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Veronica and Melody

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Author: Minty Lemons
Published: 24-Nov-07
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Two new friends, a younger woman and a slightly older one, get together. The experienced lesbian shows the younger woman a good time - She massaged, slowly and then she felt Veronica's hard nipples under her clothes and gently fingered and pinched, feeling them grow even harder.

* * * * * * *

One sunny, spring day, two well-dressed, attractive young women walked down Beau Ave. They turned left, climbing up the stairs of a brick red apartment building. One led the other through the lobby, and to an elevator. They got out at the 7th floor. After walking past a few doors, they entered a clean, quiet little apartment. They had been friendly with each other for several weeks now but this was the first time either of them had visited each other at their dwellings. Today was different because they had decided to...


"Are you really sure you want this, Melody", Veronica asked. "Yes."

Veronica and Melody stood in Veronica's bedroom, facing each other. Veronica grabbed Melody and kissed her on the lips. They kissed. Softly, then more intensely. Veronica stuck her tongue into Melody lips and Melody sucked it a little then she let Veronica savor her lips and tongue. Veronica paused and leaned back,caught her breath. She then closed her eyes and hugged Melody tighter, and forcefully pressed her lips over Melody's soft, sweet pink lips. Her hands moved from Melody's slim waist over to her ass, then back her from her waist to her back, to her hair. She stroked Melody's hair while kissing her, moving from her lips to her face and then on her neck.

This experience was intense for Melody. She just kept her arms tightly around Veronica's waist and let her kiss her face and stroke her body. But she wanted to touch Veronica's breasts though. However, she was a little hesitant.

Veronica had caught Melody's eyes gazing down at her chest though.

She stopped kissing her and smiled at Melody. Then she took Melody's hands from around her waist and moved them up her body stopping at her breasts.

"Touch them, Melody."

Melody nodded. She put both hands over Veronica's large breasts, just rubbing up and down, loving the feel of them. Firm but soft. She felt under them, feeling their weight and then she moved her thumbs up. She massaged, slowly and then she felt Veronica's hard nipples under her clothes and gently fingered and pinched, feeling them grow even harder. Melody was ecstatic. She loved Veronica's breasts. She was envisioning them her mouth, her hard, dark brown nipples in her mouth...her tongue rolling over and around them and then sucking them in...Veronica lying back...moaning...enjoying it...seeing a different side of Veronica.

"Your'e really into to this, Melody, you like my boobs, but I want something too. I want some of that sweet pussy. We gonna get real nasty, Melody."

Veronica pulled Melody's hands away and put them at her side. Then she started to lift off Melody's soft tan sweater. It fell to the floor. She undid the front hook of Melody's black bra and for a moment, she put her hands over her breasts and squeezed them.

Melody's hands moved back around Veronica's waist. Then she moved one hand up her back, to her chin-length, curly black hair, playing with it.

Veronica had put her hands over Melody's ass and moved them over the ample curve of those cheeks to unzip the short,tight,brown,suede skirt Melody was wearing. After a little pulling away from Melody's light brown thighs, the skirt quickly plopped down to the floor.

Veronica put her hand over Melody's pink satin panties. She ran the hand over the smoothness, but at Melody's mound, she felt alot of warm, sticky wetness.

"Man, you're flooding these panties girl!"

"Yes, this is fantastic Veronica."

Veronica felt more and more excited by the second. She was almost shaking with anticipation.

There that sexy little Melody stood, naked, before her, all hers. Her soft, smooth skin, her cute little self was all hers for now. Oh, she was going to show her a time today!

She began to pull the panties down, but before they were halfway down Melody's thighs, she couldn't wait anymore and dropped to her knees, head facing her lover's glistening wet lips.

Putting her hands firmly around Melody's ass, she leaned head in closer. Melody knew what to do immediately this time. She spread her legs out a little wider. She looked down and saw Veronica's head between her legs and felt her curly, soft hair brushing between her thighs.

Veronica was thoroughly enjoying this. Melody's pussy was so cute, shaved, smooth, wet and swollen. She savored this moment. She moved her nose up and down the pussy, smelling Melody's sweet smell, not minding the wetness getting on her face. As she did that, sometimes her face ended up rubbing against Melody's pussy, touching particularly sensitive areas. Melody would shiver with pleasure.

Finally, Veronica moved one hand over Melody's pussy and gently spread the lips apart. Then she moved in closer and ran her tongue between Melody's pussy and asshole, then over Melody's hole. She licked her labia for a minute and then stuck her tongue inside. She pulled it out and licked up Melody's clit. She licked up the hood and around it. Melody was feeling like "its about time!". She was soaking wet and her clit was hard and throbbing at this point. She was dying for Veronica to give it some attention. But when Veronica's warm, firm tongue started licking it, it was almost to intense to bear.

She started to moan and sigh. She breathed deeper and closed her eyes. She began pumping her pussy into Veronica's face. Veronica held on to Melody's ass cheeks, and kept licking on. Then she started sucking Melody's clit. It felt so good, so right, Melody just began pumping harder. She had grabbed Veronica's hair and leaned over, thrusting wildly and screaming. Then Veronica decided to put a finger over Melody's asshole. She moved the finger over to Melody's pussy, just to wet it, and then she went back to the ass. Veronica's sucking her clit, her fingering her ass, was almost too much for Melody. She was breathing like a wildwoman and bucking her hips so hard she admired Veronica for being able to stay put, seemingly effortlessly.

"Aaaaaaaah....oooohh...aaaaaah", she screamed.

Her knees shook and she felt she was too weak in her legs to stand. Then she came and fell backward on the bed.

Veronica moved away. Melody looked down at the woman before her.

"Mel..Melody", Veronica asked. She smiled and stood up. "Get ready, baby."

She stood back and began to unbutton her crimson jacket. She removed it and threw it to the floor. Melody could see how big and hard Veronica's nipples were through the thin, starched white dress shirt Veronica was wearing. She had no bra. Melody thought her standing there, in her red skirt, brown heels, and white shirt with her big breasts bulging underneath was incredibly sexy. She looked up her legs, her hips, her waist, her whole body. Then she looked at Veronica's red lips, thinking her face was just as sexy and beautiful as that thrilling body. Veronica enjoyed Melody eyes sweeping over her body in lust.

She moved her hands up her waist, over her breasts, and then unbuttoned her shirt, taking her time. She finally fully opened the shirt and held up her big, round breasts. Mmmm...I just love those tits, Melody thought.

Veronica came out of the shirt and was pulling down her skirt. She stood entirely naked except for her heels. Actually, both had their shoes still on.

Melody got off the bed and stood.

The 2 women stood, naked facing each other.

Veronica was taller, about 5'6, and nice and thick. She was really curvy but strong looking and well built. She was femininely muscular, with nice calves, thighs, and big hips, big, firm ass, strong arms, and big, but firm 36D tits. Her skin was dark, reddish brown and she had dark, jet black curly hair that stopped at her chin. She looked rather exotic looking, maybe like a gypsy or something, and when they met, Melody felt there was an air of mysteriousness about her. Her face was beautiful with dark brown eyes and and her lips were red, full, and sweet. She was 25.

Melody was cute and being 5'1, on the petite side. She was light golden brown and she had incredibly smooth, soft skin. She had lots nice of nice curves too, but on a slimmer frame. Her hair was long, soft, shiny and honey brown with some highlights. The waves of her hair fell just before her breasts. Her tits were nice, firm and perky 32B. Her nipples were small and slightly browner than her skin. She had ass though. A nice big apple bottom. Wonderful. Her lips were soft and pink, and she had big brown eyes framed in soft long lashes. Sexy lil thing. She was 18.

Veronica laid Melody back on the bed and lifted her leg. First running a hand down Melody's smooth leg down to her foot, she removed one pink, wedge heeled shoe. She did the same on the other leg. Then she removed her own 4" brown,leather stilletos.

They sat up on the bed and just rubbed their hands over each others bodies, sighing,moaning, and murmuring softly. Melody laid back but Veronica sat up and started fingering Melody's pussy for a little bit. She stroked all over the slick wetness with her fingers; the outer lips the labia, perineum, everywhere. She gently rolled the engorged lips between her thumb and index finger, gently, softly. Then she inserted 3 fingers into Melody's hot hole, gently massaging over the clit with her thumb while her fingers went back in forth.

She then removed a box from under the bed and put it on the bed. But she didn't open it just yet. Melody sat up and moved her fingers over Veronica's lips, touching them softly. She kissed her and moved one hand over a firm, brown breast, rolling the nipple between 2 fingers.

Then Veronica moved her friend's hands away and turned her over on all fours. She sat on the side of Melody and placed her hand over on Melody's ass cheek. Reaching over, she removed a giant red, double headed dildo from the box.

"Whoa, that's huge!", Melody said.

Veronica pushed a button on it and it started to vibrate. She clicked it off.

"Relax, it'll feel great, just chill."

Even though Melody was still pretty wet, Veronica thoroughly lubed the fat, red cock up.

From behind, leaning over Melody's ass, she spread her pussy wide. She grabbed the dildo firmly and slowly put it inside Melody's little tight pussy. It hurt but Melody did try to stop it.

Veronica pushed it in deep. Then it couldn't go any further so she slowly moved it up and down. It moved back and forth. She slowly pulled it out. It was glistening red, wet with lube and Melody's juices.

Then Veronica put lube on a couple of her fingers and fingered Melody's asshole, pushing 3 lubed fingers inside.

"Ooooh...that's good, Veronica."

Veronica smiled and pulled her fingers out and then she knelt closer and licked Melody's asshole. She licked up and down and around and around. She used her free hand to stroke Melody's thighs as she licked and stuck her tongue on Melody's asshole. Melody moaned, loving it.

Suddenly Melody felt Veronica move away. Veronica then rubbed alot of lube over Melody's asshole. Melody liked the way that felt but suddenly...she felt ripping pain - Veronica shoving the dildo up her ass.

"Owwww, ow!"

Veronica giggled. "Hmmm...this is part of the deal, hun."

She shoved the dildo back and forth up Melody's ass.

"Uh...ow", Melody whimpered. She kept whimpering.

Veronica didn't care and kept roughly shoving the dildo into Melody. She pushed the button on again it started vibrating in Melody's ass while she shoved it roughly back and forth.

It hurt but it also was kind of pleasurable to Melody too. She squeezed her eyes closed in pain though. She felt like the didlo was tearing her ass open but...

"Damn...you've been a bad girl, slut. Just look at that fake-ass wide-ass innocent look in your eyes, but really they mean 'fuck me, fuck me' and you've been drooling over me since you laid eyes on me. Well, your gettin' fucked now alright. Ha ha ha ha," Veronica said.

She shoved it even harder and deeper into Melody, and it turned out, the dildo had a dial, which she raised so that the dildo vibrated even harder into Melody's ass.

"Uh..oh. Uh...uh...uh," Melody moaned with each rough shove.

"If it is so bad, while don't ya tell me to stop"

"unh...st- st-..."

"I can't hear you!" She turned the dial higher. She looked into Melody's face.

"Hmmm. You look too cute like that. I won't stop now."

She kept playing with her ass. She moved her free hand over Melody's pussy and started finger her hole. She shoved her fingers into her hole. She shoved 3, then four finger in, plunging them deep into Melody. She tried to get as much of her hand as deep into the pussy as she could. When she couldn't budge it any more, she would pull her hand back and shove forward again. Back and forward. Melody liked that. It was good getting rough in the coochie.

Finally, Veronica yanked out the dildo, causing grating pain in Melody's ass. Veronica flipped Melody roughly on her back, setting her sore, sensitive ass burning. Melody cringed.

Veronica turned the dildo on and shoved the other side of it into Melody's wet pussy. She fingered her clit with her other hand. Melody thrusted up, loving the touch of Veronica's fingers rubbing, stroking,circling her clit and the feel of the big cock filling her tight hole. She screamed and moaned. Once again, she knew she was coming. Veronica would roughly force the cock deep into Melody and then pull back, only to jam it forward. Melody tightened her pussy around the dildo. She grabbed the bedsheets, moaning, arched her body up, then collapsed back down on the bed.

Veronica pulled out and dropped the dildo.

She moved up over on Melody's face. Pussy to face.

"Ahh...stiff it. Breath it in, lil bitch. I did your's. Do mines", she rubbed pussy on Melody's nose.

Melody moved her hands up on Veronica's big ass and held her close.

"Yes", she said,"I want too."

Veronica's wetness was running down her thick brown thighs. Melody licked it up.

"Girl, I was having as much fun as you were the whole time. Just tearin' that ass up." That made Melody happier, she had a strong desire to please. She smiled and kissed Veronica's pussy.

"Just do it like I did your's, Melody."

Melody never had her tongue in another woman's coochie, and she was eager, but slightly hesitant. Veronica sensed that.

She yanked Melody's hands off her ass, and spread the arms across the mattress. Then she moved up a little and positioned her knees over Melody's arms so she couldn't move them, and her pussy was directly pushing down over Melody's lips.

"Are you gonna open your mouth"

"Y-Yes ma'am."

She did and she stuck her tongue out, licking over Veronica's pussy, from between her asshole,over her pussy, up to her clit, and then down, into her hole. Veronica pumped up and down over Melody's face. Melody moved away for some air, and then she stuck her tongue back, deeper and deeper in, as deep as she could. She stroked her tongue against the roof. Veronica moaned.

"Yeah, that's one of my spots babygirl, keep it up."

Melody got firmer, rubbing it against the roof.

She continued until Veronica moved her clit over Melody's tongue.


Melody took in as much of Veronica as she could, sucking all her clit area into her mouth, and licking. She even moaned as she licked because she enjoyed pleasing Veronica so much. Veronica began almost smashing into Melody's face. Melody decided to gently rub her teeth over Veronica's clit hood, stimulating it even more. Veronica responded by grabbing Melody's head up and pumping herself harder against Melody.

"Ooooh...that's a good girl."

Melody loved hearing Veronica moaning in pleasure. Finally Veronica came and moved down, lying over Melody. She laid her head over Melody's chest and took one of Melody's hands, enclosing it in hers. Melody used her free hand and slowly stroked Veronica's hair for a minute.

They closed their eyes. For now, their passion for each other was basically spent up. Melody, was a little tired, and her ass was still tender and hurting. Her pussy was a little sore too, Veronica had been pretty rough with her fingers and that dildo. They were both sweaty and sticky but satisfied and would continue getting together in the future.

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