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Cheerleaders delight

Author: ScriBer
Publish Date : Feb 3, 2006
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I think Fiona knew the effect she had on me and I think she enjoyed how much she teased me. As the week went on we were inseperable and people started calling us the Gab Girls and rightly so. Fiona would continue to tease and tease me as we changed for swimming, letting me purposely see a flash of skin here and there.

* * * * * * *

Going to cheerleading camp was the most memorable experience I've ever encountered. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a hot July morning when my parents dropped me off with my pom poms and giant suit case, I had waited all year for this event. The big yellow bus pulled up in the parking lot as parents were wishing girls good-bye, some cried while others waved joyously as the girls stepped onto the bus, starting the journey towards two full weeks of nothing but cheer spirit. Someone yelled my name and when I turned it was as if time had stopped.

There she was: Fiona Thomas, the captain of our high school's cheer squad. She was beautiful, her short, curly red hair blew in the wind and her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. Her smile was worth a million dollars, the dimples on her freckly face formed perfectly, she moved her head in perfect unison to her body. I glanced over her stunning body, letting my eyes devour her lustrous breasts and the way they bounced and jiggled as she swiveled her hips. I was so thankful for a cool breeze because I could see her cute little nipples through her cheer outfit. Before I knew it though, she was next to me talking.

We talked and talked as we boarded the bus and waved a last goodbye. For the entire 3-hour drive we gabbed like best friends and we got to know almost everything about each other. When I was with her, she made me feel like I was the most important person and her charisma always invited and intrigued me. As she told me about the first time she had sex with her boyfriend, Tommy, I felt my middle getting wet.It had already been throbbing from the virbrations of the bus. She whispered in my ear all of the juicy details, I didn't pay much attention to what she was saying, but how. Her hot breath slowly crept around my ear and made my insides scream. My ears perked up as she told me in delicious detail how she had let her pussy get so very juicy and then slid Tommy's long dick in her. I nearly lost it at that point.

I think Fiona knew the effect she had on me and I think she enjoyed how much she teased me. As the week went on we were inseperable and people started calling us the Gab Girls and rightly so. Fiona would continue to tease and tease me as we changed for swimming, letting me purposely see a flash of skin here and there. I couldn't take it much longer, each night I would masturbate over and over again to the image of that first day we met up. I'd imagine my mouth around those sweet little nipples, letting my hands be around those nice round hips and slowly moving my hand towards her middle. Near the end it started getting harder and harder not to scream out her name. One night I got the idea to sneak out and see what she was doing. I crept along the campus towards her cabin, my knees getting weak from nervousness. Something told me that there was something going on. At first I was scared and worried something was wrong, but as I got closer I started hearing moans coming from the bathroom. I snuck over and to my surprise I saw Fiona, slowly finger fucking herself. She was sprawled on the shower bench tweaking her breasts and slowly inserting one then two fingers into her smooth, tight twat. I could hear her juices as she slid her fingers in and out. To hear her mouth purr as she pleased her pussy made me instantly wet. Seeing her fingernails pinch and pull her perky boobs and her red head thrash about was too much. I unknowingly undid my nightie and started to screw myself with the same rythmn. As she got faster, I got faster. I could barely stand, I had to lean against the back of the brick to prevent myself from tumbling into the bushes. She started to orgasm within minutes and hearing her moan 'yes yes yes' over and over again was too much. I dove my fingers in one last time and wiggled my thumb over my clit and my pussy exploded. I bit my lip harder and harder but I let out a small moan, and I whispered her name.

Instantly she sprang up and ran to the window.She tried to cover herself with a towel and looked out for a while whispering "whose there" and "what was that". Her eyes adjusted and I knew I was caught. At first I thought she would be angry but as I saw her coy grin grow I knew that we were going to be having some fun. "Claudia," she said, "come in here you naughty naughty girl, ooh I've been dreaming of this day for so long." I climbed up into the bathroom through the window I had been watching her through. My nightie was completely off and I was a little embarassed. I tried to cover up but as she closed the shutters, Fiona told me not to bother as she wanted to examine my beautiful body. I stood in the lighting and uncovered myself. I watched as her eyes explored my body. My brown hair feathered around my shoulders, tickling my small, perky breasts, my pink nipples got hard instantly and started to turn a little red. I smiled as she went lower examining my somewhat messy pussy. I could tell she preferred things smooth and kind of shrunk up as I looked at my unkept pubic hairs. I could have sworn I saw a light bulb go off in Fiona's head as she met her blue eyes with my green ones. She stood up from the bench and pointed to it. "Lay down," she instructed. I obeyed. As my pussy hit the cold tile I jumped a little. She came over to my aid and kissed my cheek, she whispered in my ear that she had been waiting for this night since she first saw me. She stroked my cheek as she put her soft lips on mine. It was a short, brief kiss and it felt like heaven. Her lips met mine once more and this time it was more fiery and passionate. Our tongues tangled and it was pure bliss for me. My clit started to twinge and jabber up from between my now swollen lips.

Fiona got up and walked over to a counter, she pulled out a razor and some shaving cream as well as a wash cloth and filled a cup with warm water. She floated over to me and smiled as she said that we'd take care of this furry matter. She spread my legs and sat in between them. Her mouth was just inches from my throbbing cunt. She wet the wash cloth and added to the wetness between my legs. I let out a soft moan as the warm water penetrated my lips and slowly slid down towards my hole, teasing me all the way. Before I could enjoy this lovely feeling I was shocked with the coldness of the shaving cream. It was so cold and sent my pussy into shock, but as soon as it had froze my clit, it was warming up and slowly seeping down. It was a great feeling I felt the razor go up one pussy lip and I could have sworn that Fiona let out a giggle. As she did the other lip she let a finger slip in. Oh god, that girl knew how to tease. She shaved around my clit, my pussy lips, and as soon as she had started it was over. I was a bit disappointed since she turned me on so much with such attention on my bush. My eyes had been closed the whole time, but I felt something on my pussy. I opened my eyes but they were blurry. It wasn't shaving cream, or water, it wasn't the razor or the bench, as my eyes focused my body writhed with pleasure as I realized what was teasing me was none other than Fiona's tongue slurping my pussy juices up. She hummed as she took my clit in her mouth. The vibrations of her lips and humming was almost too much, I had to lay back for fear of fainting. She traced my pussy with her lips and tongue, leaving kisses. I started moaning her name and telling her I was about to cum. She stuck her tongue into my hole and for a moment tongued my violently. It was sooo good. I was about to cum when all of a sudden it stopped.

I opened my eyes shocked and then felt Fiona on top of me. It was all too much like a dream. I kissed her fiercely and ran my fingers through her hair. We soon started humping each other. Her pussy was right on top of mine, our clits kissed and our juices mixed. I broke the kiss and turned her around to where she was laying down. I kissed her one more time on the lips as I straddled her and started moving down. I kissed her neck, then her collar bone. I kissed down her chest and stopped briefly to play with her titties. I put my mouth over the left breast and let my tongue flicker around it. I bit her nipple and heard a moan. I let my right hand pinch and squeeze her breast. She started to buck her hips and I moved on, to her belly button. I kissed it and went lower, and lower, leaving a trail of kisses. I reached the top of her pussy and laid one long kiss down on it. I proceded to do as she had done to me. I swirled my tongue around her clit, I stuck a finger into her hole as I kissed her lips. I felt her juices and took my finger out. I looked at her, grinned, and stuck it in my mouth. Her sweet juices made me hungry for more. I wanted more and more of her juices, I dove into her pussy and ate it all up. I nibbled here and there and plunged into her hole. I couldn't get enough and then I felt her turning my body. I was now straddling her face and we were in a 69 position.

I ate her, she ate me. We started humping and bucking. She humped my face, I humped hers. We copied each others pattern, circling the clit, sticking in some fingers and moaning as we kissed the lips. Soon we were bucking wild and our train was about to arrive. We started moaning and it was as if we heard the engineer of the O-Train yelling all aboard. Soon we both exploded in orgasmic pleasure. Our bodies shook, our juices flowed. We collapsed on top of each other. My head still resting in her sweet love tunnel. We just lay there, too weak to move. We were in such bliss we had lost track of time. I guess we fell asleep because at 5 sharp we both jumped as the alarm rang out. It was time to get up. I grabbed my nightie and rushed towards the window. Fiona stopped me and kissed me one last time. She giggled as she told me to meet her tonight at the same time. My knees quivered in anticipation and each night I couldn't get enough. God I can't wait until camp next year.

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