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Job Interview (cont)

Author: Sizzling Sarah
Publish Date : Feb 23, 2009
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Looking round the room Malcolm was between Lauren's thighs eating her pussy, his cock flaccid, he had obviously cum and now it was Lauren's turn, Mummy and Daddy were sitting fondling each other and watching Lauren and Malcolm, no doubt after watching me and Ronnie, Ronnie gave me a nudge and mouthed, 'Go help Malcolm'.

* * * * * * *

I jumped into the shower when I got home; I closed my eyes and let the water freshen me. My fingers found themselves between my thighs, stroking my pussy and circling my clit, I made a conscious decision I slumped to the shower floor and let my experienced fingers give me quick satisfying orgasm. I washed and got out of the shower rubbed moisturising lotion on wrapped the towel round and went into the bedroom I dried my hair, applied make-up, stood-up dropped the towel and checked myself in the mirror, damn I thought if I wasn't me I'd sleep with me. I laughed and padded over to my wardrobe opening it, what to wear, it is an interview so formal, business like, but Lauren's parting remark, 'dress optional', makes me think tonight wont be a typical interview.

Ah, the very thing stares out at me, smart casual, a blue/white sleeveless button fronted dress, with a black belt, with a white cotton jacket, bare legs with white 5-inch stilettos. Underwear, powder blue satin bra and the matching French panties (looks like boxer shorts with a wide leg) rather than the thong or boy shorts, mmm allows easier access to pussy, and tonight I was certain access would be important.

I left Liz a message, telling her I would be home late or not until tomorrow sometime, left it on the counter and set off for my interview.

I followed directions and turned into the driveway, the house was almost 200 yards from the gates, I parked the car 6:58 according to the dashboard clock and rang the bell at 6:59. A young woman answered, she was obviously waiting by the door as it opened immediately 'Miss B', she said, 'this way'.

She took me to a room, filled with shelves, 'Please pick a colour and find your size, you are only allows to wear these, you can leave your clothes here for when you leave, seeing the puzzled look on my face she continued, Sir, has certain allergies. When your dressed go through that door and wait, they wont keep you waiting long, help yourself to a drink', and she was gone.

Alone I selected red and found my size, opening the parcel it was a nurse like uniform similar to www.passionfashions.co.uk (product code: DG2214 Nurses Outfit) but buttons in front and cotton/polyester ultra short, lacy thong, stockings and suspender belt and flat airline slippers. I undressed and put on the 'uniform', with the addition of heels this would be one hell of an outfit. I went through the door into a large room there was a bar and leather sofas, it resembled a gentleman's club. I poured a straight 'Southern Comfort', and sat sipping it, a few moment later the door opened and Ronnie entered she was dressed identical except she wore black, she ran to me and hugged me like she had not seen me in years and not 4 hours ago.

'Glad you decided to come, Sarah', she said, Mommy and Daddy are dying to see you'.

She hooked her arm through mine and led me down the hallway to a door, we stopped and she whispered, 'I have to ask you are you sure you want to be here I looked at Ronnie, 'Yes, I'm sure' I said.

'Good, once we enter here you must do everything Daddy (Harold) or Mommy (Angela) asks, they will not ask you to do anything which will harm you, I promise, ok ready' she said, smiling, she opened he door. I looked round the room and entered, Daddy walked over to join us, he held his hand out, 'Welcome, do come in', he said.

All very normal, but, let me describe the scene in front of me, Daddy was naked, with a huge erection the veins stood out it was impressive a huge purple head slick, obviously someone had been sucking or sitting on it before I came in, with a cock ring maintaining it. He had no body hair; he had a good body for someone in their late fifties, an attractive man. Mommy, was dressed in a leather Basque with open cups similar to www.eroticisland.co.uk (Product code: L1122) her breasts sat proudly stockings, no panties her pussy hair free, her hair pulled back severely and long fetish boots with spiked heel, she looked spectacular she did not look old enough to have two grown-up children. In the corner was young man, he wore frilly open crotched panties through which his erection stood hard and long, fishnet stockings, he had a girls training bra, full make-up and Lauren sitting stroking his erection. Lauren was dressed similarly to Ronnie and me hers was in green.

Daddy led Ronnie and me to a sofa and we sat, Mommy and Daddy sat opposite us and discussed my application like it was a proper interview, it was totally surreal, after a couple of minute, Lauren, joined Ronnie and me on the sofa, as I answered questions relating to my CV.

It took nearly 30 minutes, and then Daddy said, 'Now Sarah, how much do you want this job'

Déjà vu, I knew the games would begin.

Mommy (Angela) beckoned me over to her, 'On you knees', she ordered.

Daddy (Harold 59) as I crawled over to Mommy, he stood and moved from my vision, I felt a hand on my bum and a hand under me to rub my pussy through the red panties, 'She's so obedient', Daddy said behind me, 'Her pussy is wet already'. He flipped the short dress up and he pulled my panties down over my bum and down to my knees, 'Lauren, your right she has a sexy pussy', he said, as he spread my sex lips apart and rubbed his cock along my wet inner labia, gently probing the entry to my vagina. He was driving me crazy waiting for him to impale me on his fat cock.

Mommy pulled me up and fed me her nipple to suck on, my lips encompassed the stiff nipple my tongue flittered over the turgid flesh, she held me to her breast I suckled like a baby, as Daddy still refused to impale me, every time I pressed back he moved back. Mommy lifted me higher, 'Open you mouth baby', she said. I opened and she spat in my mouth, it was incredibly sexy at the time, at that moment, Daddy impaled me, he jammed his mighty cock into my quivering pussy, lifting me off my knees, I screamed in ecstasy, mommy took my hair in her fist and pulled my head down, to her other breast, and nursed me. Daddy rode my wet pussy with hard deep thrusts and then several short jabs, Mommy lifted me and spit on my face and mouth, then back to nipple. I could feel the wetness running down my thighs as Daddy fucked me. I was close to cumming when Mommy, ordered Daddy to stop, Daddy stopped and whipped his cock from my wanton pussy, I felt empty, I moved my hand down to rub my clit and bury my fingers in my pussy to get off, but mommy had other ideas. She told me to stand; the edge in her voice warned me against disobeying her.

I stood, Mommy stood and led me over to Lauren who had moved back to the man in the corner, she was slowly working his cock with her hand and every now and then she took it into her mouth, Mommy press on my shoulders and I sank to my knees in front of the man.

Lauren said, 'This is Malcolm, my brother isn't he handsome, look at his cock', she took it into her mouth, while caressing his balls.

She put her hand on my head and moved me closer to Malcolm's cock I flicked my tongue over the tip, then along the underside before letting it slip between my lips into my mouth, 'How much can you take Sarah', she asked and forced me harder onto his cock. His balls touched my chin and I gagged, and tried to lift but Lauren held me there, Malcolm pinched my nose, I thought I was about to pass out. Lauren released her hold and I gasped for breath, strands of saliva hung between his cock and my mouth, Lauren rubbed the saliva over my face, she taunted me calling me a slut. She slapped me not hard, then forced me back onto Malcolm's cock, 'Look at him Sarah', she said, 'feel his cock in your slutty throat. I gagged and she released my head, 'Spit on his cock get him wet, he's going to fuck me'. I rubbed the thick saliva along his cock, and Lauren, pushed me away, she was treating my like a whore. She pulled her thong down and stepped out of it, 'Open, Sarah', she ordered. I opened my mouth and she pushed the flimsy material into my mouth, and sent me away, as she lifted the dress and positioned Malcolm's cock at her pussy and slowly deliberately impaled herself on his erection.

Mommy said, 'Come, Sarah', she had a strap-on cock. Crawling beside her was Ronnie, she had removed her dress and thongs leaving just the suspender belt, stocking and a dog collar with a leash attached, with which Mommy led her. Mommy gave me the leash, 'Hold Ronnie', she said. She then went behind her and knelt, and then I noticed Ronnie had something in her bum, it was a tail, Mommy squeezed some gel on the cock, and along Ronnie's pussy, and nudged the vinyl cock into her slick pussy. Ronnie pushed her head under my short dress licking my thighs as Mommy set up a steady rhythm in and out. I opened my legs and Ronnie lapped along my thighs, Mommy ordered me to sit and pull the lacy thong aside, I obeyed and sitting I spread my legs wide, Ronnie lapped at my wet thighs and then the source of my wetness. Daddy appeared kneeling on the sofa, his cock brushed my cheek, I turned and he pushed the tip of his huge cock into my mouth, he undid the buttons on my dress and squeezed each nipple in turn. Ronnie spanked my wet pussy, I yelped with Daddy's cock in my mouth, I mouthed him licked him suckled on him and then I stuck my tongue into his pee hole he jerked and, released his cock ring, white hot cum spurted from him arcing over me on my titties. I worked his cock gently up, down milking cum from him, my lips formed a seal, and I sucked the last drops, 'Don't swallow, he managed to say. Mommy pulled her cock from Ronnie and moved to my face and she kissed me and I swapped daddy's cum with her, she sucked as much as she could and pulled Ronnie off my pussy and kissed her sharing Daddy's bounty, when Ronnie spat it on my wet pussy before continuing tongue fucking my wet pussy.

I was ready to cum my chest flushed, breathing quickened to gasps, my hips bucked, and then Ronnie smacked my clit. That sent me into orbit my pussy throbbed as blood pounded through my entire body, it felt like electricity had entered the top of my head and surged through me exiting my clit, I head Ronnie's head to my engorged lips, till the waves of ecstasy slowly receded, mmm (I was well fucked, lol). I slumped back on the sofa, and felt Ronnie slowly kissing down my legs.

Mommy and Daddy locked in an embrace Mommy's hand wrapped round Daddy's flaccid member, while daddy was finger deep inside Mommy his thumb on her button; she was humping his hand now, until at last she clasped her legs together. I saw her tensing and relaxing as she rode the waves of pleasure similar to the ones I had just experienced.

I pulled Ronnie off the floor by her leash she climbed on the sofa. I pushed her on her back and lifted her legs and held them her pussy was framed by her firm thighs, I licked her legs from knee down to her pussy and I lathered it with my tongue long slow licks short slow licks fast licks alternating through, some with a hard tongue some with a soft tongue. Beads of cum seeped from her and the flood gates opened when I pushed her legs wide and down spreading her as wide as possible. I lay down my fingers opened her for my tongue and mouth I worked every inch of her sweet pussy her clit delectable, I sipped on it bit it flicked my tongue over it, her juices trickle out and down her bum crease, I followed the trickle and lapped round her puckered opening, she squealed in delight. I pulled her tail out (butt plug) and licked the opening pressing my tongue just a little into the opening. It was not something I would normally do, as I find the taste unpleasant and there are nicer things I like to lick. I felt Ronnie's pussy gripping my finger as she pushed down her orgasm was closing, so moving up I took her clit between my teeth and nipped slightly and my tongue fluttered over the tip lightly, Ronnie's hips lifted off the sofa when she orgasmed her body rigid, she bit her arm to stop from calling out. She slumped sweat glistened on her body she was spent body and soul, girlie cum flowed copiously thin and slightly cloudy like pre-cum, I dipped my tongue in the girlie cocktail, lapping at it like a cat. I crawled up Ronnie's body pausing on my journey to kiss suck or lick on her landmarks till our mouth met and we shared a long passionate kiss.

I crawled to Lauren and lifted her foot and massaged the heel as I sucked on her toes licking between each toe, finally I pushed all toes into my mouth, Lauren giggled as I ran my hands along her stocking clad legs, 'Malcolm, hold her legs'. I ordered. Malcolm took Lauren's legs and freed my hands for pleasuring her I continued teasing her she squirmed as I barely touched her wet slit with my fingers, her puss pulsed and I bent over and kissed her inner thighs. I licked and kissed and bit the flesh of her inner thigh, Lauren was touching her breasts as I teased her running her hands round her erect nipples, pulling them and squeezing them between finger and thumb. I lay on my tummy between her legs, the fingers of one hand pulled her lips apart while the I pushed two fingers into her wet hole I could feel the heat as I flicked my tongue on her clit. I watched Laurens reactions as I worked on her sex; I twisted my fingers in her pussy curling seeking her sweet spot. I was not in the right position to work her, but I did hit it, causing her to buck she nearly threw my off her clit, but I held her and suckled on her clit, then the first sign she was cumming.

Lauren sighed her breathing became heavy. She extended her tongue, Malcolm lay beside her, and accepted it into his mouth; she grasped and took hold of my hair tightly, holding me to her pussy. Her pussy spasmed her juices began to flow copiously. Her legs widen, as she stretched out. Lauren started lifting her hips to meet my fingers, while her arms wrapped round Malcolm, keeping him clenched tightly to her, as I worked on her pussy and clit, she was rocketing quickly to her orgasm now.

Her hands flirt from Malcolm to me to her breasts, she is nearing her orgasm I can feel it, one more push and I know she will explode into a quivering rag totally spent as her sister, and Ronnie was a short time ago.

She bites her fingers and puts her head back she is like a rag doll and then I spanked her clit with the leather leash, light spanks. She moaned her body shuddered shook and quivered, her flat tummy seems to roll like a slinky wave after wave, as her breathing comes in short sharp pants, her legs fall aside, her tendons like loose elastic, her clit becomes super sensitive even my breath on her clit, causes her pain. She collapsed into a satisfied sleep.

Malcolm flops down on the floor, long scratches on his chest from Lauren as her orgasm rushed through her tanned fit body, rivulets of blood trickled down mixed with sweat. His breathing swallow and his once flaccid cock stood proud, his eyes begged me to do something, what the hell, I thought. I moved over to him and wrapped my fingers round his shaft, looking in his eyes I slowly pumped him, he closed his eyes as I scratched my fingernail over the purple helmet, his cock pulsed in my hand. I lowered my head keeping eye contact; I hesitated slightly my breath on the wet purple head, his eyes pleaded with me not to stop. I stuck my tongue out lifted his cock and licked along the underside from base to foreskin, which on my next sweep I pull down and carry on to flick my tongue round his pee hole jabbing it into the hole, he went ballistic, lifting his hips up to my mouth. I swirled my tongue round the bulbous head, while wanking on the shaft, I lick along the underside again this time instead of licking the head I open my mouth and close my lips round him and suck him into my mouth. I take him deep, when I begin to gag I hold him and let my tongue move forward it the reflex passes then I take him deeper and hold him as long as I can, only releasing him when I need to breathe, as I come off his cock thick strands of saliva clings to his cock. I massage the saliva on his cock, my hand slick moves faster, my hand tires and I need to get him off quickly. I suck one finger wetting it thoroughly, and as I wank on Malcolm's cock I slid my finger under him and slip it into his bum hole curling it I find his prostrate and make small circles, then I vibrate my hand an Malcolm's cock jerked in my hand as I wanked on him. He stopped my hand wanking him and seconds later cum burst from the eye and splattered over my breasts, I slowly continued my wanking as I gently removed my finger from his bum. I leant forward and licked the cum, seeping from his cock, and them I took him into my mouth and gently sucked, he shuddered as I popped his cock from my mouth. I released his rapidly shrinking cock, rubbed his cum into my boobs, and sat back on my heels.

Ronnie knelt beside me she kissed me, 'Can you stay the night' She enquired.

'Yes, I said and smiled.

'Come with me, you look like you need a bath, she said and she helped me up.

Mommy and Daddy, where cuddled up on the sofa, wrapped up in dressing gowns, while Lauren had recovered sufficiently to be wrapping Malcolm and her in a blanket.

I spent the night, and even went back with Liz once, never did get that job, official letter said,

"I am sorry to inform you that, if the company hired you there is every likelihood that the company would go bust as there would be virtually no work done due to having sex all day".

Yours sincerely Lauren & Ronnie PS. Party on Saturday do cum, oh and the party on the Saturday was another themed party.

Wenches and Lords

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