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Sex Stories with Chapters and Series

Open book illustrationLonger erotic stories that include several chapters or are a series and continuation of erotic writings by the same author. These XXX stories are of a longer length than most of our sex tales and may require some time to read. Generally this adult literature continues over several chapters and may also be a continuation, book length, or a series of related erotic writing, by the same author. These stories are gradually being phased into our new book length category.

List of Longer Tales Stories
Lavender Bay Dreamer - The guys all start masturbating, in a bukakke ring. Soon cum is spurting all over her and she is drenched in it.
My Wife and the Mechanic - Before he put her on the bed he slowly pulled the sexy see through panties down increasing his pleasure and her humiliation.
Spick and Span Nude Cleaners - She concluded that letting Henry share her sister with her was better than losing him for he was a red blooded man and needed his gratification.
Brian - With her hand wrapped around my cock we spent the movie nestled and touching.
Jennifer - We talked about many things and made love in every way two people can Jenny was especially fond of oral sex.
New Lovers - She stood naked in front of her mirror and she questioned herself on what she should wear for the night.
The Heist - Standing against the wall, her breast hang loosely as he began to gaze upon their beauty.
Tina - She felt the erect cock as it pushed in against her soft curvy, but thick physique.
Beach Time - He turned her around and with his hardened cock pocketing itself into her muscle like belly They kissed and they kissed and they kissed..
A Royal Fuck - His body surged with energy as his back rose off the mattress Even his rock hard ass came off it and when it did in a slippery manner she eased her finger flat underneath..
Brent & Tina on Shukat - Brent began the coital rhythm of sex and Tina met him thrust for thrust..
Part Time Lover - I felt the head of his big cock rub along my pussy and then he started pushing it in very slowly..
High School Graduate - With Stan on his back she moved over him and mounted him cowgirl style..
Jordan and His Wanton Cougar - Closing her eyes arching her back and almost screaming, she felt it enter her Her bosoms filled with desire as her backed arched and her tits thrust forward.
All That it May Bring - I felt his hand move down towards my skirt and he grazed my soaking thong.
Unsuspecting - Before I can protest she slides the straps off her shoulders and wiggles to let the dress fall to the floor.
Sam and Ginny Forever - fellatio might have continued longer as Sam reveled in the new feelings but Ginny had given way to her passion filled emotions and demanded that he fuck her..
How I Met my Wife - She came out dressed in a little short Fredericks dress and looked like a total knockout.

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NOTE: We are always looking for more Longer Tales Stories to publish. If this is the type of erotic literature that you write, or would like to try your hand at writing, see our story submission page for more details.

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