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One Night Stand - Lahore

Two gay males kissing

Author: SomeOne_84
Published: 06-Oct-07 Revised/Updated 08-Oct-07
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A day after that, I got my laptop and came down to lobby. He was sitting in the email room, which had glass walls and you can see people working on the computers. I positioned myself in a way that I could look at him as well as on my screen with a slight eye movement.

* * * * * * *

I am not an author or something, but I guess you don't need to be one to write your own experience. Imagination is not unleashed in this, all facts. Hope you enjoy it. Do tell me if you like it or otherwise. (9teen.eighty4@gmail.com)

I am 25 now & it happened 2 years ago. I had to go to Lahore for work & was staying at Holiday Inn. I did not know anyone in the city, so all I could do after work was drive back to hotel, hit gym, take a shower and then take my laptop to lobby & chat while enjoying some eye-candies. I used to choose a place where I could see the entrance of lobby. Thanks to the wedding season, I never got bored; the lobby was filled with many beautiful girls & not to mention well dressed boys.

The day I checked in, I saw a foreigner guy, whatever his age was, he looked 20. All I could think of was... WOW.... very unlike me ... but I kept staring at him with my mouth open... and yes he noticed me looking at him ... he was too cute to be straight... I am not an ugly person myself and I do take care of my body.... no fats... I am 6'0'' & 75Kgs... average build..... He said something to the receptionist and from the way he was standing at the desk... it was obvious that he is gay. Bingo!

A day after that, I got my laptop and came down to lobby. He was sitting in the email room, which had glass walls and you can see people working on the computers. I positioned myself in a way that I could look at him as well as on my screen with a slight eye movement. The distance was around 7 feet. I started chatting with my friends online & with an occasional glance at him.

On my third or fourth glance, I noticed him looking at me... I was not ready for that so I just looked back at my screen... Damn me...!!! Cursed myself a little bit.... gathered some courage... & looked at him again he was still staring... no smile... expressionless face... I kept the eye contact this time.... & after a couple of seconds I raised my eyebrows... just in a HI sort of way... his response was hand movement... saying WHAT with a puzzled expression errr.... may be I was wrong and he is not the type... all I could do muster was a shrug of my shoulders and got my eyes back on the screen.... but I had the feeling that he was still looking at me... and I was right... when he caught my eye, he said something... again in sign language... he pointed at me and then pointed upwards, which I interpreted as "Are you staying upstairs" My nod was my answer, and then came the most magical signal from him ... "Lets Go!!!"

I was like ... dumbstruck... thats it I would be with this gorgeous guy... I didnt even know his name... anyways... I got myself back in senses... and looked at him again.... he was not at computer anymore I saw him standing in front of lift... I just ignored everyone I was talking to online didnt even bother to say bye... and followed him... he pushed the lift button when he saw me coming we were alone in the lift... I said HI... and I really dont know what he said in reply because he smiled while replying and thats it... those were the moments I am sure I did not even breath ... so thats what you call "A KILLER SMILE" ... !!!!! He asked me if I was a local and I said yes.... he told me he is from Turkey... and his name is John... We reached my floor & he followed me to my room... I offered him some juice which he declined he removed his jacket and I saw his tattoo of Jesus on his right arm partly visible from his black t-shirt... I asked if I could see the tattoo... he had no objections, I rolled up his sleeve caressed his tattoo and he smiled... wow... world gone blank again... stop doing it damn-it......

The next thing I know was his lips on mine... totally electric... soft... no hurries... then came the tongue... man... he was one hell of a kisser.... I moved my hands down to his cheeks after 10 minutes or so... he enjoyed it and I knew it from his moan.... I was nibbling at his lower lip at that time... tracing it back and forth with my tongue.... I massaged his butt a little bit while savoring his mouth... I intended to keep doing it but he has other plans in his mind so he started removing my jacket well that could be done without breaking the kiss... so I did not object... before he could anything else to stop the kiss.. I pushed him to the bed.... he giggled... so I broke the kiss myself to see his smile... I was on top of him... and while he was still showing his perfect teeth... I lowered my head ... to his ear... nibbled it while he moved his face to the other side to give me full access..... I rubbed my cheek against his... and then went back to earlobe... traced my tongue back to his lips... kissing all the way in between... then I realized he is still wearing his t-shirt... not that he looked bad in it but ... :)

We both removed our shirts... and went back to the original positions... him laying on his back... me on top of him... my legs on either side of him... and the most amazing kiss..... I broke the kiss to see if his right cheek was as smooth as his left one... turned out that it actually was... and so was forehead... I kissed his forehead... down to his nose.... and lips... spent a couple of minutes there... then chin... down to his chest... flat chest... no hair... just the way I like it... he was a little skinny... but that added to his sexy & boyish looks... works for me ... :) nipples... not biting... but just teased them with my tongue... in turns. He was definitely enjoying... and I did not need any proof after his grip getting intense on my hair... I went further down & there was the belly... no hair & no fat... LOVELY..... :) I kissed it for a while...and then started my backward journey... nipples... chin... by-passed his lips... and then to the forehead... I then rolled over & now he was on top... he was a passionate kisser... and a really good one... I knew he would be using good of his mouth... and he sort of read my mind and started his downward movement he did the same treatment to me... except that he was a little fond of using his teeth on my nipples.... whatever man this guy could even cut me up with his teeth and I would not mind... :D

He continued his journey downwards & used his nose to locate my then rock hard member... his smile made it clear that he was anticipating it... he tried removing my pajamas... I did that for him... and now junior was right there in front of his face... he gave a lick from the bottom to the top... electric... and room was filled with my moans... he circled a little bit with his tongue and then I saw the head disappearing in that beautiful mouth... he started sucking and man... I was in heaven... he was not out of this world but it was the best in many years.... He looked at me while doing it... and he was looking so innocent & beautiful that I did what I never did before... I pulled him and kissed him... this was the first time I kissed someone who went down on me... I know there is nothing bad in kissing someone who is sucking your cock... but I could never get myself to do that... and that night I could not resist it it was just his eyes I guess... eyes I still remember...

I guided him back to the position... and he was doing it again.... with more energy this time... and pace... I warned him just in time to stop... and he replaced his mouth with his hand... and I got my belly covered with my jism... I did not recall a better one.... John was still hard and was now out of his jeans... he came next to me on bed... and I replaced his hand on his dick with mine... he had a small dick but it suited him really well... he ejaculated in mere seconds.... we remained in that position until he moved near me and put his lips on mine... I noticed cum slipping from my belly to the sheets... so I broke the kiss and used tissues to clean myself... handed some to my buddy... we both cleaned up... and then I went to the toilet and get two wet towels, I cleaned his belly and handed a towel to him he did the same to me... we threw the towels aside and groped each other again... yet another passionate kiss.... we started talking he told me that he was a flight attendant and the national carrier leased the planes & services for a limited period from the company he was working for. He had to leave tomorrow to Netherlands... He turned his face to wall while talking... I put my hand on his belly and my dick was touching his crack... I was kissing his neck... and playing with his nipples... I moved my hand down to feel his dick and he responded... he was getting ready again... annnndddd so was I.... :) I asked if I can fuck him... he asked if I have a condom & no I dint have one... so he flatly refused... wow... another reason to love that guy... but he made it up to me... he went back to my crotch... he was doing his magic but I wanted something different this time.. so got on top while my dick still in his mouth... and started thrusting... he was lying flat on bed and I was fucking his mouth... he was receptive... and hot and not saying anything despite the fact that I was being a little brutal with my jerks... I could not stand longer ... so when I was on verge of shooting I pulled out and he asked me to spill it on his chest... I was more than happy to oblige... if I thought the previous one was the best I ever had... I was wrong... the look on his face... made me produce a lot more than the usual... but the pool on his belly still kept getting bigger even after I stopped... turned out he was unloading.... wow timing... :D

I brought more towels & he cleaned himself up while I put my pajamas on... he put his jeans on and we were kissing again on the bed... he broke the kiss & said he had an early flight the next day so he has to go... I kissed him goodbye both before and after he put on his shirt & jacket... thanked him... and he left.

In case you are wondering.... I did see him again... :) After a week, I was at the Islamabad airport to receive someone & he was there... in his uniform with his colleagues... he smiled at me and I guess... I GUESS he winked at me too... but I can't remember ... his smile just turned everything blank...!!!

And I could not even smile back... my friend luckily noticed him after the wink... and she muttered to me ... "If I am on the same flight as that flight attendant... I m gonna hijack the plane just for him..."

I did not bother to tell her even if she would somehow able to accomplish that... it would be useless for her ... :)

For feedback please write to - 9teen.eighty4@gmail.com

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