Published: Jun 10, 2008
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Friday a bit after 6:00PM a burbling exhaust sound announced the arrival of my wife's little sports car in the driveway. I heard it back into an out-of-way corner. "Hey Sweetie" came her call from the entryway. "Hey Kay" I replied from the bedroom where I lay reading.

Friday a bit after 6:00PM a burbling exhaust sound announced the arrival of my wife's little sports car in the driveway. I heard it back into an out-of-way corner. "Hey Sweetie" came her call from the entryway. "Hey Kay" I replied from the bedroom where I lay reading.

She walked into the bedroom smiling. "BD is right behind me" she said. BD is one of her boyfriends. She quickly hung up her jacket then swooped down for a quick but firm kiss on the mouth. She rested her weight on the bed beside me and reached over to squeeze my crotch through my khaki trousers. "Take your clothes off and keep this hard for me." Kay loves to order me to stroke my cock while she watches. Actually she has a minor fetish -- loves to watch men stroking big hard penises. Just then we heard the deep rumble of BD's pickup truck. She rose and quickly walked out of the bedroom down the hall to the entryway.

I could hear her kissing him in greeting. Brief conversation with his deep baritone. Her softer voice was lost to distance. Apparently they had retired to the living room which is a goodly distance from our bedroom. After a few minutes I heard her moaning then the familiar high-pitched squeals and exclamations that meant she was getting that large black cock up her cunt. More moaning and more squeals followed by more of the same. This lasted for more than 50 minutes before becoming lower-pitched pleas. "Fuck me. Fuck the pussy. Fuck the pussy. Fuck the pussy." A lovely chant quite familiar to me after more than 6 years of hearing it in my ear. BD's baritone occasionally directed her movements or ordered her to "Take my cock." When I heard her purring sounds I knew she had cum on his fat cock.

I still lay in the bed jacking my cock as she had instructed. Soon she appeared, naked now, and climbed onto the bed. Starting at my feet, she crawled on just her knees over my legs and then over my straining cock. I had hoped she would stop there and sit on the stiffy but her knees kept walking until her cunt was squarely over my face with her thighs pressing my ears to my head. She grabbed my head and pulled my mouth into her hot twat. Oooh I love that. Her hands let go of my head to grab her small breasts as she now fucked my mouth while sitting up straight above me. As her body bounced and pushed her groin at me. My job here was to push my tongue up her passage, alternating with pushing the flat or the point against her clit. I never tire of this. Evidently tongues can be trained for stamina. Her movements became quicker and quicker and ever more forceful. Suddenly I was nearly drowning in a wash of pussy squirt. It drenched my ears and wet one side of the pillow beneath my head.

"We're going out" she announced.

After swallowing and pulling out the small towel serving as a cum rag to wipe off my face, I asked "Where"

"I think BD wants to take me to Dee's" she said. I had taken her to parties at Dee's a number of times. Dee's hosts gang-bang parties where a crew of large black men play with white and Asian women.

"You just keep play with this and keep it nice and hard for me" she ordered as she rolled off and quickly pulled on a small, tight, black slut dress.

I continued to slowly jack my very hard erection. No hurry. They would not be back for a very long time. I lit up some real nice smoke and stroked even slower while imagining what she was doing. I knew well what she was doing. Dee's parties were very unlike the couples' swing parties we often attended. No standing around chatting. Just constant hard fucking. With three or more men for each lady there was seldom any cessation of the constant thrusting until a lady would call for a break but many, including Kay would go for more than an hour before resting. As one man finished another would step forward. They would try to persuade their partners to engage in a DP. Kay always avoided that.

I had fallen asleep. It was after midnight when I heard the familiar exhaust rumble of BD's big pickup in our driveway. I hoped that they would come in and fuck some more so I could listen and masturbate some more.

I heard the unlocked front door open and lock but no conversation and I heard BD's truck pulling out into the road.

In the bedroom Kay knee walked back onto my face and, as before, began thrusting her voracious cunt down onto my mouth as she squatted above me. The sex at Dee's had evidently made her cunt even more voracious. Her groin bounced up and down then back and forth horizontally then back to an up and down motion. I can always tell when she's about to squirt when she rubs her clit extremely hard against my mouth. I have to take care to keep my teeth away from the clit. The pressure forced my lips away so the clit was grinding on my teeth while she moaned and squealed.

Then came the largest gusher ever. Both my eye sockets filled with the liquid that burned my eyelids but she kept thrusting and thrusting. I thought she was done and wanted to towel my eyes dry. Far from done, she scooted her cunt down my chest to sit on my still super-hard cock. She rode my penis up and down then twirled round into a reverse cowgirl and squatted like a baseball catcher and began using her quads to propel her body quickly up and down. This is one of our favorite positions but she can ordinarily only keep it up for fifteen minutes before the quad muscles give out. This night she just kept squatting and sitting, squatting and sitting.

After more than twenty minutes of this she turned round again and dropped down with her knees enclosing my hips. "Grab my ass" she hissed. She loves having her slim but broad buttocks held tight while fucking woman on top. I not only grabbed her ass but started forcing it down and up on my erection. After a few minutes of this warm liquid drenched my stomach and groin and I thrust harder and harder before squirting my load of semen up her cunt.

We had cum but still we were not done. She quickly knee walked back up to my face and began thrusting at my mouth where the collection of our combined juices drained into my mouth and she washed all this down my throat with another gusher of her squirt juice.

As we collapsed and cuddled the clock read 2:12. Both drained for the moment but we had the whole weekend to indulge our fancies with each other's genitals as well kissing, billing and cooing. She fucks other guys but that only seems to make her hornier for me. So glad that two such freaky people found each other.

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