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Author: Jodi with help from Lynn
Published: 11-May-09 Revised/Updated 25-Sep-09
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I felt pressure starting to building in my shaven clean pussy. Moving side to side. Damn what a feeling! I exploded and lost my insides to another climax. She was nearing her own orgasm as I increased my speed riding this rubber dick. Lynn sucked my cunt as she fingered me to a new height that my husband never could. I guess that is why I wanted her to be my first female. She took control by fingering my pussy and biting my clitoris.

* * * * * * *

I wanted to take some golf lessons to surprise my husband for his birthday. I called around to some of the local public golf courses to get prices. I was grocery shopping on Saturday. I was standing in the checkout stand when the checker and a good-looking woman were talking as she checked her groceries.

The checker said she would be there after she had gotten off work. The other lady said, "Great, we can work on your short game today" I noticed as she paid for the groceries her checkbook had the name of a local golf course printed on her checks.

I paid for my groceries and quickly followed her. "Excuse me I"m Jodi, I said. "I couldn't help overhearing you talking to the checker. Are you a golf teacher" I asked. The lady turned around and replied that she was. I asked her if she had room for another student. I said, "I want to take some golf lessons to surprise my husband for his birthday" She smiled and said, "Sure. I'm pretty free on Fridays if that will work for you. When is your husband's birthday" I replied, In two months, on the 23rd. of July. She said, "Wow that don't give us much time. We better start as soon as possible. Friday at 9am sharp, Ok Oh I'm Ms. Rayburn. See ya then Jodi"

Ms. Rayburn is ah hottie! She had pretty blue eyes, long brunette hair, her height, 5' 5" around 115 to 120 pounds & slender legs. Ms Rayburn was about my size and much better looking and her boobs were a full cup size above me. Her nipples were showing thru her golf shirt. I felt a twinge in my thighs. She reeked of sex. I had never been attracted to females up till then.

Ms. Rayburn and I agreed to start Friday, She hugged me lightly. I could actually feel her large nipples pressed up against my chest. I felt another twinge in my inter thighs that excited me. I just knew I had to find out what else was under her clothes, but how The next few days time slowed down to a crawl as I anticipated her golf lessons and getting to meet her again. My attraction to another woman just didn't exist, but there was something there with Ms. Rayburn.

Thursday night, Ms. Rayburn called to confirm my first lesson. At bedtime, I showered and looking at my body in the wall mirror. I am good looking, but I was nothing compared to Ms Rayburn. I shaved and trimmed my pubic hair down to just a line above my vagina. My vagina looked so lovely, I played with it a little while.

Friday morning I arrived a little early at the golf course. I watched for Ms Rayburn. Shortly Ms. Rayburn drove in and parked. "Good morning Jodi" she said. Are you ready to learn this game "Have you ever played before" she asked. "Yes I have, my husband tried to show me but he wasn't very good at it! He started yelling at me"

"Never, let him tell you anything about your golf swing. Never! Well, forget everything he told you & we can start from a new beginning" We walked out to the driving range. Ms. Rayburn talked about the rules of the game, grip, speed, attitude, posture, tempo and so many other aspects of the game. How am I going to remember all that She began by standing behind me real close and helping me adjust my grip correctly. She moved her upper body. Damn, I could feel her hardened nipples on my back making my pussy wet. That has never happened. I kind of felt guilty by feeling this way. Ms. Rayburn was lighting a fire I had never known before.

"Ms. Rayburn" I started to ask her questions, when she interrupted me. She said, "I am informal. It's Lynn. You can stop with the Ms. Rayburn OK Jodi "I sure will Ms. Oops, Lynn" Lynn took me through several swing drills. That included posture, tempo & club head speed. That day started and ended my lesson so soon. Lynn asked me if I wanted to shower before I left.

"Sure, but I didn't bring a change of clothes Lynn" "It's OK you can wear something of mine. I showered in the same shower room as she, but in different stalls. We chatted as we both showered. Lynn finished first & walked out of the shower and into the locker room. I watched her ass swing as she walked. "Lynn's your body is immaculate. I just stared! "Oh thanks Jodi. I do stay in shape I work-out and play a lot of golf" "Say while were in here there is something else I need to show you. Some instructors will tell you that a woman's breasts get in the way of a perfect golf swing. That is BS! Lynn stepped behind me as she had me swing a putter. My titties were not in my way at anytime.

Men will tell you that because they say golf is a males game (Gentleman Only Women Forbidden) GOLF that is not the meaning! She was standing behind all the while. I felt her naked nipples and on raw back, again she made me wet myself. We got dressed and she left the golf course. I continued my lessons for a couple weekly visits. Lynn and I played 9 holes taking a slow approach to each hole. Show me the grip too tightly will cause more problems. My club head speed had improved, I still have to work on direction and distance. I thought I was doing OK. Lynn said she was impressed.

Lynn said she had another appointment and we had to quit early. We showered as usual. That is when I approached her. We were in the shower rooms, when I said, "Lynn I have a question that doesn't have anything to do with golf. It is kind of personal" I was being rather bold, not knowing what she'd say. "She said, "What is it Jodi" "Lynn I have been attracted to you since I seen you the grocery store. She stepped around her stall and joined me. She walked up and kissed me with more passion than I had ever kissed.

I said, "I don't know why, but there is something with you that makes my pussy all wet!"

Lynn reached down and slid a finger in my slit. "Why do I do that to you Jodi" She kissed me as she continued to finger me in the hot water. My knees were getting weak. She asked me, "Jodi what do you want from me" I replied "I want you to make love with me, right here, right now!" "Right here She asked. "No! not here. Let's go to my house, its just a few blocks away. She kissed me hard and fingered my wetness of my pussy hard.

"Jodi, I want to have sex with you also. Get dressed and let's go" I worried and dressed. She said to follow her. We reached her house, she opened that garage door and motioned for me to pull in beside her car, the door shut. Lynn & I went in the house. She was taking off her clothes as she walked to her bedroom. I followed her lead. By the time we made it to her bedroom we were both naked like the day I was born.

She turned me around, laid me down on her bed & spread me legs as my moisture glistened. She lightly licked and bit my clit sending waves of lust through out my body. She asked me if I was a lesbian. "No, Lynn I'm not just bi-curious I guess. She said she was bi and she preferred females to males. She said she liked a good stiff cock at times. So do I, I said. "Lynn, I don't know what I am after meeting you. I have never been drawn to women before"

Lynn sucked my cunt as she fingered me to a new height that my husband never could. I guess that is why I wanted her to be my first female. She took control by fingering my pussy and biting my clitoris. Lynn increased her assault on my vagina. I was nearing a glorious climax and she knew it. I arched my back and forced her face down on my cunt. Screaming, Lynn Eat My Pussy. Eat me like my husband never could. "I'm Cumming Lynn I am Cu---- I had my first orgasm with Lynn. "Oh Lynn. "Can I do you"

She rolled us over to the 69 position. She was as wet as I was. I hadn't tasted another woman's female juices before, but she really tasted so great. Just sucking on her pussy made me get off another orgasm. She lowered her head to my shaven cunt. She lapped up my juices and swallowed it. Lynn reached her nightstand for one of her toys. It was a vibrating double-headed 16"dildo. She then moved in closer to me. I moved into position sitting facing her. She placed this dong and her pussy and mine. I pushed forward allowing her cunt to meet mine. I started moving in close to her and then back again riding this as it vibrates.

Soon we were in rhythm. Slow, shallow strokes became fast and deep in just a few minutes. Wow, I was getting off again at the hands of this magnificent lady. I felt pressure starting to building in my shaven clean pussy. Moving side to side. Damn what a feeling! I exploded and lost my insides to another climax. She was nearing her own orgasm as I increased my speed riding this rubber dick. Lynn, Screamed. "Jodi Fuck Me Fuck Me Deep and fast I'm going to cum. Fuck Me Sweetie" We just lay there joined with this dildo between us.

Grab your pussy and help me cum Jodi" She grinned and started slowly rubbing her vagina against mine. As I heard the squish of our juices mixing and I grabbed a handful of her breasts and pinched her giant nipples.

After it was over, we laid in bed next to each other, cooing and moaning lightly. a shower together. I was at her place for a total of about four hours. Lynn Said, "Jodi If you practice hard each day you can have some more of this!" and I left satisfied with my first female/female encounter. I felt great.

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