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Wine Tasting

Publish Date : Jul 21, 2008
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Recently I got together with my friend, J... we hadnt seen each other in a long time. We went out to dinner and then back to her house. Her husband was out of town and we had the house to ourselves.

* * * * * * *

Recently I got together with my friend, J... we hadnt seen each other in a long time. We went out to dinner and then back to her house. Her husband was out of town and we had the house to ourselves.

Sitting in the living room, we were drinking wine and chatting. J has an incredible body- big tits and a tight ass. We had kissed and played before but nothing serious- just drunk girl stuff. We were catching a buzz when J spilled her wine on her shirt... "Shit!" she said and started stripped on the way to the laundry. I followed along , wine glass in hand, hoping to lend some laundry advice. She was shirtless, and just in her bra and shorts as she turned the washer on.... her bra was soaked in red wine...

I looked at her perky tits...bulging over her bra. I'm married but fantasize about women often. It's been years since i've played. She noticed me looking... she slyly lifted her tits up in her bra and winked. I smiled. She did it again... She stood there- rubbing her big tits for me... over her bra. I was so hot watching her. She unhooked her bra and showed them to me... she squeezed her full tits and twisted her own nipples... I was drinking my wine and admiring them... feeling my pussy get wet. She licked the tops of them and showed me how she could suck her 36dd nipples.

I just kept watching... and she kept going... She said "I never get to do this with a woman... do you like my tits" I said very much... she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. I followed with my wine. As soon as we got into her room she stripped off her shorts...she stripped off her panties... she told me to undress and I did... she laid down on the bed and I could see her blonde pussy--- shaved and pink. She spread her legs and started masterbating... she was getting off on showing off. She told me "touch me... I need it" I started rubbing her tits- they were firm and supple. I started sucking her big nipples... nursing away. She loved it and asked me to keep nursing while she masterbated. I was fine with that... eventually she cradled my head and held me latched on. I made her cum that way. She then asked me to eat her pussy... dirty, repressed girl she was she poured my wine on it and I dove it... sucking the wine out of her cunt. she grabbed my head and bucked as I slurped and fingered her tight hole with 4 fingers...

She came hard then... and rolled me over to suck my tits. she moaned how she loved my fat titties and big nippes and slobbered all over them lick a horny girl on a guys prick... she then ate my pussy so good and hard I was blown away.

We scissor fucked.. rubbing each others pussies while we did it... she was so horny I couldn't believe it. I let her service me over and over... finally, I flipped her over and spanked her tight, hot ass... her pussy was dripping. I spread her cheeks and spit on her asshole... she moaned. I shoved her face down in the bed and told her to get ready to cum hard. She laid flat on the bed, butt up some... her pussy was amazing from this view... I slurped up some of the juice and dove in her ass with my tongue... she was screaming and moaning and bucking but I held her ass to my face... I licked until she screamed. I stood up behind her- like doggy style and fingered her hard... she was cumming hard on my hand. she flipped on her back... grabbing a vibe from under a pillow and handed it to me and told me to fuck her like a man now. That was hot. I loved playing with women but rarely do I get to dominate like that... I held the cock down by my pussy- rubbing it there first and then I banged it into her like I enjoyed getting banged. S

Suddenly- the door flew open- it was C... her husband.... at first I was alarmed... but I noticed he had his fat cock in his hand. He climbed on top of her face and slid it in while he watched me bang his wife... after a while we knelt on the bedside and he fucked us for hours. We were covered in cum! We took turns licking his prick clean!

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