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Looking After Cousin Kerri

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Author: Sizzling Sarah
Publish Date : Dec 14, 2008
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My Aunt Barbara had died five years ago and Uncle Alan did not consider it appropriate for him to look after his 16 year old, as he would need to toilet her and dress her, so he asked my mum if Kerri could stay with me until her casts came off...

* * * * * * *


This is a true story based on when I was still working as a student nurse, I was on holiday although I was not going away I need the rest and looked forward to lying in bed until noon and then out in the garden if the weather was good. My mum called me to tell me her brother, Alan's daughter had had an accident, and she was in her boyfriend's car when he somehow hit a tree. Kerri had braced herself on the dashboard; the only injury she sustained was two fractures, to both arms.

My Aunt Barbara had died five years ago and Uncle Alan did not consider it appropriate for him to look after his 16 year old, as he would need to toilet her and dress her, so he asked my mum if Kerri could stay with me until her casts came off. I was reluctant as I was on holiday, but the offer of $150 a week, was a persuasive argument I could not argue with that.

Uncle Alan packed Kerri's stuff and drove her over to my house; I made up the spare bed.

Kerri is brunette, five feet two inches with nice legs, she is very popular and her friends phoned and texted her from early in the morning until late every night. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

When she arrived, she was in a lot of pain and Uncle Alan gave me her medication, Pethidine Tablets, Uncle Alan left after a cup of coffee, leaving us together to catch up with each other it was 5 years since I last saw Kerri, from what I remembered she was a brat.

We chatted and I found she was not as I remembered her she had grown into a polite beautiful girl. We chatted for a bout an hour when Kerri told me she needed the toilet, so up we went. When we got into the toilet I pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down, she sat, but she could not pee while I was there so I went into the hall and waited until she called. Less than a minute she called, I went in, took a handful of toilet tissue, reached between her thighs, and wiped her.

'Ok', I asked.

'Yes', she said her face scarlet.

I told her it is not a problem, and I deal with this everyday at work. I pulled her panties up and she thanked me, I washed my hands and we went down stairs.

I gave her, her pills and made dinner, we ate and talked, then watched TV. At eleven o'clock, she said she was tired, so I took her upstairs, into the toilet and left her on the toilet while I got her bed things looked out and laid on the bed. Back in the toilet, I wiped her, she accepted it without blushing, and I brushed her teeth and washed her face.

We went into the bedroom, I undressed my sixteen-year-old cousin, and I got my first real look at her she stood in just bra and panties, her body toned her skin flawless except for a small tattoo, a fairy on her right hip. I unhooked her bra and dropped it onto the bed and I saw her boobs (B) her nipples were rosy red with a lighter red areole, and so mouth watering, but I reminded myself she was my cousin and only sixteen. I lifted her nightdress over her head and gently fed her arms into the light cotton nightdress. Then I pulled her panties down and she went sat on the bed and laid down, I covered her over and told her if she needed me just to call no matter what time, she nodded and I switched off the light went out into the hall, I only half closed the door and went down stairs.

She slept through the night and in the morning I had had my shower before I woke her and gave her the pain killers, then got her up, I lifted off her nightie, she sat on the toilet as I started the bath. I wiped her dry and helped her into the tub. I soaped a sponge and washed and rinsed her, helped her out of the bath wrapped the towel round her, dried and dressed her. We spent the day shopping on the internet and listening to music.

This was our routine for the next four days. Then on the morning of her fifth day, Kerri woke in a terrible mood she was snappy and not the girls I had grown so fond of over the previous four days. She was a total nightmare and I was just on the verge of calling Uncle Alan in the morning, to come collect her.

She had a bad night and I put it down to pain, in the morning she was in a slightly better mood and as I took her through the morning routine of bath toilet etc. we chatted and she told me why she was in the foul mood. She told me that from the age of about twelve she masturbated at least once a day, she said she the longest time without satisfying herself was two whole days. It was now five days since she had gotten off, I could sympathise, as I masturbate every morning. Sometimes if I find a few minutes at the hospital I go and get off in the toilets. Then if I'm not out socialising I sit watching TV with my hand jamming away at my snatch (at that time I did not shave my entire pubes), finally I fall asleep with my hand on my sweetie.

She asked me if I could her out, since I was doing her toileting already, I said I would.

Therefore, after the morning routine was over I laid her on the bed, went, and fetched a dildo and a vibrator from my room, laid them on the bedside cabinet, put on some nice music and sat on the bed.

Kerri was only wearing her nightie, which I removed for her and started stroking her body, using long light strokes down her tummy towards the patch of pubic hair above her clitoris.

She sighed and said, 'Just forget it, its too clinical, your not exciting me'.

'Ok, Kerri', I replied, 'Why don't we try it another way'.

I left her on the bed and went into my room, stripped off my shorts panties and top, opened my wardrobe and took out a naughty nurse outfit with stockings open crotch panties and peephole bra and sexy strappy heels, I applied make-up russian red lippy.

I strutted into her room, popped a video into the player, and switched it on, the video showed a young busty girl being taken from behind by a well-hung stud. I strode over to the bed, Kerri just stared at me, as I took her pulse, but not form her wrist but from her groin, Goosebumps formed on her skin at my touch. I slipped my tongue between her open lips, as my fingers brushed her prominent sex, she kissed me back, as she opened her long firm legs giving me easier access to her moistening pussy. I stooped kissing her and moved my head south to her hard erect nipples circling each in turn before sucking one into my mouth as I kneaded the flesh of her tit. She was responding to my touch, but was helpless to assist as her arms were encased in plaster, her breathing became rapid, she moaned when I bit on the tender flesh.

The TV showed, the same girl being double teamed by two enormous cock men one using her mouth and the other banging his cock in her pussy slapping her ass leaving red hand prints, her make-up streaked as tears ran down her cheeks.

I slipped two finger into Kerri's wet pussy and began plunging them in and out rotating them, as I kissed her mouth she slipped her tongue out I sucked on it like it was a small cock. I used my thumb on her clit she bucked up off the bed, after a minute or so I removed my fingers from her sodden pussy and stood unzipping the vinyl nurse's uniform, I pulled my boobs through the peep holes in the bra, moving towards Kerri's head I lent over and dangled my boobs over her mouth she lifted and took an extended nipple into her warm wet mouth, as she suckled I reached down between her open legs and massaged her clit, round and round, gently increasing the pressure. Suddenly, Kerri stiffened and closed her legs, she came, my boob slipped from her mouth as her head fell back onto the pillow. I slowed my massage, lightening my touch as each successive wave coursed through her body, I lent down and kissed her lips as I slowly drew my fingers up her body, till I offered them at our lips, we both licked, our tongues touching, I slid the 2 sticky fingers into her mouth, which she sucked enthusiastically.

As her body returned to it pre orgasmic state, I was still in need of release so I sat on the chair, flung one leg over the arm pulled my sodden panties to one side and selecting the dildo I plunged it between my swollen pussy lips and began masturbating, while grinding my clit. I was getting off having Kerri watching me, as I felt the heat spreading through my pussy, the blood pounded in my head, I was so close now, I pressed on my mons as I pumped the dildo in and out the bent tip massaging the spongy area inside my pussy. I came hard pulling the dildo out with a pop, a jet of girlie cum squirted from my pussy and landed 2 feet away on the floor, as I writhed in ecstasy on the chair. My hand clamped over my still pulsing pussy, savouring each wave as smaller and smaller orgasms coursed through me.

I was staring across at Kerri, she was staring open mouthed at the performance I had just put on. We were both covered in a sheen of sweat, I stood up and walked over to the bed and helped Kerri on to her feet, I wrapped an arm round her waist, we went into the bathroom. I turned the water tap (faucet) on, as the telephone rang, it was Uncle Alan, he asked to speak with Kerri, I handed her the telephone and stopped the water. When she hung up she said her dad was coming over to see her, he'd be here in an hour. That put a stop to us continuing for the moment, so I helped Kerri into the bath and washed her, then helped her out dried and dressed her. Once I had her dressed I pulled my robe on, we were going downstairs went the door bell rang.

I opened it to find Uncle Alan, we all went into the kitchen, I invited him to make breakfast and excused myself as I needed a shower. I entered the shower, the hot water felt good on my skin, I lathered up and washed taking extra care between my legs, I came a knee trembler in the shower, I wrapped a towel round my head and had just pulled on a white fluffy robe, when Uncle Alan called me down for breakfast.

I sat opposite Kerri, we were chatting about how we were coping, when I felt Kerri's foot running up and down my calf, then higher under my robe, her toes prodded between my closed thighs, which opened like magic, she teased me. I was so going to make her regret this but for now she had me, I ate my breakfast and chatted, while she rubbed my clit and pussy lips.

Once I had finished eating I stood up and suggested they went into the sitting room while I went and dressed. Uncle Alan stayed until 1 o'clock, as Uncle Alan climbed into his car, I had my hand down the back of Kerri's panties, as I waved goodbye with my other hand.

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