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The Rods

Author: D.H. Contact: ilikemy7inch@gmail.com
Publish Date : Jan 4, 2016
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I now had pain from the nipple clamps but the wonderful pleasure from his arse moving over my cock on and on he slammed himself down...

* * * * * * *

My name is peter and I install Cable TV last week I had to go to this home and run Cable to the house and to the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms I dug the channel for the cable from the street the the house ran the cable and filled it back in, as it had been raining heavy the day before I was covered in a lot of mud.

It was time to fix the cable inside the home so as I entered the house I removed my boots and the owner saw that I had a lot of mud on my jeans and said rather than take that all around the house he had a pair of jeans I could change into and he would rise my jeans out and dry them, so I took of my jeans and stood there just in my tight pants and I could see the man looking at my cock as it pushed against the tightness of my pants, I put on his jeans and went back to work.

At around 13.00 he said time for a cup of coffee and said come on lets sit and drink this in the kitchen so we sat drank and talked for a while when he said I noticed you have a big bulge in your pants when you changed your jeans ever had sex with a men, No never I said never thought about it why are you gay I asked, No I am Bi-sexual he said I like the best of both, well as I said never thought about it, I then got up and went back to work.

I was now on the last of the bedrooms and just finishing when he came in carrying my dry jeans there you go my friend he said nice and clean, I packed my tools away and then started to change taking of his jeans as I stood up to take my jeans from him he pushed me hard sending me falling back onto the big bed behind me and he was so quick he was sitting on top of me before I knew what had happened, I pushed his hand down under the pillow and pulled out a leather strap which he placed round my wrist, What the fuck you doing I shouted out come I don't fuck around, but he took no notice as he then pulled our another strap and fastened my other wrist, he got of me and he took hold of my pants pulling them down hard and fast my cock still soft at this point lay there about 5” inches long and just as fat MMMMmmmm he say very nice very nice indeed as he pulled yet another strap out from the bottom of the bed tying one leg to the corner of the bed and then the other one so I now lay on the bed with me arms and legs tied to each corner.

On come on mate I said this is not funny anymore come on let me go, Oh I will let you go he said with a big smile but only after I have had your cock and cum, and with that he knelt down on the floor between my legs and put his fingers round my soft cock and eased the foreskin back over the head before taking my cock into his mouth and as he did he let out a MMMMMMmmmm as he sucked the 5” inside his eager mouth he was soon bobbing his head up and down and cupped my balls in his hand and played with them, I was shocked by what was happening but at the same time it felt fucking good his mouth worked wonders on my cock giving me feeling no woman had ever done and it was not long before it was growing hard and to it's full 11” long and to my surprise he was taking every last inch of it right down the back of his throat.

He was doing things with his tongue on my cock head that I had never before felt and his tongue felt rougher then a woman's which made it feel even better on and on he sucked and licked while still playing with my balls Oh Oh God I moaned out as the tip of my cock touched the depths of his throat, my body was beginning to shake as a orgasm started way down in my balls that he held so tightly, Oh Oh Christ I moaned as I felt my seed rising up my shaft FUCK YES YES I screamed as the first jet of cum left my cock and splashed down his throat, he push my full 11” into his mouth and throat at the first throb of my cock and just let it spurt my cum as it finally stopped he made sure as he pulled his head up and of my cock that his lips kept very tight round my shaft making sure every little drop of cum when inside him.

My My he said as he stood up you seamed to like that considering you have never been with a man before what lovely tasting cum you have to he said with a big grin a crossed his face.

Well I must say I said between big deep breaths I have never had a blow job like that before that felt wonderful, but you have had your fun please let me go now, Oh No he said I have only just started with you my friend and he left me tied to bed as he left the room, when he came back in he was naked and his cock looked about 8” long and 4 to 5” thick and standing up hard and proud he also had his hands full of things I had never seen before, what the fuck you going to do with those I asked OH you just wait and see and believe me you are going to feel some pain but then more joy than you ever thought you could ever feel.

He place the items he was carrying down on the bad then knelt beside me leaning over me he told me to open my mouth, I did as he asked and soon he had hid cock inside my mouth pushing it further and further in until I started to gag, soon he was pumping his cock in and out moaning out in pleasure as he did so, I felt his cock head start to throb and all of a sudden I felt his cum spurting into my mouth as his cock was filling my mouth the only thing I could do was swallow it, that was my first taste of another man's cum and cock and to be honest it did not taste as bad as I thought it was going too.

He told me to lick all the cum from his cock and by the time I had my cock was starting to rise once more, he moved round between my legs and the first thing he picked up was a battery powered tooth brush I notice that the brush at the end had been cut of just leaving the stem, he switched it on and started to run it over my balls and up and down my shaft pulling my foreskin back he touched the very very sensitive head my god it felt like an electric shock as this stem vibrated against my head, he took my cock head in between two fingers and switched the tooth brush off and then pushed the stem into my cock hole and it was not very fat so slipped in with no problem then he switched in back on and Christ it nearly blew my mind the pleasure this gave me was well out of this world how I did not shoot my load there and then I do not know.

My head spun I had little black spots before my eyes as he pushed this tooth brush stem in and out of my cock hole quicker and quicker he thrust it in and out then started to wank my cock with his other have then with one had push up with my hips I moaned out loud and my cum shot up past the stem and covered his hands, when my cock stopped pumping he smiled and licked my cum from his covered hands, I lay there gasping for breath, I had never cum so hard in my life.

He lent over and picked up this silver rod, what fuck you going to do with that I asked ?? shove it down your cock he replied and with that he took hold of my now soft cock pulled the foreskin back and pushed the rod into my cock hole STOP STOP I cried out that fucking hurt like hell, but he pushed harder forcing it to open my cock hole and then I felt it push it's way though my tight hole and open it up the pain was bringing tears to my eyes I was crying out in pain but soon he had the hole rod buried inside me even the tip of the rod had gone from sight, fuck fuck fuck I moaned that fucking hurt but as I said that he put his hand down under my balls found the end of the rod and pushed on it and it started to slip back out and as it did the searing pain shot through my cock once more on and on he did this pushing it full in the pushing it back out but with each push it slipped in and out causing less and less pain and more and more pleasure and my cock was responding too as it was now hard again.

He pushed it in once more and left it there while he picked up some nipple clamps and placed one on each nipple and tightened them up and pulled on the chain that was between them sending more pain racing through my body.

Leaving the clamps there he pushed the rod out of my cock and took my cock fully into his mouth once he had made it wet he sat over me and raised himself up placed my cock head up against his arse hole once in place he pushed down and I felt my cock enter a mans arse from the very first time, it felt warm and very tight against my cock deeper and deeper it went until he sat fully down on it and it twitched with the pleasure I was feeling, again and again he raised himself and lowered back down on my cock getting faster and faster then taking hold of the nipple clamp chain he pulled hard on it.

I now had pain from the nipple clamps but the wonderful pleasure from his arse moving over my cock on and on he slammed himself down on my cock and each time he did his cock slapped against my stomach e held onto the nipple chain with one hand and took hold of his cock and started to wank with the other I was getting very near to cumming and he some how knew this and slammed down harder and harder and then as my cock exploded deep inside him he yanked on the nipple chain making my cock spurt even more cum filling him as pump after pump of my cum shot out.

When I had finished cumming he sat on my cock and finished himself off and then shot his cum up my stomach and chest, he lifted himself from my softening cock and quickly turned round and placed his arse over my mouth and I felt my cum running from him and I just had to lick it and as my tongue touched his puckered hole he shivered and pushed down harder, while I licked him he scooped his cum from my stomach and chest and licked it from his hand.

Laying down beside me he said well did you like that my friend , yea never thought I would but yes that was bloody great, well before you go how about you let me fuck our arse would you do that for me, I would love to give it ago but don't know if I could take that cock I have never had anything inside my arse before, well I will lube you up well he said and take it nice and easy well we can try after the pleasure you have giving me so lets try it, he undone my ties and told me to get up on my hands and knees as he said that was always the best way for the first time so I did what he asked and he got up behind me and lubed my hole and pushed his fingers inside me making sure I was lube fully.

He knelt up behind me and by now I was taking big deep breaths as I felt the tip of his cock touch my hold and then felt pressure on it as he pushed forward, just relax he said do not fight it or it will hurt so I took a deep breath and let it out slowly and with a quick hard push the head of his cock popped inside sending pain rushing from my arse to my brain making me cry out once more but he pushed on now taking hold of my hips and soon though the pain I started to feel pleasure as his thick pubic hair pushed against my arse cheeks.

There he said fully in and with that with drew it and pushed back again in about 5 minutes he was hold my hips tight and pounding hard and deep into my arse sending wave after wave ripping though me and with all this pleasure my cock had become hard once more, then I felt his cock thicken swelling up inside me and I then knew how he had known when I was going to come and with that he emptied his cum deep inside my virgin arse, I felt it leave his cock and splash inside me warm and sticky as it hit my insides on and on his cock pumped until I felt it going soft and it slipped out of me and he quickly moved down and sucked his cum from my now gaping arse hole.

I as I said was hard once more so said can I fuck you the way you just fuck me no point in wasting my hard cock is there so he knelt on the floor and bent over the bed and I got behind him and watched with big wide eyes as I saw my cock open his hole and slip inside until my body squashed against his, I lent forward taking hold of his shoulders and as I pulled him back I force myself deep inside him filling his deep dark hole with my rock hard cock.

Harder harder he shouted fuck me harder we were both sweating like made as our bodies smashed together filling the room with the sound we grunted and moaned as I got closer and closer to cumming again still he shouted harder harder fill me so when I finally cum I pulled him hard back as I smashed forward and filled his arse once more, he screamed Oh Oh Yes oh Fuck yes as my cock pumped and pumped deep within him.

We showered together and I left promising to return and I know I will thank to him I now can have sex a lot more.

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