Older Women make Beautiful Lovers

Published: Jun 22, 2008
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This experience happened to me as a boy. Since then, I truly enjoy giving older women the pleasures of sex that they seem to need.

Once a man approaches middle age, 50 years and up, it seems that his sexual abilities start to dwindle away. And as that happens, he then reaches for the wonder drug, Viagra. But not so much with our dear older women. As you read this true experience, you will really appreciate this about them and how they not only love sex, but continue to perform even when well past their menopause into their late years. I am presently looking after a large complex that houses single women who are 52 years and older. And lately I have had the privilege of getting to know a lot of them intimately through a service that I set up for them and just how much they truly enjoy sex during their later years. But before I share this experience with you, I need to explain my back ground a little and how I came to appreciate these older ladies.

Back in 1967 when I was 18, my parents were both killed in a car accident. Being left with out a dad and mom, my mother's sister, aunt Elsie took me in and continued to look after me. She was 34 years older than me at that time and was divorced. And since she had no family and was living alone, we became very close friends. And eventually, this was in more ways then one.

I guess you could call her a BBW as her body was quite plump with big heavy breasts, and large hips. But regardless of her shape, she was a very kind person with a happy personality. As she looked after me, she taught me to have great respect for older people, especially for older women. And right from the first day when I moved in with her, she did everything to make me feel close to her. I'm sure she was wanting to help me to get through the trauma of loosing my parents. When bed time came, she had me sleep in her bed while she slept out on her couch. Every night before she went to sleep, she would always came into the bedroom where I was and used her bathroom across from me. But for some reason when she did, she never completely closed the door and I could hear her peeing into the toilet as clear as anything. And I can still remember to this day how this would always make me have an erection. Then, when she was finished, she would come over to me and give me a good night hug and kiss. And while she was doing that, I was hoping she wouldn't see or feel my erection as she cuddled me up in her arms.

When things settled down and the sting of loosing my parents lessened, she eventually told me it was time for her to move back to her bed, but she still wanted me to sleep with her to keep her warm. Well, if I live to be 100 years, I'll never forget that first night with her.

At 18, as I have already mentioned, I was getting a lot of erections but I still didn't know about masturbation. And to start sleeping with her now didn't help matters. Also, to make my problem even worse, after I had gotten into her bed, she came in and sat on the side of it with her back to me and undressed down to her brazier and panties. Then she asked me to undo her bra so she could take it off. And as she was putting on her night gown, I could see the sides of her big breasts swinging around as they hung down in front of her. Then she stood up, reached under her night gown and took her panties off. After that, she went to her bathroom to have a pee, and once again I could hear her stream splashing into the toilet, which made my penis hurt even more.

When she had finished and came to bed, I quickly turned around with my back to her trying to hide my erection. But once she was in bed with me, in her motherly way she turned towards me to cuddle me up by putting her arm over me and pulling me back up against her tummy and breasts. And as she did that, her hand accidentally touched my hard penis. Well, when she realized what it was, she started feeling it all over and then she said, "Oh my, you seem to have a problem down there. It isn't good for you to leave it this way. Here, turn over on your back and let aunty look after it for you." Well I didn't know what to do. What was she going to do to me

Next thing I knew, she was helping me to turn over on my back. And because I always viewed her as knowing everything, I did as she said. After helping me to roll over, she sat up, put the light on and pulled the covers back. Then she said as she started to pull my pajama bottoms down, "Its OK darling --- you will feel so much better after I help you to get rid of all that pressure inside your weenie." As soon as my erection was in plain view for her to see, she took it between her thumb and finger and started to move my foreskin up and down while squeezing my testicles in her other hand. Then she asked me if I was jerking off yet. Since I didn't know what she meant, I guess the blank look in my face told her that I wasn't.

So, she asked me to wait for a moment while she got a towel. Then kneeling down on the floor beside the bed, she asked me to move closer to her and she put the towel on my stomach next to my penis. Then she started to masturbate me again. And as she was moving the skin up and down she said, "Does it feel nice when I rub it like this" Well I was getting more excited by the second as a strange new feeling was building up inside it and I think I whispered in a shaky voice, "it's starting to feel funny aunty." When I said that she said, "It's OK sweetie, soon it will shoot some white sticky liquid out and you will feel so much better."

No sooner had she said that and I could feel a totally new throbbing feeling filling my penis and spreading down to my testicles. Suddenly, my penis felt like it was going to burst open. And when she heard me starting to moan, and noticed the head turning almost purple, she started to move her hand up and down the shaft very fast making me almost pass out from my first orgasm. Finally, I had to grab her hand to stop her because the head on my penis was to sensitive to touch. As I looked down to see what happened, I saw her squeezing and milking me as a small dribble of clear stick syrup came out of my pee hole. And when there was no more, she wiped it off with her finger and put it in her mouth.

Then letting me rest for a minute or two, she continued to massage my testicles, rolling them around inside my tight skin bag. Then she said, "Well sweetie, didn't that feel good Since your body is beginning to change into an man, your penis will continue to get hard many times a day. And when it does, I want you to feel free to come to your aunty and she will help you make it soft again. Will you do that for me" So I said that I would. Following this, she pulled the covers back over us and put the light out again. Then she facing me like she did before, she cuddled me up against her warm body.

As I was thinking about my new experience, I noticed that my penis didn't go soft like she said it would. And so I asked her why. Then she reached down and as she felt it, she said, "oh my, maybe one treatment isn't enough." So after pausing for a minute, she then said to me, "lets try something different." Then rolling on her back and spreading her legs apart, she asked me to climb up on top of her. When I was resting on her tummy, she got me to move lower down and then she said, "Sweetie, a woman has a special opening between her legs called a vagina. That's where a man can put his hard penis. Here, let me help you to find it." And as she kept moving me to the right place, she took my penis and aimed it into her vagina. Then she said, "OK sweetie. Now push it in as far as you can." As I did, I felt it slip into a hot, wet place and it felt wonderful. Once I was in she said, "That's good sweetie. Now make yourself nice and comfortable and I want you to start moving your penis in and out of auntie's hole. Here, let me show you how." And she grabbed me by my bum and helped me to do that at a nice slow steady pace.

Like I said earlier. What a night that was for me. Her big wet vagina felt absolutely wonderful to my aching penis. An in no time, I was feeling that same throbbing pain that I felt with her hand. But this time it was even stronger and I nearly fainted from the wonderful unexplainable feeling that exploded all over my body. When it was finally over, I had to stop to get my breath. And then she said, "wasn't that great honey Now I want you to stay on top of me like you are right now and lets see if your penis goes soft this time, OK And if it doesn't, then you can do the same thing to aunty again" After saying that, she told me that when boys are going through puberty, it takes a lot to make their penis loose it's hardness.

Well my penis still didn't get soft, and no wonder because she kept squeezing it with her vagina. I could feel her moving her muscles and squeezing me continually and this was making me stay harder then ever. So she told me to start moving in and out of her again. This time though, I felt her reaching down and she started to rub herself just above my penis. And as I continued thrusting into move her vagina, I noticed that she was also getting very excited too as she continued to rub herself.

Then suddenly she started breathing very fast and I heard her let out 2 or 3 real loud grunts. Well, when that happened, I quickly stopped as I thought I was hurting her. But as soon as I did, she quickly whispered between breaths, "No, no sweetie, don't stop. Keep going." Then she let out another 1 or 2 loud grunts.

While she was doing this, I felt her vagina squeezing my penis real hard, and once again I began to have that same wonderful feeling for the third time. This time I think I even saw stars. When it was all over, I couldn't move. I just lay there on top of her and she hugged me tight in her arms. After we both got our breath back, she kissed me and said, "Oh sweetie, that was just wonderful, wasn't it Aunty had the same beautiful feeling that you had." And then she explained what an orgasm was.

As I rested on top of her big soft body, my penis did gradually become soft this time and so she got me to pull out of her. Then she wiped herself with some kleenex. Once again I have to say, this was a night that I will never forget. It was such a wonderful way to experience the joys of sex for the first time. I know that some would not view it this way, but for me, I will never be able to thank my aunt Elsie enough for what she did for me. She kept sex dignified and there was never any guilt attached to it because she made it all so natural for me.

After resting for a little while, we didn't go back to sleep. Instead, she taught me all about sex, explaining everything for me. She even showed me her breasts and her vulva and let me touch them as she explained what each part was for. Finally she cuddled me up in her arms and we went to sleep.

The following day, my mind was still trying to absorb everything that she had told me, along with the wonderful feeling that my first 3 orgasms had given to me. And when I asked her some more questions about sex, she took me to her bedroom and we both undressed and got into her bed. This time she introduced me to oral sex and when she made me climax in her mouth, I didn't think my orgasm was ever going to end. Then she taught me how to give her oral sex and I was able to give her a long powerful orgasm too. And for the next 7 years I had sex with her almost every day.

Although she couldn't reach an orgasm now and then, she always made sure that I did. She remained my lover, friend, guardian and special aunt right up until I was 21 and then likely due to her being over weight, she suddenly passed away from a heart attack. She was a wonderful person and I still miss her very much. Any wonder why I have such admiration for older women. After her death, I became involved with a number of women, some in their early 30's, others as old as 58. Then about a year ago, I was hired to look after a complex that was built especially for single women who had to be 48 and up in age to live there. Each female tenant had a one bedroom suite to live in. Plus it had a very good recreation center and a large dinning room which served excellent meals. Although they could have male visitors during afternoon and evening hours, they could not have them stay all night.

As I got to know them, I discovered that they really wanted a built-in massage service available for them to use. So I told them that I would look into their request. But whenever I found a messier who would consider coming there, his fees were just to high for them.

After I reported this to them, one of them jokingly suggested that I could do that for them. And before long the discussion became serious to where some of them liked the idea of me becoming their messier. So, I said I would think about it and we could talk about it in a week's time. In the meantime, I searched the internet and library books for information about this profession and what kind of equipment and oils would be required.

Well I did accept and I have set up my second bedroom as my massaging room with a special table along with the other things that make up a masseur's room. Since then, I am presently giving massages to 56 different women and more are trying it as others talk about it. When I first started, I had a lot of trouble with erections and had to be careful until I got to know the women better.

They would make appointments and I would accept one at a time. When they arrived, I would have them go straight to my bedroom and remove all of their clothing and put on a white gown that opened from the back. Then I would have them lie face down on my table and where I would spend around 45 minutes or more slowly massaging their bodies. Start at their temples, I worked my way down, ending up at their feet. On their first visit, I purposely did some things to find out if they are receptive to having me get very intimate with them after I'm done. While working on their bum cheeks, I accidentally on purpose, touch or rub their but-hole a few times. Then while massaging their upper thighs, I would let my fingers touch their vulva lips a time or two. These little touches on their private parts usually made them horny enough to want me to continue to the next phase of my massaging where I actually give them an orgasm.

I'll explain this in more detail. During the regular body massage, I made it a point to tell each one how nice and sexy her body looks. And this would make her feel good inside. Then after I have finished her regular body massage along with the so-called intimate touching, I ask them how they are feeling. And they usually tell me how much they have really enjoyed it. At this point, I would then ask them if they would like me to continue to give then my special massage. And usually they will ask me what that is. So I would explain that it included massaging very intimate areas of their bodies. That it begins with them lying on their back and I massage their breasts and nipples. Then I move down to their vulva and massage it until I bring them to an orgasm. Well by this time almost all of them are feeling so horny that they wanted me to continue. So far, I have had only 2 that declined this offer. However one of them has come back for another massage and then asked me to give them the extra treatment this second time.

During this special treatment, I spend about 10 to 15 minutes on their breasts and nipples and by this time they are so horny that I have them moaning with pleasure and they don't want me to stop. After doing their breasts, I slowly work my way down, massaging their tummy and stop at their pubic hair. The I open their vulva lips to see how things look there. And I usually find their clitoris is quite swollen and the area between their lips very wet. So, at this point I stop and put the stirrups in the table. After that I help them to move down so that their vulva is even with the bottom edge of the table. Then I help them to put their feet up on the stirrups. Now comes the part that I really enjoy doing for these older women. I don't tell them what I'm about to do. I want to surprise them. So I sit down on a chair at the end of the table between their spread legs, and as I reach up to massage their nipples some more, I ask them to close their eyes if they want to and just relax. Then I start giving them oral sex.

Some don't realize what I'm doing to them at first, others do right away. But they enjoy it so much that they just lie there and moan with pleasure. And when they reach an orgasm, they always let me know how much they are enjoying it by the noises they make. With some, I heard fast, heavy breathing, along with some grunting and groaning. With others, they even yell out loud with pleasure. And sometimes there are other signs of pure pleasure too, such as wetting themselves, or even releasing gas from their anus. For me, it's so rewarding to give them this beautiful pleasure. And I just love the taste and smell of these older vulva's too. Some go off very quickly. For others it takes me quite a while to make them climax.

Right now, I'm also having sex with quite a few of these older ladies and they make such wonderful sex partners. And since almost all of them have either gone through their menopause, or had a hysterectomy, we don't have to worry about them getting pregnant. And for those who need a lot of sexual stimulation to make them climax, I don't mind spending as much time as it takes. I want them to be completely satisfied when its time for them to go back to their suite. And when they do, I feel so good inside for being able to please them like I do. Yes, older women do indeed, make beautiful sex partners because they are so appreciative of having a man look after them sexually.

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