Author: Wolfy
Category: Longer Sex Tales
Published: Sep 30, 2008
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She stroked my skin and I shivered, she kissed my lips but I made no effort to reciprocate her actions. I was so confused, what could I do

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This is just a dream, but it felt so real....

I was leaving from work to go home but on the way there I saw someone I knew from work in the middle of no where with a couple of guys, she looked like was in trouble so I grabbed my weapon and ran quickly to her to help to take down the two men. It was a difficult to take down the first guy because he kept moving so much but I managed to land a few hits, but then I noticed I got cornered, there were carts blocking my way out. I saw that everyone stopped moving and I stood there nauseated. Kenya was fine but her and the two guys cornered me slowly. I was lured into this trap without even knowing it. I felt betrayed and fearful. I don't know what they wanted from me but I wanted to get out of there. Kenya walked to me and I just stood there dumbfounded. She grabbed me and threw me against the carts. I crashed into them and landed on my side, shocked at what she did. I watched them slowly take off their clothes and it dawned on me what they wanted to do with me. Appalled I asked, "Why" in an exasperated tone. They mumbled something but I was too fearful to hear them. Everything was muted as they got closer. They held me down as I tried to crawl away. As they tore away my clothes I got a couple punched out but that only made them use more of their strength to hold me down.

It was horrible.....I couldn't stop them and someone I trusted and admired was doing this heinous act. All I could say was, "Oh God!...please......stop!!" After they stripped me of all my clothes they stepped back to take a look. I shakedly stood to move away but I barely had room to escape.

Again Kenya moved towards me slowly and we were one foot away from each other, she sweeped my legs and I fell to the ground onto my back and her body was over mine. I was petrified with fear as she lifted her hand. She stroked my skin and I shivered, she kissed my lips but I made no effort to reciprocate her actions. I was so confused, what could I do I could feel the warmth of her body on me and my body started to react to her despite my protests. She would run her hand up and down my body while kissing me and nipping my neck. My breathing became slow as she massaged my body but I could still try to deny her touch by inching away from her but she would just follow me. As she massaged me her hands would run over my breasts, my stomach and hips. I would get tingles as she did this and run her other hand through my hair. Her hand would slowly glide down towards my belly and legs and as her hand slipped around my inner thighs I let out a slight moan and her fingers would start to glide up and down my vulva. I gasped and my body jolted with pleasure as she played with my clit. I pleaded softly for her to stop but she replied by inserting her fingers inside of me. I tried getting away but the two other guys held me down by my arms.

They never said anything but watched as Kenya tortured me with pleasure. Kenya stopped kissing me and started to take small bites, progressing lower and started to lick my clit. felt so good but I still wanted to get away. I writhed and moaned, pleading for them to stop yet they gave me more pleasure. The men would fondle my breasts and nibble all over me. It was just too much.....Kenya would start sucking on my clit and fingering me while the men pinched and massaged my breasts all the while kissing me and holding me in my place. I tried to fight them off but my attempts were feeble as the pleasure increased. My breathing started to sound laborious as they ministered to my unwilling body.

I tried my best to not cum but that would only intensify the pleasure. They started going faster and harder causing my moans of pleasure to become louder, I felt like my head was swimming as I tried not to let my primal scream loose but everything felt so good, I didn't want it to end. At last Kenya started using her tongue and lips ad inserted them in me and licked furiously, it totally blew me out of this world. I came so hard it was mind blowing and I screamed in ecstasy.

I laid there panting, trying to catch my breath as they stood back to admire their long awaited result. I got to my hands and knees weakly to crawl away. I felt their hawk-like eyes watch me, thinking of what to do next. I could tell that this will be a long night so I dashed and ran for it, but after my recent activities I couldn't run as fast I could have. They caught up to me in no time and one of them grabbed my arm and restrained me. The second guy caught up to me, not even breathless. He reached out to me and I flinched as he caressed my face, almost lovingly and brought out a needle. My eyes shot wide open. What are they planning now I struggled and kicked, I even tried to headbutt the guy holding me from behind but all I did was use up my energy. Kenya walked up to me when I ran out of energy and whispered in my ear, "Try to save your energy, we'll be at this for awhile." I opened my mouth in protest but the guy with the needle stuck the needle in my neck and they let me go. I walked away still facing them but I started to feel dizzy and light-headed. The last thing I saw was their smiling faces with Kenya's evil grin, then darkness came. ...

About: The author of "Betrayal" is Wolfy. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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