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A Face to Cum On

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Author: Wifeseducer
Published: 30-Jun-07
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Now a senior in charge of the freshman dorm fat Mary is unable to control her urges to voyeur the younger cuties.

* * * * * * *

Now a senior in charge of the freshman dorm fat Mary is unable to control her urges to voyeur the younger cuties.


Mary lay naked in her bed, her hand between her legs furiously rubbing her own clit. She unconsciously licked her lips, imagining the taste of one of the young coeds in her dorm, in this case it was freshman Lisa Handford a cute blond from down the hall. In her fantasy Lisa was lying on the bed in a white teddy her legs spread wide pleading for Mary to lick her pussy.

Mary obliged, burying her face into the neatly trimmed bush. As her fantasy girl began to orgasm so did Mary, letting out a deep groan and feeling the large rush of cum stream from her pussy soaking the towel beneath her. She continued to rub herself slowly until tingling faded, threw the towel into the corner. She thought of Lisa. It had been a week since Mary had seen her naked and had since been her sole source for fantasy.

Mary was a senior at Michigan State, an EX-star lacrosse player, the RA (Resident Assistant) in charge of the second floor freshman dorm, and a lesbian. She was friendly but shy, and had a quick temper. She wore her hair short and was a bit butch so it was not hard to tell her sexual orientation although she had only been with a girl one other time in her life, during freshman year. A time that haunts her to this day.

All through high school Mary was a star player as she was in her first year at MSU. At 5'9 142 she had the strength a determination to beat the best. Unfortunately since her 'experience' Mary had fallen into a depression, quitting the team and eventually gaining over 90 pounds in the next three years. Her once muscular body was replaced with cellulite and rolls of fat.

Mary had always liked girls but it wasn't until she was a freshman that she had her first experience. It was at a sorority rush party, Mary was quite drunk and all she could recall was that the girl was a senior. She had taken Mary to her room and stripped her naked, then herself. Mary had always dreamed of something more romantic, but quickly obliged to all the orders the girl gave to her.

Although she wanted to lay atop the girl and kiss her and feel her body she found herself plunging a large dildo into her repeatedly while licking the girls clit. Mary loved how the girl came multiple time yet curious why no flood of cum followed. When it was her turn Mary came almost the instant the girl's tongue slipped between her pussy lips. Mary's hips bucked wildly and she felt the flood of cum drench the girls face.

Her orgasm faded as the girl quickly stepped back gagging with a disgusted look on her face. Mary was in shock as the girl began berating her, asking what the hell was wrong with her and how grossed out she was. Mary quickly dressed as the girl was wiping her face and spitting into the garbage can. Without another word Mary was out of there embarrassed beyond words.

Mary had always thought that she was normal and though she read that girls do occasionally expel liquid when they orgasm, Mary still felt like a freak, so much so that she avoided any other future encounters. That's not to say Mary didn't harbor sexual thoughts, in fact Mary masturbated several times a day. She also loved looking at girls, the main reason she became an RA. In the first three months she had fantasized about having sex with almost every one of the 85 freshman girls in her dorm. She especially loved the petite little blondes, like Lisa, and could cum just by the thought of touching or seeing her naked body.

Mary soon became obsessed with seeing some of the girls naked. She had thought about video equipment but there was no way she could afford it. Her best chance was in the bathroom, where the girls showered. She obviously couldn't hang out there and wanted to avoid being tagged as a lesbian pervert so she only chose the best opportunities. She had found that the last toilet stall had a view of the showers and best of all you could watch through the crack without being noticed. Unfortunately for Mary most of the girls emerged from the showers with their towels wrapped around them giving her an only occasional glimpse of nudity from which to masturbate later to.

Her luck changed last week. Mary was in her room when she happened to look out the window, she saw Lisa walking back to the dorm. Lisa was a popular girl, bubbly and incredibly cute. She had a towel over her shoulder and her hair looked wet. Mary knew swim team had started up last week and wondered if Lisa had joined. Sudden thoughts of Lisa in a see through swim suit made Mary instantly wet. She also wondered if Lisa might hit the showers as well.

Mary stood at her door looking through the peephole and saw Lisa open the stairwell door and head down to her room. Mary waited at the door unblinkingly for an eternity until she saw Lisa walking by her room again towards the showers. She had only a towel wrapped around her as she walked inches away from Mary's watchful eye. Mary wished she could open the door, grab her, pull her in and ravish her body the rest of the day.

A minute after she past, Mary crept out of her room and walked silently to the showers. She stood outside the door and listened, hearing a flush and then the sound of the shower starting. She waited another moment and then entered quietly. Mary's body quivered with anticipation though she knew she probably wouldn't see anything anyway. Her hands were sweaty and her heart beat fast though she knew that there was nothing wrong with being in the bathroom. She watched Lisa's feet (which was all she could see) below the curtain. If only she could just open the curtain and go in and soap up Lisa's body, how nice that would be.

Mary quietly closed the toilet stall door and peered out through the crack. She pulled her feet up so Lisa wouldn't be able to even tell anyone was in there, seeing that she had already peed. Lisa was in the first stall so Mary had the best view possible. Just a glimpse was all she wanted. Somehow her hand had found its way down between her legs and began to rub her already soaking pussy.

Mary's heart dropped when she saw a hand reach out of the shower and grab the towel and pull it in. Only then did the curtain open and Lisa step out. Suddenly Lisa stopped and felt her hair and frowned, she had forgotten to rinse. To Mary's amazement Lisa removed the towel, hung it up. Mary gasped silently at her tiny little ass. Lisa then stepped back in the shower and flicked on the water again. Perhaps it was because she thought she was alone or because it would only be a second she didn't bother closing the curtain. Lisa turned directly towards Mary as she tilted her head back under the streaming water.

Mary held her breath as she looked over Lisa from top to bottom as she unknowingly displayed her perky little tits and trimmed blonde bush. Mary squinted trying to see Lisa's pussy lips. Lisa quickly finished her rinse and grabber her towel and dried off in the shower. Mary took particular enjoyment when Lisa reached down and rubbed the towel between her legs to dry her cunt, her titties jiggling. Lisa then quickly wrapped the towel around her again, grabbed her stuff and headed out the door. The whole incident only took about a minute but the images would stay with Mary forever. Mary returned to her room and masturbated continually the rest of the day and evening.


The next day Mary, who had keys to all the rooms, snuck into Lisa's room and stole a pair of used panties. For days she savored the faint scent of Lisa's pussy. Eventually she couldn't contain herself and stretched the tiny panties over her fat legs. Rubbing them into her pussy and then completely soaking them when she came.

A week later found Mary consistently fantasizing about Lisa. She knew she had to have her somehow; she had to touch her body, squeeze her tits and taste her pussy. Lisa was obviously not a lesbian and in fact was quite popular with the boys though Mary was pretty sure that Lisa wasn't the slutty type, she was far too nice and innocent for that. She was always friendly to Mary and that's why Mary felt guilty for having some of the newer thoughts about Lisa. Mary started fantasizing about drugging Lisa and taking her back to her room and stripping her clothes off. Soon the thoughts of Lisa's naked warm body on the bed next to her sleeping peacefully as Mary kissed her body became too much. Mary began to plan how she would do it.

Mary knew the drug to get. She had seen it at a few parties and even at a lesbian bar. It was GHB and the people were using it to get high although she knew what other use it had. It was the date rape drug and Mary had no problem getting some, enough to put out Lisa for a few good hours at least. Lisa would never know what hit her. Now Mary knew how she would do it, now to figure out when.

Again, the answer came easy. Lisa's roommate was leaving for Thanksgiving vacation a day earlier than Lisa. In fact, Lisa would be the last one around, as she had to wait for her parents to come pick her up. Mary made it obvious that she too would be leaving early, only to sneak back on campus later on and somehow get Lisa to take the drug.

Mary again scouted out Lisa's room for a way to drug her. She knew Lisa was a die-hard Diet Coke fan and noted the three bottles in the small fridge. That would have to work. Mary bought the same bottles and she would switch them at some point. Just for safe measure, Mary bought every size bottle of Diet Coke.


Tuesday finally came and Mary bid her farewells for the short break. She struggled through the day waiting for the darkness. Thankfully it darkened just after five o'clock and she carefully sneaked back to her room. She knew Lisa was there from the light in her room and the flickering from the TV. Mary still wasn't sure if she could go through with it. She knew at some point in the evening Lisa would shower, as she always did, and that would be her chance.

Mary sat quietly in the dark waiting for the sound of the Lisa's heavy dorm door to close. Even down the hall it could be heard clearly, especially now with the floor empty. At one point she heard the payphone in the hall ring and she quickly ran to her peephole. She saw Lisa run to the phone and answer, it was for her. She stayed on the phone for at least an hour, which almost drove Mary into a frenzy. Eventually she hung up and went back to her room. Mary groaned. Then she heard the door close again shortly and saw Lisa walking up the hall with her towel.

Mary's blood ran cold, this was her chance. She waited a few minutes, then snuck out the room to the bathroom. She heard the shower turn on and then the curtain pull. Mary ran back to her room and grabbed all her stuff and bolted down to Lisa's room. The door was unlocked and Mary entered. She quickly surveyed the scene and gasped in shock. There was a can of orange soda open next to a bag of chips by the TV. She had no orange soda. She thought about abandoning the whole plot. She quickly regained her composure. She picked up the can, it was half full and still cold.

This was no problem, she would just spike this one. And she did, swirling the can around gently until the drug was dissolved. She put the can down and quickly ran back to her own room, sitting in the darkness again, her heart pounding out loud. A few minutes later she heard Lisa walk by. Then she heard Lisa's door close. Mary wondered how long she should wait.

While she sat she figured out how to find out.

Mary forced herself to wait an hour, then she snuck out of the building to a nearby payphone. She knew that Lisa would answer the phone if she was still awake. It was only 55 minutes when Mary dialed the number. She let the phone ring 25 times before hanging up. It was time to visit Lisa.

Mary knocked on Lisa's door, mentally preparing a cover story if Lisa should answer. There was no answer, only the sound of some silly sitcom on the tube. Finding the door locked Mary fumbled with the keys until she found the correct one. She opened the door and peered in. There she was, still in her chair, head tilted to the side and eyes closed. Mary marveled how perfect Lisa looked in her oversized pink Victoria Secrets nightshirt. Mary shut the door and called her name. Nothing. Mary's hand quivered as she reached out and shook Lisa's shoulder. Again nothing.

Mary checked the can of soda and smiled when she found it empty. After various shakings and calling Mary was satisfied that Lisa was totally out. Mary then leaned over and whispered in Lisa's ear 'Tonight your mine'. As she did this her hand reached down and softly fondled Lisa's tits through her shirt.

Mary checked the hallway and stairwell before propping open her door. Back in Lisa's room Mary leaned in front of Lisa and pulled her over her shoulder. With Lisa being so tiny big Mary had no problem lifting her up. Praying that no one should suddenly come into the hall Mary speed quickly back to her room and laid Lisa onto her bed. She quickly shut the door and placed a towel in front of the crack. With the shades shut tight Mary knew she was now safe to enjoy her capture.

Mary kneeled next to the bed and looked at Lisa's peaceful face. She put her hand on Lisa's bare calf and slowly stroked the soft smooth flesh. Mary reached inside her own loose sweats and slid her fingers in her now very wet pussy. Her hand moved slowly up Lisa's leg until it reached the edge of her nightshirt, then grabbing and continued up her leg lifting the shirt up to her belly revealing Lisa's white cotton panties. Mary's hand instinctually slid between Lisa's legs and cupped her warm pussy. Mary felt her orgasm build and forced herself to stop rubbing, as she didn't want to cum just yet.

Mary stood up and stripped herself naked. She propped a pillow under Lisa's head and then climbed on the bed straddling one of Lisa's legs. She bent over and slowly lifted Lisa's shirt up over her breasts. Lisa's tits shook for a moment, her eighteen-year-old nipples still pointing straight to the sky. Mary quickly figured a nice sized C-cup, yet they were dwarfed compared o the huge globs of flesh that hung from Mary's chest. How perfect and white they were in contrast to her still tanned body.

Mary began to fondle and kneed them as her sloppy wet pussy began to rub on Lisa's leg. Mary leaned over and began to suck on them, how sweet they tasted. Mary tried to imagine Lisa awake and moaning in pleasure. She looked up at Lisa's face, beautiful but expressionless, wet lips parted as she breathed. Mary leaned further over Lisa's tiny body, her massive boobs now squashed into and enveloping Lisa's breasts.

As Mary leaned into kiss Lisa she felt her body weight pressing down heavily. Propping herself up on her elbows helped prevent the crushing of the poor unconscious beauty. Mary looked at her peaceful face and then placed her lips against Lisa's. Mary could still taste the orange soda on her lips as she kissed. Mary closed her eyes imagining the love scene in her mind, her pussy still grinding against Lisa's leg. It didn't matter if Lisa was passed out, Mary was having the best night of her entire life.

Only once did Mary have feelings of guilt, when she happened to open her eyes and catch the scene in the closet door mirror. All she could see was a tiny arm and leg emerging from a pile of quivering flesh, her giant ass jiggling around grotesquely. Mary quickly got up and shut the door. So she was fat, so she was ugly, she had the cutest girl in the school naked on her bed. Well, almost naked. Mary soon fixed that, first removing Lisa's shirt and then, after shifting Lisa's body so that her legs hung off the side of the bed, her tiny panties.

Mary kneeled between Lisa's legs, spreading them wide. Mary licked her lips as she was only inches from Lisa's perfectly trimmed golden fleece. Mary wasted no time as she buried her mouth into Lisa's cunt, shoving her tongue in as far as it could go. Mary could never remember how the 'other' girl had tasted as the alcohol had dulled her senses. Mary slurped away savoring the incredible taste. Her hands slipped under Lisa's ass and pulled herself further into the tiny slit. Mary licked and sucked nonstop for a long while before her own urges took over, she wanted to cum.

Mary again climbed on the bed, now straddling Lisa's chest. On her knees Mary furiously rubbed her pussy with one hand and played with Lisa's nipples with the other, making them fully erect. Mary then adjusted herself such that her pussy was right above Lisa's left tit. Spreading her fat cunt lips she carefully rubbed her pussy over the erect nipple until she found her swollen clit. Mary began talking softly. "That's a girl, what nice tits you have. Can you feel my cunt on you"

She looked down at Lisa's face. "What You want to taste it too You dirty girl." Mary stuck her fingers deep within herself and when she pulled them out she placed them on Lisa's lips and then slide them in her mouth. Mary rubbed herself harder. "Does my cunt juice taste good Mmm, just wait."

Mary moved up and straddled Lisa's face and slowly lowered her pussy onto Lisa's mouth. Mary wished Lisa's tongue would lick her. At first Mary ground her pussy into Lisa's face, being careful not to smother her. "Oh yeah, lick me Lisa. How's your first taste of pussy"

Soon her pace picked up. The shortly and uncontrollably Mary's hips began to buck as her orgasm came. Her fat hips clenched around Lisa's head and she smashed her cunt as hard as she could over Lisa's face not caring if she could breath or not. Suddenly it came, a gush of liquid that flooded Lisa's face making the sleeping girl gasp for breath. Mary lifted up and rubbed her clit as she continued to spray Lisa's face in short bursts of cum. Mary cried out, "Oh god I love you."

As Mary's orgasm subsided she sat back on the bed and looked at Lisa and smiled. Lisa's face, hair, neck and chest were drenched with her cum. "Did you like that I did."

Mary continued to fuck her sleeping beauty most of the night. Although nothing matched the intenseness of her first orgasm she came close when she lay Lisa on her side and lifted one leg over her shoulder and straddled the other. She moved up until her pussy touched Lisa's small soft slit. She humped her until again she flooded Lisa with cum this time hoping to get as much cum inside Lisa's pussy as she could.

Mary spent the last hour snuggling, fondling and kissing every inch of Lisa's body. At 5am she cleaned and redressed Lisa and carefully placed her back in her own room. She kissed Lisa gently 'Goodbye my secret love' and then shut the door behind her.

Mary packed up and left for Thanksgiving vacation looking forward to the turkey and fond memories of a beautiful night.

As she drove she began to unconsciously run through all the girls in her dorm. She wondered who might be the last to leave for Christmas vacation...

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