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Mum and Me

Author: Susie
Publish Date : Oct 24, 2008
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I think Gary realised that he was going to sleep with Mum but the thought that he might sleep with me too hadn't occurred to him.

* * * * * * *

My Mum is twenty nine years old, so what, you may say, the answer is that I am sixteen! Yes, that's right Mum had me when she was thirteen. Like me she had been intensely curious about sex and after fooling around with boys for a couple of years she finally went too far and got pregnant. She was lucky Nan and Grandad didn't throw her out, but they brought me up until she had finished school. Now it's me who has been fooling around, but Mum has managed to make me see how foolish it would be to go too far..... and I haven't. But she always promised that she would let me have sex when she found the right man.

Well, Mum's pretty attractive with a 36-29-36 figure and good looks to match. We have always been very close and are more like sisters, but she has made certain that I knew all about sex from an early age. I suppose in the circumstances, knowing so much and listening to Mum make love with her latest man, it was inevitable that I would be very interested too. She never tried to say that sex, with the right partner, was anything but extremely enjoyable and I believed her. Tossing-off boys and letting them feel me up was as far as I went, but even that was great! I have grown up with the same sort of figure and looks as Mum, just that she has put on a pound or two and is a bit more curvy than me. Whenever we were out together our blonde good looks attracted male attention, we lapped it up and I was excited at the thought that Mum had promised that I could have sex when I was sixteen, so I looked at men with a lot more interest.

Then one Friday night we got dressed up and Mum took me out on the pull. I won't bore you with all the details of where we went and the number of men who were interested, suffice to say that we arrived back home with a very good-looking man. His name was Gary and he was a year or two older than Mum. We'd had a drink or two during the evening and got to know quite a lot about each other. Gary was one of those men who don't seek to take advantage but just wait to ensure that he was the sort of man we liked and got on with. He had lovely manners and said all the right things, I could see early on that Mum was becoming more and more impressed with him. I liked him too because, unusually, he spoke to me as an equal, Mum liked that too.

I think Gary realised that he was going to sleep with Mum but the thought that he might sleep with me too hadn't occurred to him. Once home Mum opened a bottle of wine and put a smoochie disk on the CD player. They were soon dancing with the lights lowered but it wasn't long before Mum passed him over to me. The first thing I noticed was that he had an erection, as I pushed against him he apologised, I smiled and said how much I liked it. We then took turn and turn about and Gary became much freer with us.

Then it got to kissing, Mum started it of course but I carried on, kissing this lovely man with a hard-on really got me going. Then I noticed that Mum was feeling his cock through his clothing as they danced. He was kissing her passionately and when he began caressing her breasts too, she led him to her bedroom. She told him that they were going to make love and, if she approved of how he did her, she would allow him to have me too. They undressed, Mum, of course, only had a bra and knickers on under her blouse and skirt so she was stripped before Gary. I stared as Gary disrobed for he had a lovely cock, I thought it about seven to eight inches long, which was nice, but I had seen ones like that before, no, it was the fact that it was the thickest I had ever seen that made me stare. It must have been around two and a half inches in diameter! Mum had prepared the bed with a thick bath sheet over the sheets, now she got on the bed and lay down watching Gary take his things off. Being experienced I think she knew what his cock was going to be like, she smiled to see it jerk up as he took his boxers off and opened her legs for him to see.

He joined her on the bed, they began kissing again and caressing each other. It wasn't long before Mum had Gary's cock in hand as he kissed her breasts then sucked her nipples, Mum had told me how having her nipples sucked turned her on and now was no exception. She was soon moaning, her legs were still apart and I watched as her lips swelled and parted. She took Gary's hand and put it on her mound. Both she and I have very little pubic hair and what we have is on the top of our mound and not down the lips of our cunts. So it was easy to see the effect his caresses had on her, her cunt lips swelled and opened under his fingers, her inner lips swelled too and I could see her love-juice oozing from her love-hole making everything glisten. Gary began finger-fucking her and I saw her clit protruding from beneath the hood. She jumped and moaned as his finger tip touched it gently, encouraged by this he gently massaged the swollen and erect little organ.

By now I could feel myself getting wet so I stripped too and started masturbating, Mum caught my eye and smiled. But she was becoming more and more aroused and I heard her murmur, "Fuck me now!" Gary didn't need a second invitation and mounted her, Mum said, "Hold yourself up, I wan't Susie to see you fucking me!" Gary raised his body using his arms, Mum had raised her knees but now straightened the one on my side and I moved to get a better view of Gary's cock pushing between the lips of Mum's cunt. He eased it gently inbetween them then took it in hand and rubbed it all round the open mouth, making sure that he rubbed it against Mum's clit. I could see juice running out of Mum's cunt and down into the cleft of her bum, then Gary put the knob of his cock to the entrance to her vagina and pushed. It went in easily and he gently eased it right up her until his balls were trapped against her bum. "You sexy fucking cunt!" he murmured, "Now you'll get fucked!" Mum's face was suffused with desire, her face rosy and eyes half closed with lust, she pushed up at him to make sure his cock was as far in as possible.

Now Gary started fucking, he used the full length of his lovely cock which now glistened with juice. Fucking that way meant a slow and steady rhythm rather than quick hard strokes but it wasn't long before Mum was imploring him to fuck her hard. He went along with her request, ramming his cock up her really hard, the lips of her cunt forming a circle round the shaft of his cock. It was almost unbearably exciting to see Mum being fucked like that and my hand was moving even faster than Gary's cock as I wanked myself, I was slippery too and the scent of hot cunt filled the room. Gary was breathing hard, "Oh God!" he panted, "I shan't last like this!" "Sshsh," Mum kissed him, "just rest now and then, I don't want you to come just yet, don't forget I need to come too!"

They carried on, they seemed extraordinarily well suited, his cock fitted Mum's cunt beautifully and she was lubricating excessively. Then I noticed that after Mum had said about her coming he had slightly altered his position, riding her a little higher. "Oh!" Mum exclaimed, "That's better, you're stroking my clit now!" About thirty seconds later she started moaning, "Oh! Oh! Yes! I'm getting there! Faster, Gary, faster! Oh oh oh ohhhhh!" She convulsed as her orgasm hit her, her body went rigid, then bucked under Gary as he fucked harder and harder. It didn't last long but I saw perspiration break out on her face, 'Oh, darling, make me come again, please!" She begged. And he did, in fact he kept her there, right on the peak, so that she came time after time until suddenly he grunted and rammed his cock up her so hard that I thought it would hurt her, then as he withdrew he obviously came. Mum gasped, 'Oh yes, darling, fill me up, fill me up with your glorious spunk, fill my cunt to the brim." I could see that he actually spurted in her about half a dozen times before finally flopping on top of her.

Well, that was the first part, so to speak. Later it was to be my turn!

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