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My First Lesbian Experience

Author: Sweet Bonnie
Publish Date : May 10, 2008
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Several cowboys tried to pick me up. They had started talking their line to pick up the ladies. I knew it was BS because the guys I have been out with all use along these same lines. I had one objective, and that was to find this Hunk" in those pretty little tight blue jeans.

* * * * * * *

My name is Bonnie; 5 ft. 7" longhaired brunette, Nice figure. 36C's 24-38. I took my vacation to Calgary, Canada to go to the Calgary Stampede Rodeo. I had heard a lot about the fun and partying and I was going to take part in that this year. My flight left Dallas to Calgary and arrived at 09:20. I rented a car and headed to the hotel where I reserved a room for the10 day run. The next day I went down town to watch the parade. The parade floats came by one by one. I spotted this cowboy acting a little crazy. Jumping off and on the float with a beer in his hand. I just had to meet this cowboy! I tried to follow the parade, but the people were everywhere and I lost him in the crowd. After the parade event was over I went to the bar where all the contestants go to party.

Several cowboys tried to pick me up. They had started talking their line to pick up the ladies. I knew it was BS because the guys I have been out with all use along these same lines. I had one objective, and that was to find this Hunk" in those pretty little tight blue jeans. After walking around the looking for him, I found him there at the bar. A shot glass in one hand and a beer in the other & kind of drunk already. It was about 1pm.This guy was Don.

The next dayI made it to the rodeo & my found seat in the stands. Great seats, Right behind the bucking chutes. I could see the rough stock and the pretty cowboy's as they ready themselves for their ride. The grand entry came out; the announcer introduced the rodeo executives, dignitaries and other event officials. Then the bareback bronco riding started, watching the cowboy behind the chutes. This guy caught my eye again. The rodeo announcer said his name was Don & Don had a nice round butt, an upper body that girls would kill for to have walking next to them. "A Hunk" in tight blue jeans with a wear mark in his hip pocket from a can of Copenhagen and a large bulge in the front of those tight blue jeans. I just had to meet this cowboy!

I spoke to him over the security fence. He said something totally original. He said " Well little gurly Slap your ass against the wall cause here I come balls and all" Wow! what a come on! I asked if he was there alone. Don said he wasn't, "his girlfriend didn't care too much for rodeos or the smell of horse manure. So she stayed at the hotel" We talked while, as he was getting ready for his bareback horse. We seemed to hit it off right away. He was good looking, since of humor but he drinks too much.

The night rodeo was over. Don asked me to join him back to his hotel room. I said, "Your girlfriend is there" he said she would be asleep and not to worry. I went along with his plan. We arrived at the hotel room; he closed the door behind us. He asked if I wanted a drink. Ah, No I said. He made a drink for him and grabbed a beer as we sat down on the couch. He started kissing my neck. Wrong. I am very sensitive abound the neck. I was getting flushed and getting hotter by the minute. I could tell what Don had on his mind. He placed his hand on my breasts and needing them like they were raw pie dough.

This was sending me over the edge. My pussy was wet, my mouth was dry and having trouble breathing. Soon he had me naked and was kissing my body in places I could not reach. His wranglers were getting tight around the crouch, as the budge in them was evident that he had a woody! I un-buttoned and pulled the zipper down to release his member from the confined space his cock was in. Don's dick fell out of his wranglers like a champion. I started giving him head while I was playing with his balls. He was sliding his fingers in & out of my wanting snatch. We moved to the 69-position, I was on the top & getting closer to cummming when Don passed out.

I thought to myself. Oh Shit! There I was, in this cowboy's hotel room, naked, horny, this drunk's dick in my mouth and his girlfriend was asleep in the bedroom. I rolled over on my side & I lay there ah few minutes wondering what to do. I was surprised when I felt a wet tongue on my clit. I looked down and I found this Drop Dead OMG beautiful woman feeding at my snatch.

It was Brenda, Don's girlfriend. She was about 5' 3" redhead with sky blue eyes, well built body, about 36'c titties looking at me. I'd never had sex with a lady & kind of concerned of what to do. I pulled away and asked her what hell she thinks she was doing! She said, "Shut Up Bitch, Just relax and enjoy, Sweetie, I will tell you what to do" She rolled Don off and pushed him to the floor. said, We ain't going to need him. He's in getting in my way. Brenda slowly moved her tongue up and down my slit & going deeper each time. This was new to me. I had never been with a woman before. But I was loosing my worries and starting to enjoy her movements. Brenda knew where she liked her pussy licked and she was doing the same way.

I said "Brenda have you done this much She said she was bi and really preferred females over males" She was excellent at it. Her tongue was at its deepest point when I felt her finger enter my love connection. First 1 then 2 very loving fingers making my snatch do things she has never experienced. Brenda slowly increased her speed and depth. She had two fingers in my pussy when I felt something pushing at my bunghole. She had her thumb at the entrance to my bunghole. She used the wetness of my pussy to lube her thumb and my dark side. She could tell by my moaning and thrashing about I was about to cum. She shoved her thumb in my butt hard and fast. I lost it. Oh Damn -It Brenda fuck it, Oh Fuck my holes make me cum. Ohhh God! I need to cum!" I screamed. "Finger me deep darling! Make me cum Oh FucK me forever. Make me cummmm

As I was coming down from the highest orgasm I'd ever had. I lay there a few moments trying to get moisture back in my mouth. I heard Brenda return with a double-headed vibro. Brenda gave me a sheepish little grin. She moved to my front side and sat down. She took my right leg and placed it over her left. Playing with the dong she set 1 end at my crutch and 1 at hers. She told me to fuck myself with it. This must be a foot and half long. I said. She said not to be concerned with that. I started to rub my wet clitty with is rubber dick. She moved in closer to me & placed her other head at her cunt entrance.

She then moved in closer to me. I started moving to her and then back again riding this as it vibrates. Soon we were in rhythm. Slow, shallow strokes became fast and deep in just a few minutes. Wow, I was getting off again at the hands of this magnificent lady. I felt pressure starting to build in my shaven Coochie. I pushed as for forward as I possible & held it there. Moving side to side. Damn what a feeling! I exploded and lost my balance and fell off the couch. We just lay there joined with this dildo between us. This was just what I needed.

Brenda was from California and I from Texas. She quit her job and moved in with me in Dallas. Brenda & I are married now. She is still the best fuck I have ever had...

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