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Alices Marriage in Wonderland

Author: Monica Marshal
Publish Date : Sep 23, 2008
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Alice chases after a white rabbit to return him a glove, which is dropped by him in hurry. On her way to Wonderland she meets with the mannish queen of lesbians, Sapporo. The queen falls in love with Alice because of her beauty, innocence and womanly curves. They get engaged in hot lesbian sex until Sapporo proposes Alice for marriage.

* * * * * * *

Queen Sapporo:

Sex: Female

Age: 39 years

Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular, poorly curved and mostly flat

Complexion: White

Voice: A little deep pitched

Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks

Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and greenish

Hair: Short, boy-cut, straight and red

Bust: 32A, almost flat

Waist: 22

Hips: 31, narrow

Ass: Almost flat

Thighs: Straight and long

Orientation: A hungry lesbian

Alice, clad in a pink bra and matching pink panties, sat on the lawn interweaving her silken combed locks into a thick long plait. No sooner had she finished braiding her hair, then a high-pitched voice from nearby started her.

"Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She'll kill me if I'm late!!" the voice was saying in a very excited tone.

Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole by the root of a willow.

"Oh my, he dropped something" Alice cried as she ran to see what it was.

It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, the nymph jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to its owner.

She fell down but it seemed a shallow landing and without feeling hurt she braced herself to a sitting position.

"Oh fuck! I'm in a world of shit!" the rabbit was saying at a distance behind her.

Alice got up and whirled around just in time to see the rabbit vanish behind a hill. She ran after him, hoping to catch him on the other side.

Movement up ahead on the path Alice kept her eyes on the rabbit running before her. She called out: "Hello! Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!"

But it was no good because the rabbit was already hurrying on his way and didn't seem to hear her calling him.

The glove was still tucked into her tight bra and she wanted to give it to its owner as fast as she could reach him... but no matter how fast she ran, he still stayed the same distance from her.

Out of breath and her huge chest heaving, Alice finally had to stop to rest for a moment. She watched the rabbit vanish over the top of the hill they were on. As soon as she had caught her breath, Alice ran the rest of the way up the hill and stopped at the top, amazed at what she saw.

Naked women dotted the countryside on the other side of the hill. They appeared to be having sex with each other in various positions from what she could see. A deep female voice could be heard as it screamed out, "You skinny brat... suck the tits of your woman!" then "All bonies eat your volupties!"

That voice belonged to a slim mannish woman who wore a crown on her head and was the only one clad in male outfits there. She seemed to be the queen of all those naked women, who were engaged in lesbian sex under her orders. Alice wondered what that place was and she was answered by a sign board behind the queen that pointed at a luxurious tent. "Queen Sapporo: Castle Sapho Islands, Wonderland" were the words carved on it.

In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a skinny short-haired girl knelt between the fat thighs of a pretty voluptuous blonde and started to lick her slit. The huge sagging tits of that blonde were being sucked by two other slim dark-haired women. Alice moved her hand between her thighs in reflex as the sight roused her in an instant.

Queen Sapporo's heart throbbed as she noticed this half-naked, extremely pretty and curvaceous nymph standing on the hill, who was stroking herself between her thighs. For some moments she gazed in stupor at the centre of her attention... and instantly fell in love with her.

Alice too noticed the queen's meaningful stare at her and blushingly averted her eyes.

Queen Sapporo smiled at the blushing Alice as her heart beat faster. She walked to the girl, staring fixedly at her. Alice couldn't meet Queen's gaze, who had approached her. She raised her hand and stroked Alice's cheek lovingly.

"Such loveliness, such sweetness must be loved, worshipped, licked and tasted. I'll show you what I feel for you, what I want with you." said Sapporo staring at Alice with an amorous glint in her eyes.

Alice felt the thin arms encircling her round the waist and hands stroking the naked flesh of her back. Sapporo moved her face nearer to Alice's. Her lips met in a soft demanding kiss with those of the girl.

Surprised at first but then savoring the sucking and pressing lips of Sapporo on her full mouth, Alice immediately responded by kissing the Queen on mouth and hugging the slim woman around her neck.

They sucked each other's mouths in a passionate lip-locking for sometime. Then Sapporo said softly, "I love you darling. I love you more than anything in this Wonderland. But let me give you a good show. Get naked my sweet!"

Alice couldn't resist herself to do as the Queen had bid her. She unhooked her bra and panties. Dispensing herself of all the undergarments, she stood in a stark naked splendor. At that moment she saw the white rabbit standing next to the mannish queen. She could tell, he was enjoying at what he was seeing.

Alice wanted to tell the rabbit about his glove but there was no need for reminding him as he stooped down swiftly and took the glove scattered on ground with her stripped undergarments.

In an instant Sapporo hugged Alice and they kissed again for a while.

"Come my sweet!" said the Queen taking Alice with her. "Let's make love into my tent" She said pointing at the very luxurious tent Alice had noticed a while ago.

They walked a few steps and entered into the tent.

Queen Sapporo zipped the tent to induce privacy. While undressing herself she didn't seem to notice Alice, who was staring at the 10" long rubber dildo tied around the narrow hips.

Sapporo smiled mischievously at Alice and said. "Darling, lets start now, shouldn't we"

Without waiting for an approval from Alice, Sapporo knelt before her and put her hand between her legs, where her fingers touched the ripe petals.

"Hummm... Such a pretty twitching pussy!" Sapporo said, feeling glad to see that Alice was getting wet. She stroked the girl's thighs and roamed her hands round the wide hips to stroke the huge ass cheeks. She moved her head nearer till a pungent waft of girlish scent hit her nostrils. She opened her mouth and her long pink tongue lashed out. Its tip licked up the pink labia and Alice shuddered as the wave generated from her loins. With another upward lick by Sapporo's tongue, Alice reflexively closed her eyes and hissed.

"It's really a tasty tart my sweet! I'll surely enjoy your meat and you'd better make sure I do!" She told Alice, still holding the curvaceous hips.

Alice had never been with a woman before and wasn't sure what was expected of her. She didn't have to wonder long.

Sapporo got up. She pushed Alice back on the pillowed bed and roughly squeezed her tits. She began to kiss both the huge tits and started to suck left nipple. With one hand she was kneading the right tit while the other hand roamed down Alice's voluptuous body until it reached her tender pussy. In a moment it started to stroke the pink petals. Long, slender fingers opened girl's vaginal orifice and pushed into the moistness there. Alice gasped as the Queen increased the tempo of finger-fucking; her mouth now sucking the right nipple. The girl decided to lie relaxed under the slim Queen and let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous body.

Alice moaned when Sapporo sucked hard on her swollen nipples, releasing each teat in a pop and licked down her soft belly. But she moaned louder when the Queen reached her tender pussy and started to lick it. Alice arched her back and her hips lifted higher. Sapporo's loving mouth licked and sucked both of the girl's tender labia with vigor.

Alice felt her legs pushed more apart as the Queen buried her face deeper between her thighs. She ate Alice, lapping her delicious pussy and knew well to suck the voluptuous girl. Her long tongue probed deep into Alice's wet, soft labia. Then her lips located Alice's sensitive clit and slurp-sucked the erectile morsel. She sucked Alice without a pause, the mixed sounds of hungry slurps and melodious moans filled the tent.

Alice put her soft hands on the Queen's short-haired head and pushed it deeper into her womanhood. She began to push-up her wide hips into the lesbian mouth, hungry for her pussy and then received a full-of-passion kissing, lapping and continued sucking. It was a moment's matter when her vaginal canal flooded with honey as the heat rose to peak and she came with a flow of girl-cum.

Alice sighed and closed her eyes when Sapporo licked her pussy clean of the girl-cum. She started to move up the perfectly feminine body, kissing the soft creamy belly, taking right nipple into her mouth to suck it hard, releasing the nipple in a pop, sucking left nipple with slurping sound, releasing it in a smack, licking the neck and finally pressed her mouth unto girl's. Alice opened her eyes as Sapporo began to suck her lower lip. Instinctively, the girl responded in sucking her lover's mouth. They sucked and kissed each other's lips, mouths pressed harder under the passionate lesbian love.

Sapporo sucked and licked Alice's huge tits alternatively. Lying atop the girl, she pushed the soft thighs apart. In a short while, Alice felt something hard pressing against her wet opening and her eyes flew open as it penetrated. She opened her mouth to say that it was a cock but didn't have the chance when her mouth was covered in a passionate kiss by Queen's.

The Queen licked on Alice's lips, kissed the full mouth and sucked girl's tongue into her own. Her hands explored Alice, demanding as they stroked and squeezed the soft curvaceous parts of body. The strap-on pushed deeper into her sweetheart's love tunnel. Sapporo began to move her hips up and down, plunging the rubber dildo, fucking Alice with swift and sure strokes.

She moved her mouth next to Alice's ear and whispered hoarsely, "Does that feel good my darling Do you like my cock"

"Ooooooh yes!" Alice cried in pleasure.

Sapporo's slim hips pulled up and plunged down, thrusting her dildo hard again and again into Alice. She fucked Alice with all the potential she had, enjoying it as much as the girl.

Suddenly the Queen stopped, kissed Alice unto mouth and pulled out of her. "Turn over my darling" she said lovingly to the girl.

Alice shifted her position and was pushed onto stomach by Sapporo. Before she could make out what her lover was up to, her huge ass cheeks were pushed apart by slim hands and the rubber cock plunged through her anus into the rectum. Alice cried in pleasure as her lover buggared her with all the might she could muster. The Queen moved her hips up and down; pushing the dildo harder into the girl's tight backdoor.

Waves of pure pleasure rolled over Alice as the Queen buggared her and went over the edge when the Queen inserted one and then two fingers in her pussy. Alice screamed out as the orgasm shook her entire body. It felt like it might go on forever and Alice loved it!

The Queen kept the rubber cock buried deep in the tight asshole and waited until Alice had relaxed. Then she pulled out and flipped Alice over again.

Sapporo kissed Alice from head to toe and then from toe to head, paying more attention to suck her tits and lick her cunt. When the pleasure-heat rose into moaning Alice, the Queen quickly pushed her dildo into her dripping pussy. She pinched and sucked the puffy nipples that stood out on girl's massive, firm tits. She was now getting close to have her own orgasm and kept fucking Alice steadily, who cried out "Oh yesssssss... yesssssss... fuck me hard! Ummmmmmm... I'm cummmmmming!!"

And shortly after this intense fucking, the Queen and Alice reached their peak. They exploded into bursting cum simultaneously.

To relax for some time they lay on the pillowed bed into each other's arms, their bodies glistening with sweat. Then it started all over again. Alice was smacked on lips, kissed on tits, sucked on nipples, licked on cunt and bitten on ass by Queen Sapporo. The slim queen entered the dildo into cunt and ass of her voluptuous nymph. She fucked Alice with the deepest passion of lesbian love. As the girl-cum oozed out of Alice's love tunnel, it was wiped away when Sapporo licked her cunt clean.

The Queen was quite happy with her to-be wife and Alice felt the same way for her to-be husband... While kissing each other after fucking for twice more, they had agreed to live with each other for ever as a married lesbian couple.

And they were married two hours later that evening. But Alice still wanted to know one thing which was still unanswered.

"Are you a friend to the White Rabbit" Alice asked her husband Sapporo as they lay together recovering from third bout of lovemaking at night.

"What" the Queen asked, staring at her wife.

"The White Rabbit, do you know him" Alice asked again and waited.

"He works for me." answered the slim husband smilingly as she sat up and mounted atop her voluptuous wife. She kissed Alice on mouth and slid down to suck on the puffy nipples one after the other.

"Well," Alice continued as she moved her hand to stroke her life partner's head "I actually came here looking for him. I wanted to return a glove he dropped in my garden but now he has taken it."

"Ood fo im" Sapporo said incoherently while smacking on a nipple.

"Excuse me" said Alice; she wasn't sure what Sapporo had said just now.

The Queen looked up at her and repeated "Good for him," and added smilingly, "but best for us for now we are married."

And of course Alice agreed, especially when the Queen slid further down. She pushed her wife's creamy thighs apart and started to eat her between them again.

Sapporo's luxurious tent refilled with the mixed sounds of slurp-sucking and moans of pleasure...

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