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Chances Chance

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 16-Dec-08 Revised/Updated 20-Dec-08
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Young cowboy riding back to ranch, stops off and ask for food and rest. Husband away, always away. Wife raising nephew is lonely. Once nephew goes to school, her homestead is hers to do as she pleases.

* * * * * * *

She heard noise, it was a horse, and all of a sudden her dog began barking. Mrs. Jenner quickly went to the cabinet loading both the pistol and her rifle. She looked to her nephew and said "Stay underneath the bed Caleb." He was old enough to handle either gun. "Just stay there" she told him. Peering out the wooden shudders of the window, she saw the stranger riding in. She didn't like the black hat he had on, but was clean shaven. She never liked men dressed in black. Typically it meant they weren't the "good guys." Typically that indicated trouble

Chance was not a difficult man. Chance was a quiet man, he was different. He always felt different. He always loved wearing a black cowboy hat, but rode only a brown horse dressing in light brown colors with black cowboy pants.

It was 1862. Her husband again was away. Her nephew was about to head off to school and Chance was on his way back to the ranch he lived at. On a business trip for his father, he had fifty miles to go. His horse was tired. It needed food and he could also use it. He was always willing to pay, up front and willing to help out around a strangers homestead if needed to show he only had honest intentions.

"Hold it right there, Mister" she called out. He saw the muzzle of her rifle sticking out from inside her window. He slowed to a halt. "What's your business here... Don't come any closer, Mister" she told him. Her voice was forceful. He could not see the woman's face. His hands weren't any where near his guns. Her finger was on the trigger. He had been riding almost all night. He was tired. He looked tired. "Who are you" she said in an even gruffer tone. She didn't naturally have a gruff voice. Jake, her nephew of 13, remained underneath the bed. He told her he had to get to school. She knew that. She told him for the moment to forget school. "We got a visitor. Don't know him so stay down."

"I'm asking for help mam and I can pay you too" he said reaching into his pocket. She was nervous. She was real nervous. She told him to not move another muscle. Her finger pulled at the trigger and a bullet flew over his head. He was nervous. "Mam, no need for that" he said. I mean you or anyone any harm. Honestly, I don't."

He put up his hands, kicked his horse, telling it to forward a few steps. She told him to stop and throw down his guns and for now to not come any closer. He threw them down. He threw down his rifle too. The boy went and gathered them all up. He told her he was looking for a place to bed down for a few hours. He told her he was looking for some food for his horse and himself. He needed rest. "Please mam, like I said... I mean no one any harm." She stepped out on the unpainted wooden porch. Just about everything was wood back in those days. She was holding her rifle, pointing it at him.

Wow, what a pretty looking woman he thought. Has to be a man around somewhere he told himself. Has to be... with beautiful eyes and pretty hair like hers and... and a beautiful womanly figure like that he thought... there had to be, had to be.

"Well ya gonna just sit there on your horse or are you going to introduce yourself, tell me who you are" she said.

"Oh well with a gun pointed at me uhh it's a little unnerving" he said.

"Unnerving... what does that mean" the woman asked. A handsome man she told herself. His eyes aren't deceitful looking. He's not looking at me in that way some do who have ulterior agendas.

"It means frightening or scary mam" he came back. "Names Chance mam... Chance Barlow... and you are"

"Mrs. Jenkins... that's all you have to know... Mr. Barlow."

He told her to call him Chance. Everyone did. She said she'd call him by Mr. Barlow. That was the proper way. Her nephew came out. He said he had to get to school. She told him to go and that she'd be okay. Chance smiled at the young boy assuming it was her son. He nodded at him and indicated that his mom would be okay, everything would be fine. He had no ulterior motives. She saw him nod and let her nephew go to school.

"May I" he asked indicating he was a little sore from riding for almost two days without rest. She nodded. She still held the rifle at him. "Thank you" he told her. He had a charming smile she thought. It eased her fears. Damn... pretty woman. Too bad she's married. "Is there a Mr. Jenkins, mam" She nodded. He asked where he was at.

"Now that is none of your business now is it" she told him. He said no. He reached into his pocket, pulled out $10.00 and tried handing it to her. "What's that for" He told her for use of a stall, some hay for his horse, and hopefully something to eat for himself. "Way too much ya know" she told him. He said he knew, but it was a sign of good faith and good will. She had to agree. Plus he was too damn handsome. Couldn't pass it up.

"Names Mary Beth Mr. Chance Barlow" she said. It was the first sign of friendliness he'd seen from her, plus he saw a faint hint of a smile on her lips. Pretty lips too he thought. Plush and gentle were the words rushing through his head. "Just because we know the other's first name don't mean were good friends now." She cut him off at the knees with those words.

Chance began liking the woman due to her attitude. With her hair braided and pulled back he was immersed in her "rough around the edges" beauty. Her eyes although toughened by the course western lifestyle still held their own. She tried retaining her womanly features even with her husband not around to protect her. Her face showed the sun's harshness on it as she toiled away at normal every day chores normally left for a husband to do. Of course he didn't know about the rest of her, but her hands displayed some of callused features.

"Yes mam" he said offering a smile "understand how you'd like to keep your distance seeing as we don't know each other."

Both heard a sound behind her. She turned abruptly. He looked up. A shudder fell half way off it's hinges. She cursed. Just another thing she had to do on her own.

"I can fix that for you. It won't ever come off again. It's just another way of me saying thank you, if I can bed down in the barn over yonder."

She didn't say yes. She didn't say no to the offer, but she had lowered the rifle finally. That was a relief. Now there was some trust between them, to his offer. He was clean shaven. She did like that about him. He was nicely dressed for a guy who had been on the trail. She liked his appearance. He was proper, he had good manners. And... and he looked at her straight on showing every sign that she was in fact a woman... a real woman as his eyes stared down lovely figure. He let it be known he admired it.

He spent some time after putting his horse up and eating something himself, repairing several things for her. It took a couple hours. Meanwhile, she was inside the house changing. She changed into a clean, respectable looking blouse which gave off some of the more womanly qualities of her physique along with a pair of denim slacks. What she had on took away what the cumbersome dress she had on earlier. She figured a nice man, whom she didn't know and who was polite in every way possible, could at least be afforded some "repayment" such as showing off her feminine features to him.

"You didn't have to change on my account mam, but that is a pretty blouse if I may say."

It was cut low and offered a slight view of her sun laden expanse of a chest. There was even a faint view of some cleavage and she knew he probably would not mind seeing a little of it either after being out on the trail. She wasn't offering herself, at the moment to the man, but a hint of her bosoms, a view of her small waist, and allowing him to see her womanly hips was more then enough to make her happy to her unexpected visitor. Yes, he did like her in the off colored denim pants. And yes, her blouse was very womanly especially with her hair pulled back as it was.

Better yet was when she smiled... she smiled openly and her eyes lit up for the first time since he arrived. She was happy a real man had showed up. It made her wonder about her own husband's commitment to her. Suddenly a rider came in. The man had a telegram for her. She read it. Her husband would not be home until the following night. She was upset. All alone without her husband led to Chance deciding to stay on, once he found out. He wrote a telegram and gave it to the messenger telling his family he'd be back some time late the next night.

Wow... me, him, and... and my nephew. Oh wow, now could be... it could be an opportunity. No Mary Beth she said to herself... No you can't, you can't she thought. He finished some chores, had lunch with her, and the two got to know one another better then expected. He impressed her. She more then impressed him. She realized she was becoming attracted to the man. Much too attracted actually.

With dark features and a solid masculine physique, not much was a detractor to a lonely woman raising her nephew with only a "part time" husband on hand. In the barn, he was cleaning some stuff. He knew he needed a bath and a change of clothes. The river was a ways away and he told her he was headed down there soon. She carried down some of her husband's clothes that he could wear and by accident saw him facing the water, but buck naked.

Wow... oh wow... what a... what a... ohhh my word, what a body! She wouldn't turn away. She stood frozen by its beauty. She ogled the man's incredible physique. Now this was what a man's body should truly look like she thought. Tall and slender it rose upwards into a tight muscular shell as it widened ending at his shoulders.

Solid and firm, his lower body couldn't be over looked. She kept staring and she felt unusual riveting feelings she hadn't experienced in ages... in ages. No... no Mary Beth no she said. She wanted to hide her eyes. She wanted to turn away, turn around, but she couldn't and she would allow herself to. She had to... she had to peek at his body again, his whole body again and again and again. Oh no Mary Beth she thought. Her body tingled. It tingled uncontrollably. Don't look she told herself. Her heart palpitated. Something was wavering within. Certain senses weakened inside her. Her legs, they began giving out. She felt herself sweating. It was not hot, but she perspired excitedly. Why me, why me she wondered. She blinked. She shook her head. She finally turned.

Her breathing was sporadic. Her body was jerking. She knew she had to walk away. She dropped his clothes. But then she tripped. A twig snapped. He heard it. He knew he was naked. It had to be her. No one else was around. It had to be her. He quickly reached bent over and took his shirt and he covered up. He wrapped it around himself hoping she didn't see anything. But she must have. She must have seen his backside. He covered up. It was too late. She had not seen his privates, but he knew she had seen the rest of him.

She scampered away. He was amazingly gorgeous. He was nothing like anyone else, nothing like her own husband's figure. His was... he was twice the man her husband was... twice as handsome as her husband. He saw the clothes she dropped and looked around. He collected them and put them on. He looked handsome, he looked dapper she thought later when he emerged.

It was her intention to dress the stranger in something other then his dirty trail clothes. She could wash those, dry them. Back at the barn, he fixed some things. Crouched down and bent over, she walked in on him. When she saw him she pictured his heavenly naked physique. She felt like she was sweating again, sweating excitedly, profusely but she wasn't. Her heart again beat rapidly. She had difficulty... difficulty wearing a friendly smile. Her feelings bothered her. A good looking stranger who she would probably never see again and nice enough to want to help her out And now she was alone with him... all alone so what next she wondered She felt weak. She mustn't succumb to her whims, desires. She mustn't succumb to those unrealized demonic desires locked away deep within her.

But Mr. Barlow was so good looking... so handsome... so masculine in every way that she saw. Was there an age difference and did it really matter She pictured what she might do and she tensed up. As she did she untied the string of her cotton shirt. She unbuttoned the first button to her shirt, then the next, and then the last one. She hadn't realized she was even pulling it off. She instinctively removed it completely. Exposing only her denim pants and undergarments she finally gasped after realizing what she had done. No Mary Beth no she told herself. You... you are a married woman. You can not think of such immoral things. You mustn't Mary Beth... you just can not. But it wouldn't stop her.

She could not help herself not any longer she couldn't. She did not want to stop herself. She didn't even want to try at that point. She wanted him to see her. She had to see if he was willing. He knelt there, pounding away trying to fix that door in the barn. She had exposed her undergarments for him. She did so anyway.

He turned and he almost looked as she untied it. But he did not see what she was doing. Mary Beth began to feel like a free woman. She undid one button, then two buttons. She felt freer then ever before in her life. Then she undid the third button. Oh... my... gosh...I feel... I feel so... so free and so alive! Her head had fallen backwards and she breathed in fire. She breathed in air. She breathed in the hidden sexuality she had locked away since prior to being married.

She slipped it off her body. Emancipated momentarily, she dropped it her undergarment to the hay in the barn. He did not hear her drop it. He did not see it fall. She had to unlace the last piece now. She had to unlace her last remaining garment. Yes oh god yes she was saying to herself. Expose yourself to him, expose yourself for him she was thinking. Let him have you, let him take me now...in his arms. Let him have your body. Free yourself for him. You are free... it is free. Let him do as he pleases with you... just for now... For now I am... I am... I am now free.

"Ohhhhhh lord I am yours and I am free" she cried out to him. He turned abruptly. In a jerking movement he turned to see her in her last undergarment. Her breasts seemed visible underneath. It was as though he could see through the sheathing. He saw her undressed. In her corset and denim pants only, he did not understand. She stood facing him frozen and unsure of herself. "Chance... Chance take me... take me in your arms and... and" and she practically threw herself at him before saying "kiss me and, and hold me... hold me tight. Please kiss me, please take me and, and kiss me." Her tone was desperate. She needed to feel loved. She needed to feel passion inside her again. She would do anything... anything to make him happy she told him. "Chance... whatever it is I'll... I'll do it for you! Just, just tell me whatever you want and... and I mean that Chance... I mean it" she said pleading with him.

He couldn't he thought, not with a woman who was married, not with a woman who was raising a nephew. Not to a woman he certainly wasn't in love with he told himself, but it was tempting, she was tempting. She was beautiful too... too beautiful he thought.

With her shirt and undergarment off and exposing herself like she had in her corset, showing off her bosoms as she was, how could he say no to the woman who had befriended him like she did

He knew it was wrong... all wrong, but... but... it was simply and totally wrong.

Then, she did the unthinkable. Looking him in the eye she did not waver. She stood before him in the barn and in the early afternoon shadows of the sun as it casts it beaming rays inside, she began untying the last of the garments held together by one lowly string. One lonely and lowly lace was untied. Nervously and anxiously she watched him as she did it. Unraveling the eyelets she exposed herself to him. More of her flesh, more of that cleavage, and more of her voluptuous buxom breasts were available to his eyes, to him, and for him. More then he had ever seen in his life... he had never seen women's bosoms, never... He stood frozen solid watching and looking at her glorious bounty.

His mind had said no, but no words had come out. His mind had said don't but neither of them had heard anything. He shook his head, but it was not a confident "No I mustn't." He said nothing to her. He was in awe. His eyes demonstrated that to her. And she continued undressing that final piece, the last piece on her upper body before removing it all for him.

He stepped forward with the intention of stopping her, but he couldn't and she reacted quickly. She quickly took hold of his hand. When she did take hold of it he felt something he hadn't ever felt in his entire 24 years of his life. And he groaned, loudly. And it was good, it was majestic. It was better then anything he could imagine.

Chance Barlow felt one of them. Chance felt her breast. She took his hand and put it against her top. She slid it inside it. She felt his powerful rugged hand. Laying against hers bosoms she almost wept. "Now do you want to stop Now do you not want to make love to me" she asked him. Her eyes pierced his. "Please say no... that you do want me and that you care to lie with me, naked Will you Chance... will you... please"

How could he resist her He reached for the shoulders and one by one he started slipping off her frail corset. As he did he captured the glory of their majestic beauty.

They were wholesome. They were robust. They were more beautiful then anything he had ever seen in his entire life. And she smiled as she watched her guest digest their beauty. And as she stood their naked from the top up, her nipples sensed his enthusiasm. They grew with that passion. She was more then beautiful. He took her body and he laid it down and he cradled her in his arms and he let her know exactly how wonderful it was.

He felt them, he cuddled them, and he managed to caress them passionately. She told him to kiss them and he kissed each one. With ardent passion he kissed each of them. She told him to see what it felt like as he kissed one then the other and he did. He did as she told him. And as he did, he moaned and she was delighted. He moaned, uncontrollably. His own cock had hardened. He didn't understand. It was out of control.

He groaned and groaned and she knew he needed attention. He needed something to calm him, calm it down, and she knew as a wife how a man's privates needed pleasuring so she pleasured him. She pleasured his privates.

She reached down and she groped it. She groped it willingly and he groaned with more pleasure. She groped it and clutched it with passionate simplicity. He moaned as he pulled her against him. He wanted her. He wanted her body. He wanted her beauty. He wanted her bosoms. He wanted to somehow express his every desire. And he groaned some more. He moaned and groaned like never in his life. He pulled her half naked figure against him kissing her dry lips as if she was his own secret lover. She let him kiss her more then her own husband ever had. They continued rolling back and forth in the hay in the barn while kissing one another zealously. The commitment to whatever might happen... was incredible between the two.

She felt it. It was intense. It was more intense then anything she had experienced in years. Chance began forcing his crotch against hers. Oh it was... it felt magnificent. Push Chance push. Harder, harder she told herself. He forced his crotch against hers even harder. Hormones surging from both, both were out of control. No one, nothing with in miles would hear anything except the bugs crawling in the corners.

Each wanted them off. Both wanted their denim pants off their bodies and they each wanted them off to allow all things to cut loose within themselves expressing any and all hidden unknown and unrealized for that moment.

She pushed down against his and he surged upwards into hers as their hands and arms tugged and pulled at one another relentlessly. God it was good... no... it was... it was more then good, it was great, this was incredible. It was incredible and each felt the other was insatiable. The moment of passionate discovery was insatiable.

He kissed her, everywhere. Lips, cheeks, shoulders, and even her hair for some reason were kissed. He did not know why... he just kissed the areas. He kissed around her boobs. He kissed every possible inch of her boobs. He kissed beneath them, lifting each one up, and suckled and kissed that too. "Ohhh Mary... Mary Beth... you're... you are so beautiful, so wonderful" she exclaimed as he looked her in the eyes. She felt fanatic about him. She felt as if she had found herself. She did not know why or what it meant, but she felt more alive then she had in ages, years. He progressed down her open flesh. Down her firm tummy he went, kissing it, and telling her again how gorgeous and wonderful she was to him.

She began undoing the buttons to his shirt, struggling with the confined position she was in. One by one she undid them finally undoing the last one she pulled it out of his denim trousers as he helped her get them out. She pawed then clawed at his defined chest with its manly defined features. She looked into his eyes, at his chest, and her lips wailed on it. Murmuring as she went along, she kissed so passionately she found herself undoing the belt to his pants too.

He did not stop her, assisting her, and then undoing hers as well. His erection was charged up, surging with so much energy that he wanted her to do as she knew what to do. Both removed their pants. Both removed any undergarments. Both naked suddenly had stopped, and not sure if what was next was the right thing to do pulled away from the other, slightly. Looking into one another's eyes, there was fire and desire burning in them. She saw it and he did too. She recognized it, but he wasn't so sure he understood.

In a whisper she said it. He had never seen or ever felt a woman's vagina before. He had no idea how it really worked. All he was vaguely aware of was a man inserts his erection inside a woman's vagina and somehow something occurs.

Whispering she said "Put it inside me, let me do all the work." She smiled, gently into his eyes. She still saw the ardent fever burning within. Still whispering she added "This will always be one of the most memorable moments in your life... and I am always going to be thankful... and love you for it... Chance... Thank you."

She reached down. He felt something odd which he never felt ever in his life. Her warm callused hand grabbed it. It was throbbing. It was like him, excited. He adored and loved how a woman's hand felt around his pulsating, throbbing erection. It was maddening but awesome. His eyes, wide open, had him crying within himself for an explosive end to it all. And as her hand drifted to the center of their bodies, he felt more excitable explosiveness within.

"Relax" she told him almost whispering. "You are going to love this as much as I will." She smiled and placed a soft tender kiss upon his lips as his cock disappeared into the swelling folds of her young but mature pussy. Then suddenly she cried out. The cry was loud and stirred the horses as well as Chance. "Ohhhhhhh god yes" she bellowed. Her eyes closed, her head fell back, and she pushed herself hard into his cock making sure it was all the way inside her. "Yes, yes Chance... push... push hard into me... now" she exclaimed. And in the ardent passion of it all he pumped her hard. He pushed it very hard inside her.

She wailed out pleasurably. He groaned too, but it was Mary Beth who expressed her lonely hidden desires the most. Soon enough both felt a riveting explosion within. Both began to orgasm. With her hands clawing away at his back and her body pulling at anything, she wailed out and he moaned as he forced loads of some unknown liquid through his hardened dick into her hot, wet, and sexy vagina. Yes she was beautiful and the whole ordeal had him believing this could happen again, but for the moment both crested while they surged in orgasm, finally collapsing against one another.

"Oh wow, wow Mary Beth... what just happened" he asked.

"Honey... you just pleasured both a lonely desiring woman and... and yourself. Hopefully, someday soon, you can come back here, and we will do this again"

He turned, kissed her on her nose, smiled, and he nodded. He looked at her breasts, he looked up at her, and she smiled knowing he wanted to play with them. She winked and nodded telling him it was more then okay as she took his hand and placed it against one of them.

"Mmmmm, I wish you didn't have to leave... ohhh, mmmmm" she said.

"Wow... I like cumming" he told her.

"Ohhh me too... Me too Chance and you were perfect... absolutely perfect.

Dressing in front of each other, cum absorbed into the hay surrounding them, and as they dressed they looked at one another's bodies admiring how beautiful life sometimes is. He kissed her one last time and rode off before her nephew came home. He never paid her. She slipped that money back into the pocket of his pants before he left.

"I'll always love you Chance Barlow" she said waving to him as he rode off.

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