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Author: Anon
Published: 28-Oct-04 Revised/Updated 08-Jul-13
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We were getting really turned on by this time. Things happened so fast that I think it took us both by surprise. We simultaneously began rubbing each other's pussy and then she put her middle finger inside me.

* * * * * * *

I've sampled having sex with men alone, with men and women jointly, and with women alone. I must admit that sex in any of its variations is good, but by far the most gratifying and pleasing is sex with women alone. Since first tasting the fruits of Lesbianism, I have hungered only for women and have concluded that I have likely been a Lesbian all my life.....I just had to sample hetero- and bi-sexual sex to truly enjoy anything else. My first lovemaking with another woman occurred following the breakup of my marriage to a fairly nice man.....he and I just didn't hit it off.

Two women from work and I were helping another newly divorced woman (her name was Rose) get set up in a new apartment. We were painting walls, drinking wine, etc., and I stayed after the other two women left (they lived together). It got so late that I spent the night. Rose only had one bed, and so we just sort of snuggled up together. She leaned over and kissed me lightly. At first I believe we both knew she was just being nice and expressing gratitude for the help, but then she kissed me again. When her hand rested on my breast I knew there was more than just gratitude being expressed, and more than just the warmth of the wine that was driving her. I began kissing her back and started rubbing her breasts.

We were getting really turned on by this time. Things happened so fast that I think it took us both by surprise. We simultaneously began rubbing each other's pussy and then she put her middle finger inside me. I hadn't had sex in any form for quite some time, and I loved it! Then it was two fingers, increasing even more the joy I felt. I soon reciprocated. In and out, in and out. I could feel my pussy contracting and could feel her pussy gripping my fingers. She then rolled over and started humping and rubbing her clit on mine - with our fingers still inserted in each other and still pumping. I don't know how we got in those positions or who came first, but it was a real explosion for both of us. We both had been so long without "it" that it was like a life raft to a drowning person. We sort of drifted off to sleep for a while but soon woke up for more. It was slower and sexier each of the two additional times. We fucked each other a few more times after that, but she ended up leaving the U.S. and living in South America (her family lives there). My second woman lover was a blonde beauty massage therapist named Coni.

Coni and I were in an all-female Networking Group (executive secretaries, CPAs, stock brokers, small business owners,etc.). As I said before, Coni is very professional and very good at her job. It was her policy to give a free massage to each of the group's members, but I just couldn't seem to find the time to go to her office. I always work long hours and occasionally spend the night at my office (my house is about 30 miles away and I don't like to drive alone in the dark). Coni was insistent and said she would bring her portable table to my office and fix me up. I agreed. I must say that before that time I never felt any special "sparks" between us, but then, we had never spent any time together outside the group. On the appointed evening she showed up promptly and set up her table. I'm on the second floor of my building and have a large, ceiling-to-floor window in front, so we put a screen in front of the window.

I undressed, positioned myself face down (with a sheet over my butt, of course), and turned myself over to Coni. She turned off the main overhead lights, lit candles & incense, and spent the next two hours turning me into a puddle! As she rubbed the warm oil onto my body and began her massage, she kept talking softly to me. "Poor little muscles. Relax, relax. Poor little arms. Poor little back. Ooo, just relax, relax. Poor little legs. I'll make you feel better." I was so relaxed that I didn't think twice when she helped me turn over onto my back - all the while talking very softly, and her hands never stopped. The only thing that remained covered was my pussy. She began by rubbing my face and neck and then moved lower. As she rubbed my chest just above my breasts, I opened my eyes and looked at her. She never stopped rubbing, she just repeated, "Relax, relax. Let me do the work."

She was such a sweet, open person that it never occurred to me not to let her do whatever she wanted. Then she began rubbing the tops of my breasts. Slowly, in a circular motion, keeping up a regular rhythm. It didn't take long before my nipples were hard and standing at attention, but I kept my eyes shut. It seemed as if she lingered on my nipples forever. It felt incredible and I never wanted her to stop. Soon she was rubbing under my breasts and on the sides of my breasts, then down my sides and across my stomach, around my navel, inside and below my navel, on my lower stomach. She rubbed right to the edge of the sheet that was covering my pussy and lingered in that sensitive area like she did on my breasts. Round and round, light pressure, heavier pressure, over and over. Then she massaged each of my legs in turn, all the way down to my feet. She massaged each toe and the bottoms of my feet (when she did the bottoms of my feet, I could feel that in my pussy!! Of course, by this time I was pretty much feeling everything there!).

When she moved back up my legs to just under by pussy, she got me to turn over again. She removed the sheet completely and began massaging my ass cheeks, then began dipping down between them. Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. Good grief! I was losing my mind! As she massaged between my cheeks she began to spread my legs apart and began rubbing my inner thighs just below my pussy. It seemed to go on forever. Then she had me turn back over onto my back, almost never ceasing her rubbing on my inner thighs. She then poured warm oil onto my already sopping pussy and began the circular movements on my mound, just above my clit. I think I was moaning at this time, but I can't swear to it - I was on another planet. She pulled my legs further apart and moved lower. She was now massaging my clit and the folds below it. She kept up that steady pace and would occasionally pinch my clit. I was going nuts, but she never stopped. Up and down my pussy and clit.

Then she began dipping a finger or two into my pussy. By this time my hips were moving in rhythm with her hands. She began to increase her pace and the pressure of her hands got harder. I was just about ready to cum, but then she reached under my ass with one hand and rubbed my anus hard and stuck one finger in, all the while pumping my pussy and pinching my clit - my hips pushing my pussy farther onto her fingers. The climaxes came wave after wave. I came so hard that I thought I'd fall off the table. She brought me down slowly by easing up on the pressure of her hands. We exchanged a long, lingering, exploratory kiss. All the while she kept her fingers in my pussy, working in and out in that slow rhythm of hers until I settled down. With our tongues still exploring each other, I reached up and began rubbing her very large breasts through her blouse. I wasn't going to stop until she was naked, too! I wanted so badly to return the favor but there had been no time. She had to head home before it got too late. But we promised each other that there would be other times for us.

It had been almost a week since I had seen Coni and in that time all I could think of was the "massage" I had received from her skillful hands. My mind kept drifting back, reliving the feeling of her fingers inside me making me so wet I thought at the time that I would slide off the massage table. Just thinking about it made me wet again. And the feelings were intensified by the knowledge that I would see her in a short while at the next meeting of the Networking Group.

So here it is, 7:30 am Wednesday morning, time for my weekly networking meeting at a nearby hotel. I spotted Coni almost immediately when I arrived in the meeting room. She looked yummy - good enough to eat. She's so natural, never wears makeup, always dresses conservatively. Her hair is naturally curly, very long, light brown with highlights, and her eyes are brown. She had saved me the seat beside her and after I sat down I reached over and squeezed her thigh. She put her hand on mine and it was electric. I don't remember much about the meeting or how we got through it without jumping on one another, but we did. Afterwards, we agreed to have breakfast together at the hotel. There was no way we could be together spontaneously - we had to make plans. I wanted to be with her where there would be no chance of interruptions. A friend had told me about a Bed & Breakfast in mid-town Atlanta that was run by two Lesbians. Coni and I agreed that this would be a perfect place for us and settled on the following weekend if I could get reservations.

After breakfast, we walked to the underground parking garage of the hotel. We arrived at her car, and she got in. I leaned in and quickly kissed her. She reached up and began rubbing my crotch through my leggings, so I sort of crouched down and ran my hand under her skirt. I rubbed her already wet pussy through her panties. My knees were getting weak and I didn't know how much more I could take. Just then I heard a group of people nearby, so I told Coni we'd have to stop. She begged me to get in the car with her, so I went to the passenger side and got in.

She said, "Please put your hand on me again. It feels so good. I've been so horny since our last meeting and I need you to help me find some relief." How could I ever refuse that sweet angel anything. I moved almost sideways in the seat, leaned slightly towards her and put my right hand onto her panty-covered pussy. She moaned and reached to put her hand on my crotch and I told her not to do anything, it was my turn to make her feel good. I kept a watch just in case we had unwelcome company. I continued to rub outside her panties until she was sopping. I told her to spread her legs as far apart as was comfortable and she actually put her left knee up on the console. (Good girl!). I pulled her panties to one sideand began rubbing her pussy. She was already so hot she was squirming in her seat. I knew it wouldn't take long for her to be relieved!

Then I found her clit, which was beginning to protrude from under its little hood. I started pumping it like a little penis, then I would gently squeeze it and rub it between my fingers, all the while talking to her and asking her if she felt good, if my fingers felt good. "Do you like my fingers on your pussy, baby Do you like it when I play with your clit Put your hands inside your blouse and rub your tits for me, sweetheart (which she did!). Put your hands inside your bra. Wet your fingers and roll your nipples between your fingers. Does that feel good Imagine it's my hands on your tits and nipples. It will be my hands next weekend, baby, and my mouth, too, sucking your pretty nipples until they're hard. Would you like that I'm going to suck those titties until they're red." All the time I'm talking to her, my fingers are still busy on her cunt. I begin to move my middle finger up and down her slit and occasionally stick the finger inside her. She begins to raise her pussy to meet my finger, so I stick it in farther. She's losing control.

Then I introduce another finger and begin a slow, fucking motion. Her ass is completely off the seat by now so I pump faster. Her pretty pussy is meeting each thrust of my fingers and she suddenly begins her climax. I can feel her cunt constricting on my fingers. She comes hard and I have to put my left hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming and bringing security guards to see what's going on! She squeezes her thighs together as she begins to calm down, momentarily capturing my fingers inside her pussy.

When I start to pull my fingers out, she takes my arm by the wrist and holds my fingers inside her a little longer. I start to pump slowly and she moves her fingers down to where mine are inside her. She spreads her thighs apart again and bends over so she can see our fingers together. "Pump me," she says. I do as she asks, and she allows one of her fingers to slide in with mine. This is so sexy I can't believe it. She has another mild climax (aftershocks) and we both know we have to stop this and get to work - or get a room! I want to kiss her and put my tongue in her mouth, but I console myself with the fact that we'll both be able to do whatever we want next weekend. I help her clean up and compose herself, give her pussy one more squeeze, and we say our temporary goodbyes.

Though it seemed to take forever, the weekend was finally here! I had been anticipating this adventure for ten days. "Settle down," I told myself as I drove to pick up Coni, "You have two days and two nights to enjoy her, so don't get nervous like a high school kid and blow it." Coni and I had agreed to leave our respective jobs early on Friday so we could have as much time together as possible. I hadn't driven far into the apartment complex when I spotted her, waiting by the curb with her little overnight case in hand. Was she as anxious as I was to get this weekend started I sure hoped so. I got out of the car, opened the trunk and put her case in next to mine.When we got into the car she reached over, took my hand and gave it a squeeze - then we were off. I wanted more than anything to reach under her long skirt and play with her pussy while we drove to the B&B, but the traffic downtown was horrendous and I had to concentrate on my driving.

We finally found the B&B. Even though it was in the middle of the city, it turned out to be a quiet, quaint little place. We were met at the door by Carrie, half of the couple who owned the place. She ran the B&B with her partner of six years, Pam, who we were told would be home soon. Carrie showed us to our room, which we later learned was the only one they rented out. We deposited our luggage and Carrie showed us around. Our private bath had a huge, tiled shower complete with two shower heads - one of which was equipped with a shower massage (thatwould come in handy). Outside on the private deck was a large hot tub. Carrie gave us some literature on local happenings we might be interested in, directions to shopping, restaurants, and a lesbian bar she and Pam frequented, then she left us alone.

It took Coni and me about five seconds to get to one another. As we held each other tightly, I began to kiss her face and her mouth. I slipped my tongue between her lips. She accepted this and let me roll it around inside her mouth. With both hands I pushed her long hair back and began kissing her face again, moving to her left ear -kissing & licking it, then sucking her ear lobe between my lips. My heart was beating fast and I could feel my pussy begin to throb. Coni had never been fucked by a man or a woman. When she had massaged me to a climax a few weeks earlier, it was the first encounter she had ever had with anyone. She had masturbated with her own fingers, but had never allowed anyone else to touch her. She had been subjected to bad experiences by a teen-aged male neighbor when she was about 11 years old. He had not actually penetrated her, but while she struggled and begged him to stop, he would pinch her small nipples through her shirt, put his hand inside her panties and rub her little pussy until she was quite sore.

For months he had managed to get her alone and harass her. He had begun sticking his fingers into her anus in anticipation of fucking her there when he had "stretched" her enough as he had put it. He started with his little finger and had graduated to his middle finger, pumping it into her little hole while he held her still. Luckily for Coni her mother began to suspect something was wrong. When Coni told her the truth, she made sure the neighbor never got near her again. But the fear had stayed with her all these years and she had tried to protect herself from invasions of any kind. I had never seen Coni naked, but I knew she had a soft, round body. Not fat, just plump in the right places. I wanted to see that loveliness for myself. "Coni, dear, I'm going to undress you now. Just let me do everything and I'll make you feel really good. If I do something you don't like, tell me and I'll stop. I'll go slowly, ok" "Ok," she murmured.

I slipped her shirt over her head. Her large breasts were encased in a bra that was all lace on top of the cups. I could see her brown nipples through the lace. Oh, baby, I was getting so turned on and even though I wanted to throw her down and stick myface in her pussy, I knew I had to make her comfortable with this entire process. I put my hands under her breasts and began a slow rubbing and massaging, all the while kissing down her neck and her chest. I had her sit on the edge of the bed while I knelt on the floor in front of her between her legs. I never stopped the pressure on her breasts as I began to kiss them through the lace. I pressed them together and started nibbling on her nipples, still through her bra. She was holding the back of my head, pushing my face into her soft mounds. I reached up and pulled her straps over her shoulders and down her arms until her breasts were exposed. "Oh baby," I murmured between licks, "your breasts are beautiful. I'm going to suck on them for a while. I'm going to make your nipples hard. I'm going to make them stick out so I can suck them inside my mouth." She answered with the pressure of her hands on my head and her fingers entwined in my hair, massaging. I sucked first one tit then the other. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took as much of her inside as I could, sucking, tongueing and nibbling at her nipples. I looked up at her and she had her head thrown back, her eyes closed, and she was rolling her tongue around on her lips.

I knew she was ready for more. I unhooked her bra and threw it aside. I helped her off the bed so Icould remove the bedspread. "I want you to sit on the edge of the bed again, baby, then lie back." She did as she was asked and I told her to watch me as I undressed. I removed my shirt, pants and bra but left my panties on. She never took her eyes off me. I lay down beside her on the bed and began sucking and kneading her breasts again. Then I got up on my knees and stradled her at the waist so that we were face-to-face and my pussy was positioned just above hers (she was still clothed from the waist down). I stopped my assault on her tits long enough to reach behind me, pull her skirt up and between my legs until the front of it was bunched around her waist. Then I lowered my pussy onto her mound. I began rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and started rubbing my pussy onto hers. She was moaning now and had locked her fingers together and placed them behind her head. The friction of our pussies was beginning to make my stomach muscles contract and when I looked down I saw that hers were doing the same.

I got up long enough to remove my panties and then hers, taking that opportunity to finger her wet, wet slit and to plant a kiss on her sweet mound. Then I got back onto the bed, straddled her again and sat back on her. We were truly pussy to pussy now and I began to move my hips up and down and then in a circular motion, over and over again, a little harder each time. She began bucking her hips, her pussy reaching up to mine. I turned sideways, put one foot on the floor and brought her right leg up to my shoulder and wrapped my arms around it - never losing contact with her pussy. We were really fucking now. Our clits were rubbing together and I kept pushing my pussy as far into hers as I could. I was losing control. I pumped and ground her pussy hard, not caring about anything else. I was too far gone.

"Oh baby," I cried, my voice quivering, "I'm fucking your sweet pussy. I'm going to cum. Can you cum for me, baby Oh fuck me, baby, fuck me!!" Just then, Coni raised herself up at the waist, grabbed my face and kissed me. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and then I stuck mine in hers. She began to suck my tongue, moving her mouth up and down on it, then sucked it far into her warm mouth as she climaxed hard, moaning deep in her throat, her breath coming in gasps. Our pussies kept fucking until we were completely spent - our juices dripping down onto her skirt. I hoped that she had brought a change of clothes. I finally removed her skirt (oops! too late) and lay down beside her.

We held each other for a long time, gently kissing & fondling each other and whispering sweet things to one another. I rubbed her soaked pussy while I told her how special she was, and she rubbed my pussy while she told me how good she felt and how happy she was to be here with me. I was floating on air. Just then we heard voices coming from the front part of the house and decided it must be Pam, the other half of the couple, so we decided to clean up, make her acquaintance and go to dinner. After all, we STILL had two days and two nights left for fun and games! And just wait until you hear what happened!

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