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Hitchhiker Turns Dyke


Author: Billy
Published: 20-Feb-05 Revised/Updated 26-Jul-17

On the morning, Susan put on a pair of jeans. Her parents didn't know it but underneath, she had A pair of shorts and skimpy halter. She thought it would be easier to get a ride dressed like that. She was right. So suitcase in hand, Susan took off to visit Grandma and Grandpa...

* * * * * * *

Susan is going on 19, 5 feet, five inches tall. Long blonde hair half way down Her back. Her figure is Perfect. She is very beautiful. Susan has just graduated from high school. Susan is a virgin. As early as the ninth grade, Susan was a well-developed beauty. Most of the boys, some of the girls and Some of the teachers looked at her with desire. Although she could have dated most any boy She wanted to, Susan seldom went on a date. She did go to school games and a few dances but She spent most of her time studying and working her part time job. In her senior year, she met a boy she liked. He was very good looking and a starter on the football Team. When he ask her out, she accepted. He took her to a movie and for hamburgers later and Treated her very nice. After a few dates the petting was getting heavy and he decided it was time To make his move. He wanted very much to fuck her and add her to his list of conquest. After a Very intense make out session, he paced his hand on her breast but she gently pushed his hand aside. He tried to put his hand under her skirt but she held his arm and prevented him from reaching his Goal. The next date was the same; no amount of petting was working. He decided it was time to beg and he Did. He told her that he loved her and if she loved him to he wanted her to prove her love by letting Him fuck her. She refused. He said, at least let me put my dick your mouth. Again she refused. She Finally relented to giving him a hand job. He has to show her how to do that. He had plenty of experience In jacking off. The next date was the same. A hand job. He told her he wanted to do something for her too. He said I Want to kiss you down there. Your pussy. She finally relented but said he could only do it threw her Panties. She wasn't going to take them off. She lay back on the car's back seat and he kneeled down Between her legs and kissed her pussy threw her panties. He then tried to pull them down but she Stopped him again. He did manage to get his tongue under the side of panties and lick her slit. Susan thought that although it did feel nice, it didn't do all that much for her. The next time he called she made up a reason not to go. He finally gave up and that was that. Susan's wanted very much to go to college. She was very smart and knew a good education was Essential. Problem was that her parents, although hard working, could not afford to send her. She was Going to work and save her money and maybe with loans, she could someway manage it. After graduation, her grandparents ask her to come and spend a couple of weeks with them. She loved Them and very much wanted to go. Problem was neither her parents or her grandparents could afford Transportation cost to get her there. Susan decided to hitchhike. Her Mon and Dad was very much Against it. There was just too much danger out on the road. Susan finally convinced to let her go. On the morning, Susan put on a pair of jeans. Her parents didn't know it but underneath, she had A pair of shorts and skimpy halter. She thought it would be easier to get a ride dressed like that. She was right. So suitcase in hand, Susan took off to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The first to stop for her was a tractor-trailer. The driver was a large burley man and he got right to the point. Young lady lean over and suck my dick while I drive and I will take you anywhere you want to go. She started to cry and he Pulled over and let her out on the interstate. A few minutes later two women in a long Lincoln town car stopped. The back seat was Filled with suitcases. They said if she didn't mind being crowded in between Them in the front seat, she was welcome to ride with them. Susan put her suit Case in the back with the others and climbed in. The Driver of the car looked to Be about 40. She was fat and ugly and had some hair on her upper lip. The other Lady while big and manly looking was not bad looking. She to was about 40 and the better dressed of the two. The two ladies introduced themselves. The Fat driver's name was Bertha and the other Rose. Susan didn't know it but both were Bull dyke lesbians. They looked at Susan as if she was a nice tender piece of meat and she was. They stole a look at each other and made a silent vow to fuck this young beauty. Because all three were in the front seat it was easy for the two women to touch Susan which they did at every opportunity. Rose would adjust the radio and touch Susan's leg on the way back. Bertha had her leg pressed up against her left leg And Rose had hers against the other. Rose stroked Susan's hair an told her how Pretty it was. She brushed an imaginary speck off the top covering her breast. They ask about boy friends and even pointed questions about her sex life. Later Rose put her arm around her and pulled her closer and told her to lay her head On her shoulder and take a nap. When Susan dosed off Rose softly caressed her Tits while Bertha rubbed her leg with her free hand and ran her fingers around Her pussy. Susan felt all of this in her light sleep and thought it was a dream. If all felt nice too. The two women became braver. Rose put her hand under Susan's top and squeezed her breast and tweaked her nipples. Bertha slid her Fingers under the leg of her shorts and lightly rubber her pussy lips. She Inserted one finger and slowly finger fucked her. She could tell she was still a Virgin. Susan's nipples were getting hard and her pussy wet. She was still in a Light sleep but was starting to moan softly. Rose then pulled her top up and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth. Bertha removed her finger and licked the pussy juice off them and then inserted two fingers in Susan's pussy. Bertha was having a hard time driving. Susan's pussy smell was beginning to fill the car. Both women wished there were some way to taste her but knew that would have to wait. Susan began to sigh and move around. Rose and Bertha knew she was going to wake up soon so Bertha removed her fingers and licked them again. Rose took her mouth from her tit and pulled her top back down. Susan awoke with a start. Rose said, dear you had a nice nap and you must have had a nice dream too. You were making a lot of pleasure sounds. Susan thought, Oh My God, I must have had a sex dream. My nipples are hard and I am wet between my legs. She also remembered her pussy smell from the time her boyfriend licked her pussy and the few times she had rubbed herself. Susan told the women about her desire to go to college and her plans to work. They made other small talk until Rose said. We are near our summer home. Why don't you spend the night It is too dangerous for you to be out on the road at night and tomorrow morning we will take you on to your grandparents. After some persuasion, She agreed to stay. After they arrived, Rose ask Susan if she would like a drink while she fixed them all something to eat. Susan had only drunk once or twice at a dance so she asks for a weak one. Rose fixed all of them a vodka and tonic. She put a lot of Vodka in Susan'. They had two more before dinner was ready and Susan was getting a little high. They had a glass of wine with their pasta. After a couple more glasses of wine, Susan head was swimming. She told them that she would like to take a bath and go to bed. Bertha went to draw a bath for her and Rose led her to the bathroom. Rose said let me help you get undressed dear. She stripped her off and stood back to admire this beautiful girl. Rose could hardly contain herself. She helped Susan in the tub and Rose sat on the rim of the tub near her head and Bertha on the other end. They each had a washcloth and started to wash her. Susan resisted at first but the warm water and the effects of the booze weakened her resistance. Rose carefully washed her upper body paying a lot attention to her tits. It was more massaging than washing. In the mean time bertha washing her lower body spending most of her time between her legs. Soon they abandoned the cloths and were just using their hands. Rose was playing with her breast and tweaking her nipples. Heather was rubbing her pussy and even sticking a finger in her once in awhile. She gave her ass a good going over too. Susan was lying in the warm tub really enjoying the treatment she was getting. She was to drunk to realize what they was really doing. The two helped Susan out of the tub and after drying her off, led her to a bedroom and lay her down. The women agreed that never in their lives had they seen such a beauty. She was perfect. Her firm breasts and smooth stomach. The hair on her pussy was soft and matched the blond color of the hair on her head. Rose ran her hand up her thigh and cupped her mound. Susan moaned No, no please don't do that. Rose put her other hand on one of her tits and rolled her nipple around between her finger and thumb. Susan rolled away saying what are you doing. No Don't. Rose stood up and removed her own blouse and bra. Her tits were big and didn't sag much for her age. Bertha was sitting in a chair watching and rubbing herself between her legs. Rose lifted Susan into a sitting position and cupped one of her own tits and pushed it to Susan's mouth. Here dear, suck on this. It will relax you and make you feel better. Without really realizing what she was doing, Susan open her mouth and began to suck on Rose's tit. It did feel nice in her mouth so she continued to suck it. A little later, Rose removed her tit and put the other one in Susan's mouth. In spite of herself, she was enjoying sucking the big tits. Rose put her hand between Susan's leg and gently rubbed her pussy finally inserting a finger. Susan tried to push her hand away while still sucking on Rose's tit. She pulled away from the tit she was sucking and said please stop and then started sucking again. Bertha had remover all her clothes. Her big tits sagged and she had a huge belly. Her pussy was covered with a thick mat of black hair. She had one leg laid over an arm of her chair and was furiously fingering fucking herself while watching Rose and Susan on the bed. She couldn't wait until it was her turn. Rose removed her tit from Susan's mouth and gently lay her back on the bed. She spread her legs and knelt between them. She looked down at the beautiful pussy greedily but she refrained from burying her face in it. She reached up and started massaging Susan's breasts and pulling on her nipples. Then she rubbed her belly and slowly moved to the hair above her cunt. Susan was moaning please stop, please don't over and over but made no attempt to stop her. Finally Rose lowered her face to Susan's pussy and took a deep breath. She looked over at Bertha and said this is the sweetest smelling pussy. I know it is going to taste the same. She then placed her mouth on it and started licking up and down. Susan Was still moaning but her words were incoherent. Rose licked and sucked on her clit then stuck her tongue in to her still intact hymen. Susan could no longer control herself. She put her hands behind Rose's head and pulled it into her cunt as hard as she could and started grinding her pussy against her mouth. She had never experienced anything like this. When she started to cum she was sure that her whole body was going to come out of her pussy. She said Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes. Please don't stop. I love it. Rose continued to lick and suck and brought her to another climax. She raised up and kissed Susan and said taste yourself on my lips and tongue dear. She held her and rained kisses all over her face. Bertha said it is my turn now. Reluctantly Rose got up off the bed and Bertha took her place. She flipped Susan over and started mauling her beautiful ass cheeks. She spread her cheeks and bent over and licked her ass hole. She stuck her finger in her ass up till the first knuckle. She slowly finger fucked her ass for a few minutes. Susan was moaning OH, OH, OH. Bertha removed her finger and spread her cheeks and licked her ass again and then forced as much of her tongue into her asshole as she could. Susan started pushing her ass back against Bertha's tongue and face trying to get more of it in her ass. Bertha put her hand under Susan and teased her clit and then jammed two of her fingers deep into her cunt. Susan screamed Oh that hurts. Heather had busted her sweet cherry. She continued to tongue her ass and finger fuck her. Soon the pain went away and Susan came again. The two women fucked Susan several times during the night. Susan even went down on Rose but she refused to do the same to Bertha. She did finger fuck her though. The next morning while fixing breakfast Rose told Susan that they had a deal for her. If she would move in with them after her summer break they would pay her way to college and support her. Susan said she would do it. After all, fucking and studying was what most college students did any way and she would get a free education out of it. Rose and Bertha took Susan the rest of the way to her Grandparents. After kisses and hugs all around, She said she would see them in August. The women could hardly wait.

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