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Rougth Day

Author: Anon
Publish Date : Feb 20, 2005
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When I had gone up to visit the campus, I was delighted to see that nearly all of the female members of the student body were drop dead gorgeous. I had made my decision. I packed up my apartment, loaded up my truck and drove north.

* * * * * * *

I had just transferred to a new University where I didn't know a soul. I had spent the last several years living in San Francisco deciding that a cigarette girl was not an ideal career. Of course it was fun being in a room of half naked girls putting on eachother's make-up every night before we went out, but I was a little tired of hearing, "How much for you" from drunk corporate men. The money was excellent, so it gave me a nice savings account with which to spend on furthuring my education.

I chose this school because of several reasons: it was in a small town that embraced quite a liberal way of life, it was in the mountains so I could run on trails, and most importantly the girls.

When I had gone up to visit the campus, I was delighted to see that nearly all of the female members of the student body were drop dead gorgeous. I had made my decision. I packed up my apartment, loaded up my truck and drove north.

I found a great place next to campus for a third of my rent in the city. I unpacked my stuff and began to make a home of this new environment.

The next step was getting some classes. I went into the head of my department, a creepy looking man in his 40's that boasted a "cop mustache" and an extensive collection of kitch in his office, and asked him which classes I should take to finish my degree. He suggested that I add the Design 3 class that had just begun 10 minutes ago. He walked me over to the classroom and introduced me to the professor. She was a bitchy dyke in her late 30's that was extremely annoyed that her class had been interrupted. I felt her eyes take in my entire body. Starting with my dyed-black hair, down to my tattoos on my arms, and my tight black pants, she examined the new student with conviction. Had I been paying attention to her, I may have felt violated by her intrusive stare, but my focus was on the blonde sitting directly next to me. Because we were in college, I assumed that she was my age (22) or a little younger. I came to find out that she was a high-school exchange student from Holland that was auditing the class for fun.

The last hour of that class seemd to last a day. All I wanted to do was find out more about this beautiful girl sitting next to me. I couldn't take my eyes off of her long blonde hair. It came down past her waist, and I kept wondering what it would feel like draped over my naked body. Her perfect breasts would fill my hands nicely, and I noticed that she hadn't bothered putting on a bra that morning. I wanted her to stand up so I could get a better look at her ass in those cute low-waisted pale blue pants she had on. She smelled wonderful, like girly shampoo or something, and it made me a little light-headed to picture her in the shower with the product that gave her that amazing aroma. My wait to talk to her was almost over, 5 more minutes...

Finally, the bitchy dyke excused the class, but not before loading us down with a month's worth of reading. Bitch.

Now I could talk to this girl. I asked her name. "Sarah," she said while flipping her hair over her shoulder, "what's your's" "Jennifer." I could barely speak, I knew that I had to have this girl tonight or I might die. I have never been so filled with desire as I was at that moment. And I think that Sarah could tell by the way she smiled at me. She asked if I had already bought the books that we had to read, and I said that I hadn't. She said that she had them, and if I wanted to get a head start on the reading with her later. I tried to act cool and said, "Sure, I think that would be a good idea." What I really meant was, "Of course you can come over and scream in extasy as I tounge-fuck you until you pass out!"

I asked her if we should do the reading at her house or at mine. She told me that she was staying with her lame aunt, so my place was a better idea. I think this girl was trying to get into my pants. We decided to meet back at the art building at 6:00.

I rushed home to unpack my special toys and put them in a discrete, but accessible place. I looked at my pink glitter vibrating dildo and decided to see if it had made the journey in working order. As I took off my black tank top, I thought about Sarah's tits. I wondered if her nipples were pink and if they would be sensitive in my finger tips or if she preferred me to bite them gently as I ran my tounge over their sweet tips. I was squeezing my own breasts while I was thinking about her and wondered if my large C cups would find their way into her beautiful mouth later. I unzipped my pants and pulled them off along with the polka-dot thong that had been covering my nearly bald and extremely wet pussy. I picked up my pink friend and rubbed it all over my slick lips and hardened clit. I thought about Sarah's pussy, whether she shaved and how amazing she must taste. I pushed my dildo into my dripping pussy and wished that little girl was perched on my face so I could nibble on her clit as I brought myself to orgasm. The thought of looking up at her perfect B's bouncing as she twitched with orgasmic convulsions brought me to a mind numbing climax. I lay in exctasy for a moment, then turned to look at the clock. Oh shit! It was already 5:30 and I definitely needed a shower.

I raced in and out of the shower, trying desperately not to play with myself. I threw on a clean black tank top and a denim mini skirt over my freshly showered and oiled body. I contemplated putting on underwear, but then figured if all went well they'd be off in an hour anyways. So I grabbed my bag and ran out the door to meet Sarah. I made it to the art building right at 6:00 and saw her waiting for me. She had taken a shower and changed her clothes, too. She was wearing impossibly low tight jeans that made her ass look completely delectible. She also had on a tight pale yellow vintage t-shirt that gave me an excellent view of her perky nipples and of her tan flat stomach. I told her that she looked cute, and she thanked me. Then she blew me away. As she reached out her hand to touch my waist, she ran it up my side deliberately feeling the side of my breast and said, "I think you look sexy." I couldn't wait to take this little slut back to my apartment.

When we got to my place, I offered her a glass of water. She sat down on my bed, leaned back on her arms and said, "Maybe later." I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I took in every inch of her amazing body, her heart-shaped mouth, and her piercing blue eyes. I was magneticly drawn over to the bed where she was sitting. She stood up and faced me, looking past my eyes into my desires. She said we can read later and kissed my anxiously awaiting mouth. Too turned on to be blown away by this 18 year old's aggressiveness, I returned her kiss deeply. I pushed my tounge into her mouth and explored her body with my hands. As I gently bit her lower lip, I felt her hands pushing my tank top up over my breasts. Wanting to be helpful, I pushed her down onto the bed and took my top completely off for her. My nipples were already like little rocks and wanted desperately to be in her mouth. I got up onto the bed and straddled her body putting my tits over her awaiting face. She grabbed them with both hands and pushed them together as she licked, sucked and bit my nipples. She was amazing at this job and I could hardly wait to find out what else she could do with her pretty little mouth. My pussy was dripping wet and needed attention. I tooke my tits out of Sarah's mouth and took off my skirt. Then I noticed something terrible: she was still fully clothed. My priorities switched. I told her to take off her shirt and pants. Which she did, slowly, as if to torture me for allowing her to be in them for so long. First her t-shirt went, revealing the most beautiful set of breasts ever made. They were tan like the rest of her and and had the most amazing pink nipples I had ever seen. My pussy twitched when I saw them. Next, she unzipped her jeans, turned around and pulled them down over her delicious ass. She bent over to get her jeans off and gave me a perfect view of her shiny pink pussy. Then she lay back down on the bed and looked at me with those penetrating eyes. I got on the bed, with my knees between her spread legs, and kissed her mouth with intent. I let my tounge run down her neck until it found it's way to her left breast. I licked around her nipple, then took it into my mouth. I sucked it between my teeth and gently began to nibble. I moved over to her right breast and did the same thing. While I was giving attention to her tits with my mouth, my hand found her beautiful, shaved pussy. She was dripping wet and I needed to taste her. I pushed a finger into her and put it into my mouth. She tasted like heaven. I needed more than just a little taste. I let my hands keep her breasts stimulated as I kissed my way down her tight stomach. I made my way to her beautiful young pussy and began to lick around her lips, cleaning her delicious juices with my tongue. I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing me into her awaiting clit. I moved my tongue closer, but not where she wanted... yet. I explored every inch of her folds with my tongue until I found her hardened clit. I licked it with the full part of my tongue and applied pressure for a few seconds. Then I reached for my pink friend. I put it into my mouth to lube it and pushed it slowly into her vagina. She made a moaning sound, which made me fuck her a little faster. As I worked the dildo in and out of her dripping pussy, I sucked and licked her clit slowly and with a lot of pressure. I felt her hips rocking in rhythm of the dildo and I started to fuck her even faster, keeping the same pace on her clit. She started to tense up, and I could tell she was about to cum. I flicked my tongue across her clit hard and fast and sent a wave of cunvulsions across her tight young body. When her orgasm subsided, I laid down nex to her and kissed her so that she could taste herself on my lips.

She recovered from her orgasm quickly and began playing with my nipples, rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger. She was so damn good at this that I almost came just from that. But her hand soon found it's way down to my dripping pussy. She dove right in. She licked me from my asshole all the way up to my clit, sending shivers all over my body. She reached up and took my left tit in her hand and squeezed my nipple as she began to work on my clit with her tongue. This girl had serious oral skills. I came fast and hard all over her face. She licked up every drop and kissed her way back up to my mouth. I cleaned her face with my tounge and pressed my body to her's. I rubbed my breasts against her firm tits and grabbed my dildo again. I could hear her moaning softly as I plunged the toy back into her pussy. I fucked her to orgasm again as I slapped her beautiful ass.

We didn't leave my apartment until class the next day. We must have looked like we had stayed up all night fucking, because when we walked in, the bitchy dyke said with a knowing smile, "Rough day at the office, girls"

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