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Prison Punk

Two gay males kissing

Author: Mike J
Published: 11-Feb-16
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I was sent to a max prison, for 10 years for robbery, I was 18 year old, a small white boy with blues eyes, white pale soft skin and a body shape that was more on the female side, then on the man level, already the other inmates had told me, I was going to have problems once I get to prison, some saying "you look like a girl" that I had a phatass!!

* * * * * * *

That black guys like forcing white boy to preform homosexual, I say I will never do thing like a that, I'll fight to my death before I became a punk in prison, me and 15 other guys were on the prison bus, going to prison, I just sat and listen to the other inmates telling stories of horror, about the prison we were going to, about fights,beatings, stabbings and also about the rapes and punks in prison,,

But hearing those stories, trigger something deep within me, those story told of punks and faggots in prison not only drawled my attention , but actually turn me on,

Before I could stop myself, I began asking more about homosexual in prison. Telling me how their are different kind of punks in prison, their the manly group, then their the sissy punks!. These kind of homosexual, these openly dressup as females!, wearing panties,skin tight pants! Which in prison it call" tucking & twiching", acting girly, they also address them in a girl name.

Once in prison I was sign to a cell with a black guy, he was a big man tall,strong looking, I could see from the start that he was looking me over, I said," hello I'm your new room mate, my Name is Eddie,"

"I'm mike and you a pretty white boy," saying it with a smile.

I was very nervous, pass a few words with him, unpacking my bag, as we talk, then he took me around, showing me some things and other inmates, some even openly, told me I was a pretty boy!, even going as far as saying" u got a phat Ass boy,". Not knowing what to say, I just look and said nothing to their remarks about me or body, I was just to nervous and did not known what to say, then it happen, I seen my first open sissy punk, when I first seen this punk, I was so turn by the sight, but I held it back, but it scared me, because it turn me on so much!.

Then later I went to the shower, a place I've heard so much about, a open warded shower, when I walk in the shower room, the very first thing I notice, were the guys, " DICKS"!, I undress and began washing my body, I was so caught up that did not notice the other guys looking at my nake ass. Telling myself," I can't believe this, I could look at any part of these nake guys , but I chose to look at their naked dicks!

Telling myself, " my god, my first night in prison and here I'm looking and watching dicks in the shower!", I hurry to wash then dress, I had got so turn on, I was getting hard! I hurry back to my cell, soon as I shut the cell door, I pull my little dick out, I was hard as a rock, my dick is only 5 inch on hard, when soft it only a few inches long, some guys are ashame or shy about their dick size, for me I'm different, I like having a small dick!

Soon as my dick was out I being jacking off, to thoughts of dicks, "yes, I jack off as I replayed all the dicks I had seen in the shower, Saying to myself, " My god!, all those nake dicks!"

I came in no time, once i cum , i felt ashamed of myself , because i jack off and cum thinking about all those nake dicks i had seen in the shower,!! I push it to the side clean up before my cellmate came back, once he got back he took me the chew hall, that's were I got my really first closeup look at a prison punk, I did not want to be caught watching them just as I did not want to get caught watching dicks in the shower, so I would cut my eyes their way when ever I could, I could not stop,, just like the dicks in the shower, I was turn on by them and how they dress,act. They was dress as girls! Tight sweatpants, tight pants, boobty shorts hair fix, some with nails and makeup, even wearing skirts, when they got up I seen they was flat in front, saying to myself, "they tucking their dick, I watch some walk by , they was twitching their ass and their pantyline was clearly seen, I knew i should be sick with this, but I was turn on greatly by these punks, just as I was with the dicks I seen in the shower, as we walk back to the cell , I was trying to understand what was wrong with me, I'm like surely I'm not a faggot!

As I layed in my bunk, my first night in prison I went over very thing I had seen,heard and felt,! I realize I was not only turn on by dicks,but I like being nake around guys, that was nake or can see me nake and what really got me was when I found I was turn on by the punks, I found out that night I was turn on by them, because I wanted to be a punk!, when that thought came to me I grab my little hard dick, and softly jackoff with thoughts of me being a prison punk!

That was when I told myself, I'm going to become a open prison punk yes it was hard for me to except it, but their I was my first night in prison and I'm jacking off to thoughts of me being a punk, their was known doubt in my mind then , I did want to become a open homosexual, I wanted to wear panties out in the open, I wanted the other prisoner to known just by looking at me,that they known I was a punk!

So my first night as my cellmate slept, I said to myself ," I'm really going to become a prison punk" that was when I put frouth my plan of how I was to come out the closet, I dicide I was going to come out the closet in the shower, so when my cell mate went to eat breakfast I stay in,. Because I wanted to prepare myself for what I was about to do, I shaved all my body hair, clean my ass out, plus I also finger my ass, to losing my ass up, because I knew from all the prison stories I've heard, I knew what happens to punks in the shower, once I was ready I dress and went to the shower on ever shacky legs, their were 11 guys in the shower when I came in, even tho I knew what I was about to do, I was still unsure, once undress I walk to a showed head in the back, as I wash I played out in my mind how I was going to do it.

One guy said "nice legs!" knowing they could tell I shave my legs, even then I almost chicken out, but I told my self," I'm not the only guy that has came to prison and came to the shower to become a punk," it was just I knew once I cross that line, I could not go back!, plus I knew from the prison stories I heard many guy have use the shower to rape other inmates, to force them to become punks but also some guys have use the shower as away to help them come out the closet,! That's what I wanted. Even tho I knew I would get butt fuck but also gangbang, I would have to preform homosexual acts in the open, that's what I wanted, to be treated and talk to like a punk! so I look back over my shoulders and seen three guys looking my way, as I look at them ,seeming they watching me , I ease myself on my tiptoes and did what only punks do in the shower,! On my tiptoes and as I watch them watching me I bent over at the waist and reached back with my hands grasped my ass cheeks with my hands and spread my ass apart as far as I could,!! Showing all the guys in the shower my freshly shave pink asshole.

To make sure I said out loud for all the guys to hear me clearly, " Hey guys, look at me! I'm spreading my ass open for anybody to get a good look at my asshole, I want u guy to known and to everyone that I'm a punk, yes, I am openly,willing and wanting to be a Prison Punk, please tell very body"

One black guy say, " Damn white boy u just got in prison, and u already want this big black dick up ur white ass ?

Still holding my ass open, I said" Yes, this is my second day or my first full day, and I do want to become a prison punk, I'm coming out the closet in the shower, because I want to be butt fuck in the open,gangbanged and when you guys tell a story about a punk , you'll tell how yal seen me become a punk in the shower,''

I got butt fucked 4 times and sucked 5 dicks before I walked out the shower, I stayed in that shower over 3 hours! Preform homosexual acts openly, soon as I got back to my cell, my room mate was in their watching TV,

I said,",hey mike, I just want u to known, before u hear it, I just went to the shower and became a punk!"

He look at me, said what?,

I said u heard me," I just became a punk in the shower,"

He say " for real, why u do that r u gay?"

I said," I'm telling the truth , and wanted u to known before u hear it, yes I became a willing punk, because I want to live my life in prison as a punk and be treated like a punk, I'm just want u to known, because I'm going start dressing and acting open like a punk, I'm going start prancing around this cell in nothing but a T-shirt and some skimpy panties"

Also know I'm not covering the bar door for anything, every thing I do will be open to anybody that wish I look or watch, I'm going to suck dick, get butt fuck and even play in my ass in front of u or anybody that want to watch or some ass, so if u got something against punks u might want to move, so from now on I'm Lisa the prison punk!!!!

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