Marys Office Job

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: Aug 6, 2008
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Mary a secretary openly offers to make things right. Almost 20 years younger then her boss she soon discovers he is more appealing to her then she realized. She'd do anything... anything at all, but as things heat up something interrupts it all.

She saw the incoming call. It was John Pearson, her boss. Upon answering it in her normal chirpy voice, Mary addressed him as sir. She always addressed him as sir. He was older and she always felt it appropriate considering who he was and their substantial age difference. Despite the fact he was one of the nicest guys in the world she had ever met, he had his moments, but she never once crossed him. She only heard or saw his mean streaks when she was at her desk or outside his office which wasn't often.

But that day something had been discovered. Something unusual had gone wrong. Mary was apparently in serious trouble. John Pearson was going to get to the bottom of it and even if he was one terrific guy, he certainly could display a fair share of outrageous ranting and raving if something terrible had happened.

"Mary... in my office now!" His voice was gruff. It was short.

Instantly she was worried. She wondered what was wrong. Mary never did anything to compromise her new job. From the beginning he had treated her fairly, with kindness, and he was sweet to her too.

Above all things he always complimented her on either her work or her professional attire. He had told her countless times she wasn't required to dress up like that. Jeans, casual slacks, and either an every day blouse or top was good enough at his offices. It was a casual operation. Customers rarely came in. None of his sales force stopped in regularly. None of the crews ever came in. Basically it was Mary, John, an auditor, and John's wife. And even so, John's wife unbeknownst to him was off flirting with other younger men anyways. Mary knew it through conversations she had with John.

But that morning John was quite abrupt. His voice was short and firm. He was definitely not happy at all. Her blood pressured spiked immediately. Seeing as she was a little worried, she instantly stood up and walked to his office, carrying with her a steno pad, and a pen.

Wearing a stern face even worried her more. She was told to sit down. She did. She told herself he probably wasn't going to dictate any letter and put the pad down.

"Yes sir, how may I help you" she asked timidly. She tried putting on a typical teenage smile. Looking pert as ever, she tried appearing as her usual happy self. It was forced. She knew it must have looked that way.

"We have to talk Mary."

Her smile disappeared right away. He then told her why. She went on the defensive. Her shoulders cocked back, her head stood at attention. She couldn't believe her ears and looked surprised.

"You didn't think I'd find out did you"

She shook her head accepting the blame for something she actually never did.

"I know it takes time to get comfortable on a new job, but Mary I've given you lots of chances, but to do this... and this is how you repay me This is how you pay me back"

Knowing she hadn't done anything wrong, except once when she made a deposit the following week, she tried apologizing. Other then that she always made the deposits and balanced everything perfectly double checking her work. She wanted it to be impeccable.

"No Mary" he said not listening to her or paying attention to her. "That just isn't enough anymore. There have been discrepancies from what I've been told in your work. I've been shown things. If you want I'll even show you them."

"But sir I've only failed you once and" but he cut her off.

"But nothing Mary" he began interrupting her. "My auditor has pointed out to me a number of discrepancies in your work." Mary wasn't familiar with his auditor. She hadn't even talked to him yet. Didn't even know his name. "She has an entire list here of things I've looked at and" but Mary interrupted him.

"She sir" she asked "ummm I've always been under the impression it was a guy sir. I mean the voice I've always talked to was a guy's voice sir."

He explained that was the auditor's assistant. He was a young guy about Mary's age who like Mary was always polite and mannerly. Like Mary he always tried behaving conservatively, speaking to clients properly, and discussing everything on a professional level.

"Also even though I've noticed you've become quite comfortable in this job by the way you've dressed and behaved recently, I don't see how I can keep you on any further. O can't see how I could keep someone who is stealing from me. Mary... how would you resolve a situation like this Huh Mary... tell me how Mary" he asked looking her suspiciously in her eyes.

She felt like she was framed. She felt ashamed even though she hadn't committed any crime. Stealing from a boss was not something in Mary's nature. She looked down; ready to weep. It dawned on him how stern he was being on her. But considering all the evidence what other choice did he have

His voice was firm. His face wincing with lines starting to form across his forehead, John Pearson's blood pressure was beginning to spike. Higher and higher it soared. It was unlike him to lose his temper. He wasn't like that. Veins popped out along his neckline.

She looked up. Ready to redeem herself while proclaiming her innocence she prepared to do anything... anything whatsoever to keep her job. She knew she was innocent. How could she prove it She could show him her deposits. She knew she could, but that could take at least a week.

"Sir" she said timidly lowering her head again as she started to proclaim her innocence. Still unnerved by her actions he looked up from his desk. She looked so angelic. Her hair cut short and bobbing, she looked adorable in many various ways.

Her cut low cut blue, white striped tee was cut just above the baseline of her bountiful bosoms and showed a hint of cleavage in the display. That same top was different. Cut squarely along the base above her tits it held off anyone's imagination hoping and praying it might display more then the top end of her bosoms and very tip of her cleavage. An expansive framework of alabaster flesh caught his eyes.

She hadn't realized it but his eyes fixated on her sumptuous boobs suddenly. He hoped someday he could be her prize catch. Finally realizing what he was doing he shook his head in a jerky motion and looked away from her abundant bosoms and deliciously hidden but seemingly well supported cleavage.

"Too much" he told himself once he looked away. "It's just too much for me. I mean I'm a married man for god's sake. I don't care if my marriage sucks" he told himself. "I'm still a married man. Think John think" he told himself. "With her chest being that bountiful... that expansive human flesh on the horizon" but he stopped himself again.

He looked up. She was staring at him wondering what was on his mind. He appeared to be in deep thought. Looking at her he told himself he could not look at her chest now. "Don't John... just don't" he commanded. "I'm a man with some influence in this community. Yeah I know... I know she is one pretty young lady. I mean her body... it's so damn slender. Her boobs... they just stand out so well" and he closed his eyes reflecting on the true beauty underneath her top. "And... and her cleavage oh god yes her cleavage and those breasts" he continued telling himself. "They just flourish all the way around. I mean above it, beneath it, and from left to right... that low neckline of that her knit top says it all John. I'm screwed if I let myself go. I'm just screwed he told himself in a matter of seconds.

"Sir I didn't do anything wrong... except once sir."

"I don't know Mary" he told her while forcing himself to keep his eyes off her aromatic looking boobs. "I just do not know what to do here."

"Sir I do" she said looking right into his face. "I can prove to you I am innocent. I'll do anything to keep this job" she said hoping he'd give in "anything at all sir and I'll also promise you I will prove my innocence. But in the meantime I would do anything whatsoever to keep this job. And if you give me one week and you are not satisfied at that time then sir I will quit and you will never ever hear from me again sir."

He looked into her eyes. He saw that look of innocence and honesty staring back at him. Neither was smiling. But she wore a different gaze which he had never seen on her since she started 2 months back.

"Anything right" he asked himself. "Yeah if only I could be so lucky."

He looked into her eyes. She was so pretty. He knew she was happy to have the job too. He knew she would do nothing to jeopardize her job and it made sense to him she told him they could sit down after hours and do this on her time. She guaranteed it.

"In the meantime I will hire someone to assist you. It will be a temporary solution to my problems Mary. I wanna believe you. I've always loved having you here. For various reasons too, but mostly because it's so fun having someone full of zest along with other prohibitive reasons which I'm unable to speak of. It's you who brings life to this boring place. That's why Mary" he said.

Finally he cracked a smile. She knew he wanted to believe her. She wanted him to believe her too and now she thought there was some trust building starting to commence.

"Like I said sir... I will do anything you ask of me" she began "anything at all."

"Yeah right if only I was so lucky... if only I was so lucky" he wished.

He told her she was dismissed after accepting the idea she could prove her innocence. Just as she stood up and turned he looked to watch her walk out. Her shapely young round ass impressed him.

"How could anyone as slim and... and even as shapely as her have such a nice full ass Wow... man and it has such a great swing to it too" he told himself. A smile surfaced.

"God and she's got one helluva body for a 23 year old. Bright eyes, a cheery smile, and boobs screaming to be... to be" but she swung back around.

With her head and the upper crust of her chest line in full view she said something to him. Her eyes were gleaming. Her white teeth sparkled more then they ever had in days past. She seemed more cherubic in John's opinion then any day she worked there.

"Sir I just have to thank you for letting me redeem myself. I won't let you down sir. Oh and again sir if there's any..." but he cut her off hoping and wishing to high heaven he wasn't committing a serious offense.

He almost blurted it out. "Well Mary maybe there is something you can do for me." She stepped just inside his office. "Oh god yeah... she is looking even more divine then she has ever looked" he thought. His eyes strolled down the course of her slim shapely figure. He looked up. Her smile was apparently larger then when she peeked into his doorway seconds earlier.

"Have I ever told you that you have one heck of a smile Mary"

He kept it to himself what he really wanted to tell her or ask her. He was going to break down and ask a special favor. Although he knew better he was inches from asking her to do something by today's standards. He knew better subconsciously. And instead threw out the compliment.

He watched her eyes crest. She actually treasured the remark. She stood more upright and her tits stuck out a bit more. They impressed his hormones. They impressed his fantasies. Her shoulders taking on a statuette quality helped to support a set of bosoms which became more impressive then before, more desirable then ever and even more fascinating then he felt he could ever handle.

She walked towards his desk. Her tits remained in his eyes so impressive he didn't realize his jaw opened in awe of them. His libido overcame all rationalization. She wondered if he was overcome by her beauty. She never thought of herself as sexy, but always wished guys looked at her that way. She began wondering if this was the case.

"Is he ogling me Am I that pretty to him I mean he does keep looking at me like older guys do, but John is different. He's kind of a good looking guy. I mean for his age he is. He's not that old. I'm sure he's younger then my dad, but he isn't that old" she thought.

She maintained her smile. Not realizing it she maintained her upright posture too. Hence not realizing it she maintained an enthralling picturesque view for him to practically drool over. He didn't. He just wished he could be all over her.

"Sir is there anything I may help you with at this point" she asked after thanking him for the compliment. Her eyes were lit up. Her broad white smile impressed the heck out of John.

"Maybe you'd like me to sit on your lap, lift off, or lower my top so you can play with my titties Ohhh I know it won't happen, but heck getting in good with the boss like that can't hurt can it" she told herself as a smile sustained on her face.

"Like I said sir if there's anything, anything whatsoever I'd be able to do to allow me to stay on here just let me know. I do really want to" and just then while standing at the front of his desk Mary took a leap of faith "Keep this job." She bent over, lowering herself enough that he could see a little bit further down into her top, but he did not.

He wanted to and she knew he wanted to look at it all terrible. She saw his eyes. They burned with an ardent desire. She was sure of herself now. She was in the process of redeeming her innocence and if that's what it would take then she was willing to go all the way or close to that.

"It's up to you John" she told herself while bent over on his desk for a few seconds.

"God damnit all stop that" he told himself. "Like all you're doing is advertising to me that you want me to fuck them and fuck them hard don't you" he asked himself.

As she stood up smile intact he thought she actually nodded her head. IT was as if she knew what he just asked himself. "Good John good boy. Hunger for me John. In good time you and I are going to break down or you are and we're going to lie on this floor, get undressed, and fuck the living hell out of one another. I'm going to suck that big fat manly cock of yours like its never been sucked before. And you're going to lick these titties, my pussy, and we're going to do one another like hungry wild animals in the jungles. Oh yeah John... I'm sure of it now."

He told her that was all. His voice quivered knowing what he had been thinking. She turned to walk away and he was sure of it now. He knew he was busy with appointments and she was aware of it too. Watching her he studied her full sized shapely ass which compared to her slim shapely younger figure seemed almost out of place. He loved it more and more each moment he watched it.

She smiled on the way out, slowed as she turned the corner out of his office, and wondered if h e really would appreciate her finer more mature looking young ass. Not as proud of it as her figure and tits, she came to accept it as part of her and maybe John was one man who could truly appreciate true beauty where it lay in its natural state.

Going over his schedule he told himself how he could easily reschedule all his appointments for a bit of entertainment like Mary that day. All logic left the office almost an hour ago. Her fine tits, cleavage, and sumptuous ass took over that morning. Going on 10 in the morning, he was horny but not ready for "it" just yet. She was she had been telling herself for the last 30 minutes. He had other issues. She had none. IT was all a matter of time.

God here I am 42 years old, married, and my marriage sucks the big one. What's a guy to do What do I have to show for it all too Not a damn thing... not one damn thing" he exclaimed under his breath.

She happened to be outside. Thinking about coming in and offering to appease his frustrations upon hearing himself talking under his breath a light went off. "I know it's crazy" she thought but he hasn't been what I'd think is a happy guy. Maybe I can offer him a 'precious proposal' and she almost started giggling. "Yeah that's it" she mused as another light bulb turned on. It was a ridiculous idea but she asked herself "what do I have to lose at this point"

Not realizing he told himself he would agree keeping her on for several days until she proved her innocence she started to head into his office. John got up from his desk and headed for the doorway. Checking his watch he didn't see her. Straightening her top hoping she looked "proper" she didn't see him.

The two slammed into each other. She fell substantially backwards. He hardly fell back at all. But in slamming into her feelings of euphoria surged through his body. Feeling her slim busty figure ramming him like it had was pure ecstasy. As shocked as she was the idea he ran into her combined with the possibilities of mature unadulterated sex with a handsome looking man practically 20 years older who was in really good shape and maintained his looks as well as anyone had begun to excite her more then she imagined.

Seeing that he bowled her over he watched as she tried regaining her balance. She almost fell back again. He decided he better grab hold of her before she falls all the way to the floor and slams on the hard ground. She was shaken up. It was evident she was. He really knocked the wind out of her. It almost appeared as if she was rattled so badly she lost all her composure and was about to faint.

He grabbed her arms. He practically carried her to his couch in his office. Laying her down on it, he turned his chair around. Grabbing a tall glass of water, he sat down on his chair beside the couch. Putting the glass to her mouth he put his other hand behind her head to help her sip the water. She was stunned by the blow.

Her eyes flickered several times. She was rattled enough that she lost all thought. "Wow what happened" she asked quietly. It was the very first time she ever called him by his first name. She was in momentary shock. She stared straight ahead.

"She just called me John. That's cool" he thought attiring himself with a brief smile.

"Ohhhh wow I'm sorry" she said wearing a blank face. He immediately wiped his smile off his face as she started to look over at him. "I was gonna tell you" but stopped short of telling him the truth realizing why she was knocked on her ass in the first place.

"Tell me... go on tell me damnit" he thought. "Is it the same reason Mary Is it"

"Mary guess what" he began. She looked at him. With no expression one way or the other on her face he said "I'm not going to fire you. I'm not that kind of guy. Something tells me you didn't do it, but I still would like you to show me all the proof you can either way. You and I need to get to the bottom of this. And whatever it takes and I mean whatever is needed well I'm game for it. So today Mary... I'm not gonna fire you. I think you're too sweet, too honest, and well there's a lot of reasons why I don't want to fire you."

He saw the relief in her face. She had already said she was sorry even though she never was guilty of wrong doing in the first place. She told him again she was innocent. He nodded telling her he believed her. She looked away. He gazed upon her outstretched body and subconsciously admired its young wholesomeness.

"John" she started to say in a timid voice "I owe you so much. You do know that don't you" He nodded without saying a word. "I suppose there's many ways to repay your trust in me."

"Yep there are Mary... there really are a lot of different ways" he thought. Let's make love right here and right now. Right here on my couch. Let me take off your clothes and allow me to feed my forgotten fantasies" he told himself.

"I'll be a babysitter John. How's that sound You comeback to the house, catch me in the act of playing with my pussy, and then I let you fuck my titties. And fuck me after that" she told herself.

She looked at him and he did likewise looking into her cheerful bright eyes and smile. He was mesmerized by her beaming smile. Her eyes flickered as if happy to do anything his little heart asked of her. She wondered if he jump out of his skin if she pulled down her blue and white striped top. She wondered if just leaving it alone maybe he'd advance a hand voluntarily over one of her tits and feel its effervescent supple qualities.

Thinking about the possibility of that in itself aroused her. He seemed more virile by the moment. He seemed like a more viable solution to both their situations. Securing herself a long time permanent position by allowing herself to sex up her boss was a very viable choice. Her nipples once she thought about it hardened. Her legs tensed up. A smile settled in permanently. She realized making love, having carnal sex with a boss almost 20 years older but certainly not old looking was a good opportunity for a great time.

"What ya thinking about" he asked with a compassionate smile.

"Ummm nothing" she said staring up at him. "What are you thinking about"

"Well ummm lost opportunities in life. People I've known, girls I used to know" he told her. She asked him what he meant after saying that.

Looking away he said "Mary... I want you. I mean I want to have sex with you. You are the epitome of a beautiful. You are outgoing, vivacious, honest, and ummm well uhhh a really, really uhhhh" but he paused. He looked towards her. "You're really sex to me Mary. Sexier then anyone I've known in a long time too. God Mary... you have beautiful tits. You have beautiful lips. You have the sexiest ass I've ever seen for a girl your age. I mean it too. I'm being honest Mary. Everything about you melts me. Everything everywhere drives me crazy."

His speech melted her heart. His speech drove a hormonal spike into her. He aroused her deeply. She knew at that moment she wanted sex with him regardless of any consequences. She knew what she wanted and she wanted his hands, his body, his lips, and his cock everywhere.

Reaching out she quietly took hold of his wrist. Bringing it forward she laid it up against her tit. Watching his eyes was a delightful pleasure; almost as if he never experienced it before. She smiled openly.

That smile alerted him that she wanted him. She wanted him to have her body. She pleasured in the idea a man his age found her so alluring. The stunned look on his face gave her the impression he wasn't expecting her to be so willing.

Her smiled ensued. She closed her eyes as his hand felt her munificent bosom. Her mouth opened and a long thankful breath of air rushed out with a sense of relief. He looked up. He sensed she was happy with what she was letting herself do.

Raising his other hand he placed it on her other boob. Moving each hand around both Mary and John's eyes closed simultaneously. Rapturous emotion radiated off both their faces. Each of them showed signs of gratification as John's hands continued moving in circular motions over her shirt.

She felt an urge. An urge to lower her low cut top ran through her body vicariously. She momentarily tensed up. Astonishing waves of excitement followed. Her eyes closed again. She felt her body pushing against his hands.

Mary sensed herself wanting him to feel her flesh; not only her tits covered by her adorable squared of short sleeve top, but she felt an urge to lower it below her tits so he could see her cleavage more clearly, her bosoms more in depth, and eventually pull her top off all together.

He watched her face with intense curiosity. Wondering what was on her mind he continued to enjoy the sumptuous nature of the youthful bosoms underneath the soft material against the palms of his hands.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" he whispered. A flash of a smile settled on his face. She saw it and knew all was good.

"Mmmmmmm you're so gentle John" she told him quietly. "I wish other guys could be like you."

He looked up. He was surprised. He figured she had great sex all the time. "May I ask you something" he asked. She nodded. "Aren't you as lucky all the time as I think you should be" She didn't understand. "I mean I'd think a girl as attractive and as sexy as you are would have every possible guy clamoring to be with you."

She said she's had her fair share but usually comes up on the wrong end of it. "Maybe because they don't know any better" she told him. "Maybe they just don't understand it all. You know what I mean. How to treat a woman properly... the way you are now."

"I guess I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now."

"I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

Both smiled as he felt her precious tits. "John I have a secret." He immediately was worried. "No noooo John, not like that" she added smiling mischievously. "I have a better secret then anything you could imagine." He stared in wonderment.

"Some of my friends and I... we get together on a rainy nights. We'll have slumber parties kind of. We'll all get together, bring out the food and drinks, and we'll lie around and guess what we'll do John"

At first he had no idea and as she stared to tell him he figured it out. "Ohhh shit" he said

Smiling she told him. "Turned on even before I tell you" she asked. "That's right... we'll strip down... and yes John just as you suspected we play around. We get intimate with each other. We do all sorts of naughty fun stuff." She winked.

He was horny and wanted to rip off her clothes. He wanted to go all out. He controlled every emotion he had, but it was harder then hell to stop the flood of erotic thoughts and feelings.

"Ooooohh I bet I'm in for a good time today" she asked gently.

He nodded. She lowered her top exposing her bra and boobs. He groaned. He felt his cock stiffening. He wanted at that moment to reach inside his slacks, grab it emotionally, and squeeze the living hell out of it.

His eyes rolled backwards. She smiled feeling similar feelings. She moaned and petted her pussy even though she wore jeans. She pressed harder stroking herself again. Mary moaned again seeing his eyes still lying in the back of his sockets. He turned her on. He was aroused by her comment about her and her friends.

"I wish I could be there. I'd be so gentle and so kind. I'd do ask you all ask" he told her almost unaware of what he said. She moaned again. He straightened out his stare. Looking at her she seemed aroused twice as much as before.

He felt her bra. His eyes disappeared again. She leaned forward. Out of nowhere she kissed him on his lips. "I think I've wanted to do that. Now I know I've wanted to do it" she said. He looked at her surprised she even desired kissing him. She leaned in again and kissed them gently again.

He moaned and squeezed her tits more firmly. She moaned hungrily for more. In the excitement of it all Mary reached down and tore her shirt off. In front of him sat her slender voluptuous upper body awaiting his sensuous attack.

Her eyes filled with fervor she lunged at him wrapping herself around him and pulling him forwards over her. She fell backwards on to the couch. Completely intact with all his clothes fell on top of her sumptuous figure.

"God Mary how did this... ohhh my god yes Mary yes" he said breathlessly.

"John... John make me ohhhh god John please make love to me" she cried out joyously. "Suck on them John." He knew what she meant. She fumbled with her bra. Flinging it across the room it landed in the doorway. Immediately his lips met her succulent bosoms treating them as if a delicate fragile flower. "Noooo John... more, harder please suck them harder" she squealed.

She couldn't believe she had asked the 42 year old to take her in his arms like she pleaded and ask him to swallow her up. "Ohhh he's wonderful. This is awesome" she thought as she arched her back upwards against his gratuitous mouth and tongue.

Licking and sucking them brought feelings of deep arousal within his loins. He felt it tingling wildly. Moaning and groaning uncontrollably he knew he had to let it loose. With his mouth not letting go of her tits he reached down and undid his belt, unzipped himself, and began pushing his slacks down. With her feet she helped push them off. Then she found his underwear and pushed them down until she felt it jamming her pelvis.

"Ohhhh wow geez damn John" she said in desperation "now that's one helluva cock. "Man you're one deprive human being" she said empathizing with is situation. "God a man with your size needs to be appreciated John. And... and ohh god oh god yes, yes" she called out exasperated. "You need so much more attention and you ohh wow yes you need to be appreciated far much more then you've been appreciated."

He wasn't arguing that fact. Horny as he was and only one thing on his mind - sex with Mary, one thing had crossed his mind. How did she know about his married life He's never talked about is wife and preferred not speaking about it.

He arched himself upwards pressing his hardened cock against her pelvis. She squealed joyously. She pawed his shirt. She tried reaching down to feel his ass. Catching the very top of it she clenched its very tip and squeezed it with all her might.

"I wanna suck you John" she told him. She sounded as if she was out of breath.

John got off her letting her get up. He sat down on the couch. Mary hopped off and got down on her knees, but unbuttoned his shirt to look at his chest. It was truly a former construction workers chest. Chiseled and hairier, she quickly learned to appreciate its manly features.

Leaning inward she wasted no time getting down to business. Plowing forward she swallowed it right down to the base forcing him to let out a ear shattering groan. His groan easily pleased Mary.

She let off, licked the shaft, and then turned upside down enabling her to lick his sweet solid balls. Back on top she sweetened the pot. She licked the top of his hardened piece rotating all the way around it, back to front, and then turning upside down so she could make sure she pleased him entirely. She licked and sucked his large sack and balls.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh wow Mary yeah Mary yeah" he called out in a profound masculine tone. "Oh yeah.... oh yeah, yeah" he wailed. Yeah... yeah... ohhh yeah" he continued his head and back arched backwards. That's... that's sooo superb Ma- Mary. Man ohhh man you sure I couldn't come over for one of those" but suddenly she sucked harder on it. Ohhh gosh yeah! Yeah Mary wow girl. I... I owe you big time! Yeah, yeah I do Mary! I owe you so much. I can't... I can't ohhhh" he groaned. "May I come to... to one of those, those slumber pa- parties some... sometime" he tried asking her.

Gurgling as she swallowed his cock down her throat she mumbled something. He had been watching her as it rest deep inside her throat. She seemed to nod yes. He couldn't believe what he thought he just saw.

But suddenly the phones rang. With her mouth full of thick erect cock, Mary knew it was her job to answer the phone. With his hands free and she wasn't she tried looking towards him. She was too busy enjoying his meat.

Mary was beginning to ooze. Mary was starting to utter erotic sounds. She didn't want to let up on it, but duty called and he was about to answer it. Pushing her head back down, John picked up the receiver.

"Yeah... John here" he said answering it. "May I help you" he asked as his eyes remained focused on the prize beauty between his thighs. His focus went in and out. "Oh shit... is that today"

There was a pause. Mary looked up. The look on his face wasn't pleasant.

"Fuck" he mouthed. He looked down. He looked disappointed. Mary knew it was over.

She released his cock. Immediately his cock went limp. The news on the other end of the line brought everything to a halt. Looking towards him she felt dejected too. That was apparent in her face.

"I'm sorry honey" he told her. "You look so beautiful with and without clothes on. Right now there is so much I want to say to you, but there isn't enough time. She'll be here in a minute. She's right down the street. Go and get dressed... and now please"

She turned to get dressed immediately. He grabbed her hand. She turned around. He stood up. He looked somberly into her eyes. Almost not speaking aloud he whispered "Thank you Mary. Thank you very, very much."

She smiled. It was a heartfelt look. He came to truly appreciate her for more then just sex. He held tight to her hand as she spun to leave. Quickly he pulled the slim but curvy, busty beauty against him.

John kissed her on her lips. She allowed him the pleasure. "Mmmmm Mary... you feel incredible."

Whispering back she told him he did too and smiled earnestly to assure him he did. She left. In the bathroom she dressed herself. John cleaned up. Double checking everything he made sure nothing remained behind. One of her shoes had slipped underneath his desk. He hid it in his drawer. All tucked in he heard her come in. He straightened up his hair.

There she was, his bitch of a wife. Seeing her made him feel the same way he always felt upon seeing her. "What the 'H' can she want to talk about today" he wondered.

"Ready" she asked as she looked around his office. He nodded. "Where's that secretary you hired I'd like to meet her some day."

"Isn't she at her desk" His wife shook her head no. "I don't know. Possibly out back, in the bathroom" he said shrugging his shoulders. "She could be lots of places right now. Let's go."

They left as he followed his antagonizing wife out. John looked around for Mary. She came around the corner as he was stepping outside. She blew him a kiss, smiled, and winked.

"Thanks John" she mouthed. "Later... after lunch" she asked still mouthing her words. Mary nodded her head. They smiled. He gave her a thumbs up, smiled, and winked.

About: The author of "Marys Office Job" is Stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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