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Victorias Secret

Author: MeowPuss
Publish Date : Jun 7, 2006
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My tongue fenced expertly with her unskilled but enthusiastic one, until she was force to break the impassioned kiss for shortness of breath! Give her this...we had still not made enough noise to be heard by anyone who was not standing directly outside the booth!

* * * * * * *

She was still there. Each time I entered the store I swung like a pendulum between the hope that she would be gone, and the strangely intense dread that I would never see her again...would never know the promise of her taut young body. It would be so wrong...I knew that, but somehow I could not help but want her.

The store was a lingerie shoppe-of a major chain of shops-in a large local shopping Mall. I had bought there often, liking the high quality design and materials of their sexy undergarments and bathing apparel...and about a month before had noticed the way one of the salesgirls was paying special attention to me. She was a small, young girl, strawberry blonde & freckled, certainly still in her mid-teens (19 at most). The girl's body was something to dream about...lithe and lightly muscled, creamy freckled skin, small high breasts, full succulent pale lips, and soft doe-like brown eyes. But so young!

Her name was Megan, and her mother managed the shop I soon discovered. Her Mother was also quite lovely, but her sweet daughter was a rare beauty...an untried rose just opening it's bud. After a few visits more Megan started to talk to me, she was very nervous at first...even though she never said anything forward or improper...I could tell from the way she would glance at my body, and offer suggestions about what would 'look good' on me, that she had a dangerous fascination growing within her fresh young mind. Several times I had caught her trying to see through the billowing curtains that closed off the door to which ever dressing room I would choose; her fervent desire to catch even a glimpse of my naked body was somehow very exciting...it was touching how important it seemed to be to her.

but still, she always smiled shyly and spoke so politely to me upon my checking out that I never dared do more than fantasize about making anything of it. Sexual fascination can build itself in your mind in such odd and elusive ways...before I knew it I would leave the shop and go immediately home, where I would put on my purchase and stand before the full length wall mirror in my bedroom. I would stand there in my new chemise or lace camisole, clinging softly to my richly tanned torso...or adjusting a new transparent demi-cup bra over my large firm 38-C breasts, and adjustment that would often take some time as I would enjoy the feel of those familiar dusky spheres of woman-flesh in my hands...my nipples responding to the caresses through the texture of the new fabric.

Often now I would close my steel grey eyes-as I stood almost naked before the mirror-and imagine that my strong tapered fingers were really megan's small delicate hands... that the sensations I was bringing forth were from her softly pinching my large dark brown nipples. That my hard thick nubs were aching with delicious shivers of delight because of the young girl's tender loving ministrations! When the muscles in my thighs would start to quiver with the strain of standing, swaying in a sensual haze, with my eyes closed in forbidden fantasy...I would fall backward onto my huge bed! If I were to then open my eyes, and look again into the mirror, I knew their normal cool grey color would have become the pale blue fire of smouldering passion.

This had to stop...I was a mature, sexually active woman...to be masturbating alone over this babe, like some Jr. High school girl at a slumber party! I had to do something...soon!

I knew I had to see this thing through to some sort of conclusion, I told myself that I had to be responsible about it, I had to be adult...she was a teenager for god's sake. If that was the truth; why did I wear my sexiest form-hugging sleeveless knit dress, the one with the buttons down the back to just below the buttocks and the open slit from there on down...why the underwire half-bra that did such incredible things for my bosom while still leaving my nipples bare to poke so provocatively through the fabric of my dress top Why-if I was going to tell her she was getting in over her pretty little head-did I slide into the seamed nylons and black garters, the tiny black silk g-string panties...why the single golden drop of perfume along the inner curve of my left thigh just below my smoothly shaven pubic juncture

From long time patronization I knew when her Mother's day off was, and felt this would be more conducive to our necessary discussion. I arrived at the Store and she turned as she heard my stiletto heels click crossing the threshold of mall tiles, she smiled so prettily, and with such obvious joy at seeing me, that my resolve wavered...perhaps if I tried some things on first, it would give me time to think of what needed to be said.

Megan virtually pushed the other salesgirl aside to reach me, telling me how wonderful I looked...I told her she should know, as she had sold me most of what I was wearing. She blushed so sweetly when she realized I meant my underthings, her freckles seeming to break out in colonies all over her face and slender neck...I suddenly felt something not at all like responsible adult resolve! I selected a couple of lacy teddies of different designs and had Megan show me to a dressing booth. The fascinating young girl stood outside and chatted with me through the curtains...waiting, I knew, for any glimpse of my body that chance might afford her.

In the stillness of the booth I let out a heavy sigh...what was I doing Why was I so weak But I knew some line had been crossed when she blushed so deeply at my simple statement concerning the very product her shop sells...why else the giddy embarrassment except for the fact that the dainties were clinging to MY body! I was somehow touched...

"Megan, would you be a darling and give me a hand with these buttons" It was out of my mouth before I truly realized I had spoken the words! There was a long silence, then the heavy curtains parted and the girl slowly entered, looking shyly anywhere but at my face...biting her lower lip.

I could feel the heat from her young body in the enclosed space of the booth as she slid around behind me, her little hands going to the long row of tiny buttons down my back...she fumbled around opening the top one...her fingers were actually trembling!

But she eventually got them all undone, kneeling behind me as the last one opened and the dress parted to reveal the firm twin spheres of my tanned ass cheeks, naked except for the thin strap of the g-string running down between them. Megan gasped aloud! She tried to cover it with her hand, but I heard it quite clearly...there was no turning back for me now. As if there had ever really been any question about it. I closed my eyes, took a long deep breath, and-before the girl could rise from her knees-turned around to face her...

We stood there like that for an eternal moment, me standing in my exotic underwear, her kneeling before me...fully dressed in a wide dark skirt and cowl-necked cotton blouse. her head just about even with my silk covered crotch, I could feel her breath blow in short hot waves across the skin of my upper thighs. I was sure that she could smell the mixed musk of the perfume I had placed down there and my growing excitement. The Moment stretched to the point of embarrassment before Megan finally found the strength to rise and face me...her beautiful fresh teenage face-surrounded in a halo of strawberry blonde curls-having to look slightly up at mine, as her head barely topped the shelf of my breasts. She almost brushed my excitement-hardened nipples as she rose, exposed as they were by the half-cup bra...they nearness of them illiciting another sharp gasp from her, her soft brown eyes going wide and seeming to lock on them as she rose.

The dressing booth seemed to press in on us-as if to force the issue-the very air around us seemed superheated...I don't know which of us moved first, I think it was her (psychologically I need for it to have been her), but whichever it was we were suddenly in each others arms! Megan thrust herself up on her toes to meet my downturned face, we kissed; her sweet young lips tasting wonderful and her kisses so fervent and yearning! Her lithe form trembling in my stronger arms, I caressed her back through the blouse, pulling her tightly to me. My nipples burning points of fire through the thin fabric between our bodies...at least I knew I could feel hers pushing through against my naked skin as our breasts slid warmly together with the passion of our embrace.

My tongue fenced expertly with her unskilled but enthusiastic one, until she was force to break the impassioned kiss for shortness of breath! Give her this...we had still not made enough noise to be heard by anyone who was not standing directly outside the booth! She dropped her lips to the darkly tanned mound of my left breast, kissing and licking the pliant woman-flesh...the sweet child finally sucking the throbbing erect nub into her hot wet mouth. Shivers blossomed outward from my nipples and seemed to shoot groinward, ultimately unfolding into a strong clitoral need for stimulation! I ground my hips suddenly forward, bringing my pubic mound firmly into contact with her right hip bone just above her leg...and there slid the sodden silk panties rapidly up and down in short furious strokes! Megan drew that leg up sharply between my own, leaving nothing but the tiny thin panties between my pistoning cunt and her own pale smooth skin...as her skirt had now ridden up completely on that side.

As megan nursed rapaciously at my bosom, switching from first one hard nipple to the other, then anxiously back again...I slid the back of her skirt up. To my surprise, the girl was wearing no panties at all! I cupped and kneaded the creamy naked spheres of her supple young ass in my experienced hands, hearing a low moan escape from her lips pressed so completely into the pliant mound of my right tit! The tiny sound of utter animal delight sending the fricative sensations throbbing through my pussy-were I still ground it firmly against her hip-over the top into sudden pulsing orgasm!

I buried my face in the swirling mass of megan's clean soft hair, and against her shoulder...to stifle the uncontrollable moans of ecstasy that the orgasm brought forth. I was painfully aware of the store full of customers just beyond the heavy curtains of the dressing booth. My whole body shuddered as the sweet cum subsided, and I held the slim young girl responsible for it tightly to me...finally returning to passionate kissing of her freckled face and pliant lips.

Megan was breathing heavily and making tiny sighing sounds deep in her throat, I knew she was in a pre-orgasmic state herself...just from the kissing, the excitement borne of the shattered barriers, and her brief explorations of my upper torso! Her right hand left my back, sliding around my silken hip and across my lower belly...to dip gently, timorously, down over the silken g-string panties that covered my smooth pubic mound. The girl gasped aloud and pulled back, giving me a startled look that broke into a wild grin, when she realized that there is no compression of pubic hair beneath the moisture soaked silk! Her nervously exploring fingers running over my clit and down the yearning slit...pushing the wet cloth deeper between my agitated pussy lips.

Finally she could stand it no longer, the teenager stepped back and drew her blouse off over her head in a single swift motion...revealing a beautiful pair of small, high, soft looking breasts; with large pink raised aureolas around little-but very erect-nipples. the conical, creamy white, mounds were dusted with a delightful sprinkling of pale freckles. With an equally quick working of a snapped belt, her skirt dropped to the clothing littered floor of the cubicle, leaving the pretty teenaged girl naked before my devouring gaze except for her romanesque sandals. The youthful vibrancy, the delicate virgin sweetness of her vulnerable nudity was almost unbearably sensual!

Her hands returned to my waist, and as Megan once again knelt before me, like some kind of Victorian sex slave, she slowly pulled my ruined panties down my long tanned legs. I was struck with the sudden realization that I no longer knew who was controlling the situation...there was nothing I would not have done to please the girl, if she were to ask, right then. Megan moved forward, her breath hot on my eager flesh...and as her nails dug into the nut-brown skin of my upper thighs, she licked delicately, tenuously, lovingly at the heat swollen inner lips of my pussy. I gasped aloud with the sudden rush of longed for sensation, and fell backwards; my shoulders impacting the cubicle's wall with a solid thump! I pushed my shaven groin forward against her sliding, probing tongue, causing the tip of her freckled nose to firmly impact with my erect clitoris...the 'peaks' of sensation driving my towards another fast hard orgasm.

"Is everything all right in there" called the voice of one of the other salesgirls through the curtain...instantly paralyzing our activity. She had but to part the hanging cloth in the doorway, and all would be lost!

"No...no, we are doing fine...just a...difficult fastener. Megan has gotten it. Thanks!" I said quickly, hoping the lust induced huskiness of my voice would not be obvious to her.

"Very well then...I'll leave you to it." the salesgirl responded, and we could hear her walk away. I looked down at Megan, who was smiling impishly back up at me, obviously fighting to suppress open laughter. The girl had nerve! She also had a wonderfully quick tongue...which she immediately lashed wetly across my heat-flushed pussy lips once again. Looping a leg over her shoulder I forced her to continue eating me, nothing would stop it this time...nothing!

I tore off the half-bra and clamped the straps between my teeth to force myself to make no more than muffled groans, as another strong rhythmic orgasm pounded through my body...she was good, so very VERY good!

Megan stood again, dragging the heated smoothness of her firm young body across my naked skin as she did so...her peaked nipples leaving trails of sensual fire across me. I pulled the teenager to me for a long fierce kiss of gratitude for the indescribable pleasure she had given me, my tongue driving deep into her mouth, slipping wetly around her own with thrilling sensation.

I kissed my way down from her sweet pale lips, across her tiny chin, and down her smooth soft neck...to linger for eternal delicious minutes on the freckle dusted upper curve of her small taut breasts. Then I devoured her rosy pink nipples, nipping, licking, sucking them into swollen erection...eliciting short gasps of delight from the young lady to whom they belonged. She ran her hands over my darkly tanned shoulders and then, with her palms outward, slid them down to cup, and knead the lavish fullness of my own breasts as I continued to suckle hers.

Finally I left her delectable hard nipples, and kissed my way down her chest, over the glowing warmth of her belly, and into the forbidden downy strands of her red-blonde pubic hair...hair that was a much deeper coppery-red than the sun bleached strawberry blonde tresses atop her head. I gently parted the strands of cunt hair to see her beautiful young pussy up close for the first time, the outer lips were slight; little more than low mounds on either side of the wonders they surrounded...her inner lips...glistening with excitement borne moisture, were so pink, so delicate-it made me ache with desire just looking at them. I gently touched the wet inner lips with my long tapered fingers- causing Megan to gasp at the, often longed for, intimacy-pulling the heat swollen tender folds of flesh apart. Her vaginal slit was tiny, she would be wonderfully tight I realized...it made me wish that I were a man, to delve the unknown-and unknowable for me-delights of her virginity with my cock; to feel myself as a rod of burning need within her. A low whimper from the young girl brought me back to reality, her legs were actually trembling as she awaited my attentions.

I teased her pussy lips with my fingertips for an few seconds, sliding them slickly up and down the length of her yearning slit...slowly & lightly rubbing over the hard nubbin of her clitoris at the top. She literally growled, and pushed her groin forward harder against the elusive digits...the teenagers hands rising to caress and pinch her own breasts and nipples! Megan seemed lost in a world of throbbing sensations, her eyes tightly closed...her breath coming in short animal moans.

Finally relenting, I lean forward and dart my experienced tongue across her honeyed pussy lips...across her need swollen clit...probing on each downward stroke at the flowing wetness of her vaginal opening. The taste of her girlish flesh was beyond my ability to describe...I never wanted this illicit intimacy to end! I wanted to stay buried between the girl's creamy thighs forever...driving her further and further into realms of passion!

Quite suddenly she grabbed my head, her fingers grasping into my long black mass of hair, and pulled my face hard against her groin...all delicacy was forgotten, the girl ground her cunt against my whip-like tongue and raking lips. Megan let out a heartfelt squeal of delight, without regard as to who might hear, and I knew she was experiencing what was at least a profound orgasm! An orgasm that took a wonderfully long time to subside...time I took advantage of to thoroughly enjoy the taste and smell of her pussy, my hands kneading the firm pliant spheres of her freckled asscheeks all the while.

The girl finally slowed her grinding thrusts against my moisture slick face, and slowly pulled away-with a groan that sang of regret at the parting-and slid limply, in a naked heap, to the floor of the dressing booth. Gasping and sweaty, from our exertions and the nearly stifling heat of the closed booth, we embraced...the experienced-often jaded-older woman, and the fresh young girl...equal for that eternal moment in our utter satisfaction!

I kissed her flushed glowing face, gently, lovingly...telling her I understood the special nature of the gift she had offered me. She lay cradled in my arms for a while, her body all softness and slowly fading heat...then finally stirred with the realization of how long we had been 'using' the dressing booth in the crowded store.

I dressed Megan slowly, savoring the simple intimacies it afforded me...then she dressed me, giggling faintly as she planted a fervent kiss on my shaven pussy, and then pocketed my drenched silk panties while looking at me with a delightful mixture of wickedness and blushing innocence! We checked each other for details and finally admitted that we were composed enough to leave the sweet privacy of the booth.

We came out into the cool air conditioning of the lingerie store's main area, to notice that Megan's Mother had returned and was at the register...and that the other salesgirl was looking at both of us in a way that was totally indecipherable. Megan's squeal at the moment of orgasm had clearly been heard by her, but she may not have been completely certain what to make of it. The question was; had Megan's Mother returned in time to hear it Any mature woman would have known instantly what it meant.

Mentally lashing a 2x4 to my spine, I walked with Megan to the counter, watched-in mental agony-as she daintily kissed her mother hello...the girl courting disaster, with the taste of my pussy still on her lips! Her Mother turned to me and smiled her wide generous smile she usually used while talking to valued customers and said; "Ah, I see you have decided on several lovely choices today."

I looked down at the pair of silk and lace teddies in my hands and mumbled my way through the checkout procedure inanely, feeling incredibly self-conscious. Megan grinning like a cheshire puss behind her Mom's back the whole time. With a final knowing smile I waved good-bye to the beautiful teenage girl who had made such a marvelous afternoon of delight possible...but I resolved-as I drove home-to never go back to that store, to never see her again! It was wonderful, but it was wrong! I would be strong this time...it should be easy as she had no real way of contacting and tormenting me.

As I collapsed exhausted on the sofa at home, the phone rang...Reaching over to pick it up I was shocked to hear;

"Hello Darling! Just wanted you to know that I'm still yours completely." It was Megan, talking in a whisper...the noises of the store behind her. I realized that my phone number and address had been on the check I had left to pay for the underwear!

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