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Next Door Neighbour

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Author: Sizzling Sarah
Published: 14-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 16-Oct-08
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She had a closely trimmed pubes in a narrow strip about 1 X 4 inches stopping an inch back from her clitoral hood, her skin flawless except for a small birthmark in the shape of a C above her tummy button. Her breasts were perky with areole about the size of a $2.00 coin and rosy coloured nipples that were as hard as pebbles. As I watched I had absent minded slipped my hand inside my bikini bottoms and began massaging my clit.

* * * * * * *

It was a hot afternoon and I was out in the garden sunbathing, I was wearing a green bikini, it barely covered anything, my garden is almost secluded my next-door neighbour only overlooks it. However the neighbours Jim & Diane were on holiday, it was only their eighteen-year-old daughter, Penny staying, and Diane asked me to keep an eye on the house since I worked from home. I agreed and Penny as far as I saw never had anyone over and if she did there was no noise.

I heard a car entering Jim & Diane's drive, pulling a shirt on I stood and looked over the fence and saw Penny parking her '92 Mini Cooper in British racing green, she was wearing a light summer dress her long blonde hair was up exposing her neck, she waved and entered the rear door. She worked in a solicitors in Glasgow; it was strange for her to be home at this time, and so being a good neighbour I walked round to check up on her. She opened the door and I saw inside it was a complete tip, now my house is lived in a seldom spick and span but Penny had let it get out of hand. Her parents were due home on Sunday, Penny invited me in, she explained she was using up three holidays from work to get the house clean.

So being the greatest neighbour in the world I offered to help, I thought it was only the kitchen and lounge; however, it was the entire house. Clothes scattered all round, plates cups knives forks bowls almost ever piece of crockery was used. I set about getting the dishes gathered and filled the dishwasher. Penny began washing pots and after an hour we had the kitchen nearly clean, we ran out of rubbish bags and I sent Penny to the local shop, about ten minutes walk, for more plus washing powder for the clothes.

I began picking up clothes from the lounge, panties and bras, tops, skirts, jeans and jackets, I threw a magazine onto the coffee table and the TV came on. At first I barely noticed what was on the screen, I went back and forward to the kitchen twice before looking at the screen. I was shocked at what was playing, there on the 52inch HD was Penny naked with a large realistic looking dildo, she was pumping it in and out of her sweet wet looking pussy the dildo glistened. She had a closely trimmed pubes in a narrow strip about 1 X 4 inches stopping an inch back from her clitoral hood, her skin flawless except for a small birthmark in the shape of a C above her tummy button. Her breasts were perky with areole about the size of a $2.00 coin and rosy coloured nipples that were as hard as pebbles. As I watched I had absent minded slipped my hand inside my bikini bottoms and began massaging my clit, I sat back and my bottom hit something and I moved to shift it and my hand encompassed the dildo that Penny was using on the TV screen, it was at that point I noticed the date and time code on the screen, 23:28 the day before. I lifted one leg onto the sofa and let my fingers run up and down my inner legs and tummy to my boobs and the hard nipples barely covered by the bikini top, I was still holding the dildo and while watching the screen I ran my tongue along the realistic cock, I could taste pussy.

In my mind I began imagining spreading her legs and using the dildo on her hot pussy, then on the screen Penny was joined by a male he was clothed his wonderful cock and balls hung outside and he was rock hard, the shiny dome of his cock glistening poked out from the foreskin, he walked to Penny and she took his cock in one hand and cradled his balls with the other. She pulled his foreskin back to free the bulbous head, which she began using her tongue circling while gazing into his eyes and lifting hid cock she flicked her tongue on the skin beneath the foreskin to the glans looking up at him as she teased. She continued licking, kissing, while using her hands, she rubbed his wonderful cock all over her face, neck, boobs while tugging on his balls then pressing on the perineum (the area between the balls and the anus). Then she began fellatio, and she knew how to suck cock. She wrapped her hand round his cock and began pumping fast as she suctioned on his hard cock, she stared intently into his eyes as she sucked, then she began dipping her head feeding more of his long cock into her slutty hot wet mouth. His hands held her head and pumped her head onto his cock, suddenly he stopped fucking her mouth and pulled her up off her knees and spun her round, her elbows on the table and he positioned himself behind her, as she spread her legs wide, he speared her hot wet snatch with his cock, Penny yelped as he impaled his full length into her.

I pulled my bikini panties aside and began rubbing Penny's dildo along my wet pussy, my legs spread wide my eyes never leaving the screen.

'What the fuck do you think your doing', Penny yelled, 'how dare you, bitch, get over here NOW'! I stopped rubbing my pussy and stood up and walked over to Penny, she slapped me hard across the face.

I bowed my head and muttered an apology.

'Did you like what you saw' she asked.

'Yes, Penny', I whispered.

She slapped me again, 'Yes, what' she said loudly.

I played along, 'Yes , Miss Penny', I replied.

'Better, now strip bitch, let me see you', Penny spoke quietly yet confidently.

I slipped my shirt off and unhooked the bikini top, Penny reached out and slapped my breasts four times, I stood took it in silence, the slaps stung and she left her hand print on the soft flesh.

'Now the panties', she smiled as she savoured the power she held over me.

I slid the bikini panties off and stood my legs together hands behind my back, pushing my boobs towards her.

Penny produced a dog collar which she fastened round my neck, she attached a leash to the collar and ordered me to get down on all fours. Penny sat on a chair and pulled me beside her on the floor she began stroking my hair and telling me what a good doggy I was. I nuzzled against her leg playing along, she opened her long shapely legs and yanked the chain , so that I was pulled between them. Penny shuffled down in the chair pushing up her summer dress and ordered me to lick her, I licked her inner thighs moving slowly up with every upward stroke, till I was lapping along the channel separating her legs and her body. Penny was stroking my hair which she bunched in her fist as I licked the front of her pale pink satin panties, she moaned and spread her legs wider, I lapped along the narrow strip of material barely covering her wet pussy from my hot pink tongue. I tasted the tangy wetness through her sodden panties and I wanted nothing more than to bury my tongue between the puffy labia and sucking the juices from her pussy and rub my face over her wet lipped pussy.

Penny hooked her finger under the leg opening of her panties and pulled them out and to the side, and I was looking at her beautiful puffy pussy up close, the wet juices trickled out and her sexy aroma assailed my nose my pussy flooded I could feel my the cum flowing down my inner thighs, I wriggled my ass clamping my thighs closed and pulsing the muscles masturbating.

'Lick my clit doggy', Penny ordered.

I turned my head to the side and licked over the tiny cock like bud, with a soft flat tongue. Penny moaned and pulled my hair keeping me tightly against her crotch, as I performed oral sex on the eighteen-year-old pussy. I licked sucked and mouthed her sweet pussy, my knees were beginning to hurt, she did not let me use my hands at all and just when she was getting close to cumming she stopped me till she calmed and allowed me to build her up again and again, my jaw ached. Suddenly Penny pushed me away, I fell to the floor, she stood and pulled the leash attached to my collar and I crawled after her to the bedroom.

She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees and put the leash between her legs and pulled me up behind her, my face was mere inches from her sweet pear shaped ass, 'Make me cum, slut', she growled in a low sexy voice.

She pulled my face against her ass, I began licking along her crease, she reached behind and spread her ass open for me my tongue circled her tight anal bud before moving down to her wet slit, I rolled onto my back and Penny squatted down her pussy covered my mouth and my tongue darted out probing into her pussy, she wriggled and jiggled as I slipped a finger into her thrusting and twisting as I pumped my hand bringing her to an awesome climax she drenched my face with pussy cum, she fell forward to lay flat on the bed gasping for breath. I lay beside her exhausted a sheen of sweat on my body and my thighs wet with my own excitement. I tenderly stroked my pussy enjoying the tingling sensations on my clit, when another hand began running up and down on my wet pussy lips. Then a cool vinyl dildo pushed past my wet puffy lips and into my pussy, I abandoned myself to the pleasure, as Penny's mouth closed on mine and her soft lips gently kissed as her hand pumped the phallus in and out twisting to and fro. I felt the bed move and then Penny's lips encircled on nipple sucking, her teeth nipped and pulled the hard bud then allowing it to fall back, all the time she was working her phallus in and out, then she stopped teasing my nipples and straddled me her pussy now above my face, her face above my pussy, she licked over my clit, then spanked it softly at first then harder alternating it with her soft wet tongue in minutes I was cumming and cumming.

At the same time I was again lapping and fingering her wet pussy, till we both came hard. We were both so drained that neither one of us could move, Penny was collapsed on top of me, eventually she rolled off and we lay panting tired but satisfied at least for the moment.

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