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Seducing My Lovers Wife

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Author: sizzling sarah
Published: 20-Oct-08 Revised/Updated 11-Jul-17
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I hook my finger under the waistband of my tiny panties I slide them down bending allowing Shauna to stare at my pussy which by now was wet and puffy as I was really getting into this sexy woman, my pussy scent filling the room...

* * * * * * *

Sarah B.

I have been seeing a married man for 4 months, he is 54 years old but very fit, we meet twice a week he takes me shopping and buys me little things and we have dinner and the day usually ends with me sucking his large cock in the car in a secluded car park where he verbally abuses me as I suck on his cock, calling me a whore bitch cunt etc. it never gets physical, and once he cums he is back to the kind man I first met.

Once a month he takes a hotel room where its me that get pampered, he takes care of me, he sucks my pussy and clit and keeps me on the edge of the most wonderful orgasm, for what seems like and eternity, before finally letting me cum, we have dinner and then he does whatever I want more oral or he fucks me how I want and with the help of a cock ring as long as I want.

It is balanced against all this that I have my dilemma, he has asked me to seduce his wife, and to let him watch when I make love to her, she is an attractive 37 year old with a very hot body natural red head, but she is extremely sexually repressed, my lover told me he only gets to make love to her once a month with the lights off, he never gets to see her naked.

I wear red lace panties under my short skirt, my lover has given me his wife's routine and I decide to target her at the library. I see her enter the library and I cross the road and enter too. She goes straight to the romantic fiction section, this sexually repressed woman is getting her sexual fix reading bodice ripping stories.

She is wearing a plain skirt, jacket and a blouse tan tights and flat shoes, the skirt just below the knee, she blended into the background. But today she would shine, I would see to that, my lover had arranged a suite in a hotel, and if (when I was successful) I was to call him and he would get to the hotel and set up a video camera in the wardrobe leave a suitcase with my clothing and settle into the room next door with a recorder and screen to watch.

I move next to her, I sigh loudly she looks at me and smiles, I start a conversation, telling her about a lover abandoning me, I sob and her maternal instinct leads her to offering me a shoulder to cry on. I introduce myself and she replies 'Shauna' and invites me for coffee in the small cafe in the library. I accept but only if I buy the coffee, ok she replies. I tell her I'm a travelling rep for a pharmaceutical company and how my job and my lovers is the main reason for him leaving me.

I start working on her, I go for more coffee and while I'm at the counter two buttons open on my top revealing my red lace bra which is filled to over flowing with the my milk white boobs, always a good idea to have one bra a up size too small. I came back with the coffee's and sat down crossing my long nylon encased legs and letting Shauna see my tiny red lace panties covering my bald mound under my short skirt, I make a big fuss of pulling my short skirt down. I ask about her life she tells me all about her marriage and how her husband is never interested in sex, a clear case of non communication I think, either that or I'm the one being set up.

We are both chatting like we have known each other for years, I run my fingers up and down my chest occasionally slipping my finger into my mouth, as I chat, like I'm oblivious to it. By now we are on our 4th coffee and my bladder is screaming for release, so I have now arrived at the crunch time and say I need to go to the bathroom. Shauna says she needs to go too, I stand and look for the bathroom Shauna, takes my elbow and leads me o the back of the library through swing doors and along a short corridor to the bathroom she opens the door and we go in. The bathroom in not one with several stalls it has only one and a small area with a basin. Shauna tells me to go first, I'm pulling up my skirt as I enter the stall, giving Shauna a nice view of my ass and the thin strip of material which nestled between my tight ass cheeks. I hunker down and let a hot stream of wee splash noisily into the toilet, I reach for the toilet tissue and wrap a few sheets round my hand and reach between my legs and wipe, I stand and pull my panties up till they cup my pussy and the strip of material sits comfortable between my ass cheeks, I flush the toilet as I leave pulling my skirt back down.

Shauna brushes past me as I deliberately block her entry, she turns to close the door, but I'm standing in the way, looking into the mirror as I wash my hands, Shauna, by now is desperate and is forced to pull her skirt up and pull her full white cotton pants down and squat allowing the stream to gush into the toilet bowl, I move and the door swings slightly closed, as I dry my hands, I hear Shauna taking the toilet tissue off the roll, as I open the outer door and exit into the corridor leaving Shauna to finish and wash her hands.

The door is yanked open forcefully, it was obvious that Shauna had assumed I was leaving. She spoke before thinking and said 'Thank god'.

I smiled said, 'Sorry, did you say something'

'No', she replied way too quickly.

Now was the time to strike and I invited her back to the hotel for some lunch.

Shauna accepted and we were walking to my car, I stopped and said I had to text the office first. Once I finished texting we walked off like two old friends. It took us twenty minutes to get to the hotel, it would have taken him 5 minutes allowing him plenty of time to set everything up. We went into the bar for a quick drink before having lunch, it was now that I finally trapped Shauna, I accidentally spilt my white wine on my top, my nipples stiffened immediately the liquid touched the material, Shauna noticed and blushed, she was obviously interested in me, I was probably the first person who had taken any interest in her in an age, so she was flattered by my attention, she even lied to me when we talked about our ages when she heard I was 22 she dropped her age to 29 and God she certainly would have passed for 29 easily.

I tell Shauna I will go up to my room and change, I uncross my legs allowing Shauna another look at my panty clad pussy as I move to stand, I begin walking, then stop and invite Shauna up to the room as the bar is filling up with the usual predatory males. Shauna nods and walks to the elevator as I detour across to the desk for my key, before joining her.

When I open the door, I allow Shauna to enter in front of me, she sits on the bed, I stand and pull my wet top off and unhook my bra letting my milky white breasts spring into the cool air of the hotel room, I took my boobs in my hands and squeezed the soft flesh, I look at Shauna as I continue to caress my boobs a couple of feet in front of her, then I fling my head back and let out a low moan as my fingers play with my stiff nipples.

Shauna looks round the room struggling not to stare at me, I turn and walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower, I slip my skirt off before walking back into room, I speak to Shauna I think I will just have a quick shower, I won't be minutes then we can go down for lunch, turning away from Shauna I hook my finger under the waistband of my tiny panties I slide them down bending allowing Shauna to stare at my pussy which by now was wet and puffy as I was really getting into this sexy woman, my pussy scent filling the room. In the mirror I saw Shauna squirming on the bed, and grabbed my chance, I called over my shoulder as I walked into the bathroom, 'Why don't you join me'

It was now Shauna had to make a decision as I stepped into the hot spray, deliberately staring at the wall, as the water cascaded over me. It seemed like forever till I saw Shauna's shadow on the tiles, then her hand moving round my waist as she stepped into the shower. I handed her the shower gel and let her wash me, her hands glided all over me, she took plenty of time soaping up my boobs as my hand moved between her legs and massaged her clit, while she rubbed her breasts on my back. I let my head go back against her shoulder, turning our lips met and I tasted the gin as my tongue slid into her hot wet mouth. I turned in Shauna's arms and pressed myself against her as my leg moved between Shauna's I felt her hard nub and ground my leg against it causing her to gasp out as I worked my tongue on her stiff nipple nipping and sucking, suddenly Shauna's orgasm smashed through her and she clung on to me, as she rode her orgasm

We kissed and hugged but I wanted to taste her really bad now and I needed to get off, duh I had forgot about my lover in the next room, so I suggested we move on to the bed, and grabbing up the towels we moved into the room and I lay on the bed, Shauna climbed on the bed and sat astride me her sexy ass facing the wardrobe, as she kissed me her tongue in my mouth as she pinned my arms above my head then she squiggled down her wet pussy on my belly, she sat up and pinched both my nipples between her fingers and thumbs, my clit tingled with each twist as she played with the turgid flesh. I moaned and squirmed under her, I reached up to give her nipples the same attention, but she pushed my hand away and ordered me to keep them above my head. This surprised me, but I went along with her and let her dominate me.

She reached behind and played with my clit as she twisted each nipple in turn, my heart was beating like a drum, I felt the blood coursing through my body and centred on my clit. Shauna was making me cum and it felt so wonderful, I was like putty in her hands, my mind was unable to comprehend anything other than I wanted Shauna to make me cum and I knew this was going to be soon , my anus was pulsing and my pussy rippling I felt my orgasm in my tummy and ................. Oh God ............... Oh God ......... Shauna slid two fingers hard into my pulsing pussy and ...... Oh God, I felt my pussy cum erupting round Shauna's fingers, I closed my eyes as Shauna rammed her fingers deep inside me allowing her thumb to press against my clit sending me even higher this was one orgasm to write in my diary, so I lay back and Shauna lay along me making the ultimate contact, her leg pressing over my clit and she humped my leg which was slick with her juices and mine, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it like it was a tiny cock, it took me a few more moments to realise my hands were still above my head clutching the pillow.

My hands moved down pins and needles tingled through my fingers as I grabbed two handfuls of Shauna's ass helping her ride my thigh. I pulled her ass cheeks open and closed, then I slide a finger between her sexy globes and toyed with her anal opening teasingly circling and then pressing on the opening, Shauna went wild and shoved back on my finger I took the hint and pressed my finger on the puckered opening and finally the tip of my finger pushed past the sphincter and entered her ass, Shauna bucked frantically as I pumped my finger in and out and twisting with each stroke. Shauna stiffened and ground her clit hard down on my thigh and I felt the warm wetness flooding from her as she sucked on my tongue hard so hard that it hurt me, but Shauna was lost in her orgasm, it flashed through my mind that I was glad I was not a guy receiving a blowjob when she came.

The rest of the morning and much of the afternoon was spent making slow sensual love with this beautiful woman taking turns in leading the love making. At around 8pm, I suddenly realised that apart from pussy and ass I had had nothing to eat all day, and called down to the reception for dinner for 2 to be sent up to the room. The receptionist told me that my lover had left a message, she apologised for not giving it to me on my arrival I asked her to read it, 'Held up at office, switch your phone on'. I thanked her and hung up, I opened my bag and switched my phone on seven texts for him, asking me to postpone as he can't get away. All these were timed before we had arrived at the hotel, it was only then that I noticed that my suitcase was not there. Ahh well there was a knock at the door 'room service', dinner was here wrapped in a towel I opened the door and the waiter brought it in and Shauna was sitting combing her hair similarly clad like me in a towel, I handed him a ten pound note as he left I rubbed his bottom, and winked at him, he blushed, 'bless him'.

After dinner we lay and kissed on the bed completely exhausted and satisfied. I woke in the early hours, feeling the bed shaking, Shauna had her fingers deep in her pussy masturbating, 'Here, let me', I said and replaced her fingers with mine and slipping my tongue into her mouth. This led to yet another session which saw us both cumming simultaneously and falling asleep her fingers in me and mine in her. I woke alone in the room.

Shauna left me her phone number and a note, telling me that I was the sexiest lover her husband had had, and that she had known about me since the start of the affair. She said to call her anytime, and she was glad I was taking care of him. It seems that her reluctance making love with her husband was that she had simply fallen out of love with him. She begged me not to tell him we had ever met, she had been aware of his plans and since it was her that owned the business she had arranged for him to be kept at the office, god I love this woman, she's my type of lady

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