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Misguided Nina and Deb - Part 1

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Author: Sappholust
Published: 21-Apr-08
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Nina a former stripper and porn star leaves Vegas to go back to college and becomes a guidance counselor. This is her story of lust and intrigue as a counselor in a school.

* * * * * * *

These are my recollections, as I've put them down on paper. I'm Nina Mercado, a former stripper and porn actress from Vegas who decided to make a better life for myself. I was born in the southwestern part of Texas and my family migrated north to Dallas where I went to school. I've always been an attractive woman and with my Native American dark hair and brown, smooth skin I was a natural on the strip where I worked for too many years. I've always been athletic and swim as much as I can to stay in good shape. In high school I did excelled in english and history, but my parents didn't have money to send me to college so I left and went to Vegas to work when I graduated.

Then I ran into a girlfriend from my high school days and she coaxed me into doing something for myself I could never have dream of doing. I went back to college, got motivated to get my undergrad degree and followed through to attain my Masters in Psychology and became a guidance counselor in a regional high school in the plains.

Its a non assuming town with good values and a job that could help support me while I decided what to do next. I've had to accept my addictions and found recovery from my crack and marijuana habits, but had never dealt with my overwhelming lust for other sexy women in my life. Not until I met Deb and her mother, Janelle had I ever been so addicted to hot sex. Although I 'm bisexual, I'm rarely attracted to men these days. Instead I seem drawn to older, sultry mature women who want me to dominate them and give me sex as much as I want them to. I wasn't prepared for the surprise of my new life.

IT was so weird, two nights in a row I awoke from the same dream. I found myself saturated in my cum juices and sweat. This high powered, super erotic dream had overtaken my subconscious mind, where I was taking three men on at once. One hot stud was fucking me as I laid on my ass on a huge plush couch while another young hunk was biting and sucking on my plump tits. There's one more guy with his juicy hard cock in his hand, stroking his hot shaft a few inches from mouth while I fondled his stiff balls with my hands. I had just given him some wild head.

I awoke just when the guy was about to shoot his big load all over my tits. I was confused and yet aroused by the guys. I've been only attracted to sultry older women these days. The dream made me think of Lisa, a hot busty porn star I had never worked with, but was always attracted to. As I laid in bed I fingered my wet pussy and got my nipples hard again. I imagined Lisa sucking on my clit as I fingered my thick clit, my blood rushed down and it throbbed in fingers as I felt the warm release of another great orgasm. I knew I couldn't stay in bed that morning, there were too many things to do at work.

I knew I must've had at least one orgasm during that dream and now my labia was totally extended. My large pink clitoris was visible, and I couldn't stop from touching it an fondling my nips. I really had to constrain myself , be mature. I began getting dressed.

These dreams and their psychological roots must have be related to things I haven't resolved. Or, maybe they're just leftover fantasies from my former career. I sat up in bed and began my daily routine of getting ready for another day at a regular job. When I looked down on my brown skinned, firm body, I still felt young and vibrant especially for a woman soon to turn 40.

I make it my business to get to the gym where I love doing aerobics and other exercises and can still swim 50 laps in the pool. Its one reason I get so many compliments on my exceptional hourglass figure, accentuated by my 36DD breasts with silver dollar sized areola, tipped with abundant thick brown nipples. I adore my tits. The surgeon did an amazing job years ago. I had a lovely set of natural 32C's but wanted more. In so many ways it was worth it, but everything has its consequences.

I've dyed my her hair back to its original dark brunette from the platinum blonde I had been in her previous life. Most days I don't miss my former lifestyle, but occasionally I get pangs of lust that won't quit unless I watch a super heated lesbian flick and masturbate to it. I love those ones with the busty babes in it I used to work with just a few years ago. I love seeing is Lisa Leggs work, she was so hot . I've heard she's left the business too and just doing her art, painting nudes or something like that. Lisa and I never did a scene together, but I wish we had, we both have such an affinity for women, it would've been hot!

While I applied my make up, I thought back to all the changes I'd made these last few years. Many things had changed, but my heavy lust for women of all ages had not. It had only grown more and more intense with each passing month.

All the young vibrant students, especially the young women at the school, were causing me to have to dress more carefully. Just the other day one of the more attractive art teachers came up to me and I realized I was getting aroused by her sexy appearance, but luckily I was wearing a flowing blouse with a good bra which hid my stiff nipples. They don't really know me yet, but must think I'm a bit strange with all the conservative dresses I wear compared to their more fashionable, skin tight pant suits and shorter dresses.

And these days I had to be more conservative in my dress or I'd be in real trouble and get fired. Fuck this shit, I thought, I need to own my sexuality today. I chose to wear a more revealing mini skirt today and since there was a bit of a chill still in the air, I was planning on wearing my leopard skin jacket to work today too.

I have to keep a very visible presence in a large office that doesn't allow me much privacy at all. If students wanted to talk to me, I usually use the music department's practice rooms. The music department of the Mid Western High School is situated close by and I we're advised to use the out- of -the way, sound proof rooms for most of the controversial, difficult students who might need some privacy.

It seemed like the average busy day with staff meetings and regular appointments with students needing advice on the next step in their educational process. Around 2pm I got a call from our Vice Prinicipal, Ms Melanie Daniels, who I suspected knew somethings about my prior career. She wanted to meet me outside the school in a store. That was unusual but I knew I had to show up and listen to her in any case.

Melanie was a fast paced woman in her late thirties who considered herself a feminist who believed that women deserved to be not only treated equally, but that we were owed something for all the years of servitude to the male species. For an intellectual type of person, she had a fine figure which she didn't hide one bit. Almost everyday she'd wear revealing clothes that showcased her shapely leg muscles and sometimes even a low cut sweater with a work out bra underneath that made it easier to see her medium sized, firm tits. She was a dark brunette with a pleasant demeanor and was always good to everyone she worked with at the school. We didn't really know one another too well, but I remember that she complimented me on my looks more than once, which I found appealing. She was still one of my superiors and I had to show her the utmost respect no matter where I was.

I entered the high profiled lingerie store and found Melanie Daniels in the rear contemplating some very racy underwear.

"Hi Ms. Daniels," I said, in an affectionate, business like way. We were in the nightie section of the store. "Dear, please call me Mel or Melanie, we're co- workers remember" "Sorry, Mel, is there something you need help with"

"Nina, One of the teachers showed me site on the web today and it was a triple X rated site with videos and pictures of a woman who looks a lot like,"

"Yes, that was me," I interrupted her to say. "I quit that job over a year ago and have no control over what they put up. I was paid to do that work and I told Mr Jensen that when he hired me," I said to her in a defensive firm voice. She motioned me into the one of the larger dressing rooms. I thought she was going to fire me, I really did.

"Nina, you are one brave woman! I've never seen such a hot woman with such talent for kids and I'm working with you everyday! I knew about the site along time ago too. I've been subscribing to another site you're also featured on, and masturbating to a steamy video you did with another starlet where you both fucked each other on the beach..." Mel whispered all of this in one breath quickly to me as we stood in the dressing room.

I could see where this was going. Mel apparently had planned to come on to me strong all along. I wanted to fuck her too, but I knew we couldn't do it right there! She was adamant and took off her top and kissed me on the mouth.

"Let me see your luscious tits Nina," Mel asked, but it was more of a command really. "Mel," I pleaded, but she was on fire. I had to satisfy her at all costs and then we'd take it from there.

"Nina, I'm 35 and I can't stand my marriage. I've been a lesbian in the closet for too long, I need some relief!" She was hungry for me like no other woman I'd been with recently, and it aroused me to no end.

She helped me out of my blouse and wanted me to undress, but I demurred.

"Suck my tits, Mel suck on my hard nips babe," I told her.

"Ommnnghhhh," The Vice Principal moaned as she sucked my heaving breasts with one hand under my bra to support them she found my panties and pulled them down and fingered my wetness.

We caressed each other for a few minutes and then I went down on her lovely pussymound. Mel sat in the bench stall as I pulled off her panties and dove my face into her modestly hairy mound. I stroked her warm labia, parting it with my experienced tongue as I massaged her ample breasts too.

She covered her mouth with her hand as she moaned in lust for me to take her to orgasm. I dove my entire mouth into her wetness and she complied by lifting her hips into my wanting mouth. I grabbed her ass and held her close as my tongue lashed at her pussy. She cried a high shriek which had to be heard outside the dressing rooms. She flooded my mouth with her cumjuices as I swallowed them down as fast as I could.

"We'd better buy something too, or else they'll think we were shoplifting or something," I said as we got dressed. "Good idea, I'll buy this nightie and you can get those panties over there," she motioned to a row of colorful thongs. "I'm buying!" "Thanks Mel,"

We kissed and hugged she gave me her private number and I gave her my address and told her to call me later that night. To our amazement the clerks were in the forward part of the store and hadn't hear us.

We left the store separately and headed back to work, but I hadn't come and was very aroused. I went back to the ladies room at school and cleaned myself up for my last few appointments. I realized that I had one the hottest students in the school to see in just a few minutes.

Debbie Wattenford was one of my new cases. Debbie had been caught drinking and having sex in the girls room. Her svelte olive skinned body was exceptionally beautiful and I found myself highly attracted to her, which made my job more challenging. I knew it would be the end of this good job if anyone found out I was even attracted to this woman, never mind having sex with her. I was committed to not getting personally involved at all and to just help this senior student get out of high school.

I knew it was imperative for Debbie to realize how damaging the drinking was to her life. Debbie was scheduled to come in for a 3:30 appointment and was already 15 minutes late. I picked up her file again, and read between the lines about the broken family, constant moving around, the older brother trying to abuse her sexually. All these facts were very common characteristics, which pointed out how dangerous a situation the young sensuous woman was in.

Debbie lived with her mom, who I had the pleasure of meeting at a parent -teacher conference a month ago. I remembered how stunning a woman she was. A very intelligent woman with a great figure too. I had a few dreams about making love to Debbie's hot mom, Jannelle after that first meeting. My mind stop wandering about as Debbie strode in the door of the guidance office towards my desk.

"I'm like, so sorry I forgot about this meeting, my girlfriend reminded me when it was almost too late, so like, what am I here for now" Debbie said, catching her breath as she sat down in the chair next to my desk.

"Deb, it's almost the end of the day here, and I absolutely have to speak with you. But I really have to head out to get a few supplies and was wondering if you 'd come with me, then we can sit and talk for a bit longer, since your school day is about over isn't it"

"Yeah, I guess. Ms. Mercado, can you give me a ride home"

"Sure, I just have to run a few errands for the department and then we can grab some food somewhere."

"Sounds cool with me", Deb said as she gathered her books together. As we headed out the door I noticed Deb's eyes on me, she must've noticed my legs in the more revealing mini skirt.

We left the building and headed for my sports car.

"Nice ride, Ms. Mercado," Deb said enviously. We hopped in and again I took notice of her glances at my exposed legs as I shifted the car out of the lot.

I took care of the office business quickly and we found some time to look in the shop windows together. We passed a large lingerie chain store and I couldn't help but fantasized how marvelous it would be to see Deb in one of those hot outfits. This was all new ground for me as I usually attracted to women like Mel, but Deb's body was so appealing it was tough not to think of being with her in a more intimate setting.

"Deb do you have any objections to coming home with me for a while so we can discuss what is going on with your schoolwork" "Oh no, I think that's great place to talk!" Deb seemed excited to be able to see how I lived.

I was reasonably sure that Deb was not afraid to talk about her experiences and I thought that with a little encouragement, I could help her stay on track and finally graduate. She had already turned 18 a few months ago and was supposed to be in college already.

"This place is so nice, Ms Mercado, " the young woman said as she entered my opulent ranch style house. "Deb, you can call me Nina, especially here," I said as I kicked off my shoes and put down the supplies. "Thanks, Nina, I love your place!" "Oh... do you like it, really" "Yes, it's very... spacious and sexy too!" "Make yourself at home, while I get things settled," I told Deb, hoping she'd take off that denim jacket, revealing her soft, beautiful arms underneath.

"I love that painting over there," Deb said, alluding to a very erotic piece of art on the wall. It was a graphic portrayal of two women locked in a sexual union on a bed. "Yes a good friend did that for me, years ago, its a hot piece isn't it"

"It is, I'd love to watch two women go at it," Deb confided.

"We should talk about what the administration wants me to do with you, Deb. You could be looking at some serious problems here, let's talk,"

"Ok, I didn't realize it was that serious, Nina," We sat on my plush couch facing one another. Deb finally shucked her denim jacket and got serious when she saw me review her file.

"Debbie, the Principal has told me that you have been found drinking and having sex in the bathrooms. Personally drinking at your age is not a great idea; it will mess up your intestinal system, your mind and mess with your moods way too much to make it seem worthwhile. But I understand the pressure to drink, believe me. I just want you to think before you take the first drink next time, then come back to me and let's discuss it, Okay

"That's it, just tell you how it goes next time and we'll discuss it"

"That's right, I am going to tell the Principal that we had this chat and you will not be drinking in school any longer, Okay." "Okay, but..." "No, you're not off the hook that easily," I mused. "Oh, ummnn," Deb's mind raced back to what happened last week.

"Now, you were having sex with Tom in the teacher's ladie's room. First, how did you ever get in there And you'll have to elaborate on why and how you thought this was an acceptable behavior for school" I said, waiting for a juicy answer.

"Well, first the room was wide open, so we went in. Second, Tom has this terrific large thick cock and he tempts me with dirty talk."

"Give me an example of how he 'tempts you'" I asked, with touch of sarcasm.

"He'll give me a kiss and a hug g'bye before we go to class and sometimes he makes me feel how hard he is right in the hallway! Then if we think no one is around he'll grab my ass and fondle me before he leaves, it turns me on alot! Sometimes he'll tell me he loves to lick my pussy until I come in his mouth."

"That's how he tempts you I'm no virgin Deb, you can tell me what really happened in there. You'll have to do better than that Debbie," I said. I needed to hear her retell the sticky details of how she was fucked by her hot boyfriend.

"Well he says it differently, Nina!"

"So tell me HOW he tempts you so I understand, and tell me what he looks like, in your mind. How does Tom make you get all aroused that you let him into the ladies room on the second floor of the building for sex during the class change time" I stared at her and demanded to be told all the salacious details.

Deb thought for a few seconds, and finally looked at me as she sat cross-legged on the plush couch, her firm calf and thigh muscles exposed.

I admit, I must've been a bit impatient; but my pussy was very aroused by seeing Deb's tits bobbing in that cotton halter-top, the outline of her nipples was a very alluring image.

"Come on Nina, Tom is really hung! He's a varsity football player with a great hard body and he has this very thick, 9 inch cock, and a crown which is so freekin' big! It feels so good in my mouth too! I just love it when he shoots his big load down my throat. I love the way he tastes too!" Deb said in her raspy voice. I sensed her arousal, and it was easily confirmed by her stiff nipples which pierced through her thin top.

"Ummnnn, sounds good to me too! Okay, so maybe now I can see how he tempted you that day," I said smiling at Deb. We both laughed a bit at the obvious mutual attraction to the image of a man's well endowed member. But I also wondered what it would be to get Tom and Deb together for a great threesome. That would have to wait for another day!

"Have you ever sucked him off at school before, or was this just a first time" I asked, hoping for more embellishment by my prize sex addicted student. "Nina, are you serious We've been fucking and sucking in the men's room and the girl's room for months now. The only reason we've got caught was that someone ratted on us!"

I tried hard, without avail, to get the focus back on my school job for the moment. But instead I accidently hiked up my skirt a bit higher, and let Deb see the curves of my inner thighs as she sat near me. Deb could probably see my dark thong too.

"The Principal is really upset with you, and I told him I would help straighten you out on this matter today. He thinks you have a drinking problem."

"I don't drink that much!" The student insisted.

"So what did Tom do to finally get you into that ladies room"

"He tried to put his finger right down my pants and finger my pussy in front of everyone as he kissed me and told me he'd lick and suck on my pussy until I came in his mouth," Deb said, with not an ounce of shame or guilt in her voice. "Is Tom really good at licking you, does he really make you come" I really wanted to know. "Yeah, he's a pro. He does me so good most of the time, I can't hold back when he gets me go'in."

"And is that what you two did that day, when Mrs. Lewis discovered you

"Not exactly. Mrs. Lewis found me with Elisa Torino." Deb admitted to me. Deb watched my response to her admission of her lesbian affair carefully. I wasn't really shocked, but I was confused.

"Oh, I am confused a bit here, the report is not that clear," I said, as I glanced down at her forms.

"And what were you doing with Elisa" Now I really wanted the details on this, but knew I had to be patient with her.

"She's that really prissy honor's student, isn't she" I interjected. I thought I knew the girl, a person who could be very difficult.

"Yes, she came onto me in the girls room too."

"Is that ALL that happened, she came onto you, tell me the truth Debbie!" I had to uncover all the delicious details.

"A few days before in gym, Elisa came up to me, and says she's always had a crush on me and she'd like to help me with my term paper, so we agreed to hang out. We began seeing one another secretly, because her Mom would shit if she saw her hangin' out with me."

"And then we met by chance in the girls room and she starts masturbating and that's when Mrs. Lewis must've seen me sucking and licking on her clit. Elisa shaves her pussy and its really nice to lick her, then we rubbed against each other in the stall until we're both all hot and then I went down on her for a second time. And I know Ms. Lewis was watching us for more than a few minutes before she stopped us."

"Is that why she also told me that you were touching yourself in her class the next day" I still had to tell Deb about the note Mrs. Lewis sent to me, but she didn't make a reference to how long they were in the bathroom.

"Tell me Deb, do you like to touch yourself in front of others" I knew I was skirting a very careful line here, but I also wanted to get her total confidence and trust.

"Sometimes, I do. I like, just fondling my breast or rubbing my clit, yes is that SO bad" "Sort of, Mrs. Lewis says you were almost masturbating in the front row of her class last week." But in truth, I wanted so desperately to see Deb stroke her clit and massage her swollen breasts in front of me. I could feel my wetness fill my thong as she told me all this stuff.

"Nina, Mrs. Lewis is HOT! She marches around in a extra short mini and fish nets a lot, and sometimes with no underwear!"

"Really!" "Fuckin hey! Really." Deb folded her arms in front of her tits that made them seem more prominent. I immediately thought about trying to meet up with this instructor to see if that was truly the case. That would have to wait for another day too!

"So, wait, who caught you with Tom" "Another teacher. Miss Maxwell," Deb frowned.

"And how was that resolved By now I was really aroused by taking Deb through this discussion of her past sexual exploits in the school. I'm sure Deb picked up on my aroused state but she was not going to say anything.

"She told Tom to go to her room and I think she gave him a blow job, but she didn't ask anything of me, but she obviously reported me to the Principal." "I'll have a talk with Mrs Stacy Lewis and Mona Maxwell when I can about all this, and we'll straighten it out before it gets any messier."

I thought about Deb's honesty with me, and the mixed up way the account was written down by someone in the office. I wanted to delve deeper into Deb's sexuality if she'd let me. My guess was she'd be very into it!

"I'm not sure you have a drinking problem, Deb. You may be using sex as a way to suppress feelings of hate and distrust for your family," I told her. "Will you consider taking some suggestions about your sexual adventures"

"I don't think I have a problem with sex, I love fucking both women and men." Deb said, in a very definitive way. She surely felt comfortable being a young bisexual woman, which was in itself very refreshing.

But Debbie still looked confused and sullen. I picked up on her change in mood and asked her if everything was all right. "I feel so weird 'cause I discovered some things about YOU this weekend." Deb said, looking right into my eyes.

"Me" I asked pensively, as I crossed her arms in front of my chest.

"Yes, Nina. this's been on my mind all week since I discovered this DVD over the weekend. Tom brought over a disc for us to watch and you were the star in it! Tom loves women with large tits and especially men with large thick cocks, and I enjoyed it too. We fucked all night while the video played on in my bedroom," Deb told her, finally relieved to get her secret out.

"Okay, so now you know about my life as Nina Medina, the porn star!" I said, smirking but I was very worried about the implications.

I've thought it too many times. I wondered how many other students, especially the horny guys in the school, would be beating off to images of me taking cum all over my body.

"We found a few more of your triple x rated shows last week and they're so fuckin' outrageous! You have one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen and I cannot fuckin' believe you are my guidance counselor!" Deb said to me.

"Well, Yes, so now you know that I have been a porn star before this. But what does it matter what I did for a living before coming here What REALLY matters is that we all care about you and you may be using your beautiful body to squash your feeling about your family issues."

"So who cares, my Mom" "She doesn't care if I get drunk after school or before, she doesn't care who I fuck or when I masturbate, all she cares about is her job," Deb said, almost in tears.

"Listen to me Deb, I care about you. Your friends care about you and your Mom cares about you also,"

"You care"

"Yes, why is that so unusual" I was lost in my lust for this beautiful student and I didn't know what I was doing.

"How do I know you care... " Deb asked, as her tears ran down the sides of her beautiful face. She was surprised to hear that I even thought about her at all.

"I am going to show you how I care right now."

"You will" Deb asked. "But first I want you to listen to me carefully,"

"Okay," Deb sat back in the couch and brushed back her luxurious hair. "Now that you know I've been a porn star, and by the way, that's really not a great job you know. I liked it when I was doing it, but its not a good way to make money really. I was wise enough to go back to school and really develop myself further. I got trained to recognize different addictions. I want you to trust me and let me ask you some very personal questions and see how you respond," Lisa said as she moved herself closer to Deb on the couch.

"Ok, Lisa what do you want me to do"

"First I want you to close your eyes and take a few deep breaths," I made sure her eyes were closed and advised her to take a few more breaths. Deep down inside me I felt my tummy quiver, my body was almost trembling with lust for this woman, but I knew I had to gain her trust.

"Okay, I want you to see yourself on a journey. Imagine yourself at a cross roads of sorts, a fork in the road of life, for a minute. A beautiful man is in front of you and you know him, he's a good friend already, and he wants to make love to you. The other path has a beautiful woman and she is very friendly to you all the time and wants to make love to you also... You have to make a definitive choice. I want you to keep your eyes closed and keep breathing deep like you are, you're doing fine. Now, which one do you choose"

"Oh that's easy for me, Nina. I'll always choose the woman. I always know a women can please me. I've always been more attracted to women but a really hung guy still gets me aroused too, and it can be very confusing at times," Deb said with her eyes still closed.

"You can open your eyes now."

Deb looked right into my eyes with her beautiful dirty blond hair falling over her bare shoulders. The student had not worn a bra and her firm abundant breasts were hidden behind only a thick cotton halter-top. It was all too noticeable to me how aroused Deb was before she even asked her about sex. Her stiff nipples pierced the soft fabric of the shirt and stood out, burgeoning my desire to fondle those lovely orbs and suck on her sweet hard nips.

"Deb, I think you have problems with your sexuality. It could be related to your upbringing or the stresses that are on you at school.

I wanted Deb to understand the importance of the issue, but I was too involved with my own feelings of lust for the beautiful young woman to be even remotely objective. I had crossed the line and was unaware that this behavior could cost me so much if someone found out.

"I think it would help me a good deal to see you masturbate yourself, to let me see you play with that nice pussy you've got. Do you think you could do that for me" I asked pensively.

"Okay, Nina but will you let me see your lovely body also Can't you see I'm dying to touch those lovely tits of yours already"

"I know, Deb. I'll let you touch them all you want after I see you finger your wet pussy for me,"

"Promise me,"

"I promise you Deb, now take off your pants and let me see you lovely body," Deb stood up and gently pulled off her pants and panties in one motion. She looked at me , staring deep into my eyes the entire time.

Deb always kept her pussy hair short. She like it when she could easily see her own clit and loved it when another hot woman licked her pussy. "Okay now Deb, do what you like to do with your own fingers, show me how you get yourself off,"

Deb complied easily and spread her wondrous legs for me and let me smell her lovely flowered womanhood. I watched eagerly as she parted her dark pink labia and found her moist clit and gave it a good rubbing for me. "Do you get aroused easily when you see an attractive woman" I asked her. "Yes, especially you with your huge set of lovely breasts, I want to fondle them now!"

I took off my top, allowing my huge melons to be seen at last. Deb couldn't restrain herself and sucked on my right nipple instantly. My hand cradled her head as we kissed passionately. Our tongues intertwined and we hugged each other firmly at last.

"I love your body Deb, I am very VERY attracted to you, I can see you like me too,"

"Oh my God Nina, your tits are absolutely magnificent!!"

"Your tits are SO suckable," she said as she flicked her tongue at my stiff nipples.

"Ommmnnnngghh, yes dear, suck them. Make them harder", I pleaded. "Nina you've got such a HOT body, I've been thinking about you for weeks now,"

"Oh thank you Debbie,"

"We can go into my bedroom now, and make love,"

"Yes Nina, I want you to take me!"

END part 1

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