Basketball Recruit and Aunt Sue

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: Jun 9, 2008
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Upset her nightbor Bobby seduced her and made sexual addvances on her, his wife comes and "scolds" him, but ends up seducing young sexy athlete herself.

Ashley's "Aunt Sue" held her in her arms telling Ashley how awful it was to go through what she went through. She told Ashley Uncle Bobby's actions were reprehensible. However Sue also wondered how she could get in on some of that action too. Sue wasn't jealous; she found Ashley to be sexy for as young as she was. The 18 year old had bodily features not even many 25 year olds displayed. She displayed many wonderful mature physical attributes.

"Mmmmm" Sue said holding Ashley close against her body. She loved how Ashley felt. Her wholesome boobs and her firm but curvaceous figure felt increasingly pleasurable within the clutches of her hug. "Are you feeling a little better now Are you dear I'd think that it's is a good thing if you don't say a word to anyone especially your parents considering what I saw" speaking in a soothing gentle tone.

Ashley looked up with some concern. "How does she know what went on Did she actually see us Did she see me pull down my underwear" Ashley believed Sue couldn't have seen them.

"It was... It was too easy to do it. It was too easy letting him do what he wanted to me. Ohhhh my god he's sooo hot, so dreamy, and so sexy. What girl wouldn't let a hunk like him do that to her I mean what girl wouldn't" she wondered.

"What Ashley" Sue asked seeing the weird look on her face.

Nodding her head Ashley indicated nothing was wrong.

"Are you alright" Sue asked. She pulled Ashley and her healthy succulent tits against her own slender physique. "Mmmmm there, there sweetheart everything will be fine. It will be just fine. Yes it will."

Sue loved holding Ashley close. She absolutely loved it. Ashley's full bodied breasts were firm like her own. Sue was 31 but still had firm boobs of her own.

"I can understand that jerk's fascination Ashley" Sue said "I really can you know."

Ashley pulled away again thinking Sue's remark was odd. "What... huh pardon me"

In the same comforting tone and warm expression Sue added "Well it's easy to understand how anyone might see you as a beautiful and... and a sexy young woman."

Ashley stepped away even farther. She was on her guard. Looking down at the floor she told herself "He said that too and I wanted him to hold me. I even wanted him to feel me. I wanted him to kiss me on the lips too."

"You are you know" Sue told her as Ashley stared at the floor.

Ashley looked up. Not smiling she told Sue "You are too; both of you are. Who's better looking then you two are Aunt Sue" asking her rhetorically. "I mean... well umm he is a hottie. And you well you're beautiful! You really are beautiful!"

Sue knew she was and smiled. She thanked Ashley for the compliment.

Ashley stared at Sue's dazzling figure. She looked at Sue's plentiful tits. She stared at Sue's abundant cleavage. For a woman of 31 years old Sue knew she had it all. She knew what Ashley was thinking.

Smiling as she watched Ashley take interest in her figure Sue was proud to be the focal point. She was impressed that Ashley valued her figure so highly. Sue was happy her 18 year old neighbor wanted to gaze upon her figure.

Looking down at her own dress and slowly back up at Sue she asked "Do you think I look older... more mature in this"

Pausing as she studied Ashley in the short dress Sue smiled. Her eyes glistened offering hope to Ashley. It was a great confidence booster for her. Ashley felt proud of Sue's response. Ashley displayed that majestic smile that Sue and many others adored.

With Ashley's face lit up like a morning sky on a summer day, Sue developed a strong desire to be intimate with Ashley. She wanted to show Ashley how much she adored her especially her wholesome mature body. As each smiled brilliantly Ashley felt a sense of maturity she never felt before and thanked Sue for the vote of confidence.

"I'm going to warn you" Sue began "dresses like that one will bring on unwanted suitors such as Bobby. Even women may feel some attraction" she told Ashley.

"Hey down there" Ashley's dad shouted from the top of the stairs. "What's going on Is everything alright"

"Yes daddy everything is great" Ashley said smiling as she and Sue stared at one another. "Were just talking about things." Sue said reiterated what Ashley told her dad. The door closed tight. Looking at each other Ashley gave Sue a long emotional hug.

"Wow she has the biggest tits" Ashley thought.

"Her titties are so wonderful. They are so mature for her age" Sue thought. "If only I could... ohhhhh yes if only I could touch them" she wished.

Sue looked down. She looked at them. She stared momentarily at Ashley's tits. They were hearty and perky looking underneath her sexy slinky dress. They seemed inviting. Ashley looked down too. She wondered what Sue was thinking. Looking back up and then down again she wondered if Sue was admiring her tits.

"Sue do you think my boobs are too big" She knew Bobby loved them; she wanted Sue's opinion. Looking up again she noticed Sue was still staring at them. "Noo I guess not" she said with a smile answering her own question.

Sue resoundingly told her no. Sue told Ashley her tits never would be too big. Sue was awestruck by their natural beauty. To Ashley it was apparent Sue liked them too.

What Ashley didn't realize was that Sue grew extremely fond of them. What Ashley hadn't realized was Sue desired them. That wasn't as obvious. Sue wanted to feel them. Sue wanted to place her hands upon them, caress them, and hopefully go as far as getting Ashley to realize another woman's boobs can be an erogenous thing if they allow themselves to let go of their inhibitions. Wanting to feel Ashley's boobs wasn't Sue's ultimate goal however. She wanted something much more arousing then that. In time it would come, but how soon Sue wasn't sure.

"Honey will you do something for me." Ashley asked her what. "Will you turn around slowly for me May I see your figure" She told Ashley she didn't have what Ashley had. She explained that Ashley's body was twice the body of her own, which it wasn't. "Let me appreciate what a real beautiful sexy woman's body is okay"

Blushing, Ashley spun around slowly for Sue. She turned around twice. Sue loved it. She adored and admired Ashley's wholesome, slender, but athletic frame. "I can understand why anyone thinks what I think" Sue said to her.

Sue locked on Ashley's bosoms again. Ashley also looked down at her own tits. Ashley didn't seem embarrassed any longer. She looked towards Sue's tits finally and eventually their eyes met. Both smiled appreciatively. Without a word being said Sue reached out for Ashley's hands.

Ashley wondered what Sue was doing as her hand grabbed hold of Ashley's. Timid she looked up while wondering what Sue was about to do. Looking down she watched as Sue's hand led hers towards her Sue's boobs. Ashley was bewildered but intrigued. Not in her wildest imagination could she believe what Sue was doing.

But it felt neat. It felt great. It felt incredible. All at once feelings of euphoria mounted within her. Feeling her neighbors boob was exciting. It was stimulating. The softness, the tenderness, and the majestic nature alone brought forth electrifying and hormonal interactions within Ashley which she never felt before. She cried out anxiously. She cried out hungrily. Sue was pleased at the reactions. Sue grew more hungry for her ultimate prize. Sue was ravenous and felt she had to get there soon.

Ashley couldn't pull herself away. She loved it, but never squeezed Sue's tits. She was fascinated by them. They were so round and so amazing. How could her tits be as phenomenal as they were

Wearing the low cut ribbed top that highlighted her welcoming cleavage, Sue's wholesome tits put Ashley in high heaven as well as Sue. Ashley didn't say no. She didn't want to say no. Ashley was no longer afraid. Ashley seemed to be enjoying herself.

"Do you like how they feel" Sue asked breaking the silence.

Looking up Ashley kept her hand against Sue's boob nodding her head yes.

"I do too Ashley... I really do. Ashley... can I feel yours honey" Sue asked.

Ashley was amazed she even wanted to. She looked up with surprise. All Ashley did was nod her head yes. Sue's hands ascended upon Ashley's youthful but full sized boobs. Ashley watched as they descended upon her boobs. It was cool! It was an overwhelming feeling! She couldn't believe how much she enjoyed having Sue's hands against her bosoms. She looked up and smiled happily.

"Mmmmm isn't this nice" Sue asked. Yours feel really nice to me."

"Yours do to" Ashley said as they shared smiles.

Sue desired her ultimate prize even more. Letting go of Ashley's boobs she slowly removed her own skirt. It concerned Ashley. What was she doing Why was she taking off her skirt She didn't like it at all. It worried her. She was alarmed. She didn't ask what Sue was doing, but once she looked down and saw the shapely tanned legs she told herself how pretty and even sexy they were.

Ashley lowered her hands off Sue's tits. She wasn't sure what to think any more. Sue asked her "Do you think I have pretty legs too Ashley Are they still even sexy" she wanted to know. Sue knew the answer. Her legs dripped with sexiness all over them. Many a man's stares have told her that already.

Still Ashley wasn't sure what she should think or say. There was a bit of excitement in the air. It twirled within her too. She didn't think Sue was up to anything, but seeing as all she had on was her ribbed top and panties she was unsure of things.

"Would you care to rub them" Sue asked.

"No...Why would I" Ashley asked.

Shrugging her shoulders Sue came back saying "Sometimes women want to know what another woman's body feels like. Sometimes they want a man's point of view. I know I... well I know I have wanted that sometimes."

She was ready to tell Ashley what she really desired.

Ashley felt Sue's thighs anyways. It did not arouse Ashley at all. Sue was able to tell that Ashley wasn't turned on at all. Regardless, Sue put her hands against Ashley leg.

Ashley looked down, but immediately backed away. She didn't like what was happening to her again and looked up in shock. As she cocked her head she was worried about what Sue was going to do.

"Don't... Please don't do that Aunt Sue" she pleaded. "Please don't do anything" she begged.

Sue backed off. She wanted to tell Ashley how Bobbie never truly satisfies her as a woman even though she would be lying. She wanted to persuade Ashley so much so that she would get Ashley to take off her dress, remove her undies, and let Sue get down on her knees so she could eat out Ashley's pussy.

She was bent on achieving that goal. All the times she'd see Ashley outdoors whenever Bobby was outside and all the times she'd see Ashley admiring her husbands body especially his ripped chest and stomach would turn her on so much that Sue would end up in her bedroom and getting herself off at the notion she could watch Ashley and Bobby having fulfilling sex together. It was a great fantasy she wished would happen some day.

Smiling anyways Sue continued feeling Ashley's lower body. Before Ashley knew it, Sue had lifted up Ashley's dress and felt the youthful smooth flesh of her thighs.

Ashley begged and she pleaded with Sue not to, but deep inside she enjoyed Sue's soft silky hands caressing Ashley's own soft silky thighs. It was stirring, but not orgasmic; not quite yet.

"It's going to be fine; you'll love it. Haven't you ever wondered what it's like to have someone caress you Have you ever wondered what it is like to have someone touch you inside too" Sue asked affectionately.

Her voice was a soothing tone. It was a gentle loving one as well. Ultimately it eased Ashley's fears and eventually Ashley began relaxing.

"Haven't you ever wanted to feel one of your friends' pussys especially when she's aroused and it is swollen Haven't you honey" she asked already turned on by the notion.

She shrugged her shoulders indicating she has been curious. Sue said she was curious when she was Ashley's age. "I was curious. I wanted to know what one felt like too when I was 19 years old. I was with two women at the same time who were a few years older then me. They weren't party girls and they were socialites. They weren't very outgoing for that matter, but they were cute." Sue told Ashley how they'd go swimming once and a while and she'd see them in their bikinis and think about things.

She said "I'd think 'Wow if only I had a body like they did.' I actually had one Ashley but I didn't think I had as nice a body as them" Sue said.

"One of them asked me why I was staring at her. The other girl noticed me staring at her too. She knew why and told the other girl why I was and the laughed at me. I was embarrassed and apologized for staring. They said it was alright and one of them suggested we leave the pool and go up to her apartment."

"Yeah... what happened" Ashley asked.

Sue went on to tell Ashley how the next thing she knew was one of them was all over her. "The girl was all over me in a sexual manner Ashley." Sue told Ashley one of them was caressing me or touching and that while slowly working her way around Sue's body until the two of them ended up kissing passionately.

"Ashley, it was my first ever bi-sexual experience and it was fun I thought."

Ashley was seriously intrigued by the story and asked if she has ever had any others.

Sue nodded her had yes and told Ashley she has had dozens since then but is always discreet about who she is with. She told Ashley she doesn't just do it with anyone which led Ashley to wonder and ask "Does that mean you're attracted to me too I suppose"

Removing her top slowly she lifted it off her head and said "Very much so Ashley honey." Looking at Ashley in a seductive manner she went on to tell her "I find you very, very attractive and very sexy too."

Pausing for a moment she then added "Ohhhh my Ashley you're the type of young woman I would lie down with anytime and kiss and touch all day long. I'd love to do all these intimate and loving things with. I mean it too" she told Ashley passionately

"Ohhhh Aunt Sue... Aunt Sue" Ashley cried out "this turns me on! It is all turning me on" she screamed fanatically. I am... ohhhhhh I am so sooo" and Ashley's face and also her body trembled excitedly "I am so horny right now!"

"All this is... it is turning me on; you're turning me on" she shouted.

"Touch me, touch my body Sue... please feel me anywhere you want to! I wanna feel you touching me everywhere" Ashley said feverishly. She pleaded with Sue to do what ever she did with her friends that one night. "Pease will you Aunt Sue!"

Taking off her bra Ashley gazed upon Sue majestic tits. She was fascinated by their size and shapeliness. Even Sue's nipples were magnified in Ashley's opinion making Ashley only hornier then before. She couldn't stop from staring at the size of her tits and nipples.

"You love these don't you" sue said wearing a grand smile. I'm more then happy that you do. I want you to feel them when you feel ready to." Closing her eyes Sue added "Yes ohhh Ashley honey I can't wait to lie next to you in bed and let you have your way with me!"

Sue proceeded to lift off Ashley's dress. Ashley let her do as she pleased lifting up her arms to allow Sue complete freedom to do what she wanted. As she lifted off the dress Sue's eyes scoped Ashley's soothing and trim athletic frame. Smiled from one ear to the other Sue more then appreciated the young woman's figure and own delicious boobs she bore underneath her bra.

Looking down towards Ashley's panties she reached for them and Ashley never resisted Sue's advances. Ashley's desire for sexual interaction was greater then any other event in her personal life up to that point.

With one woman wearing nothing but a pair of panties and the other wearing nothing but her bra it signaled Sue's descent to the floor to do her thing on Ashley.

Dropping to her knees and pushing apart Ashley legs, Sue began gently fingering Ashley's horny swollen pussy. It was swollen as was Sue's but Sue pressed on. It was Sue goal to give Ashley what Ashley secretly strived to obtain.

Yearning for another's touch, Ashley was finally reaching that goal. Sue long for another unique and special bi-sexual experience, but this time with the cute adorable young woman's whose eyes swirled around her husband's body like they were mosquitoes looking for blood to suck. Just as Sue was sexually gratified it was time for Sue to pass it on. Now was Ashley's time and Sue was there to make her day.

Rocking back and forth while Sue worked Ashley's pussy using her tongue, Ashley slowly felt her legs becoming weaker as she came closer to an unprecedented wild climatic orgasm she never remotely had in her lifetime! She didn't have the strength to maintain her current position on the floor. Her legs started to buckle. Her thighs clamped down against Sue's head only as if she was using her head to brace herself. Clamping down against Sue's head only aroused Sue more. Both were horny, but Ashley wanted to explode! Ashley wanted to orgasm violently! Ashley began groaning which led to louder moans which only led to loud exhausting cries that pushed her to have the exhausting orgasms both Sue and Ashley hoped Ashley would soon obtain.

Almost falling to the floor, Sue reached up to grab her naked flesh while continuing to dig in between her thighs into her warm, juicy, and swollen cunt! Still Ashley couldn't maintain herself and her position on the floor and fell to her knees, but quickly laid out on the floor so Sue would not sop her pursuit of bringing Ashley to the bizarre orgasm each hoped she's obtain.

Crying out she begged and begged Sue to go at her harder and harder. Sue did as Ashley wished. Exhausting as it was, Ashley's body went into a wild tailspin of orgasmic tremors.

She continued to be turned on by Sue's experienced tongue. Sue worked her magic on Ashley's tight pussy lips, excited clitoris, and her swollen oozing walls within. Humping and kicking for the ultimate orgasm she couldn't wait for "it" to happen.

Toying and teasing with Ashley's pussy began arousing Sue more then expected and even Sue felt powerful urges to reach down and in to toy with her own clit while doing Ashley at the same time.

Briefly stopping to relax Sue cried out "Ohhhh this is beautiful Ashley! You are beautiful and incredible too!"

Ashley couldn't and didn't respond but fidgeted and moaned in anticipation of reaching her climatic orgasm. "Make me have it" she pleaded with Sue! "Make me orgasm now Sue" she begged joyfully. "Ohhh Sue... please Sue this is soooo" and she sounded like she was crying, but they were cries of pleasure. "Oh god this is sooooo awesome! Yes it is all so awesome" she kept screaming.

"Mmmmm good because I love this too" Sue replied pleased she could gratify Ashley finally the way she's desired gratifying her. "Your pussy Ashley is the sweetest and it is soooo full of life! Yes it is" she cried out to Ashley. It is so full of life right now! Juicy and perfect as perfect gets" she went on to say.

Practically naked and licking away at Ashley's pussy they both heard from the top of the stairs "What are you two talking about down there" It was Ashley's mom calling out to them. "Hello" she called out again "are you down there Ashley, Sue... Are you two down there"

Sue told Ashley to say yes mouthing the words to her. "Uhh yes mom were just uhhh talking about uhh stuff. You know life and all; girl talk mom" she said as Sue quickly started to dress.

Fearing she could be caught going down on Carol's daughter she knew better. Neither she nor Ashley wanted to be caught so she grabbed Ashley's clothes too and quickly handed them to her. With Carol at the top of the stairs and Ashley and Sue virtually naked on the floor Carol told them the food was getting old and to come up and get something to eat. They told her they'd be up in a minute. Carol exited but left the door open.

Putting themselves together Ashley was severely disappointed. Sue understood and looked at Ashley and felt terrible she couldn't reach her goal. She knew Ashley was upset, but it wasn't the end of the world which Ashley understood as well.

By the time each was dressed, smiles plastered each ones face. Ashley finally told Sue "Thank you" and looked down before lifting up her head again. "Thank you Sue... thank you very much. I gotta question."

Sue asked what it was. "Ummm well does a guy do that as well as you just did it to me"

Wanting to laugh she came back and said "Well some can... like Bobby. Bobby... now he is really, really good at that. I mean Bobby does it better then any man I know. I know you think he is dreamy and sexy and all, but your time will come sweetheart. Your time will come indeed. He is gentle and sexy and it is so easy to fall for his ways when he's on. He has a very sensitive outlook on stuff and he has the gentlest of touches" she told Ashley winking. "That's part of the reason why I married Bobby. He knows how to keep a woman happy. If you find a man down the road like him then you are going to be happy all of your life. Yes you will Ashley."

"Oh and another thing... If a girl knows how to kiss and I mean kiss in an intimate fashion then she too is 'a keeper!' She's 'a keeper' for life. You and I will get together soon and I'll show you what I mean by that okay"

"Really you mean it" Ashley asked excitedly.

Leaning forward Sue kissed Ashley's lips quickly.

"I mean it Ashley. With all my heart and soul I promise you we will spend several hours together doing everything you possibly can dream up."

"You are so awesome Sue. Do you know that" Ashley said to her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Ashley, Ashley you are too... you are too!"

Walking towards the stairs, Sue held Ashley's hand in hers and before they turned to go upstairs Sue stopped and looked into Ashley's eyes. With a quick swoop of her soft hands she glided them from below her fresh desirable pussy, up her athletic frame, and stopped at her lips.

"Mmmmm you turn me on honey in ways you can't imagine. I am so horny for you now. Let's go on outside and socialize now."

All afternoon all Ashley wanted was to be near both Sue and Bobby. She wanted to be inside their house, next to them with and without her clothes on. She wanted the fullest possible sexual experiences she could have between the two.

But when it would happen she didn't know for the recruiters were scheduled to come soon. They were coming to promote their programs and her focus would have to change.

Still experiencing orgasmic tremors within she could feel the oozing off and on and kept watching Sue's lithe sexy figure working the crowd, but occasionally she'd look Ashley's way and to wink and smile.

Offering her hope the day she hoped for would come soon, Ashley watched her neighbor more often then either expected, but for Sue it was opportunity knocking at her door.

About: The author of "Basketball Recruit and Aunt Sue" is Stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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