Harris Erections

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Nov 30, 2008
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Harris is called upon by an old friend to be her personal assistant. He adores and is madly, secretly in love with her developing boners often when he "thinks" about being with her. Finally after months of thinking of her, he gets his wish fulfilled.

A thick woman, she's tall and shapely with unusually long legs, and still looks great in a bathing suit. Not a person to carry a lot of body fat she's considered full figured, but by Harris' standards it didn't matter and doesn't matter. She's fine by him. He adores her, even worships her... Worships the ground on which she walks. And if he had it his way he would tell her so. But Harris istoo timid, much too quiet to ever say a word to her.

Partially blind and the CEO of one of the largest non profit organization in the country, she's single and worked for a long while in another disability organization. She knew about him and his background and his abilities to assist others on a personal level. That was his job and he was very good at what he did. Without him ever applying she called him. She asked if he would consider a job being her personal assistant.

Not hesitating at all led to him living on site at her home. She knew what he looked like, once. She hadn't always been blind. She had fond memories of him and her as kids. They were friends back when they were young, but with all things times change. He was now just her employee, but she treated him special. She treated him different from all the rest.

"What looks better on me Harris" she'd ask. He'd tell her. He was almost always right. She loved his decisions. He loved making them for her. He was in love with her and he would never do anything to dishonor the woman he adored. "Thanks Harris... you know you're the best right" He hoped so.

He'd smile tell her what she wanted to know, but he'd go off thinking how much she really didn't know. He was her personal assistant. If only she knew how much she needs me, really needs me he thought. From the moment she awoke to going to the bathroom to getting in the shower to putting on makeup. Someone had to do all those things for her. And he's the only one or almost the only one who knows her like she needs to be known he always thought. If only she knew. Day in and day out he serviced her needs. Day in and day out all he wanted was to be close to her, tell her what he wanted and tell her his true feelings for her. But he knew he couldn't. He knew it would be wrong.

Oh god, please give me the strength. Help me tell her he'd tell himself after she went to bed. He'd picture her while undressed and he'd picture that lovely shapely thick figure of hers lying next to him in his bed as his long strong arms and hands held her close to him while his dick began tingling just thinking about her. His eyes showed their sadness. He wanted her, he wanted her horribly. He wanted her to know. He spoke out, under his breath "How do I tell her God, how do I tell her"

He'd see her, sometimes without a skirt on, but with a blouse draped over those buxom breasts and oh how he wondered what they looked like without it all on. Just once he wished he could see them, see them in the flesh. His dick tingled more, hardening between his legs. He wondered some more. What did they really look like underneath all those pieces of clothing They were... they were glorious and full and they were... oh god they were majestic in size. Succulent, sensuous, and oh god they were... they were luscious he told himself.

He closed his eyes, shook his head, and after realizing it was tingling painfully even more then before and even harder, he stopped. He scolded himself. He chided himself for thinking what he had thought. It was wrong, all wrong. She is his friend he'd say. She's his boss he'd say. They had known each other since they were in high school. But now she is his boss. Regardless, she never deserved what he was thinking.

"Harris, Harris" she called on him one evening. His ears perked up. Something was wrong. Something was a matter. He looked at his clock. It was late... later then usual. Something was wrong, terribly wrong he told himself. He pushed back the covers. Still his dick was partially hard, kind of tingling, but he crawled out of bed. He forced his way to her room.

He knocked, she told him to come in, and he entered. She was sitting up. Her pajama bottoms removed, he looked at her legs... ohhh her delicious and sensuous legs. Oh god they were... they were so... so sexy, really damn sexy. If only she knew, if only he could tell her what he thought, how he felt. No pajama bottoms... oh wow he wished he could say something, anything. He wanted to say something about his feelings for her, towards her.

That pajama top... wow it's silky and slinky and just like her blouses too. It draped off her breasts flawlessly, impeccably. God damn it all...it is... no she is... Ohhh I just wish I would finally let myself... I have to tell her. Should I tell her he wondered. Should I risk it all, risk my career he thought It could mean my career. It could be devastating for me. I don't care any more, any longer. She was my friend, once. We were friends at one time but now... now she's my boss.

"Harris... Sit down, please" she said. She said she wanted to run things by him, ask his advice on some stuff. He asked her if she had slept at all. She said she hadn't, she couldn't. He wanted to tell her. Finally tell her how he felt about her. But she was absorbed. She was absorbed in something else. "Harris... Why haven't you ever gotten married I don't understand that. I mean you are the nicest and sweetest guy I know."

He was floored. Harris was stunned, shocked by her question. What should he say What can he say This was highly inappropriate. Generally it isn't any of her business. He works for her. They are no longer friends like they once were, are they He asked her why she isn't discussing work with him. That's why she called him in wasn't it

Her head was down, "looking" at nothing in particular. He wanted her to turn his way. It wouldn't matter if she could "see" him or not. She was, in his opinion, the most beautiful woman in the whole world. To him she was the sexiest, most alluring woman he had ever known. All the way back to when they met each other, back in high school as sophomores. She had it all. Personality, strength, looks... oh yeah you bet your ass she had looks. Still does and matured looks too. Full bodied, full breasted, and hips out to here he thought. His mind drawing an imaginary depiction of his arms and hands while his eyes looked at her thighs. God... oh shit don't forget them. Shit, damn I wouldn't ever forget those.

"Well why haven't you Harris" asking again. "This job, it isn't holding you back... Is it" He shook his head. He forgot himself. He told her no. But she could tell. She "read" his voice. She knew he lied to her. In a sweet and gentle voice she told him "As you know I'm blind, but Harris... I'm... I'm not dumb. No, I am in no way stupid." She turned and smiled. He saw that special grin. He blushed. He adored that one, that smile. It could melt ice in seconds he always told himself. It was the sexiest ever, the hottest looking smile anyone he ever knew could throw at him, but she was the only one he knew who could smile in that manner.

"I know" he came back referring to the fact that she was not stupid.

She told him to tell her truth, the real honest to god's truth. She was kind about it, but she wanted to know what he wanted in life, what his aspirations were, and what his real dreams were in life. It was going on 1:00 in the morning. Neither was really tired. She told him she wanted to know the real truth. She told him she would know if he wasn't telling her. She knew him and she knew him better then anyone else she ever knew.

Harris knew she did. He knew she could figure it out. But he couldn't tell her. He couldn't tell her the real truth, his real dreams, or any of his true aspirations. They sat in silence. She pushed him, a little. She sensed something was not right. But she couldn't figure it out. She always knew he held things in. Even as kids she had to work at it. But she knew one thing and that was he would break down. There was one way to get him to break down.

"We were friends once were we not" He said yes. "But aren't we still friends, Harris" He hesitated, but he did say yes. He didn't like where she was going with this. He felt his dick's tip slightly tingle. "So what is it What do you want out of life" she asked. He couldn't, he wouldn't tell her. "Harris... please tell me. I am one of your oldest and best friends."

He hesitated. He stuttered. He was giving in, breaking down. It pulsated, tingled even more. He was becoming very uncomfortable. She couldn't ever find out. She could never know. It hardened, a little. He did not like that. He hated it. Good thing she wasn't able to see anything. That was harsh, that was cruel, but it was true. God, he was crazy about her.

To be able to turn her way, look at her and look her straight in the face. To be able to do it without her seeing what he would do... to unbutton one button, another button, and then another until they were all undone now that would be... would be god who knows what that would be Oh god... oh god to see them, see them in the flesh would be euphoric... ecstasy to him.

His dick became fatter, longer, and he felt not only it tingling, but his thighs too. He felt the pangs, the quivering, and also the slight pounding surrounding his hardening penis. He touched it, cautiously. He shifted it, carefully. But he moved. He moved in an unusual manner. She didn't quite understand why he moved the way he did. She asked if everything was alright, if he was alright... She asked him again about his dreams.

"I know better Harris. I always have. I know... no I understand things better then others. So do not lie to me, please" she said. She practically pleaded with him at that point.

"I have dreams, but I love this job and I don't care about those at this point" he said.

Her head turned. It twisted and cocked in an unusual way. Her facial expression showed she was curious as hell. She asked how come. He wouldn't explain. She became abrupt with him somewhat. She had to know. It didn't make sense. He was a man. She always thought he was a good looking guy. He was good looking as a kid. That's the last time she saw his face when they were teenagers.

"I know something" she began to say. He asked her what that was. "Do you really want to know" He hesitated then said yes he did. He was rubbing his hardened penis once in a while. "I always thought when we were kids you were a good looking guy." His erection tingled intensely. "But I don't have a clue as to what you look like now. I mean you could be tall and slender, tall and fat, or chubby and medium height. But honestly I have no idea. If you let me, allow me the pleasure, I'd like it if I could touch you... touch you all over."

"No, no I don't want that" he blurted out.

She knew instantly he was hiding something. He was covering something up. She asked why, what would be wrong with it. She'd feel his face, his hair, and his chest and stomach. That's what she told him. She had honest intentions. Never did she think or suggest feeling anything else. Never once had she thought of it, considered it. But Harris was so turned on by her, wanted her so badly, and he could easily take her hands and kiss them, forever. He could kiss them, easily kiss her cheeks, and easily kiss her lips. He could do so much more, but he could never ever dishonor the woman he adored and loved and... and privately lusted for in his personal dreams.

"I don't get it" she said and she reached out searching for it all.

She reached out searching for his cheek, his face. He didn't move away. He didn't slip off the bed. He let her find it, his cheek. He let her touch them, his lips. He let her feel it, his hair. He loved it. He loved her soft fingers. He loved her warm tender fingers and hands against his face. He saw her face. He was happy. He saw that smile. He was full of joy. He was full of more then that. His erection was throbbing, pounding, but he had a strong will. He wouldn't, he couldn't, and he didn't.

He wouldn't tell her he adored her. He couldn't break that trust or that privilege of being her employee despite that she considered him a friend. And he didn't break down and tell her or make a move on her in the least. He wouldn't, he couldn't, and he didn't at all.

There was complete and utter silence in the room. They could hear the other breathe. Nothing more and nothing less, but he could feel his cock throbbing and telling him something. Yes he could. He could hear it screaming and howling something.

"Ohhh god" he muttered under his breath. It was a quiet "ohhh god" but it was loud enough that she definitely heard it. Her hands came away from his face, his cheeks. She had been enjoying herself. She had been enjoying herself knowing she was getting an idea what her old friend Harris looked like once again and as a grown adult.

Her hands, pulled away and she turned to "look" towards him. He wished she could see him. "What did you just say" she asked.

She already knew. She heard the words clearly. What she wanted to know was why. No, she knew why. She figured it out. She was unable to believe it. She wasn't appalled. She wasn't upset. She wasn't disappointed. She was none of the above and all she wanted to know was for how long. Neither spoke after she asked what did he just say But she sat there, pajama top draped across and over her burgeoning bosoms and unbeknownst to her was that her nipples had hardened and he was staring at them incredulously. He was fixated on them. He adored them. There wasn't a thing about his friend, his boss that he didn't adore and dream of.

"How long, Harris" she asked.

That's all she had to say. His cock throbbed. It throbbed painfully. It expressed its every desire within him. It said everything there was to say. He had to tell her. He couldn't hold out any more. She waited for him. She looked his way and she waited for him. He could not leave. He could not move. He couldn't even shift without her knowing the absolute truth. She didn't know the whole truth. She didn't know to what extent, to what degree, but he could tell her or show her. That would open up the flood gates. It would tell her things she'd never ever expected. This was very unexpected.

"Since we were children, teenagers Daphne" he replied. It was not a fluid response, but it was the best he could come up with in short order.

"You've liked me... you've liked me since we were in high school... in high school"

He nodded, but said in a apprehensive tone "Yes."

She was surprised. It showed. She sat on her bed with legs crossed and silk pajama top hanging delicately off her shoulders and breasts while at the same time displaying those highly sensitized nipples of hers so he could see them clearly. Her mouth was agape now. Her mind running rampantly over different ideas and Daphne wasn't sure what to think any more.

And finally settling down some she wanted to know more. She wanted to know just exactly how much he liked her. And she asked. She said she'd know if he was lying to her. She said she'd know exactly how much too. He knew she would. He knew if he lied at all about anything she'd be able to tell. That was a gift she developed as a result of becoming blind. He looked at her. He looked at her hair. It was soft, silky, but it was short and feathery too. Her face was smooth, gentle, and she had happy eyes regardless.

He always liked that about them, about her. Her lips were sexy, perfectly shaped for kissing he thought. He always told himself how he could kiss them all day and all night long doing nothing else but kissing her lips, kissing her sumptuous sensuous lips. Then looking further down he told himself how he could kiss her wide shoulders. He loved those shoulders. They too were yielding in an inviting way. He told himself how he could kiss them tenderly, sensuously and tell her sweet nothings while kissing them.

Holding off kissing them, he said to himself he'd hold out. Yes hold out kissing her voluptuous, round, and gorgeous breasts for last or almost last. It went on and on. Belly, ass, and thighs and calves and then back up towards her thighs again. Always her sumptuous parts like her ass, like her belly, and best of it all her two wholesome and hearty succulent breasts.

His cock was thundering heavily. He grabbed hold of it and squeezed it hard. It was throbbing and it was killing him. He wished he could let her know these things. She turned him on. More then ever she aroused him. Aroused Harris to no end in fact, but it was good. It was all good because maybe he would finally tell her how he felt.

"I... I had no... I had no idea, Harris" she exclaimed. "Harris... Harris why... why haven't you ever-" but she wasn't able to ask.

She was dumbfounded. She wasn't sure how she felt. Was she feeling vulnerable too Here she was, sitting up in bed, blind, and without any pajama bottoms on at all. He could see her thighs, not that he hasn't seen them before, but not susceptible like she was now. No, not defenseless like she could be now, but was she really defenseless He was her friend and she was his friend and the two did have a long, long history in one form or another with each other.

"May I ask you or maybe I already know the answer" she started to say. She looked his way, as best as she could, and she wanted to look him in the eyes, but couldn't. "Harris, do I really excite you, turn you on" she wished she knew if he could see him nod. That's all he would have to do. "I can put my hands against your head. All you have to do is nod or shake it no. That's all" she told him. "So do I make you... are you...are you horny right now"

She put her hands against his head. He didn't nod and he didn't shake his head no. He looked at her. He knew how he felt so he lifted his hands and took hold of hers and as he guided them to where he wanted to direct them and he said "Yes" as he placed her hands, both hands on this throbbing, aching erection.

"Ohhhhhhh god Harris... Ohhh my god" she exclaimed. He lifted his hands off hers. But she didn't remove hers off his hardened dick. His dick was fat, but it was also quite long too, and he didn't moan or indicate that he was super-horny, but Harris was and he wanted to tell Daphne he was more then super horny. "How...how long Harris" she said.

Her hands and fingers remained on it in a substantial hold. "I was never ever going to tell you. I couldn't and I wouldn't you know" he told her. "I care too much for you. I want what you want. I admire you and what you've done. I wouldn't let you destroy all that" he admitted finally.

He felt bad that he admitted it. He told her as well. She said nothing as her hands remained inside his crotch never moving away once. He loved how they felt against it. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath forgetting that she'd understand why he took a deep breath, and she smiled upon hearing him take the deep breath. She began to fall in love she thought. She wasn't sure how she felt about him, but for him to do what he's done all these years without ever trying anything or saying anything and being completely selfless about it all, she was amazed. She was more then that. She was crazy about a guy who did everything to make her look her best and from the bottom of his heart.

"I owe you." She reached up with one hand and touched his face. The other hand hesitated but it let go of his throbbing erection. "I owe you so much." He told himself she didn't. Doing what she did was payment enough. Recognizing his adoration and commitment and that she held his erection for a few minutes without ever being grossed out was satisfaction enough. "Thank you" she said.

Her voice was kind. It displayed empathy and consideration in it. He smiled. He took her hand and directed her fingers across his lips to show her he was happy. She smiled. She leaned in. She kissed him. She kissed his lips. She thanked him again. He rose from the bed. She knew what he was doing. She wasn't sure what to say, what to do. Should she or should she just let him exit with his dignity intact. She knew he loved her. She's always liked him. They've been friends for a long, long time.

"Good night and thank you" he told her.

She said good night. She turned out the lights and she laid her head on her pillow. She lay with her eyes open, thinking about what he had said. She thought about his feelings. She thought about what she felt. Daphne thought about his erection and how that felt in her hands. She smiled. Exhilarated suddenly, she thought about all the feelings she might have for him. She was sure now. She thought about his immense erection again. The size, thickness, and its length... ohhh its size and length was overwhelming. She lay there, on her bed, and with her eyes open and she thought about him, his cock and she thought some more and she wondered if it was the right thing to do.

"He doesn't just like me. He is in love with me" she told herself.

She sat up on her bed, dropped her feet to the floor, and she "looked" out across the room as she thought about it all. She thought about everything. Again thinking about that erection she was holding in her hands. Daphne stood up and she walked to the bathroom.

She picked up the bottle and she sprayed it upwards letting her arms fly through the falling particles. "Not too much" she said quietly "Just enough, just a hint of it." She unbuttoned her top. Unbuttoning it completely, her large bosoms were able to display themselves a little bit on each side of the open top. She ran her hands over them, imagining what he might feel, and she felt the hearty flesh burgeoning outwardly. Daphne smiled as she caressed them and allowed herself to feel better. She felt much better. Donning a robe, she tied it closed, and for the moment she covered them up. She proceeded out of her room and paced slowly down the hall. She felt excited. She was excited for him, excited for them, she hoped.

Walking out of her room and down the hallway, she walked in the direction of Harris' room. Slowly, but surely, she approached it. She wished she could see herself. She wished she could check herself out first. She smelled good. She knew that. She could smell that faint hint of perfume she allowed her arms to swallow. Daphne smiled.

She was ready. Standing by his door, she knocked. He answered. "May I come in" she asked and he told her to come in. She opened his door and opened it slowly. Her smile was timid and she felt nervous all over. Inside his room with the door closed behind her, she wouldn't move any further. She stood by the door and Harris sat up. He looked at her while she remained where she stood.

He wasn't sure what to think. She wasn't either. She wanted to say something, something provocative. But she was unable to. She wasn't well versed even though the two knew each other well. He sat there on his bed and he wondered what he should say. He smelled it. He liked the aroma. It turned him on. Oh god he thought. Damn why is she here he wondered. Why does she smell like that So good he asked himself.

"That's nice" he said. Whatever it is you have on, it smells nice" he offered.

Timidly she said "Thank you." She didn't know what else to say. She forced her way over towards his bed. He watched as she stepped towards him. God... Am I doing the right thing she wondered Her thighs tingled. They tingled ferociously. Suddenly she felt like they were sweating. No they weren't sweating, but they ached, or something like that. Yes they were pounding and doing something. Oh god, my pussy's twitching, twitching and... and pulsating heavily. Her thighs pinched together. They pinched together tightly. Oh god... oh god don't she told herself. Don't start that as they pulled together again in a pinching motion. It was uncontrollable. She couldn't stop it, couldn't help it. Her pussy was riveting, tingling wildly as she came closer and closer.

"I like whatever it is you put on" he told her. But why... why did she do that he wondered to himself There isn't any reason... he began to say. Oh shit he thought. She saw his eyes. She saw his eyes begin to bug out. She knew he knew. She knew very well that he knew. Oh god he said to himself again. He wanted to hold it. It began tingling, horribly this time. He had to hold it. He had to grab it. He had to clench it, squeeze it hard he told himself. "Fuck" he said aloud. It slipped out. She knew. She knew he knew.

"Harris" she asked. There was anxiety in her tone now. "Should I leave" she said.

It was growing, pounding, and it was becoming stiffer. He grabbed it. He squeezed it. He squeezed it hard, very hard. He let out a sigh. "Ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh" she heard him say.

What the heck was that she wondered Why did he do that She forced herself to proceed. She "looked" his way and she untied it. It opened up slightly. She felt it open. She pushed it back so he could see more of her. She was nervous. He could see them. He could see a lot of her.

"Wow" he said in a hushed voice.

This was good she told herself. She pushed it further back, up on her shoulders anchoring it there so he could see them almost fully exposed.

"Ohhhhhhh god Daphne" he said in another hushed tone "wow... why... ohhh damn" he said a little bit louder.

They were as huge as he imagined them to be, hearty and full as he hoped them to be, and they were as succulent and as endearing as he imagined them to be, ever. He gazed upon them not making another sound, and she wished she could see his reaction. Her heart raced, he expression remained placid, but her vagina still ravaged her just the same. Pinching then together while her faced winced at the same time, he never once looked at her face nor saw her legs pulling together to calm her overactive hormonal activity.

"Do... do... am I beautiful and... and sex... sexy to... to you Harris" she said. She pushed the robe off completely. It dropped all the way to the floor. Oh god stop...stop she said commanding her pussy to stop throbbing excitedly. It was in a hormonal upheaval of sorts. It was good, but it wasn't. She wasn't sure what it was.

He stood up, erection and all, and he stepped towards her body. His erection was wrenching his loins and he wanted terribly to grab hold of it. He hadn't realized if he got too close to her that it would poke her in the tummy. He was too obsessed with her glorious and robust breasts she was offering up to him.

"You're... oh god Daphne... you're... you're sexier then ever and I... and I want...I want to... no, no I don't. I can't... I can't Daphne... I can't and I won't... I just can't" he exclaimed.

"No... no Harris no... Fuck me, make love to me... please fuck me, please" she cried out. And she pulled open her top as she stepped even closer to him and once she did, she felt it. She felt his projectile pushing into her stomach. Her eyes lit up and her pussy trembled even more. Daphne reached around Harris and she pulled him against her so that she could feel his throbbing erection more. "God Harris, I want this... I want it inside me, against me, and I want to feel it all over my body."

He felt her hands tugging at his body, pulling it tighter and tighter against him. How could he resist her wishes, her demands, and how could he resist her desires

"Do you hear my words Do you hear what I am telling you god damn it all" she asked.

He couldn't say yes. He wanted to, but he was too overwhelmed by it all. Never in a million years, despite what happened in her room, could he believe this was going to really and truly happen.

And out of no where, to his surprise, she dropped to the floor, to her knees, and she pulled them down. She pulled them all the way off. And standing before her was his aching, throbbing cock. It was as hard as ever. Harder then he could have imagined it, but before he realized it something wet and soft and wonderful descended upon it.

"Ohhhhhhh my god... Ohhhhhhh my god Daphne... no... no....nooooo" he said without any resistance other then what he was telling her. "Nooooo... oh god nooooo" he said but not as loud and not as resistant as before. Then he sounded less resistant. "No ohhh... Ohhh god yes... yes wow... oh yes that's so awesome, Daphne. IT's awesome, you're beautiful... you're wonderful and ohhh god yes" he exclaimed. His head fell back, his chest was arching forward, and he took hold of Daphne's head and pulled it hard over his thick shaft. "I... you... I... I want to... I want us to have... have the greatest sexy a man and a... a woman could... could ever have together" he shouted.

And on that note she pulled off his shaft, tongue and all and she took hold of him and pushed him backwards and they fell on his bed, his erection slamming her in the tummy, and she pulled all her clothes off and rolled over on her back. Daphne pulled him forward and she found his throbbing cock and she cried out begging him to fuck her till the sun hit the horizon.

They went at each other in every possible position and euphoric shouting and screaming and moaning and grunting filled all the walls within her home that was possible. Daphne and Harris fucked like wild animals. Feeling his cock inside her for the very first time in her life inspired both of them to continue fucking until the sun finally did crack the horizon. She rode him and he straddled her and as moaning and groaning continued filling all the cavities throughout her home, she climaxed not once, not twice, but three times during their sexual experience. He came as well, but he was more pleased that she did more then anything.

Holding her robust bosoms and body afterwards only excited him more. He was ready for another round of sex with Daphne. He was even ready to ask her to marry him. He knew better. He didn't want to let go of the sex. He loved that and hoped that she'd come back for more midnight pleasures like they just had. "Is this a one night stand" he asked.

"Uh uhhhh you sexy thing you... You aren't getting away that easily. I'm ready for round two. Wow... was that incredible or what" she asked. She let out a sigh and played with his dick as they cuddled. "Ready" she asked again. He said yes.

But then he stopped her from going down on him again. He wanted those lips to himself. He wanted kiss her shoulders and he did. He kissed the soft plush surroundings of her pliable large bosoms and he went down on her belly. He kissed it and kissed it, turning her on slowly, but surely. He turned her over. He kissed her back, the small of it and eased downward over each butt cheek, kissing each one delicately, lovingly. Then he kissed the backs of her thighs just as he always wanted to do. As he always dreamed of doing her body. Kissing and stroking her flesh with his lips, arousing her gradually, and making sure he paid her what he felt she was due.

Finally she rose and she turned him over. She laid him down. And Daphne once again went down on her lover and she methodically licked and kissed and eventually swallowed and sucked his cock hard enough to draw another load from it only this time she took it down. She took his load down in two swallows and she did so proudly.

"I will do that forever and ever Harris. I will you know" she told him afterwards. He smiled and his kissed her breasts the remainder of the morning. He hadn't kissed them yet and it was time to pleasure himself with those. Yes it was.

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