Anniversary Poker

Author: satyrbutwiser
Published: May 17, 2008
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Leann pointed at the two guys which I took to mean "One at a time guys." At this point my erection was hurting so good. Mike was the first to react and stroked his wife's nipples. As I tentatively reached towards Sarah, Mike withdrew his hand. I gently stroked her midsection just under her breasts.

It was a late April day; the grey clouds looked to burst at any time. My mood was bordering on matching the weather. My wife and I had plans to go to dinner with our friends, Mike and Sarah. The four of us were celebrating anniversaries. Leann and I had been married for eight years and Mike and Sarah for five.

We started the evening with dinner at a nice restaurant, followed by a night cap at my friend Mike's house. Mike and I have known each other since grade school and most of our double dates ended at one of our houses.

As we entered the living room, Mike sat on the sofa while Sarah went over to the bar and poured everyone some wine. Leann sat on the sofa opposite Mike and I sat in the chair opposite the sofa. A beautiful glass and brass coffee table sat between us. Sarah handed everyone a glass, and sat in the chair next to Mike.

As is normal for couples, especially couples accustomed to each other as we were, our conversation turned towards sex (or as Mike put it - the lack thereof). Amidst lots of laughter (and drinks) Sarah suggested we play some games.

"How about charades" Sarah asked.

"Honey," Mike said, "you know I hate charades. Pick something else."

"Let's play Strip Poker," my wife Leann said.

MY WIFE! - This from the woman I married!

Ever since the birth of our child two years ago, she has been super self-conscious about the extra weight she was carrying. (She called it baby fat.) Although she still had great boobs, her tummy roll was the thing she wanted to hide the most.

Then it occurred to me, she knew I had always wanted to see Sarah naked, maybe this was her anniversary present to me (if it worked). It would definitely improve my mood.

"I'm up for it," Sarah said.

"Me too," Mike added.

Not wanting to be the odd man out I readily agreed. (Hopefully not too eagerly.)

"I'll get the cards," Sarah said. As she rose to go retrieve them, I imagined her without her clothes and got a slight stirring in my pants. Meanwhile Mike arose to get more wine, and I noticed my wife's eyes lingering on his rear end.

"So," Sarah said upon her return, "what are the rules"

"It was Leanne's idea - let her make the rules," I said, sparing myself any responsibility.

"I thought that would be obvious," Leann said, "Each losing hand must remove an article of clothing."

I was the one who taught Leann to play poker, and as far as I knew, she never played it with anyone else.

"Where is the skill in that," Mike said as he handed everyone a full glass of wine.

"What do you mean" Leann asked.

"If you only draw cards and then the lowest hand loses - that is only luck being involved, no skill comes into play," I said.

"Well you men play this game much more than the two of us do," Sarah argued. "Skill should be taken out of the equation so we all have a fair chance."

"That works for me," I said.

"Me too," Mike added.

As Sarah handed the deck to Mike I said, "Don't forget to remove the jokers!"

"Oh no," Mike countered, "You can stay."

Both girls laughed as Mike smirked.

Then he shuffled and dealt.

My hand consisted of the ace, four, nine, and eight of spades with the three of clubs. I tossed the three and hoped for another spade. I noticed that Sarah, who was sitting to my right had tossed three cards, my wife sitting to my left tossed four and Mike had thrown out two. After the draw I received the seven of clubs. At least I had an ace, in this game - that may not be the lowest.

It was. Leann had an ace with a queen; Mike had a pair of queens, and Sarah a pair of twos.

So I removed a shoe and set it aside.

"Oh no," Sarah said. "Shoes are a pair!"

"Really," I said, "I usually only remove one at a time. Tell you what, if the majority agrees, I'll remove both."

"We agree!" Mike and Leann exclaimed in unison.

"All right, here's the other." I removed the other.

"You're deal Sarah," Mike said as he handed the cards to her.

She shuffled and smoothly dealt the cards. I got the distinct impression she had played cards before.

This hand was no better than the previous; I received the ace of hearts, jack of diamonds, ten and six of clubs and the two of hearts. I selected the two, six and ten and tossed them.

"Three please."

Leann asked for one, Mike wanted three and Sarah two.

I received nothing that helped. "I got crap", I said showing my ace high hand.

Leann showed her hand, one card was a heart the rest diamonds. Mike had a pair of queens and Sarah a pair of Jacks.

Since Leann's highest card was a ten, she lost and promptly removed her shoes.

Now it was my turn to deal.

Sarah smiled at me and I tried to unlock any secrets that may be hidden within.

This was more like it; I had a pair of aces.

"Three please," Leann said, as did everyone else. This meant I was probably holding the best hand before the draw.

As she picked up her draw, Sarah smiled.

Everyone lay down their hand. Sarah won with two pair.

Leann had the low hand of a pair of twos, so forfeited her pantyhose.

She stood up and slowly removed them from beneath her white satin skirt.

Even though my wife had gained a few pounds since our child was born, she still could cause a stir in my pants.

I gathered the cards and handed them to Leann. "You're deal, hun."

She shuffled and dealt.

I looked at my hand and saw the ace and king of hearts, queen of clubs, eight of diamonds and the six of hearts. I did a quick check of the clothing situation. Only my wife and I had lost. Should I gamble on the straight, the flush or just go highest two cards

I opted for high cards and drew three. Everyone drew three this time.

My wife showed two pair; aces and sevens. Mike also had two pair, fours and threes, as did Sarah. I only had an ace.

I shook my head in dismay and removed my socks.

This was not going well.

After the first round only my wife and I had removed anything.

I was starting to think the cards were marked.

Mike shuffled and dealt; I received the jack of spades, the ten of hearts and other junk.

Once again everyone took three cards.

This time my wife won with a pair of kings, unfortunately Mike and Sarah beat my jack high.

I stood up and removed my shirt.

"This is not going well," I said.

"I'm enjoying it," Leann said.

"Me too," added Sarah.

"Just deal," I said with a shake of my head and a slightly embarrassed smile.

This time I got a slightly better hand than normal; a pair of eights, with a king, queen and two.

I tossed three cards, Leann asked foe one, Mike held fast and Sarah wanted three also.

Mike flourished his diamond flush. "The cards are with us tonight," he added.

This time however Sarah had the low hand.

Off came her black pumps.

"I'm glad to be out of those," she said. "My feet were killing me."

It was my deal again.

I received crap again, only a pair of twos.

Leann took one card, Mike and Sarah took three each.

Leann had one of the worst hands I had ever seen in my life - an eight high!!

She had an eight, seven, six, four and three.

"I guess I have to remove my blouse," she said. Personally I think she was trying to lose so she could be naked first.

She stood up and seductively removed her top. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she gyrated her hips, then she slowly turned as she removed her blouse. She then slowly turned to reveal her white lacy bra. I stole a peek at Mike; I could just make out a slight bulge in his jeans. Leann's breasts were slightly larger than average and very round.

"If you're done, it's you're deal," I said. "This time deal me some good cards."

She dealt and once again everyone took three cards except Sarah who took one.

Once again my wife lost; this time with a king high.

"Uh oh," she said. "I think I just lost my skirt."

"Yes you did," said Mike. "Let's have it."

She slowly stood up as Mike started humming the Burlesque theme.

Leann must have enjoyed that because she pushed her skirt so slowly down her ass, the small bulge I noticed earlier was now large.

Then I noticed that Sarah's nipples were poking through her silky blouse. Sarah was also enjoying the show as much as Mike and I were.

After Leann returned to her seat at the coffee table, she said, "You're deal Mike."

Right now, I didn't think he could concentrate on the game.

Finally I got a great hand (three jacks); I just hoped my wife also had one.

"Three for me," Sarah said.

"I'll take two" I said.

"Four please," Leann said

Mike said, "Dealer takes two."

Since Sarah and I both had a pair of 9's we had to look at the kicker to determine the loser. Mine was an ace while hers was a queen.

Finally some skin.

As she removed her stockings from beneath her black mini-skirt, I saw a flash of her blue lace panties and noticed my erection getting tighter.

So far Mike was the only player fully clothed.

Sarah retrieved the cards and dealt.

I received three jacks. This was definitely not going to be the low hand.

Everyone but me took three cards.

Leann had the lowest hand again, an ace high.

"I'm starting to hate this game," she said.

"It was your suggestion," Mike noted.

"So it was, well - here goes nothing."

"You do realize you're not supposed to lose" I asked and she promptly stuck her tongue out at me.

She reached around her back and undid the clasp on her bra. Then she slowly allowed it to slide down her arms exposing her erect nipples and beautifully round boobs.

"Who's deal" she asked.

"Oh - it's mine," I said.

"Wow!" Sarah said, "After eight years of marriage he's still distracted by her boobs."

I think I blushed slightly at this remark, quickly shuffled the cards and dealt.

"Wait a minute," Leann said, "I'm down to my last piece of clothing. Can we change the rules"

Typical - my lawyer wife wanting to change the rules halfway through the game.

"What do you propose" Mike said.

"Well," she stammered, "How about the winning hand picks someone to strip"

"How about doing a dare instead taking off your last piece" Sarah asked.

Leann thought about this for a while and said, "As long as it's not overboard."

"Sounds good to me," Mike said.

"Me too," Sarah and I joined in.

Now my near naked wife dealt the cards.

Mike asked for two, and the rest asked for three.

Finally Mike lost with an ace high. Noticing his hand had a king and a queen - I assumed he went for a straight and missed. You can afford risks when you're that far ahead.

Mike gathered the cards, removed his shoes, shuffled and dealt.

Once again, Mike asked for two, and the rest asked for three.

(Straight again) I wondered.

Again his straight did not pan out.

He removed his socks and set them aside.

This time everyone asked for 3 cards.

I had a pair of queens, Leann had three fours, Mike had a pair of aces, and (hooray) Sarah had an ace high.

"Looks like I lose my blouse now." She stood and slowly pulled her navy blue blouse out of her skirt. As she turned to unbutton her blouse, I felt my erection grow with desire. I guess she wanted to out-dance my wife. As she turned towards the group, she allowed the blouse to slip off her shoulders to land on the floor. Her nipples could be seen through the sheer blue lace bra she wore.

Damn! Could she move!

Now it was Sarah's turn to deal.

As she handed out the cards our eyes met, and hers seemed to ask "do you like what you see"

Her answer could be seen in my trousers.

This time I was dealt a queen, jack, ten, nine and eight.

A STRAIGHT!!! My best hand all night. Since the rule change, I had been trying to get the highest hand. The practical joker side of me was thinking up dares.

So, I said, "no cards, thanks." Leann asked for 2, as did Mike, while Sarah wanted one.

My straight was the highest hand while Sarah's queen high was low. (Mike had a king high.)

He calmly rose from the sofa. He did his best imitation of his wife (which fell far short - at least in my estimation) as he removed his shirt. He slowly dragged it from his jeans; turned to face away from us as he rode the shirt to shoulder height, then ripped all the buttons off the front and turned to face us. Both girls laughed at this display.

"Okay, my deal," I said.

I collected the cards, shuffled and dealt. My hand turned out fairly decent; the ten jack king and 3 of hearts and the seven of diamonds. The thought of a possible flush went through my head, but when I saw everyone else discard 3 wondered if should chance it. I still had my pants and underwear, but I didn't want to lose any more; so I decided to toss the 3 and 7.

"I'll take 2."

I drew a nine and a queen - a straight!! Leann's pair of 3's was low. I could dare her or take her panties!

"Oh shit," Leann said. "What do you want Steve"

"Oh, my dear wife; let's make it a dare."

"Nothing too outrageous," she said. "Or you'll walk home."

"I dare you to give Mike a 2 minute back rub - with your boobs!"

This brought laughter from Sarah, a shocked expression from Mike, and a mischievous grin from my wife.

"Done," she said, stood-up and as Mike lay face down, straddled his hips.

"I'll get the timer," Sarah said, as I watched her walk into the kitchen.

She returned with a timer and said, "Go."

My darling wife rubbed Mike's back with her boobs for the required time, alternating between going up and down and then across his back.

Mike sat up with a big grin and even bigger bulge.

"Your deal, Leann," I said.

She quickly dealt the cards.

This time I had an eight high straight!

Everyone else took 3.

Once again, Leann lost. "Your panties or a dare" I asked.

"I'll take the dare again."

I slowly looked about the table and notices both Mike and Sarah staring at Leann. "This time you have to French kiss Sarah for 1 minute."

The look of shock on Leann's face was matched by Sarah's. (But I thought it was contrived on both girls.)

Leann regained her composure, rose and approached Sarah. Sarah stood to meet Leann. As they kissed I noticed the contrast between Sarah's dark curly hair and Leann's straight blond locks. Before anyone realized the timer dinged.

Now my pants were tighter than comfortable.

"Your deal Mike," Leann said as she pushed the cards to him.

As he tried to shuffle the cards slipped from his grasp and scattered about the floor.

"Distracted dear" Sarah asked with obvious mirth.

"Just a little," he answered sheepishly.

This hand was not as good as last but still showed 2 kings, and we all asked for 3.

Leann's pair of aces was high, and Sarah's queen high was low.

Sarah slowly shook her head, stood and said, "Well, boys and girls, here we go."

She started to swivel her hips as she worked her hands across her belly and chest finally bringing both to the center of her bra. She undid the front clasp, and turned away from us as she pulled the ends out. She slowly lowered her arms to waist level and opened her hands to let her bra fall away. She slowly and seductively turned to face us while keeping her arm over her boobs. Then with a flourish she raised both hands over her head and allowed everyone to see. Her boobs were defying gravity (obviously no kids yet) and the round pink nipples were perfectly centered.

I snuck a glance at my wife, and noticed she was staring at Sarah's boobs. I returned my gaze to them as well.

"Okay, everyone," Mike said, "your deal Sarah."

"Now you're down to your undies too," Leann said. "I've got some dares planned for you."

"You have to win first," she replied.

I had a pair of 8's so I tossed 3. So did Leann and Mike, while Sarah took 2.

I drew a third eight and Mike lost.

"Give us your pants honey," Sarah said.

Once again Mike tried to duplicate his wife's dance, but the bulge in his boxers got in the way, and he lost his balance and fell back onto the couch, which made the girls laugh.

"My deal," I said.

This hand consisted of the ace, king and jack of clubs and the four and seven of hearts.

I took 2, while everyone else took 3.

I could not believe it - I drew the 2 and 5 of hearts! I had nothing but an ace!

Leann showed her pair of ten's, Mike his pair of fives, and Sarah showed a pair of seven's.

Damn!! I lost my pants.

"Looks like we're all down to the last piece; when is the game over" Mike asked.

"When one person is left, I would assume," said Leann.

"All right ladies, that includes you Mike," I said while they laughed. "Prepare to be amazed."

Then I stood and slowly unbuckled my belt. Seductively (at least I thought so) slid it from the loops and tossed it onto the rest of my clothes. Next I slowly unbuttoned the top of my jeans, and lowered my zipper. My erection was starting to hurt. I spread the fly open to reveal my boxer tops. Then I slowly slid my jeans down my legs (careful not to bring the boxers along.)

"Who's deal" I asked as I sat.

"Mine, sweetheart," Leann said.

She gathered the cards, shuffled and dealt.

I picked my cards. Everyone asked for three. Seems everyone was playing safe.

Mike was the winner with three fives while my lovely wife only had an ace.

"Dare or panties" Mike asked lasciviously.

"Oh shit!!" Leann said. "Dare!"

"I want you to reach into your husband's shorts and stroke him for 2 minutes," Mike said.

"Do I have to" she said mockingly which made Sarah laugh. Then she dropped down to her knees and walked to me slowly moving her hand up my thigh and under my shorts. After what seemed to be seconds, but could have been hours, Sarah said, "Oops, I forgot the timer!"

"Hey!! That's not fair!!" Leann said. "We'll count that as thirty seconds!"

She continued stroking my cock until I felt the imminent end when the timer went. Leann quickly stopped and retook her seat.

"Augh!" was all I could manage to say.

"My deal," Mike said and dealt.

I received a pair of jacks and two's - two pair - a good hand. I asked for one.

Leann asked for 2, Mike 1, and Sarah 3.

I drew a jack - Full House!! The best hand of the night.

Leann had a pair of aces; Mike had kings and fives, while Sarah had a pair of tens. I now got to dare Sarah!

"Your panties or a dare, dear" I said hoping I didn't sound too anxious.

"Dare," she answered matter-of-factly.

"Fondle your husband for 2 minutes like Leann did - only fondle Leann's boobs also."

"My pleasure." she said.

She stood, walked around the coffee table and sat next to Mike on the sofa. I reached for the timer as she reached for her targets. Leann leaned into the warm touch that Sarah offered while Mike slid down further to allow Sarah access to his member.

I don't know who enjoyed the show the most, but I think I did.

After the timer dinged, Sarah returned to her chair and dealt the cards.

"Just wait for when I dare you Steve."

Once again I had two pair, jacks and fours and asked for 1.

Everyone else took 3.

"Hey!" Leann exclaimed. "I drew a straight!"

This time Mike had the low hand with a pair of fours and Leann had high.

"Your panties or a dare" she asked innocently.

Mike's face showed his trepidation. "I'll take the dare," he hesitantly said.

"Your dare, should you choose to accept it, is to do twenty jumping jacks."

"That's it" he asked. "What's the catch"

"No catch; just taking it easy on you this time."

He stood, walked to the center of the room, and did his dare. A couple of times his dick peeked out from his boxers, which I'm sure, pleased my wife.

He returned to his seat while I dealt this round.

My wife threw three, Mike and Sarah asked for 2. I picked up my hand and saw three sixes. Not my favorite number - but most likely a winner.

"Shit!" my lovely wife exclaimed as she lay her king high hand on the table.

"I have three fives!" exclaimed Sarah.

"I have three sixes," I said. "I think I win."

"I have pair of 3's," Mike said. "You win Steve. Dare your wife."

"Your panties or a dare" I asked.

"Let's try one more dare."

"Okay, I dare you to gently squeeze Mike's balls."

"What!!" she asked incredulously. "Are you kidding"

"If you don't want to, fine - I'll give you another dare."

"I'm not sure," she said hesitantly, and glanced over at Mike. The look in his eyes seemed to say "All Right!" and "No Way" at the same time.

"Are you sure you won't get offended Steve"

"I suggested it."

I thought Mike was going to shoot right there and then as my wife slid to her knees in front of him, placed her right hand gently on his left knee and slowly ran it the length of is thigh. The look of ecstasy on Mike's face indicated she had reached her objective. Then her left hand slid into his shorts from the other direction. There appeared a small wet spot at the top of his shorts.

With a grin only surpassed by Mike, my wife reclaimed her seat.

"Whose deal" she asked.

"I believe it's yours, Leann," I said.

She retrieved the cards, shuffled and dealt.

I received a king, nine, ten seven and 2. I kept the king and ten, hoping for anything.

Once more, everyone asked for 3. I drew nothing and had the lowest hand.

"Yippee!" Sarah exclaimed. "I win!" Sure enough, her pair of queens won.

"Your panties or a dare" she asked me.

"A dare," I said, trying not to show any emotion.

"I dare you to gently squeeze Mike's balls."

This brought a shocked expression from Mike and me and peals of laughter from the girls.

"Just kidding, Steve; I'll be right back," she said as she stood and walked to the kitchen. I loved watching her walk away; the dark blue thong framed her cheeks beautifully.

She returned in less than a minute carrying with her a can of Redi-Whip, which proceeded to spray some in a circle pattern around her boobs.

"Your dare is to lick all this off in 30 seconds," she said.

The speed with which I jumped from my seat could only be described as super-sonic. I was determined to beat the timer and enjoy myself at the same time. Her flesh was warm and as sweet as the topping. And damn it - ding!!

"I have to stop now don't I"

"Yes dear," Leann said.

"Who's deal" I asked returning to earth.

"It's mine," Mike said as he started to deal.

This time my hand consisted of the 5, 6, jack and king of spades and the 8 of diamonds. I dropped the eight - hoping for the flush. Sarah drew three, and Mike Leann took two.

I drew the king of clubs. The squeal of delight my wife gave informed me this pair was not going to win. Sure enough, my lovely wife had a full house queens over fives. Mike had a pair of deuces and poor Sarah only had an ace.

Now my wife asked, "Your panties or a dare"

"A dare of course," Sarah said.

"The dare is: you get blindfolded and all three of us will grope and you need to guess who is touching you."

"What's my prize for guessing right" Sarah asked.

Leann thought a moment and then said, "if you guess all three correctly, a favor from each; if you miss one, you give a favor to each you miss."

This sounded great to me.

"What qualifies as a favor" Sarah asked.

"Use your imagination," Leann replied cryptically.

"I'm game!" Sarah said, and then left the room returning shortly with a dark scarf.

"Honey," Sarah said, "tie this for me please."

She stood in the middle of the living room while Mike tied the scarf around her head.

"Make sure she can't see," Leann said.

"Spin her around some," I said.

Mike spun his petite wife around several times. I was captivated by her beasts jiggling with her movements. Finally Mike stopped spinning her, and after she regained her balance, Sarah said, "Okay - I'm ready."

I figured that Sarah would easily guess my wife's hands, since she was female - her hands were most likely softer than Mike's and mine. So she basically had a 50/50 chance of discerning my hands from Mike's. So it would be a good chance that Sarah would win, but then again - does anyone really lose in this kind of game!

The three of us stood mingled around Sarah a few times - to confuse her. Mike's erection was highly noticeable through his underwear. But then again, as I looked down - so was mine. Without any conscious thought the three of us simultaneously reached out and stroked Sarah's midsection. I desperately wanted to stroke her boobs, but did not want to seem too eager. Again with precision the three of us removed our hands. It may have been my imagination, but I would later swear Sarah was trembling with excitement.

Leann pointed at the two guys which I took to mean "One at a time guys." At this point my erection was hurting so good. Mike was the first to react and stroked his wife's nipples. As I tentatively reached towards Sarah, Mike withdrew his hand. I gently stroked her midsection just under her breasts. Then as Leann reached forward, I removed (albeit reluctantly) my hand. Leann caressed Sarah's belly and traced her midsection around to her pert little butt.

"This is easy," Sarah said. "Mike was first, Steve second and Leann was last."

The three of the "contestants" burst out in laughter. "You win Sarah. What's your prize" Mike asked.

"Follow me - and you'll find out," Sarah said as she started off towards the stairs.

We followed her upstairs and down the hall to the bathroom. As we entered the bathroom, Leann and I both noticed the new Jacuzzi. "When did you get this" Leann asked.

"It was finished last month," Sarah said, "Now this is my favor from everyone. Step into the tub." We all climbed into the tub. The four of us subconsciously assumed the same places we had during the game. Sarah had a wicked grin on her face.

"On the count of three we all take off our undies." she said, "Then we start massaging our spouses with this oil." She turned to the shelves beyond the tub and grabbed a large bottle of oil. "And lastly, when I say 'Switch' we start massaging the next person."

My wife looked around and said "Anyone who wants to stop, step out of the tub now."

We all looked at each other but no one left the Jacuzzi.

Sarah's grin got even more wicked.

"Great!" Sarah said and then counted. "One, two, Three!"

With one smooth movement, the four of us were completely nude. The two erections were pointing straight up. And both women were looking at the opposite husbands member. After I noticed this I looked at Sarah's bush for the first time. It was neatly trimmed with just a hint of lips below.

Sarah handed a bottle of oil to Leann and grabbed another one from the shelf.

I held my hands out towards Leann while Mike held his toward Sarah. After the two girls poured oil onto their husbands' hands, and their own, Sarah replaced them on the shelf.

Leann and I faced each other and started to slowly massage each others chest with our lubricated hands. A quick peek to my side indicated that Sarah & Mike were also rubbing each other. Slowly my wife worked her hand down my belly and ended up on my dick. She grabbed the base and slowly pulled her hand up to the head. Just as I felt close to eruption, Sarah said "Switch!"

The four of us turned and faced the opposite of our spouses. Now I finally got to caress Sarah's boobs. They were so firm and tender. I ran my hands slowly down each side of her lithe body while her hand eventually found its way to my dick. God - her touch was so gentle and yet firm. It seemed like two seconds later she once again said "Switch" only this time she ducked around her husband to end up in front of my wife, which meant I was now facing Mike and his nakedness. Now I have known Mike since we were both very young, not once had I ever touched him while naked. We stared at each other for a few seconds. We both looked imploringly at Sarah, but she was enjoying her female-female massage so much, her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back in ecstasy. Then I noticed Leann had one hand on Sarah's boobs and the other between her thighs, Sarah was also massaging my lovely wife in the same manner. I looked at Mike and with a jerk of my head towards our wives, sidestepped behind mine. I started massaging Leann's shoulders while Mike went into place behind Sarah and mimicked my actions.

"No fair," Sarah say, her voice barely above a whisper, "I didn't say 'switch'."

At this point Mike and I reached around our own wife and starting fondling the boobs of the other's wife. My dick was pushing between my wife's thighs and with all the oil everywhere, it felt wonderful. Both women simultaneously stepped back a little and leaned forward to continue fondling each other. This allowed me to enter my wife's pussy and from the look upon Mike's face, he had done the same to his. The girl's had set the tempo for Mike and I to thrust and in very little time I was ready. I promptly withdrew and stepped back. Mike, seeing what I had done, also stepped back. The two men stood there looking at our wives for a few moments then switched places. Mike stood behind Leann while I was behind Sarah. Both men began massaging the backs & butts of the other's wife. At this time the two girls stopped their massage of each other & turned to face the guys behind them.

All four of us started to massage the person in front of them. I started at Sarah's shoulders and slowly worked down to her breasts. Then I reached around and started to massage her back. This brought my dick up to her belly. She promptly reached down and started to massage my dick. I leaned my face down towards hers and she leaned up to mine and we kissed. Her lips parted slightly and my tongue slipped through to taste hers.

I moved my hands back to the front and gently proceeded between her legs. My fingers found her clit and I slowly rubbed it with a circular motion. She responded by slightly thrusting her hips forward to increase the pressure. Her body started to tremble and I knew she was going to orgasm soon. I slid my hands back to her breasts and continued massaging them. I snuck a peek at my wife and Mike. His hand was buried in her pussy while she was stroking his dick. Then I noticed that Leann's other hand was rubbing Sarah's ass; my wife - the multi-tasker. I sat down in a Jacuzzi seat and starting licking one of Sarah's boobs. As she started stroking my hair, I felt her push my head don towards her belly. I traced a line from her boob to her belly button. Her push became a bit more insistent, so I continued to her pussy. To do this I slid between her legs nearly knocking down my wife who stood behind Sarah. Leann turned and saw me on the floor of the Jacuzzi and knelt down beside me. Her right hand kept working Mike's dick as she started stroking mine with the other. Sarah tasted sweeter than my wife.

Next thing I realize Mike is lying next to me with his face buried between my wife's legs. Leann broke off contact with Mike, straddled me and helped me enter her. Sarah, without seeing this happen, mimicked Leann's actions so that she and Leann were facing each other. While our wives were slowly bouncing on our erections, they leaned towards and kissed each other passionately. That pushed me over the edge and I shot my load deep into my wife. Not even two seconds later I hear Mike's orgasm. The two women never stopped while this happened. After a few seconds, the two women lay back against the wall of the Jacuzzi, looked at her own husband and said "Happy anniversary."

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