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Short hair girl illustrationFulfil your fantasies with these erotic sex stories and literature involving sexy lesbians and lesbianism in general. Lesbian is defined as the term most widely used in the English language to describe romantic or sexual attraction between women. The word may be used as a noun, to refer to women who identify themselves or who are characterized by others as having the primary attribute of female homosexuality, or as an adjective, to describe characteristics of an object or activity related to female same-sex attraction.

The stories below are based on tales of lesbianism and first time lesbian sex acts. There are some great classic female to female relationship tales below. Many of these XXX stories are true to life real occurrences that were submitted by lesbian authors.

List of Lesbian Stories
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1 - A Strippers Interview - What I thought was an interview to become a stripper took me by surprise and gave me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams, who knew that sex with another woman could be so damn hot.
2 - Chocolate Drop and Hazelnut - Short story about a lesbian couple who have their ups and downs but make up sex is always great.
3 - A Night At Millicent's - Finally, Sophie sent her arms into turbo mode, spanking Gabby rapidly on both cheeks, and pumping her fingers inside her cunt, at their hardest and fastest.
4 - Come Out, Come Out... - Story is set a couple years in the past based on factual events that happened at this time, events observed by the characters are true, but these characters themselves and their story are fictitious.
5 - Beauty Pool Knockout - She was a born romantic, and the prospect of what she had done for this girl the previous night had placed thoughts in her mind of wanting her and the girl closer together.
6 - Lost and Found - A miraculous turn of events saves a poor homeless woman's life on a cold autumn eve.
7 - For Happy Endings It Takes Two - A birthday girl gets the greatest surprise gift of her life courtesy of her BFF.
8 - Holly's Wild Night - In this story, Holly has a wild night at a local strip club before going to meet her new, mysterious lover.
9 - Best Friends - I removed her shorts and pulled back my long black hair. And started tonguing her pussy hole while my thumb circled her clit.
10 - Fit to Be Tied - Fit to be Tied is an interracial lesbian story with a little light bondage.
11 - Surprise In The Jungle - She pulled off my pants and thong and spread my legs to look at my glistening bare pussy.
12 - College Flat Mates Night In - She kissed my again tasting her pussy-juice on my lips before she moved down to clumsily slurp on my big tits.
13 - My Name is Lucy - Chapter 7 - Abi pulled herself off Kela and told me to lie with my legs wide apart so that she could see my pussy and eat it.
14 - Ladies Nite - Passing men at the bar each offering money for a dance, she winks at me and seductively blows me a kiss.
15 - The Night I Took You - Once I have removed the final bead from your ass I reach up and begin to fuck your asshole with my fingers while I listen to you attempt to scream out in pleasure..
16 - Shemale and Female - Then noticing I wasn't wearing any panties and my pussy was shaven she bent down and licked it..
17 - No Longer a Boring Day - Soon enough Jessica let out a small scream so Hayley shocked her at level 2..
18 - A Causal Meeting While Grocery Shopping - I became wet Judy ran her fingers in and out a few times lighting a fire unknown to me.
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NOTE: We are always looking for more Lesbian Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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