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A Painter Not an Artist

Author: deepprobsix Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jul 1, 2014
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I was told to lay on my back on the floor which I did my cock sticking up like a flag pole still aching to spurt cum.

* * * * * * *

I was working as a Painter for a company and on Monday , no first I am Dave I am 58 and been married for 38+ years never had an type of sex with anyone Male or Female apart with my wife.

So Monday Morning I was given the job to go and paint a house from top to bottom inside and out so I loaded up the van and away I went arriving about 10:30 am, when I knocked on the door this man answered he was about 30ish and said that it would be ok to store my stuff in his garage as it was empty and he never used it that would save time in keep loading and unloading the van every night, I arranged with him so that when the weather was good I would work outside and if it rained I would start on one of the inner rooms.

So I got out the ladder's and started work, I found out that the man's name was Tom he looked after me bringing out mugs of tea and things like that and we chatted during my lunch breaks and he said that I could always go and sit in the kitchen for my dinner and have the TV on in there if I wanted.

So the first week was good weather days and as I worked outside I noticed that a group of men would turn up in the morning and leave about 2 hours later and then sometimes another group would turn up in the afternoon. I did not take much notice and just carried on working, then on the Friday of the first week I went in for dinner and as Tom was out I turned on the TV and it was a TV that had a built in DVD player and Tom had left a DVD in and it started to play and I was shocked at what I saw, there was this man tied to a kitchen table he was standing on the floor and his ankles had been tied to the feet of the table he was then bent over it with his arms stretch above his head and tied to the table legs the other end,

There was one man standing behind him and he had his cock shoved up the blokes ass and pumping away like hell another man was standing at the side of the table he had is cock in the blokes mouth and held his head and was fucking his mouth forcing his cock fully into the man on the table and down his throat and each time the cock went in he started to gag but this did not stop the man fucking his face, I had never seen anything like it and I could not understand why the hell I was starting to get hard as I watched this go on.

It was not until the camera panned out that I saw that the place on the film was this very bloody kitchen and the table I was eating from was the very table that this man was tied to, I then put two and two together and that is was the men were doing when they turned up here making porn films, I could not believe it I finished my lunch and went back to work I did not see Tom anymore that day so locked up and went home and I could not get the DVD out of my mind.

When I got in bed that night I told my wife what I had seen and she said O my God you want to watch out they don't drag you in to join them and she laughed, but I still got hard thinking about what I had seen.

On the Monday I got to work and still being dry started work on the out side once more, at about 11 Tom brought me a cup of tea and a slice of cake and just as he was going he said did you enjoy the video on Friday dinner time, I was stunned and said how the hell did you know I had watch some of that, he went on to say that it was not in the same place as when I stop it so knew someone had been watching it and the only person here was you, well I said I must say Tom I have never in my live seen anything like it, he said well Dave if you ever want to join in and have some fun new members always welcome.

I got back to work but for some reason could not get my mind clear of what Tom had said and the fact he knew I had watched the DVD.

That night I told my wife all what had gone on and I told her that I could not get it out of my mind what I had seen on the DVD that Friday, well well she said with a big smile maybe you feel like you should give it a try and see if you like having a cock shoved up your ass my dear, WHAT I said, well she carried on you keep thinking about it so why not try it, even if I wanted to I would never do it as I am married to you and love you so I would never never cheat on you my darling, not cheating if I say it is ok, and I must admit she said it gets me very horny thinking about you getting fuck in the ass, mind you if you did it I would want to see the DVD, I was gob smacked at what she was saying I had never heard her talk like this before in all the years we have been married, we cuddled down and had the best sex that we had had in a long time.

The next day once again Tom brought out a cup of coffee and he said well Dave thought anymore about what I said yesterday you can join in anytime you like, I told he about the conversation I had had with my wife the night before and Tom said well then why not give it a try seam by what you have said you are interested in trying it, and you don't have to worry I will tell all the people there it's your first time and they will take it easy on you, look Tom went on I don't have anyone coming around today but what about if I arranged something for after work tomorrow that way your boss can't turn up and find you naked in my kitchen.

I took a big gulp of air and said OK Tom your on but you must tell them it' is my first time, and it must be filmed as my wife wants to see it, that's all ok with me and he left, I found it hard to work the rest of the day but struggled on and when I got in my wife said well get fucked then Dave, no not to day I said Oh that's a shame I was looking forward to watching your ass get opened up, Ok I said who are you and what have you done with my wife, What she said, well the wife I married has never talked like this before, well she said you have never told me that you can get your ass pumped full of cock have you, so you would be happy if I said I was going to be late home tomorrow as Tom is arranging a party and asked me to join in, REALLY she squealed out, yep I said so you will have your DVD tomorrow night WOW O WOW can not wait and she carried on talking about it all night and this time she jumped on top of me and had her wicked way with my body, this had turned my wife into a sex made woman.

So I went to work knowing that that by the time I got home I would have joined in a gay sex session and my wife would be watching it to, as I went out the door she shouted out Oh dear I put K Y Gel in your bag and she laughed.

So that day Tom came to see me and asked if I was still up for it as he had invited some friends round and they could not wait and they would be turning up at about 6 so I could have a bath and get cleaned up in his room, Yes I said I am still up for it very very nervous about it but my wife can not wait to see the DVD so yea and thanks for saying I can freshen up after work.

So 5 arrived and I went in and got myself all cleaned up and was as ready as I would ever be by 5.45 so Tom gave me a whisky to help me relax and then men started to turn up in the end there were five others and with Tom six in total I was not expecting so many but to late to jump ship now.

So by half 6 they were all naked and walking around and talking they were all shapes and sizes Short 'n' skinny, short 'n' fat tall and over weight and just tall and thin they cock were different as they were short and fat to long and thin but looking at them made me happy as I do not want to boast but mine was longer and fat than any of them.

I was told to keep dressed so they had not seen what I had to offer yet, then Tom came over and said ok we are going to get started and he put a blind fold over my eyes and lead me though to a room there I stood not knowing what was going on but then I felt someone lift up my t-shirt and lift it up over my head and arms, Hands started to touch my chest running their hands thou my chest hair and touching my nipples which were getting hard and sticking out as my nipples are about 3/4 inch long when hard then a pair of lips closed round one and it took my breath away as he sucked it into his mouth and bit down onto it, it made me gasp for breath.

I was now hard and it was waiting to be let out of the confined space of my pants I felt some hands running over my jeans at the front touching the bulge there and I heard one say my god as he ran his hand over the length of it, it was then that my jeans were undone and the zip lowered, this was it the moment I was going to be naked in front of other men.

Hands took hold of the sides of my jeans and they were lowered down my legs and I heard then saying my god look at the size of that cock even thou it was still hidden (just) by my pants, then four hands were place front,back and sides and with one fast pull they were down on the floor with my jeans and as my pants went down my rock hard cock shot out straight out in front of me and some of the men gasped at the sight and one said My word Tom you have found us a nice one here.

As soon as my pants hit the floor one of the men placed his lips around the head of my cock closing his mouth so my head was now trapped inside and he ran his tongue over the head making me shiver with excitement and pleasure,another ran his tongue up my ass crack and boy did this send shivers running thou me like I was on fire and a moan escaped my lips as his tongue toughed my virgin ass hole, two men were now working on my nipples and one more came and planted his lips to mine and pushed his tongue into my mouth so that was five of the six all working on my body and I guess the sixth had the video, I don't know which one it was the one sucking my cock or the one working on my ass but they pushed my legs further apart and the one sucking my cock was now taking every inch of my cock into his mouth and as it went in I felt it opening up his throat and that gripped tight round the head but he did not even gag when it was fully in.

I felt a pair of hands cup my balls and start to play with them and I could not take anymore and I had to push my hips forward and I shot my first load of cum for the night right down this man's throat and he did not even have to swallow as if shot straight down his throat.

Oh you lucky sod said someone you got the first lot of cum, when he took his mouth away he said I am sure he had a lot more left my dear don't worry you will get your share,and he laughed, then another set of lips wrapped round my softening cock and was working on it as hard as he could to get it to rise again, as he took my cock into his mouth I felt some cold gel being applied to my ass and then a finger pushed into me and my butt clenched tight but he held his finger in there until I relaxed and then pushed in some more.

Then when he had worked that into me he placed another finger and then another and I have to say that it was feeling very nice with these fingers up my ass and someone sucking on my cock then the one with his fingers up my ass curled them and ran them over my prostrate and as he did this again and again my cock started to grow once more, never when I was young had it ever recovered that bloody quick.

Then they all left me alone and Tom said ok now the fun part well if this is going to be the fun part what the hell was that, Oh that was just us warming up my dear friend said Tom and he took me by the arm and lent me across the room and I felt the back of a armchair in front of me I was told to bent over the back and place me arm on the chair arm rest's which I did, my hands were then tied to the arms and I knew that this was it no going back now.

They all had a chat to see what order they were going to take my ass and I thought god they all want to fuck my ass, I know it seams strange now but I thought It might be two or three of them not all fucking six but they told Tom that as he was the one that found me it should be him to take my virgin ass.

I was now breathing so very hard and I jumped when I felt more gel being placed on my ass and pushed inside me,I was scared but excited at the same time and in truth I could not wait to feel a cock enter my ass and then I felt Tom's cock head touching the outer ring of my ass and he ran it up and down my crack and then stopped again at the hole and this time pushed forward and my ass gave way just a little there was no pain at this point so I relaxed.

As soon as I did relax Tom must have felt my ass give just a bit as he gave a hard push and the head of his cock popped inside my ass I screamed out as the pain of this cock pushing open my ass ring, it felt like I was being torn in too as it entered me but Tom held his cock still as the pain started to go then pushed a bit more and the pain returned but not as bad, before long I felt Tom pubic hair brush up to my ass cheeks and knew he was fully inside my ass and he just stayed there then someone lifted my head and the next thing I knew a cock was being shoved into it and it started to fuck my mouth.

Tom pulled back and stopped just before it popped out and then back into me the pain returned as he kept doing this but was getting less and less with each passing minute and the pain was being taken over with pleasure as he fucked my ass, I could feel his cock deep inside me and how it was pushing open my insides as he pushed in and how my insides close back up as he pulled out, at times he would pulled completely out and then ram it back in and the first few times the pain was just like the fist but even that now was gone and I was really enjoying this feel inside me.

The cock in my mouth was taken away and replaced by another I could hear Tom starting to pant and grunt as he rammed into my ass and I have never felt so out of it with the pleasure it felt like being drunk I was so light headed then he rammed forward and he filled my virgin ass with it's first ever load of warm sticky cum I could feel his cock throbbing deep within me and the first splash of cum hitting my insides I felt it running down my insides is this what a woman feels I wondered as splash after splash shot from his cock , I could feel more and more being pumped into me a warm glow ran though my body as it filled me.

Tom with drew his cock and before any of his cum could run from my open ass another was rammed in this one felt thinner but longer and I could feel it deeper inside me and the cock in my mouth changed once more but this time it was not a hard cock but a soft on and it tasted completely different and this cock was Tom's and I was now sucking his cum from it.

The cock in my ass was pumping hard he had hold of my hips and our bodies slammed together making a loud slap each time on and on he pounded then I felt him force his cock fully forward and I felt his cock pumping cum and it was further up inside me and that warm glow returned as he seamed like his cock was not going to stop.

It was now time for the third cock of the evening and I wondered which one was next but I did not have to wait long to find out as like before these men did not want me to leak any cum from my ass as soon as one came out the other was being pushed in to plug my ass hole and stop any getting out, this cock was fat but not very long and this one opened up my ass wider than the other two and gave me some pain as it went into me but he was not going to worry about that as soon as he entered me he gripped my waist and was ramming back and forth straight away, and then like before Tom's cock was taken from my mouth and the one that had just fucked me was placed into it.

I was now in heaven even thou my ass was getting a bit sore with al this fucking but the feeling that were now going though me with every push in and pull out of these cock was driving me made my hard cock was hanging down between me and the chair back and as I was getting fucked the head of my cock was rubbing up and down the fabric of the chair and this was driving me insane with pleasure to.

This third cock filled me with what felt like hotter cum than the other two and I wanted to cum myself but not one of them was touching my cock and it was aching for release but this was just adding to the pleasure, the forth cock was about the same size as Tom's filling my after a while and cock's swapped in my mouth each time they had cum in my ass, the Fifth cock was long and fat and by god did this one make me shake and shiver as it pumped into my ass his body really slamming hard into me and when he came he came in bucket loads I had now idea where the hell all this cum was going as they had not let any escape my ass but once again it was all change and the last one entered this one was short and fat and filled me in width pushed hard against my ass walls as it hammered back and forth inside me, on and on this one went and I wondered if he was ever going to cum but finally did and now I had six loads of cum deep within me and he pulled his cock from me and came round and stood in front of me and shoved his wet cum covered cock inside my mouth, as I had not had another cock shoved in my ass I could now for the first time feel cum seeping out of my ass.

I felt the cum running from me and it was running down the inside of my legs and then I felt my hands being untied and I was moved back to the middle of the room still blindfolded and then tongues licking up and down the inside of my legs licking up the rum running down them.

Once they had licked all that had run from me up they took the blind fold of and I saw that all were hard again and I was told to kneel down and they got round my in a circle and I had to take a cock as I slowly mover round and round on my knees sucking a different cock every minute or two, after a while I was told to lay on my back on the floor which I did my cock sticking up like a flag pole still aching to spurt cum but not yet it seamed as they all stood round me and started to wank their cocks, I was laying there looking up these men rubbing there cock over me and knew I was going to be covered in there second load of cum for the evening and then one shot his load and as it shot from his cock he gave out a loud grunt and it splashed all over my chest, then the second lot hit me this landed on my face and so on until all six had shot there lot and I was now covered in it, Tom knelt down beside me and started to rub the cum into my skin with his hands and then he took my cock in his cum covered hands and started to wank me and it did not take long and the man that had said it was not fair that the other man had had my first lot dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth, getting up once I had emptied out he licked his lips and said What wonderful tasting cum, My god fucking big cock and great tasting cum WOW what a evening I do hope you will join as again Dave I want you cock in me next time.

I was worn out now and found it hard to move so just lay there for a while the camera was turned of and the men started to get dressed and leave all saying that I hoped I had enjoyed myself as much as they had, I assured them I had and yes I would love to return and maybe have them next time.

Once every one had gone Tom brought me another whisky and we sat on the sofa still naked and talked about the evening and he asked how I felt, what can I say Tom you and your friends have given me feeling I never dreamed of it has been wonderful and just glad I saw that DVD now yes he said with a smile I was hoping you would switch the TV on.

He moved closer to me and placed his hand on my bare leg and ran his hand up until it reached my balls and I slowly opened my legs to allow him to cup them in his hand and he started to play with them gently he lent over and switched the camera back on and then leaned in to kiss me fully on the lips and as he did he took my harding cock in his hand and started to move his hand up and down my shaft.

He pulled away from the kiss and lowered his head into my lap and sucked my cock fully into his mouth once again making me take a very deep breath as my cock opened up his throat, soon we were on the floor in the 69 and I had his cock going in and out of my mouth and his balls in my hands like he was doing to me, I was laying on the floor and he was over me and then he got up and turned round and sat over my stomach and looked down at me as he put one hand round behind him and the camera was catching all this as he raised himself up and shuffled back on his knees ans when he was sitting above my rock hard cock he lowered himself down on to my cock and it opened up his ass and I felt my cock head slip into him it was tight around my cock head and he just lowered himself fully down taking my whole 9 inches into him and he sat fully down onto my body, I could not get over how different it felt to have a ass round my cock instead of my wives pussy, it was tighter and dryer but felt great as Tom started to rise and fall on my cock and I took hold of his cock that was between us and started to wank him and he rode my cock to heaven and back. On and on he rammed himself down onto my cock filling his insides and then I felt my balls tighten and this feeling ran up though my long cock shaft as the cum rushed on it's way to be released, then I raised my back up of the floor and gave out a cry of pleasure as my cock let go and I emptied my balls inside my first ever ass and boy o boy did that feel good, once I had finished Tom move of my cock and I felt some of my cum drip from his ass down onto my stomach as he moved up my body and he placed his cock into my mouth and started to fuck my face.

With one final push it entered my mouth fully making me gag but he did not remove his cock instead he filled my mouth with his warm, creamy, sticky cum and he just seam to pump and pump I was having a hard job swallowing it all but managed in the end.

We kiss and Tom got up and helped me up and said well Dave I hope you enjoyed tonight hell yea I said it's been great Tom thank you for asking me to join in, never in a million years did I think it was going to be so bloody good just hope you will let me come back and try some more, you are welcome back anytime Dave why don't you go have a bath while I transfer this onto a DVD for you so your wife can have her fun watching it. Thanks I said could do with it my ass is a bit sore after that pounding you lot have given it on it's open night so to speak.

I had my bath and Tom had done the DVD for me so I said thanks again and set of home it was just gone 10 when I got home and my wife was already in bed DVD/TV on so I had a quick bite to eat then went up to bed, Well Well she said as I walked into the room have you got it come on come on put the DVD in and I don't want you to tell me what happened I want to watch.

So as I was asked I put in the DVD and went to the bath room to do my teeth and get ready for bed, when I returned my wife was on her back legs wide open a rampent rabbit gone full blast inside her hair snatch and her finger work on her clit as she watched me she was just up to the bit where I was lent over the chair and tied to it, OH my god she said this is so fucking horny knowing it is you, she patted the bed beside her and as she returned her hand to her clit she had a massive climax and she just moaned out load and she came.

She had orgasm after orgasm as she watch one by one these men fucking my ass and I could now see which one took me in what order, and the camera shots were great to really close up some of them, when Tom had but his cock in my virgin ass I could now see how it had opened my ass ring stretching it round his cock head and how it had popped inside the first time and you could hear me screaming in pain but that made my wife cum even more, by the time we got to the end it had just gone midnight but my wife wanted me to finish of the night by fucking her, so she got on all fours and faced the TV and I got round behind her so I could see the TV to, she found the spot where Tom had just got up behind me and started the DVD again as we watched my ass being taken for the first time again I held onto her hips and started to ram my cock into her hard and fast and it was not long before we were both lost in the sexual pleasure that we were getting from the DVD and my cock then I just filled her waiting cunt with cum, we lay down leaving the DVD running and we fell asleep in each others arms and in the morning she said you must do that again Dave please say you will, Yea course I will I must say I enjoyed it to, and by the way you were coming last night you like what you saw, as I was just getting ready to leave for work she said tell you what why don't you see if I could come there or you get them here so I could do the filming and that way they would not have to worry, you mean that don't you I said yea she smiled, ok I will ask .

If you liked this story and it got you horny then let me know please and why not be brave and let me have a photo for my collection so many have, all photos kept for my viewing only - deepprobsix@gmail.com

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