Basketball Recruit and Recruiters

Author: Stoneypoint
Published: Sep 15, 2008
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Ashley wants sex with Bobby, Sue, or both and doesn't care. Recruiters start coming to house. One grabs her attention. She goes off and needs to "speak" to one of them "alone." She takes him to farm house of relative, sucks him off, and ends up making plans for return favors.

She was scheduled the following week, thanks to her "Uncle" Bobby's assistance to meet with three different top college recruiters. Having a meeting first with "Uncle Bobby" along with her parents, Ashley's sense of right and wrong was messed up. Her mindset was too. First there were the experiences from that prior weekend in the cellar. One with Bobby and then the second liaison with her "Aunt Sue" who supposedly had come to "rescue" Ashley from the "horrific sexual acts" being played on her by Ashley's "Uncle Bobby" but in the end it was all a game.

Ashley realized it. She was initially stunned. She had been toyed with, teased, played with, and eventually tantalized so terrifically that she ended up climaxing in joyous wonder for her "Aunt Sue." In the end when the whole "game" concluded, Ashley no longer held any hatred towards "Uncle Bobby" at all.

She knew what she wanted. She knew she wanted Bobby. She knew she wanted to be alone with him. She knew she'd let Bobby take her against his athletic frame, douse her in erotic desires, and in the end allow Bobby to undress her in any fashion he pleased.

She also knew she wanted her "Aunt Sue." She wished all day long and every day to feel Sue's naked body as is slithered up and down hers just as a snake crawls along the surface, and passionately draws her in to her lair, then removes her tongue from its resting place to tantalize Ashley vagina until Ashley no longer can stand the convulsive tremors within bursting into the most outrageous screams of pleasure any female would want from another person.

Ashley wanted orgasm. Ashley wanted sexual pleasure. Ashley wanted every possible physical emotion to occur to her that a girl could have. She never in her life could have fathomed that such opportunities of this kind, sexually amazing opportunities even remotely existed in a girl's life.

She was only 18, only a senior, only a senior with the basketball skills matched barely by anyone else in the United States. She was being hunted down by practically every top tier program in the country. There were others that were a half step down with great academic programs supporting their athletic program too, but would she be happy at any, could she be happy, and as overwhelming as that was she couldn't even consider focusing on any of the basketball stuff.

All she wanted was her tits sucked, her pussy licked, her body swarmed by "Uncle Bobby", and "Aunt Sue's" bodies. Swamped and tantalized until climatic and orgasmic conclusion met in a perfect finality.

"Yes oh god yes, yes" she heard herself wanting to scream. Lying in her bedroom and on her bed alone, nobody was home, but she kept her doors locked anyways. She tried to make sure all sound remained in the room. Panties pulled off, legs spread wide Ashley used a borrowed vibrator to take care of overdue affairs. Lying back against the headboard, she felt comfortable and alive. All was well that night. Bobby and Sue were gone unfortunately, because if they weren't she knows where she'd love to be.

She knows she'd want to be under each one's tongue and as far as Bobby was concerned, under his body letting his cock pulverize her pussy into a raging climatic conclusion. "Oh god yes Bobby, yes Bobby yes" she screamed out as she jammed borrowed vibrator up inside her deep and wet and swollen and horny cunt. "Fuck it oh god thank you Bobby thank you" she continued to scream. Her eyes closed tightly as she rocked harder and harder against her backboard while jamming it inside her inflamed vagina.

Her body began arching as she came closer and closer to perfection. Orgasm was about to occur. Higher off the bed she arose striving to reach the finality she had dreamt of reaching and the vibrating toy was successful in its purpose.

"Yes ohhhhhhhhhh yes Bobby" she squealed as she humped her vibrator. It felt incredibly awesome as it tingled and continuously aroused her to that inevitable end. Then it hit. She reached her purposeful goal. Ashley's pussy exploded with a white warm cum from within two virgin lips which protecting the young woman's vaginal soul.

"Ohhhhhhhh god Bobby... you are sooooo good. Do you" she began in an exhausted tone as she breathed hard between each word "know... how... good... you... are" She saw him on top, smiling down upon her and his perfect smile with its perfect white teeth were gleaming at her. He lay over the flawless young 18 year olds physique with its perfectly sized breasts staring at them and her slender curvy figure too.

"Yes and do you know what Ashley honey" she could hear him say. "I've never had a woman quite like you. Nooo baby... you are the best woman I've ever been with. Nobody makes love to a man like you do" she wished he'd tell her.

He was coming over the next night for dinner with Sue. Then Bobby, her mom and dad, and Ashley would sit down afterwards, go over a "game plan" for her to follow when the recruiters came in town the next week, but Ashley worried about one problem and only one problem- the emotional excitement which would rumble all over her as she watched either Bobby or Sue speak. She knew what lie beneath their attractive looks and affable personalities. She knew exactly what lie beneath it all.

On one hand two individuals, by society's standards that should be judged as repulsive and disgraceful in their unknown, unexpected activities they socially share with others, but definitely not Ashley's parents, especially those which involved her and Bobby and Sue the other day at the July fourth barbecue. These two surprised her. They blindsided her and came on to her in a way any inexperienced and very na´ve young lady could be blindsided. But as much as Ashley fostered it by repeatedly glancing at Bobby as many times a day or week she was able to and especially when Bobby donned his topless body when out maintaining his lawn, how could Bobby or Sue resist all the temptation It was a game. Yes. Yes it was, but it had been to be modest, a highly arousing one to Bobby and it was equally as arousing and adventurous to Sue as well. And in the end, in the long run for all three, it was going to be an extremely promising and an extremely fruitful opportunity before their temporary "lover" was going to go off to college somewhere.

"And then what" she thought. "Where would it leave them Where would it leave her What would she do once she was gone, they were gone, and their attentiveness to her and most definitely her tight, supple, but unquestionably curvaceous arousing body to them was concerned"

She did not know, but it concerned her. She worried about it. She had to know. She had to find out. Tomorrow or before tomorrow she had to know what would result from her absence.

It was 2:30 and Thursday afternoon. Both oddly were home that day for whatever reason. Out of season, she decided to skip her conditioning that day completely since it was not necessarily a requirement, and she was the teams starting point guard. The girls all looked up to her for direction. She knew it. She was everything to them. But she had other things on her mind; had for quite some time. Oddly it had been a couple weeks in fact since that incident in the cellar with Sue and Bobby.

Was it all well planned Yes it was. She fell. Hook, line, and sinker and she fell hard.

She fell like any inexperienced and na´ve young, but sexy as hell girl would. Bobby knew exactly how it would turn out and he loved every last second. Sue's acting ability was as if she had rehearsed her role for a major movie. Sue came in, "caught Bobby in the act," and in a fit of rage threw him out. Then consoling Ashley until she felt better, "Aunt Sue" calmed the pretty 18 year old "niece" holding her and comforting her against her voluptuous lithe physique. While holding her and comforting her she eventually began to, before Ashley even knew it, hitting on Ashley exactly. It surprised the hell out of Ashley. She never saw it coming, but it was exciting and she couldn't help but want more of the tender arousing comfort "Aunt Sue" offered her as Sue worked her way around Ashley's tantalizing figure with her hands, she now knew exactly what Bobby truly "felt" about Ashley's sexual potential.

Ringing the doorbell, Bobby and Sue had seen her coming over. They were on their way out. Both wondered why she was coming over unannounced. She could have called first. Sue, in a bustier and short silk kimono, traipsed down the stairs, answered the door, and smiling invited their lovely young neighbor inside.

Ashley stood inside the house not sure how to react to her appearance. She looked fabulous. Her hair was done up, her makeup had her looking even prettier then she already was, and whatever she had on underneath her kimono had Ashley wondering if she was going to erupt in a stimulating explosion of orgasmic like activity simply by gazing at her "lover."

"Gosh Sue you look really nice today. I'm glad you're both home too. I was ummm-"

"Honey... is everything alright" Sue abruptly said to Ashley. "I do hope you were not planning on something happening here this afternoon although I do know how it would be for me."

Ashley looked hopeful.

"Yes... yes sweetheart" as Sue began to play act even though half her feelings were honest heightened feelings of arousal. However Sue knew she couldn't allow any physical emotions to control the situation for the time being. She had plans that afternoon. Bobby stood at the top of the stairs listening in. "Listen honey... what happened last week. It all got out of control. I know it did. I know it was planned. You knew it was too. We all loved it. Of all people, I know how wonderful it all was. I couldn't help myself either and I am proud of what happened. I am happy you enjoyed yourself too. I'm very, very happy you did. When I felt you... against my body... last week so I could console you and holding you like I did it was impossible to hold back the intense feelings I felt towards you. And I couldn't help but wonder a lot of things" she told Ashley as she stared at her directly.

Ashley listened intently. "Like what Sue" she said.

"There's going to be a lot of time to tell you; when Bobby's gone and he'll be gone later tonight too, but I'll be back. I'll be back here all alone and you and I can be... well if you want honey I'll be here all alone and you and I can sit, talk, and if you will "feel" our way around things." She winked. Ashley smiled. "Let's play it by ear. Do yourself a favor. Go to conditioning, work out, run a few miles, and be the leader at the athletic center at school... for now. But when I get back about eight, look for Bobby's car since we'll be taking his car" she told Ashley. "Then I'll lock up and you and I can be all alone without anyone else disturbing us tonight. Sound nice to you sweetheart"

She excited Ashley. Ashley did exactly as directed. They hugged, Sue caressed her body almost the same way she did the day of the holiday barbecue. Ashley felt almost all the same stimuli she had felt when Sue had come down to the cellar and held her against her bosom laden upper body and Ashley was practically beside herself as she tried socializing and exercising at the athletic complex. But almost all the team was there even though it was close to 3:30 for whatever reason, and they were delighted she stopped by. To them, Ashley was their pied piper and they felt as if they'd follow her to the ends of the earth. Even her coach stopped in. They talked and her coach asked why she was late not that it mattered.

Turns out even she was dressed to the "nines" too as if heading off somewhere for a hot date. She was not married. She was only 30. She was as pretty if not prettier then Sue. Who knows... maybe she was on her way to the same party

Ashley told everyone goodbye, joked around as they headed for their cars, and even offered to take two of the juniors home since she realized she was teams leader and most heralded player in the history of their high school.

She then headed home for a good shower. It was a long one. Excited about sitting down with Sue, she thought about the opportunities which might exist that night. Not Bobby, even though he would be very fun to be with, but her mindset was strictly on the idea of being alone with Sue and only Sue.

Looking out her window she saw the car pull in. She turned away to put on her bra and panties. "Mmmm these feel nice" she thought aloud. "Sue's going to love me in this" she said quietly as she looked herself in the mirror quickly, then back out the window. She must have hopped out already and went inside. Putting on her top, her acrylic skirt, which was shorter then all the others, she looked herself in the mirror realizing she still had to comb out her hair and put on makeup. Ashley took care of that, grabbed her perfume, and added a hint of "eroticism" to her sexy body.

One last look at herself, she cupped her tight but significant bosoms in her hands, smiled proudly at her endowments, and squeezed them as if imaging her "Aunt Sue" was enticing her into her lair of pleasure. She could already feel the walls of pleasure within her pussy dribbling. Too excited already she told herself to cool it. "Calm down Ashley. You're gonna explode before she gets hold of you. But god... ohh god yes, yes I can feel her already. Her body, her tits, her... her" and she closed her eyes as she ran a hand downward over her tummy, over her pelvis, and then over her vaginal area. "Ohhh god Sue... Sue you... you turn me on" she exclaimed as her hand reversed its course and ascended in the exact course it came from, only that time she lifted her skirt and ran her hand across the silky panties which covered her warm, swollen, and premature moist interior.

"See ya mom, dad" she said running out of the house. They tried asking her where she was off to. "A friend's house, ummm I'll be back before well I don't know exactly when okay" she told them and she was gone

She rang the doorbell. He was exhausted. He had just stepped out of the shower, donned a long silky floor length robe, and combed his sexy head of hair back off his forehead. Sitting in the chair with the light on, Sue never told him of any unexpected visitors. Looking up from the paper, the music played quietly, and Bobby smelled good from the effervescence of the soap he washed up with.

His muscles ached. His body ached. Two new customers had joined the party. He knew one of them. She didn't know him, but she told him in all her glory "He was the best damn sex she's had in a good three years." That was in between all the wailing and the thank you's and every other bit of praising the pretty athletic looking basketball coach threw out at him. And she was good. She was entertaining. She was agile. She could move like a jack rabbit too.

He smiled as he stood up and walked to the front door. Taking a deep breath he looked out the window. She hadn't seen his face. His smile grew immensely. She was turned towards her house, nervously fidgeting while she waited for "Sue" to answer her door.

"Hiiiiii there Ashley" she heard. It was one very cheerful tone of voice. She turned abruptly with a surprised look on her face. "How is my favorite basketball... my you look attractive tonight" he told her looking over her tight curves and youthful bosoms. Even her nipples were out in full force that evening. He caught a "good stiff wind" of their presence too. They pulsated while making it known they were on full alert. She looked tasty even though he'd had his fill of "wild game" that day. He wasn't in the mood for any more that day although she already began tormenting him with her delicious soul.

She forced a smile. He knew she wasn't too happy to see him. He wondered why because from everything he understood, she wanted him and she wanted to be with him in the worst way. But then he realized she only wanted him of Sue was there with him. He invited her in. Hesitating, she slowly stepped inside. It was okay. He wasn't going to gratify her. He knew that. He had his fill of "enough wild game" for the night, tomorrow, and most like the next three days or so.

"Oh ummm sorry ummm I wasn't expecting you tonight umm at all" she told him.

"And I wasn't expecting you either, but the pleasure seems to be all mine" he had told her. "I mean to be honest, entirely honest Ashley... you do look rather how do I put it modestly You look" and he closed his eyes, shook his head with some surprise, and finished by adding "astonishing!"

"I do" she said wearing a grand smile. He grinned as he gazed upon her beautiful young body. He told her yes three times. "Wow Bobby do you know how much that... well do you know how that makes me feel"

"Probably" he said shaking his head yes as he looked at her boobs, her nipples, her winding hips, and her lovely young but muscular legs. "I wish I could sit down with you tonight and tell you things to your face that would make you feel so well so... well never mind." She asked why. "Because everything I want to tell you... well it gets me in trouble and tonight honey I am not up to trouble. I'm not up to getting in trouble at all."

"Oh by the way sweetheart I met someone you know today." Ashley asked who it was. Without explaining the circumstances of the "swingers party" he had been to he told her it was his coach however she doesn't really realize that Bobby was Ashley's neighbor and that he knew she was her coach. "A nice woman; really pleasurable too" he told her. "You feel that way too don't you"

Ashley nodded. She was also wondering what happened to Sue. But she was also feeling too comfortable around Bobby. Bobby explained he was exhausted. He wasn't in any mood for entertaining company, but Bobby being Bobby and as charismatic as he is, convinced her he easily would love to sit some night, talk to her alone when no one's around meaning Sue, and in addition to undressing Ashley with his eyes, undress her with his hands too. Then they could do whatever she wanted him to do.

"How does that sound to you"

"Ohhh... ummm I mean it sounds, well it sounds uhh fantastic Bobby: fantastic for sure."

He saw her out, kissed her cheek, but made sure he left her with one remaining thought. He hugged her. He hugged her firmly. He hugged her tight curvy young body for a long while and when they were done he knew she was turned on.

"So what are you going to do tonight" he said purposely looking all over her figure. With a wink and a smile he asked "Will you go home and hang out with your parents or go to your bedroom and you know... be by yourself and dream about well you know 'things' and stuff"

Knowing exactly what he meant she smiled and said "things." She said thanks for everything and went home, talked to her parents, but as soon as time allowed her, she was up in her bedroom with door closed and purposely locked, she undressed and pulled out the borrowed vibrator to "dream about 'things' to come."

The following night, Bobby and Sue showed up at Ashley's house with flowers for the "game plan" dinner. It went well as Ashley and her parents hoped it would. Bobby seemed to know exactly what he was talking about and what they needed to do. They strategically scheduled the "lower tier" college recruiters and Bobby assured them he'd be there for support for a couple of the recruiters. They had to go it alone on the remainder until the "top tier" recruiters started calling and setting up appointments.

Unexpectedly to Bobby's surprise and the other person's surprise too was the addition of Ashley's coach at these meetings. It was an awfully odd situation for both of them, but mainly Ashley's coach. When she came by, which was before Bobby came, the four of them sat and socialized. The recruiter wouldn't be arriving for another 45 minutes.

With all four sitting around Ashley's mom showed Ashley's coach around the main floor and backyard and they had small talk while Ashley hung around doing odds and ends until Bobby and Sue arrived. Upon seeing him, she went haywire. Feelings of excitement burst on the scene. She knew exactly what she felt, what she wanted, and how she'd love to take him back to her room and undress herself to "show" him what she does sometimes in the confines of her bedroom. "He'd love to see that I'm sure" she thought as Sue and Bobby gracefully schmoozed in the presence of her dad and Ashley never once letting anything at all occurred between them and her the week prior.

But when Ashley's coach unexpectedly walked in the room and he saw her face and she saw his... all hell broke loose emotionally. There were no negative feelings; only positive, and of an erotic nature which grabbed both her soul and his soul too. He could feel her lips attached to her excessively large cock. He felt her tongue proactively wrapping itself around it as it swirled erotically around the tip of his cock, then down its shaft, and finally wrapping either her tongue or her lips over his unusually large soft sack.

Yes she was extraordinary, but so was he. She recalled how he felt between her bosoms as he initially titty fucked her before sliding himself inward deeper then any man she ever had made love to have done in her sexual pursuits. This though was not love. She knew it from the start, but it was the love of sexual pleasure and she emotionally prepared herself for that. What she never was prepared for was seeing him outside the "swinger's party." She wasn't what she'd consider a swinger, but the idea of meeting and "mating" aroused her curiosity as much as her hormonal levels.

Shaking hands was one thing but looking him in the eye was another. The only one besides Bobby and the coach who knew something was up was Sue. She found it all to be humorous and teased Bobby about it for days on end. "You want the sexy bitch don't you honey. Maybe for a Christmas present I'll add her to my list. But maybe she knows some guys or maybe she goes both ways and we can arrange with her to set something up where we get it all on tape; you and her going at it while being taped while I watch inconspicuously. How's that grab ya sweetheart" she said sliding up against him later on as her hand assed over his crotch to cop a feel.

"Sounds great, but my birthday is coming up and she may like the idea. I mean from what I recall she was wailing like a sick coyote out on the prairie only trumped up on drugs."

The evening went well. Sue sat with Ashley and her parents and confessed to no know much about anything in the way of recruiting, but wanted to come along because she knew Ashley's mom made better meals then Sue could ever make. She told her she was happy she came. Meanwhile out back on the guise that Bobby and Ashley's coach were talking shop when in fact they were discussing the merits and outcome of their one night tryst of good old fashioned lust and adventure, the two stood talking about each feature they loved and enjoyed. He hinted at the idea of getting together outside of the club, and she seemed to indicate without directly asking or telling him she'd be interested.

"Have you ever wanted to make love to a guy or any woman for that matter and while doing it be taped" She said no, but broke down and admitted she'd consider it except for the fear of having it released to the internet. "Oh god no, never not a chance he told her. This is all... how do I put it... on the up and up. We're not kids. We are all grown ups and we simply enjoy and lust for great wild sex with each other."

She turned, looked at Bobby, and knew in that instant that she'd be open to just about anything with him even if it meant being filmed. They had shaken hands and he added one last thing to throw her off but make her laugh. "You know, if you're interested, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks."

The first recruiter stopped in the following week. Ashley, her parent's, her coach, and Bobby were there to sit in on the initial recruiting call. Bobby sat next to the coach as vibes, really strong ones at that passed between the two almost all afternoon.

They each felt "it" and knew what was coming afterwards, but as professionals go they each behaved themselves even though strong urges befell one another all night long to make a mad dash for the door, head for her place, and attempt to outdo one another sexually all evening long. After their "discussions" the week prior all she could imagine was his sumptuous naked flesh against hers devouring her after she initially devoured hers.

A break in the recruiter's initial meeting led to them discussing the remainder of the night's agenda. She had nothing going on. She be happy to go out for a "cup of java" which between those two they knew was a lie. They were going to head straight for her place and endure another blast of heated sexual excitement that would last for months to come when time allotted the two of them. Plus there was the "swinger's club" where she'd be allowed endless opportunities to "express" her desires towards him. But one thing she never truly realized was Bobby was married. Married men were off limits.

"You have to know something before this all goes further" he told her as they entered her place later on. She asked what that was. "I am married. We have been swingers for a long while now. Sue's my wife and I initially assumed you knew that, but I've come to the understanding that you may not realize it." The coach was surprised, but her heightening desire for a lust filled evening with Bobby and his delicious masculine frame took care of any personal opinions about him being a married man.

"That's not going to bother me. I don't care. You're just too... too desirable Bobby. I can't help myself. And if Sue's ever interested... well maybe I'd even consider being with her too down the road if she's game I mean."

"She is. You can bet your beautiful body on that" he told her and the two were off. The evening lasted until well past midnight. She was wilder then she was the first time they had been together. Everything she had done the first time they were together was twice as amazing that night. He found himself wanting her much more then he ever realized, but kept all of it in perspective as was Bobby's ability to do. He liked her, he'd fuck her repeatedly, and he wouldn't do it night after night. They coordinate their times to about every three weeks or so and spend countless hours devouring the others sexy flesh until the cows came home.

Two nights later another recruiter came to call. All the same people were there that night. The recruiter tried selling Ashley on the merits of the school's program. Ashley liked the guy too. She liked his sales pitch, she liked his style, she liked everything about him except she wasn't guaranteed the starting position all the others were promising her and school was a "second tier" college too. She wanted to talk further with him. Something about him felt right. Something about the school, which wasn't that far from home felt right, plus this guy was pretty young too, but what was it she liked about him

The following week, the big wigs came. Ashley was turned on about some of these schools. They were the big hitters. They knew immediately what Ashley had to offer. They had seen her tapes, seen her play, and knew what her god given potential was.

Bobby along with the coach sat in on them before going off on one of their "scheduled get togethers." The lust plus the desire between them was like osmosis. Each felt chemistry working behind the scenes as they carried on and never breaking stride towards helping out Ashley reach her goal. The other as if a sponge was ready to jump off the couch at a moments notice, smash into the other, and claw off the others' clothes before the meeting was even half over. They had to break away. They needed sex and soon.

The meeting went well. They didn't need Bobby's services any longer. Still the coach came to the remainder of the meetings without Bobby being there. All felt it was necessary to have her there. However, Ashley had been growing frustrated by the complexity. She thought of the one coach from the other day. The one from that "second tier" college; she recalled all the things which appealed to her about him and the school. All she wanted was to sign with a program, be done with it, but she wasn't seeing what she wanted. She thought and felt that one college from the previous week, the one from the "second tiered" college was the "right choice somehow.

And it had become evident to almost everyone she was growing frustrated. "God everyone... this is stupid" she shouted one night after that assistant coach who came calling. Everyone suddenly stopped in mid-conversation. Including the current assistant coach, who was much like the one from the previous week, had asked her what was wrong. She tried to explain. She liked his program. She tried explaining how she loved the assistant coach who blushed that came recruiting her. He was so similar to the guy from last week from that "second tiered" college. And this assistant was guaranteeing spot on a starting job with their team if she signed.

What happened if the deal fell through What if she signed, arrived there, and what he had said was all a trick to get her talents only as a back up until they felt she was ready; not that she had thought it was the case. But she did like this guy and in a special way.

The guy, 25 and single would make for an interesting but exciting "bed fellow" she joked. He was a definitely a very good looking guy, much like Bobby too. He was very charismatic like Bobby. His mannerisms reminded her of Bobby in many ways as well. Whether or not he and Bobby were similar in personality and their approach to her... well she had no idea. But there had been one definitive factor leading her to believe he might be.

That coach's eyes between many of the question and answers sessions they had that evening directed their way around her figure. And his eyes were not evaluating her body to determine if she was the right candidate to lead their team to a winning record and possible birth into the league playoffs. No, this coach liked Ashley's body. That coach's eyes were like Bobby's as they scrolled over her body, up and down while he undressed her knowing exactly what he'd love to do if they could catch up with each other somewhere and explore the benefits of being a student athlete and college coed.

"Every one!" she shouted abruptly. "I need to speak to the coach... alone!" She was demanding in her tone. "I need to... to get out of here with him and... and talk with him alone! I, I know it sounds crazy, but I'm almost sure none of you will understand." And they wouldn't; not even her coach. His eyes were turning Ashley on. How he looked at her, how his eyes had a look of sexual appreciation in them, and how it appeared this assistant coach from this college was fantasizing about devouring her in some one night tryst or rendezvous was clearly evident to Ashley. His eyes were telling her he'd love to cajole her into the sack, entice her intimately into some sexual escapade, and do those things which only Bobby and Sue had done with her was evident now to Ashley.

"Ohhh god" she thought as her eyes closed. Not even her coach caught on. Nobody had. "I've got to know" she thought desperately. "I have to know if they are right" referring to her instinctive feelings about what she was seeing in the guys eyes.

"Coach" she said to the recruiter. "Will you come outside with me" she said. She knew she had to speak personally, intimately with him about "all" of the "nuances" of college advantages. "I have to, no need to... speak with you uhh privately" she said to him with a degree of fear in her voice. She hoped her instincts were right. She hoped what she was "feeling" about the way he looked at her, especially her body, was what she was reading properly in his eyes. She sensed he was hungry for her. "I have... umm I have a few uhhh concerns coach. I'm a little confused on something and I, well I think you'll be able to clear them ummm up for me" she told him once outside on the porch. "Let's uhhh take a walk" and they did circling the block, but not talking about much of anything. Most of it was basic general questions as she assessed his hidden agenda. The truth was he didn't even think about the things he thought about until he came face to face with her. "Listen, I have my concerns about the school, the program, and well about you too coach."

He was confused. He stopped in mid-stride as they walked the opposite way from Sue and Bobby's house. He turned and as he did, cocked his head, wondering why she would have concerns about him. She looked him in the eye. It was difficult because everything about this assistant coach bled Bobby's style. Even the way he looked at her earlier in the house was reminiscent of the day Bobby cornered her down in the cellar at their holiday barbecue. Only this time she wasn't blindsided as Bobby did to her. She was aware of what could occur. She was excited about the possibilities too.

"Uhhh let's uhh turn back" she said with hesitation. "Uhh let's go for a drive and I'll uhh explain in detail what my concerns are coach. With everyone around it's a little uhhh distracting to me." He agreed, they headed back to his car, got it, and he drove off.

Asking where he should drive to she led him out of the city limits. She led him 5 miles outside the city limits, 10 miles out of the city limits, and then he slowed as if he was going to stop and pull in so he could turn around. "Where are we going and what did you really want to speak to me about" he said to her.

"You coach" she said gently. "You seem like a nice guy." He smiled cautiously and thanked her. "I like the program, I really like the school, and I see a great future if I decide to join the program. Am I right" she said.

He said she was right as he turned his head sideways just a wee bit so he could enjoy a view of her fine round boobs jutting out from within her silky top. She thought she noticed and looked away to smile.

"Anyways coach, turn here okay" she said as a hand let go of the other while slithering across the leather of the seat. He didn't notice it. He was confused where she was taking him but followed her directions. "Coach... I'm under the impression" but she paused.

"What are you under the impression about" he said.

She spoke softly, quietly. "Well coach I have enjoyed your visit. I have strived to take it all in, listen to all of the recruiters pitches, and assess the advantages or disadvantages of each program out there. Besides your program there was only one other program and coach I enjoyed, but you are the only one I've talked with to this extent."

She wanted to slide her hand over further, let it climb up his thigh, and rest itself on top of his lap so she could feel his crotch and eventually his cock. She wanted to undo his zipper. She wanted him to clearly understand she found him sexy and desirable and she was willing to give him head. She would be willing to suck him off and even willing to swallow if he'd want her.

"And I've truly enjoyed visiting with you too."

"I know coach, I know you have." He didn't understand; he was confused. "Let me explain coach" she told him. "Throughout this process as I listened to you and everyone else I have watched you closely. I told myself early on I was going to concentrate on the facts, the personality, and each recruiter's personal approach. I've been successful."

"Good... good for you. That's what we need in a player Ashley."

"Coach... cut the crap okay" She astounded him, but she took on a demure personality instantly after saying "cut the crap." In fact even her tone of voice was rather sedate when she told him to cut it out. He slowed to a crawl 1 mile from the designated spot she wanted him to go to. "Were close to where I'd like to take you to so we can speak uhhhh candidly with each other."

"Okay, alright" he said with confidence but entirely unaware of where she was taking the conversation. She told him to turn down a narrow paved road. Cows, pigs, silos, and farm houses decorated the landscape. "Do you know this area"

"Yes, but anyways coach as I said I have enjoyed your visit. I know or I should say I am prepared to verbally commit to your program, but you have to know your actions have caused me to take a personal interest in, well how should I put this" she said to him.

He shook his head as thought he didn't know. I've watched you; watched you very, very closely. You're mannerisms, what you've had to say... everything coach and I mean everything" she told him as a small grin developed on her face. "In fact coach I've even watched something else which allowed me to bring all this to a decisive conclusion."

"Cool, what would that be" he said unaware that Ashley was aware of his eyes had been squandering repeated views of her tits, body, and overall beauty.

She turned sideways looking at him, looking into his eyes, grinning with calming ease, she told him to drive on as she prepared to shock him with what she was going to say and do next. "Here, turn left here into this driveway." He did and looked at her hesitantly wondering what the hell was going on. "Follow me" she said hopping out of the car.

He stepped out, stopped for a moment as his eyes followed the tight winding figure towards the nice looking but old farm house. On the porch she turned to wave him on telling him with a straight face to come in. She unlocked the door to the big farm house. Keeping the door open to air it out, she opened windows in the front and back too.

"Nice place isn't it" she said. He looked around and agreed. "Sorry I don't have anything to offer you, but sit on the couch; I'll be there in a second. Do you need to use the bathroom" she said with confidence in her voice. He told her no with growing concern.

She was about to blindside him. "So coach tell me about the head coach. Tell me more about her as she played with his mind for a moment. He did. She cut him off. "Let's cut to the chase" she thought.

"Listen" she said with conviction in her voice "I have brought you here, but on what you probably think might be false pretenses. I could care less about the school and its program. I'm already convinced abut going there if you definitely are convinced you want me there. You do want me don't you Don't you coach" she said.

"Yeah I want you, we want you" he thought. Looking into her eyes he wondered what was next. Something had to be up. "Of course we want you Ashley. Why would you ask that" he said looking into the adorable face.

"Because coach during the whole time" and she looked down, then away, and then back at him after pausing a second "during the whole time you, me, and everyone else sat in my house while someone else spoke I watched you. I watched your eyes, your mannerisms, and the way you carried yourself coach. Do you know what I discovered" she said. The coach gulped. He knew. He knew exactly what it was. He hoped and prayed she didn't say it.

"I saw your eyes coach. They looked at me... not in the way I would have thought they would. But coach don't ever get me wrong. There was nothing wrong with any of that. In fact coach I bet you never ever thought I caught on did you" she said. She actually winked. She actually smiled with confidence. "I loved it coach. I loved knowing you found me attractive coach, alluring too, and I suppose that means I'm desirable, sexy to you as well" she told him.

He felt guilty, ashamed, but aroused as well. He knew he was a lark, but still desired her body. He still would love seeing it in the flesh. He knew all things could come to that in good time, but what was it she wanted What could she want from him He had no idea.

"Coach... unzip... no undo your pants coach. Pull out your, your penis coach. Let me see it coach. Let me see what your dick looks like. I know you'd love me to hold it. I know you'd love a young babe as I've been told coach that I am by someone close to me who's actually older then me and you too coach. But I know you'd love me to hold your dick, put my lips around it, put my tongue against it, and tantalize you like I've been tantalized. That's what I want right now. Once I'm done... then we'll see how everything goes. How's that sound coach Huh how does that sound to you" she said convincingly.

He tried saying no to her. He never intended it to go as far as it did. As much as he did desire her, as much as he found her young tight curvy and well endowed body sexy to him, he knew he had to say no to her. But could he Should he And if he did say no outright to her, would there end up being repercussions He grew hungrier and hungrier for her or at least her mouth and tongue on his cock. He knew hew wanted it. He knew he'd love having this young but sexy as hell recruits' lips and mouth swallowing his cock if not his cum too. And if he did what would become of their relationship afterwards Would he get to lick her pussy Would he get a chance to slap her pussy lips around with his own tongue What other opportunities existed afterwards The opportunity for more and more and more of her was endless.

Even as he sat staring her in the face wondering all these things, unbeknownst to him was that he was gradually attaching his hands to his belt buckle, undoing his belt buckle, and unsnapping his slacks before realizing he was starting to unzip his pants.

Ashley's desires mounted quickly. She hurt for sexual pleasure. She ached for holding his mature masculinity in her hands, savoring it, relishing in the pleasure it might bring her, and seeing what it really was like to feel a guy's cock against her tongue, inside her mouth, and feeling whether or not there was really thunderous activity which pulsated that much that she'd actually be able to physically sense its presence inside.

Her heart beat faster. Her pussy ached and swelled up. She could feel herself practically squirming, fidgeting all over, and she knew even though this was her first time sucking a guy's cock, she was confident it would be amazing like she always imagined it could be.

Looking into her eyes, he felt the yearning for sex with her. But he asked her if she was sure she really truly wanted this. He asked her if she knew what the potential dangers of this there could be. He really didn't care. He really yearned for this opportunity of a life time. She really seemed to know what she wanted. It really was apparent that she was fully aware of what she wanted. She had contemplated it the whole time he was there. Whatever directed her to crave this couldn't just have been his eyes scoping her body like they did. There had to be something else, someone else that convinced her she was truly a beautiful, sexy, and grown up young woman that gave her all the confidence she needed to do what she was about to do.

Ashley looked into his eyes. She smiled. He tried to smile knowing partly what he was about to let her do was wrong, but part of it was he was excited about what was going to happen. His cock never have any initial indication of how excited he was; it never did.

On her knees, her eyes were bulging with enthusiasm. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe she was about to give her first one and with a guy who found her not only attractive, but sexy as hell too. He was not only a very good looking guy, but he had all the tools, all the resources she wanted out of a decisive program she was interested in, but he also offered her a release of sorts. A release of frustrations sexually aimed too and that for her was incredible. For Ashley it meant the world to her for the time being.

And there would be more of it, more of him, and more then she ever imagined down the road during her first year of college, second year of college, and so on, so forth too. Sex, sex, and more sex; intimate sex and possibly robust sexual interludes too she wondered and hoped. Love here, there, all over maybe Who knew for sure but for the time being this assistant coach was offering his body and soul as a lure into a realm of possibilities.

She knelt down after he undid his slacks. She casually helped him off with them, stopping to take off his socks and shoes. Pulling down his pants, she saw no erection underneath. Was he not excited "Why isn't he aroused Don't I turn him on as much as he said I did" she thought. She looked up. Inquisitiveness lying on her face, he knew immediately why she wore that look and he spoke up quietly.

"It's okay Ashley, I am turned on a lot more then it looks" he told her smiling. He gulped too. She smiled with a thankful expression on hers. "Go on... go on and feel it."

On her knees and in her clothes, she looked down at his briefs. Apparent she was turned on and excited, she skimmed one hand then the other up his upper legs, but slowly. Highly stimulated by her actions the coach began arching his back slightly. It felt great! Her gentle soft hands felt incredible on his legs. Closer and closer they came; his back tightening while arching more and more. His breathing was spluttering as her hands gradually climbed his manly legs. He spread them out, inviting them inside the den of heightened arousal.

"God get there" he thought. "Get up there" he wished.

Her body stiffened too as her hands climbed ever so close to his burning crotch. He felt his penis ablaze with stimulating exhilaration. He felt exhilarated as well. He told himself he could fuck her to high heaven, fuck her all day and all night if give the chance. He arched backwards forcing his crotch upwards in her direction.

Ashley looked up, cocked her head, and asked if he was okay. She didn't quite understand his reaction. Inexperienced she wasn't totally aware of a man's physical response like he was relating to her.

"Ohhhh god yes Ashley I'm... I am perfectly well no I'm not perfectly fine. It's just that how you're" and stopped to look down at her cute fingers and hands. They stopped short of planting themselves on his manliness. "Why isn't she proceeding" he wondered and he looked at her. "Go ahead... go on feel it, touch it all you... you want Ashley. I want this as much as you do. I want it as much as you've wanted it too."

Ashley proceeded cautiously. First her fingers arrived at the bottom edge of the briefs he wore. It was amazing. It was incredible. He felt pings here and there. He felt as if his cock should be thunderous and erect and available to be sucked off. Why isn't it he had thought He neither cared nor knew. All he knew was she was willing and she was there and he was there. She looked up, satisfaction finally glowing on her face and in her eyes as well. Her fingers navigated upwards, over his balls slowing as they did, and reflecting a finality of another success in her eyes. Slowly her hands, fingers slumbered across his limp, but aroused cock.

"Ohhhhh wow Ashley wow" he exclaimed with his back arching sharply. He felt the after affects in his limpness too.

"That excited you" she said anxiously. He nodded unable to speak. "Ohhh wow, wow Jim" calling him by his first name for the first time. "God, this... this is... its sooo cool."

"Yup... it is" he came back sounding strange but with an abbreviated grin on his face.

She let her hands skim slowly across his cock and balls a couple more times. Then she stopped. She looked at him, pushed his legs sideways on the couch so he was stretched out along it. Ashley stood up. She looked down at the coach. Ashley bore a cheerful smile on her face. She told herself how she liked him much more then she anticipated. Standing and looking down at her future assistant coach and future sexual liaison of sorts, she began undoing her skirt, and letting it drop to the floor. Stepping out of it she slid it off to the side watching it as it found its way underneath a table. She looked at the coach. He looked at her sleek athletic figure even though she was still attired in panties and blouse. He smiled happily as he gazed upon it.

"Do you like my body" she said. He nodded with the utmost approval. "Ohhh so does another guy I know a little older then you. He told me he loves it, adores it too."

It didn't even register with him she said that. His cock was slightly harder and a little more noticeable then earlier. She climbed on the couch mounting it down by his feet. She crawled upwards looking at his smiling face and then at his underwear. She asked him if he'd like her to take them off. He nodded. She smiled. Reaching up she shimmied them down his attractive legs, over his knees, down until she reached his feet.

She looked up, saw it, and her mouth opened up wide. She didn't move a muscle. He didn't move either. He watched her watch his cock. He delighted in her apparent awe of it. He felt proud he was a man all of a sudden. His manhood came to award him for the day.

"I'm ready if you're ready" he said in whispering.

"Okay" she said practically whispering back. Her tone was sexy. She climbed up, straddled his legs, and asked if she was hurting him while looking at his half erection. He said no. She nodded as if to say "Good I'm glad." She touched it, looked at him, and smiled appreciatively. Suddenly she took an unexpected faltering breath of air. It was weird but exciting to her once she held his cock in her hand. She didn't know how it would feel. She didn't know what to expect emotionally. But she knew she wanted to feel his cock against her tongue, against her lips, and most definitely inside her mouth.

"I'm as ready as" but she leaned in swiftly, stuck out her tongue, and stroked the tip of his tenderness not once or twice but endlessly as her head and upper body followed it around. She pushed herself flat against the back of the couch so she could follow a path around the very tip of his soft penis. "Ohhhh Ash... ohhh god it's as if... ohh ohhh wow... wow Ashley ohhh god yes" he exclaimed then taking deep breath after deep breath.

She licked faster and more swiftly around the tip of it, gradually lowering her tongue around the top of his quickly hardening shaft. It amazed her how sensitive it suddenly was. He reacted quickly to the stimulus of her wet tongue and spittle which dripped from her mouth down over his hardened cock. It was tingling. It was thunderous. It was sending out pulsating vibrations of an erotic nature at that point. It was amazing. She was amazing. She was so emotionally involved but acted as if she was more then experienced in it all.

"Geez god ohhh" he exclaimed more then once. His back arched, his cock pushed closer towards the inside of her mouth. She was not ready for it inside. She only tested the waters so to speak.

In the excitement of it all her nipples hardened, her pussy quivered, she wanted orgasm. She needed orgasm. She felt the greatest need to be stimulated, but she knew one thing too. She did not want to be fucked. She did not want sexual intercourse... or did she

In all her thoughts she could hear herself moaning. She heard herself yearning for it all.

Her pussy craved the exciting climatic conclusion she felt when she used her friends vibrator on it, but she knew she had a job to finish and she was going to finish that task. It was so stimulating, so amazingly astounding to her what she ventured into with him. She told herself she was going to suck him off, sell him on all her merits, and prove to herself and him too she was one full blooded sexual asset and would be for future endeavors too.

She went about wrapping her tongue around his shaft, down his shaft, and finally across his ball. Slurping and enjoying the ride, she's murmur all kinds of sounds. She was exciting, he was exciting, and what she was doing with him was like nothing she'd ever experienced before.

"Lick it, suck it... ohhh god bitch make me cum, swallow it too" he kept thinking.

Pushing himself into her face he wanted her to take his cock whole. He wanted her to put her mouth on it, suck it as hard as she pleased, and get him to cum ferociously. He hoped and prayed he'd blow his load against her face and inside her mouth, and watch her enthusiastically and proudly swallow it with no reservations.

She did as he wished. He never asked once either. She could tell by his actions- his body arching upwards towards her face, that he wanted her to suck it all the way in if she could. She did and did so with gusto. She sucked with the ferocity he hoped. She groaned and moaned and murmured along the way. All her groaning and all her sensuous sounds only turned him on more and more. He pushed and pumped his way into great appreciation of his "client." She was incredible. She was full of stamina. She was full of great desire.

He blew his load, she took it like he hoped, and much of it smeared across her face. But any of it that started to get away and drip down on her blouse she caught. With gleaming eyes and smile, she wiped it up quickly, stuck her fingers in her mouth, and voraciously swallowed it all off. She began doing the remainder on her cheeks, upper lips, and nose too while happily and fearlessly swallowing his hot cum down her throat.

"Ohhh my.... Jim, god Jim I... I had no idea how, how incredible all this... how it would be."

"Whewwww me neither" he told her as he grabbed hold of her and brought her up against his body. She lay on top a she listened to his heart beating rapidly. "You... were... utterly... amazing" he began while listening to her stuttered breathing. "Are you alright" he said. She pushed up, looked at him with a proud smile, and shook her head yes. "I'm happy that you are. God do you know... well never mind that, but you're really a neat person. But we should go. I know how women hate the "eat and run thing, but I'm gonna be back in this area. May I stop in and offer favor in return for this" he said.

Smiling from ear to ear she said "You bet your ass you can. I need my pussy cleansed." He agreed to those terms, kissed her forehead, and told her it was a deal.

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