you take it today, I said to myself yesterday that when I came over today I was going to taste your cum instead of just letting it run all over you and I am really glad I did I see what you mean about it tasting better after the first taste I want more now, Tom said sorry but you will have to give me a while and he laughed.

As we lay there Tom lowered his hand and took my cock into it and moved it gently I was soon hard in his hand and he asked me to lay on my back which I did and he started to lick me and as always my cock grew even more, I felt Tom running a finger up and down my bum crack something he had not done before but hell it felt good and was making me shiver each time he did it and then he pushed it further in and I raised my ass to let him get there better and now his finger touch my hole each time it passed it.

After a while his finger would stop at my hole for a few seconds and then move away before coming back to rest there again, Then as it stopped at my hole he moved it round and round in a circle over the hole I was loving this and gave out a loud moan each time, then without warning Tom pushed a finger hard against my hole and it popped inside me and my breath was taken away as it slid into me. My god I had not ever felt anything like this my body shook as he moved his finger in and out of my TOM TOM OH TOM I said as he pushed his finger in further and then he curled it up and the tip of his finger hit my prostrate and wow I nearly blacked out with the pleasure as it hit me.

Tom remove his finger from me and took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs up, I knew now that what ever Tom did to me was not gone to hurt me so I let him just carry on doing what he wanted and my legs were now pushed up and resting against my chest this brought my ass up of the bed and he could look right at it, but Tom did not want to look he lowered his head and the next thing I knew his tongue was run up and down my ass crack and he was licking around my hole, OH HELL TOM I said OH HELL and my body went into spasms as the pleasure of his tongue ripped it's way though me.

My cock ached with wanting some attention and release of it's load that was building inside my balls, but Tom did not care he enjoyed licking and pushing his tongue inside my ass he was now making the hole really wet with his spit and then he crossed my legs at the ankles and held then with one hand and then I felt his fingers back running up and down my ass crack once more then he pushed two fingers inside me there was one moment of sharp pain then pleasure and oh what pleasure that was I had spots before my eyes I was so light headed with it.

Tom started to fuck my ass with his fingers on and on he thrust them inside me further and further they went when a third joined them opening my ass even more and he spat on my hole again to keep it nice and wet, I felt like I was on another planet I was so high with pleasure and as he pushed them even further in he let my legs go and clamped his mouth back round my shaft and started to suck for all he was worth he still rammed his fingers into me and then like never before I shot my load harder and and more than I had ever done , my ass gripping his fingers as my cock gave pump after pump of cum and as it did he was stroking my prostrate sending wave after wave of pleasure.

Tom pulled his fingers from me and I let out one long sigh as they slipped from me and he still had my cock in his mouth making sure he had every last drop of my cum side his mouth before letting it go, OH TOM OH TOM I said go that was so so good as I lowered my legs Oh Christ I am worn out, don't worry he said I'll run you home today so we lay they in each others arm for a while me 18 and him 65.

Tom ran me home that day and boy did I feel happy I wondered what we would get to do soon would his put his cock inside me I wondered that thought scared me like hell I must admit but I would try it if Tom wanted me to and I would do it to him if he asked.

A week later as we had arranged I turned up and he left a note on the door for me in bed come right up so when I got there Ted was naked and laying on the bed and reading a book and when he saw me he smiled and said how are you today my young Dave, Ok and ready for what ever you want to teach me I said smiling back at him, is that so he said anything I want to teach you Yep I said anything.

Well in that case my boy he said get your clothes of and up on this bed I was stripped of in a few seconds and on the bed beside him, so what can I teach you today how long can you stay he asked all day until tea time as mum and dad are out in town they wanted me to go but I got out of that I would rather be here with you, Ok then he said lets see I know lets have a shower if you want I replied and we walked naked to the shower and it was a really big shower big enough for four people at lease, Tom got the water running and we got in it.

Tom started to wash me covering me me soap and he rubbed the soap well into my ass crack and ran his fingers up and down and over the hole like last time and I knew what was coming this time but I wanted it now but it never came well not yet, he turned me round and washed my cock and balls and let the water rinse it off me, then I washed him and I did the same to him but as I did his ass hole I pushed two fingers into him and he said oh Dave you have learnt well, and his cock grew hard as I moved my fingers in and out of him and then turned him round and washed his stiff cock pulling the foreskin back and washing behind it.

Then I put more soap over his ass and returned two fingers into him and he lent forward resting his elbows on the wall and I moved my fingers in and out of him and I was hoping I was giving his the same sort of feeling that he had given me when he finger fuck me last time I was here.

Tom was soon moaning out and I knew I must be doing it right and giving him some pleasure, Ok OK he said I can not take anymore I want you I really want you at first I did not know what he meant the it dawned on me so I took me fingers from him we got out of the shower and dried off and went back to the bed room, he said you wanted me to teach you so now I want you to lean about putting your beautiful cock inside my ass and having your first ever fuck and I want you to cum inside me understood, OH YEA I said.

Tom went to the drew and brought out a jar of gel and then got onto the bed he got on all fours and told me to but some gel on his ass and finger some inside him I was way ahead of him as before he could finish say about fingering it in my fingers were fully inside his hole and working the gel back and forth, Oh this was going to be magic I just knew it. after I had lubed him up nicely I placed the jar back onto the table beside the bed and got back onto the bed and knelt up behind him, he said you sure you want to do this Dave.

Yea I am so so sure and with that I placed the tip of my cock up to his puckered hole and he said just push gently it's been a long time since I had a nice cock like yours in there, I eased forward and could not take my eyes off the head of my cock and it squashed out as I put more pressure on it and I did not think it was going to go then the head popped inside his ass and I saw his ass ring close around the shaft of my cock just below the head.

I had done it I had done it I had my cock inside my first ass and I could feel the warmth of his inside against the head, as it popped in Tom said OOOOOoooooooooooo yes Dave nice nice and then I pushed forward again and now there was nothing to stop it gliding inside him in and in it went until my body was up against his ass and my cock was buried full into him and by god I have to say it felt so so good, Wow said Tom that cock feels so fucking nice inside me so nice, I pulled back until he head was just in and pushed back into him again and again then I pulled right out and watched it pop back into him I was amazed up his ass opened up to allow my cock to enter it and then close up as it went in.

I took hold of Tom told me to take hold of his hips and this would help me push and pull in and out of him, he also said that now I was in and had put it in and out of his ass a few times I could push in and out as hard and fast as I wanted, Wow really I said as hard and fast as I like yea go for it make your first fuck a good one, so I took hold and pulled myself back until the tip of my cock was just touching his ass hole and holding him tight rammed into him hard my cock slamming into him the whole length at once he cried out OH OH FUCK YES YES as I pulled back out only to ram into him again and again, Tom sounded like he was in haven as I fucked him but this being my first fuck I could not hold my cum back for long feeling my cock inside this hole having it completely covered in his ass walls warm. Tight, and wet from the gel I was ready to cum so I speed up and then one last hard thrust I rammed into him Tom grunted as my cock exploded inside him and my first ever cum shot inside a ass it felt so different to just wanking and coming, it felt wonderful knowing my cum was deep inside his ass filling him up and I wondered what it felt like could you feel my cock throbbing and could you feel the cum inside you, this I wanted to know but was still scared about having such a big cock as Toms trying to get inside me, but I wanted to know and I wanted to feel so if Tom wanted my ass I would be brave and let him take me.

When I had gone limp and my cock slipped out of Tom he lay on the bed and held out his arms and cuddled me and said Oh Dave that was shear bliss I have missed getting fucked so so much thank you and he kissed me, I said well I was bloody good for me to Tom wow feeling your ass round my cock was wonderful and when I came wow.

We lay there for a while and I thought that we were not going to do anymore today but the Tom took me and turned me over so I was laying on my stomach and he kissed down my spine and down over my ass and I raised it so he could get between my ass cheeks and his tongue hit my hole sending shivers though me, I felt Tom reach over and I guessed he had got the gel and then I felt it cold on my ass cheeks and he pushed it down between my cheeks and into my hole more and more until he had slipped four finger fully inside me and I was really slippery inside my hole, Well Dave you ready for this, No I said but I want you to do it, I don't have to you no Dave, Oh but I want you to it's just I am scared about the pain but I really do want to feel your cock deep inside me I want to feel what you just felt and your cum inside me please Tom Please fuck my ass, as long as sure he said.

He got over me and lay on my body and his big cock rested between my ass cheeks and then he kissed my neck and lifted himself up on his out stretched arms and his cock slid down my ass crack and then he lowered himself and his cock head pushed against my cheeks and it was pushing them slowly open to allow it to enter into the crack and find the hole that it wanted to penetrate, it slide in further then I felt it touch my ass ring and I tighten my ass and Tom must have know as he stopped pushing and just held it there.

I relaxed and he pushed forward once more and he said into my ear Dave just relax and it will not hurt half as much it will hurt but not that much and it will soon pass, I felt it pushing on my hole once more the pressure built up as he pushed he was not forcing it just a very gently pressure and slowly it opened my hole just a bit more.

Oh Tom Oh Tom I said this is going to hurt like hell I know it do you want me to stop NO NO I said I want this I want this and he pushed and I felt the head opening up my hole and then I was filled with pain and I screamed out OH OH FUCK THE PAIN THE PAIN but Tom held still with the head just inside my ass like I had done to him and then he said how is it now it's going it's going away now so he still held it there and after a while he put some more pressure and it started to slip in further and further and the pain so no where near as bad as it was and Tom was about half way in now I guessed , he stopped again for a moment or to then pulled back out and he took it right out and then popped it back in and the pain shot though me again Tom did this four or five times and each time the pain was less and less.

Then Tom pushed forward and now he did not pull back but kept the pressure on and his big thick cock opened up my ass as it came further and further into me and then I felt his body push against mine and I knew he was fully into me and I knew he had now opened my ass to the full and I could not wait to feel him pumping into me and giving me the pleasure I must have given him but the moaning he done while I fucked him.

He then started to pull out and the head popped out of my ass and then he pushed back in and this time no pain but he did not stop and eased it all the way into me and he gave out a OH YES what a tight wonderful ass he then started to move in and out of me, and now I was feeling pleasure and not pain and I was now moaning yes yes oh yes and with that Tom started to move faster in and out of my, the pleasures was getting more and more intents and my cock was starting to grow under me again and Tom was not thrusting down into me and was pushing me down into the bed with each and every thrust.

Tom was grunting with each thrust and he was now pushing as hard as he could just like when he fingered me for the first time my head was spinning and spots before my eyes as he continued to ram into me, then he shouted READY HE IT COMESssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and with that I felt his cock swelling up then it released his cum inside me and all my questions had been answered yes I could feel his cock swelling up and it throbbing as it released it's load, yes I could feel his cum inside me as if left his cock and hit my insides, I felt a warm sensation inside as his cum splashed against my ass walls and I felt it running down my insides I felt my ass filling up with it warm and wonderful.

Tom Tom I said oh Tom that feel so so wonderful god I can feel your cum filling me oh god I am so glad you did not stop god I have never felt anything like that thank you Tom, well said Tom we have plenty of time to do it again a few more times today, OH yes yes please I said I can do you again now if you want I am hard again after that, Why not he laughed and he lay on the bed and took his ass how he had just taken mine and this time I did not had to take it slow and fucked him hard from the first push in.

As I had cum once today it was going to take me longer to cum this time and I was above him and pounding down into him filling him as much as I could with my cock our bodies slammed hard together until finally I could not hold back any longer and filled him for the second time today and it would not be the last if I had anything to do with it.

We both went down stairs naked and got a drink and sat there for a while and then I notice that Tom's cock saw starting to grow again and I wanted to feel it back inside me now I had had it once I wanted it again I might have been only 18 but I was loving this cock up my ass thing and mine up his I had never felt so good about my self as I did knowing I could please Tom the way he was pleasing me.

I put my cup down and said I see your getting your hard back and I want it so so much he stood and took hold of my arm turned me round not saying a word he bent me over so my chest was laying on the kitchen table and he put his foot between my mine and pushed then open so my legs were now spread apart still not saying a word he took hold of his harding cock and with one swift push it entered my ass it sent pain though me but only for a second and then he started to fuck me hard placing my hand on my back holding me down on the table and his cock was ramming hard and fast his body slamming into mine pushing me against the table each time BOY OH BOY was this great the feelings running though me again and again he then placed his hand around my hips and bent over like this and because he was standing behind me he could really hit into me hard much harder than before like this his cock was going in just that bit more to.

Tom kept going and going he grunted each time his body hit into mine and I was now saying herder Harder TOM harder please harder and he did try but he was going as hard as he could then he did give one more hard ram into me and then held himself into me and for the second time I had that wonder warm feeling run though me as his cum filled me and ran down my insides.

We fucked each other twice more that day and did for a few more years until poor Tom passed away I found him in bed naked he had had a heart-attack, I miss him still and I have never been fuck the way Tom fucked me and I don't think I ever will.

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