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My Name is Lucy - Chapter 7

Author: Lucy
Publish Date : Feb 21, 2014
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Abi pulled herself off Kela and told me to lie with my legs wide apart so that she could see my pussy and eat it.

* * * * * * *

More than twenty four hours elapsed and I enjoyed sunning myself and swimming. In the evening I did not mind being on my own as I was able to reflect on my wonderful days of real sex. I had dinner and retired to my room to get a good sleep.

In the morning I had a late breakfast after a swim and then returned to the beach to enjoy the sun and the beautiful blue waters.

Kela rang me about lunchtime to ask if we could meet at the hotel as she did not have to work that evening. She said that she would be finished at about 2pm again and asked if we could get together soon after in the bar area of the hotel. I agreed and said that I was looking forward to seeing her. She returned the compliment and then hung up.

I went back to my room and showered and changed into a loose fitting top with the sexiest pair of hot pants I could find. I put on a pair of sandals and sauntered down to the bar area.

Kela arrived looking beautiful as always. We ordered two glasses of wine and decided that we were both hungry and walked through to the busy dining area. We were lucky to find a table that had just been vacated.

We ordered food and more drinks and were awaiting its arrival as we were suddenly aware of a young girl or should I say young lady looking for a spare table. She was not tall but had a most voluptuous pair of large breasts with not much to cover them. Her legs were short but slim and she had a waist to die for.

Kela looked at me and winked and without hesitation called her to our table and invited her to take a spare seat. She thanked us profusely and sat down. We introduced ourselves and she told us her name was Abi and she was staying in a small apartment next to the hotel and decided to come in and try the restaurant. "You won't be disappointed", I said and passed her the menu. She was surprised at how busy it was and I explained that it had a very good reputation for food and an attentive staff.

The waiter took her order and we invited her to share our bottle of wine which she willingly accepted. Abi told us she was twenty two years old and had booked this holiday some time ago. She had been so looking forward to it as she had had a tough year with work and relationships. We did not go into detail as she was obviously here on recovery to be happy and enjoy herself.

We chatted whilst we all ate and enjoyed another bottle of wine. Kela and I could not keep our eyes off Abi's enormous breasts as she kept shifting them back and forth.

The meal was finished and the drink consumed. Abi suggested a swim and said that she would have to change into her bikini which she had in a bag with her. I suggested we go to my room as we would have to change as well.

I led the way to the room whilst Kela and Abi followed chatting happily. We entered the room and I pointed Abi to the bathroom in order for her to change.

Kela and I stripped in front of each other perhaps knowing what was in store as we both wanted to see this girl and her amazing body naked. We sat on the side of the bed and kissed as Abi opened the bathroom door to appear in the most revealing bikini. "Oh that looks nice", she said. "Do you often kiss like that", to which we replied "Only if Abi joins in". She laughed and immediately jumped onto the bed and lay on her back.

We took no time in removing her top and feeling her breasts. They were enormous and fantastic. I would say at least a 38DD. She did not refuse our advances and moaned with pleasure when we licked her nipples and ran our tongues over her body. I nodded at Kela to take off her bikini bottom and go down on her. She did so whilst I lay and held her in my arms stroking her breasts and kissing her. She knew exactly what was happening and was really enjoying being licked out. Her kissing was so intense and she began to moan and say how fantastic our lovemaking felt.

I whispered in her ear and asked if she liked being licked. She replied that she loved Kela's tongue and wanted it to probe inside her pussy. Kela duly obliged and I sucked her breasts. Abi started to rub her clitoris and in a moment she was having a wonderful orgasm and her whole body shook with pleasure.

She lay there smiling and started to run her hands up and down our bodies. We took it in turns to lay on top of Abi and feel those extraordinary breasts beneath us. She cupped them together as we licked them.

Then she said that she wanted to taste our pussies and told us to lay down whilst she licked one of us and then the other. She plunged her fingers in my pussy whilst licking Kela and then licked all the juice off her fingers. This girl knew her stuff!

She lay on top of Kela and they started to kiss. I could tell that she was enjoying Abi's breasts being pressed against her body and I started to lick her arse and vagina whilst I had my fingers in Kela. I kept licking and rubbing whilst the two were kissing and licking with Abi putting her big breasts over Kelas mouth so that she could suck them.

I could feel Kela tense and then let out an explosive cry as she came. Her juices flowed and she gripped Abi's body so tightly. What a glorious sight the two of them moaning with pleasure.

Abi pulled herself off Kela and told me to lie with my legs wide apart so that she could see my pussy and eat it. This she did in a very firm manner and Kela looked at me and smiled whilst holding my body close to her. Abi worked at my pussy , licking and probing with her fingers. This went on for some time and the feeling of her tongue running up and down my pussy lips was amazing. She then went to work on my clitoris, licking and sucking. Kela held me tightly and kissed my breasts and then my face ending up probing my lips with her tongue.

Abi meanwhile was working away down below and brought me to a wonderful orgasm. The joy of the two of them feeling my body was superb.

Abi said that she felt so good having sex with Kela and myself and as she had to go and make a couple of calls and send a few e mails would we like to catch up later. "Of course", we replied "And do you mind if we bring a man with us". "Not at all", Abi replied, "I like men as well especially if they are black". We arranged a rendezvous at a bar we all knew for 7.30.

After Abi had gone we phoned Brandon to see how he was and if he was up for a meeting tonight. He was fine and we said that we had a little surprise for him. We told him where to meet us and that we looked forward to the evening together.

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