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The Night with Pat & Cat

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Published: 10-Jun-08
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I just have to tell someone what happened last night. My boyfriend, Jason, works out of town for long periods of time and when he's gone, I have to look after my own needs. We have sex pretty much every day but when he's gone I sometimes get tired of masturbating.

* * * * * * *

I just have to tell someone what happened last night. My boyfriend, Jason, works out of town for long periods of time and when he's gone, I have to look after my own needs. We have sex pretty much every day but when he's gone I sometimes get tired of masturbating. Well, Jason's out of town again and, after a couple weeks of being alone, I invited our friends, Patrick and Catrina over for a bit of company. The four of us have been friends forever and often have dinners and vacations together. Anyway, I was about crawling out of my skin, wishing Jason was here. So, I figured dinner with Pat and Cat would be a good distraction.

They arrived early, bringing two bottles of red wine and dessert, which consisted of vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. We opened one of the bottles and started drinking, sitting around in our very private back yard and enjoying the warm summer evening. By the time we'd had dinner on the patio, we'd finished the two bottles and were starting on a third bottle I had. I knew I was a little drunk and more than a little horny. I couldn't stop looking at the bulge in Patrick's pants and I knew he saw me looking because he met my eyes, lifted his glass in a silent toast, and smiled. I felt the blush spread from my cheeks down to my breasts, their hardening nipples barely concealed by the tight tank top I wore with my little summer skirt. Mortified, I quickly looked over at Cat and saw her wearing the same knowing smile. She was running an ice cube from the water pitcher along the bare skin of her chest, just above the unfastened top button of her shirt.

Cat's always been a beautiful woman and I'd once told Jason that, if I ever wanted to try sex with a woman, I'd want it to be her. Now, seeing the droplets from the melting ice running down the valley between her two partially exposed breasts, I felt myself getting wet and blushed even more.

I couldn't look at Cat, afraid she'd know what I was thinking and be upset by it. But I couldn't look at Patrick again either. What was wrong with me! So, I looked down, concentrating intently on my strawberries and ice cream. I heard Cat get up and she came over to stand by my chair.

"Krista," she said, gently taking the bowl from my hands.

She reached down and took my hand, urging me to a standing position. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and for a moment, couldn't breathe, imagining I saw the same desire there that I was feeling.

"Pat talked to Jason this morning and Jason's worried you might be a bit lonely. He asked us to look after you."

She reached up and stroked my cheek, as I stared stupidly at her. She licked her lips and her full mouth moved so close to mine that I could feel her breath. She leaned forward and kissed me and I could taste vanilla and strawberries on her lips. "Would you like us to look after you, dear"

I could only look at her and nod, not really believing this was actually happening. Surely she meant something else.... But as soon as I nodded, she moved forward, taking me in her arms and kissing me again, gently at first, then sliding her tongue into my mouth, nibbling on my lips, caressing my back, as her mouth grew hungrier and more demanding. Before I knew it, I was moaning and kissing her back, touching her face, the front of her neck, fondling her beautiful, full breasts through her blouse. I heard a noise behind me and belatedly remembered Patrick was there. Turning, I saw him watching us, his hand stroking the hardening bulge between his legs through his shorts. He just smiled at us.

Cat's hands pulled me back to face her and she kissed me again, sliding her open mouth down the front of my neck, down to kiss the tops of my breasts where they showed over my top. I closed my eyes and arched my back, pushing myself up towards her mouth. She pulled my tank top off over my head, exposing my naked breasts and their hard nipples to the cooling evening air. Then she reached up and began playing with one hard nipple while she took the other one into her warm, wet mouth. I gasped, feeling myself grow soaked between my legs, wanting so much more.

"Please Cat," was all I said.

I watched, fascinated, as she slowly pulled off all her clothes. It was getting dark but the light from the rising moon and the candles on the table made it easy to see her beautiful, fit body. I'd never seen her completely naked before but now she was standing there in front of me. I went to reach for her but a pair of strong hands came from behind and stopped me. Turning, I saw Pat, also naked, standing there. He, too, was fit and gorgeous and I couldn't believe all this was happening to me. He reached down, pulling my little skirt off and leaving me standing in my lacey black thong. Then, he turned me back around to face Cat and tugged my panties off, helping me to step out of them. Cat kissed me again, moving her mouth down my body until she was kneeling in front of me. Pat was against my back, kissing my shoulders and neck, reaching around to fondle my breasts. I could feel the heat of his hard cock pressing against my back, just above my ass and I leaned back, loving the strength of him against me.

Cat reached up to touch me between my legs. I was so wet and slippery and I immediately adjusted my stance to spread my legs wider. She smiled up at me and slid her fingers into my eager, wet pussy, as Pat's mouth worked the sensitive flesh beneath my right ear. I looked down at Cat and she opened her mouth to taste my pussy on her slick fingers. Then, moaning in appreciation, she grabbed my hips and pulled them forward, burying her face between my thighs. I cried out as she licked my pussy and took my aching, swollen clit between her firm lips. She sucked my clit and fucked me with her long, beautiful fingers, moving them in and out in a tempo that matched the delicious movements of her lips and tongue. My knees grew weak and shaky but Pat was tight against me, kissing and fondling me, supporting me from behind. He whispered in my ear how much he liked watching Cat fuck me. How much he wanted to fuck me himself. I came listening to him urge me on as Cat's fingers and mouth worked faster and harder. I didn't know where I was anymore, conscious only of the two bodies surrounding me and the way they made my own body melt, becoming fluid and light, until I exploded in their arms.

Cat stood and kissed me, hard, on the mouth. I tasted myself on her lips and licked them greedily. She laughed and pulled me back, towards the table we'd eaten on. Sitting up on it, she moved back toward the centre, pulling me along. She spread her legs, showing me her wet, shining pussy and stroking it in invitation. I didn't hesitate and leaned forward over the table, my eager mouth finding her pussy and lapping up its sweet juices. She held my head, and moaned encouragement as I felt Pat, once again, behind me. The tip of his hard cock pressed against my pussy, demanding entrance and, as Cat came for the first time, he slid into me, hard, and began fucking me, holding my hips as I leaned forward over the table. I moaned against Cat's wet pussy, loving the taste of her and the feel of Pat fucking me from behind. I kept licking and sucking on her as I spread my legs further, making it easier for Pat to push deep inside me. The three of us moved in unison and the air was filled with the scents of our heated bodies. Finally I came, my cries mingling with both of theirs as we all climaxed together. For a moment, we all lay there together, an exhausted heap, on the table. Then we gathered ourselves and went inside to continue the fun in our bed. In the morning, Jason called and asked how dinner went. When I told him what had happened, he laughed and said he couldn't wait to get home so he could join in the fun too. Something more to look forward to!

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