Moms Holiday Party

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Dec 21, 2008
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Daughter throws party and her mom makes out in sexual activity with two different guys.

"Mmmmm yes honey yes" she said as her body coiled in redemption. "Oh yes honey, squeeze them and push them... as much... as much as... as you want, mmmmm" she said looking into their eyes. One stood by her side caressing her body while the other, yes the other tall black guy grabbed them, rubbed them, and squeezed them intimately. She closed her eyes and smiled. Moaning and groaning continuously, she kept telling one then the other to take hold of them and do as they pleased. Still she remained clothed. Her dress, it never came off, but she enjoyed all of it. It was fulfilling. It was euphoric. And she stood there, before them arching her back pulling her shoulders as her chest jettisoned forward for them, just so the two of them so one or the other could clutch one, then the other. "Ohhh baby, honey... gently now...not too rough baby. Let's make this fun for all of us. Me, you, and you too sexy mmmmm... You do want it to be lots of fun, don't you" she said looking at each one "mmmmm."

Then suddenly it was over. It ended abruptly. Opening her eyes she looked around her. She felt strange. She felt different. She looked left, she looked right, but no one was even there. She looked down. Her pajamas were intact, completely intact. But she was excited. It happened again. Like two nights ago, it happened again. Terri smiled. Terri took a deep breath and sighed. She rubbed her upper body. Then lowered her hands, all the way down, and entered her pajama bottoms like the other morning. Yep... mmmmm, she reached in with two fingers and she plucked some from her hole. Mmmmm wet and somewhat white, she looked at it, gazed at her fingers, and she smelled it first. Mmmmm, she thought and she opened her lips and Terri licked them off and swallowed it.

Fresh untainted cum... Another wet dream... Another one just like two nights before.... It was a party, her daughter's party to be exact. Two guys, invited into her bedroom, and free to please her any way they wished. And in return she'd please them. She knew exactly what she'd do.

Down on her knees, unbuckle their belts, and she pulls off their pants and they could sling them out. They could sling them and let her suck, lick, and do anything she pleased on them and in the end they knew in her dream that she'd ride them and she'd ride them both hard. A sexy vibrant woman such as her would ride them long and hard never giving up until she gratified both of them.

It was the same dream from two nights ago, but it never went further. It never got passed the touching, the teasing of her boobs, her upper body. That was it, that was all, but in the end their was cum. There was cum slowly oozing from within so she wasn't unhappy. She simply wasn't where she wanted to be. Just once... just one time if it could be real... if she could wake up with those two guys it would be incredible, awesome, and... and so damn fulfilling. Yes oh god yes it would be as she wiped and licked again... mmmmm.

Tracy knocked. Asked if her mom was up yet and mom replied. Without cleaning up she threw on a robe and headed downstairs. Both started in. Tracy caught wind of something. Wasn't sure what it was and sniffed the air. After saying good morning and quickly assigning duties to one another, both worked in virtual silence other then background Christmas music and humming. Tracy sniffed again.

It was coming from the direction of mom. She looked at her. Terri heard her sniffing. Didn't say a word, wasn't going to either. Just go about setting up and clean up later on. Tracy knew that smell or so she thought. A quizzical look assumed its position on Tracy's face. Mom, playing with herself... My mom... Playing with her... with her... No way, uh uhh... not, not mom she said. She looked at her. Terri's back was turned. Tracy opened her mouth. Tracy was about to ask her about it. She had second thoughts. Nah, mom doesn't do that... does she Uh uhh, no way she thought as she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Terri turned and saw her shaking her head. She wondered what was wrong, what was up. She asked, Tracy said it was nothing, and both went back to doing their own thing. My mom plays with her cunt My mom... no way, no way she thought. As she walked away to do something else a faint smile crossed her lips as she looked back at Terri. You naughty, naughty woman you she told herself, proud of the fact that her mom even did that sort of thing.

She knows... she had to know. I suppose I should wash it off, go and clean up. I wish I could have that dream again. Mmmmm they were... fun. It was fun. Mmmmm what else is there on a snowy day before a party Just a man, any man... well a good looking guy of course and me. God that's what would be... it would be... phenomenal.

"Who is coming" she asked Tracy.

Tracy ran down the list of names stating some Terri didn't know. Terri thought the usual crowd, no one special, but maybe they'll be a few. After setting almost everything up, she showed Tracy her outfit.

"A little spicy isn't it mom, a little over done wouldn't you say" she said. She was teasing, joking with her mom. She didn't care. She knew her mom was an attractive woman, knew men found her sexy, and knew the apple never fell far from that tree. Nope, Tracy was just as sexy, just as alluring as her mom. There were too many men, her mom's age, who easily took a liking to Tracy's looks, Tracy's physique. "I'm sure it'll show off the asset's... right"

Both laughed, Terri winked, and both laughed even more. Soon after, Tracy put on the top and skirt she bought. Whoa... if Terri was bi-curious... well now... there were possibilities there. Laughter filled the house, innuendos filled the downstairs, and ideas filled their heads but Terri and Tracy had entirely different agendas. Tracy had no idea Terri was out to secure herself a good fuck that night with one of her friends.

"Hello, hi there... how are you" she said. Young man after young man entered the house. Young man after young man was caught with their eyes glued to them. She looked too damn delicious, too damn alluring, and too damn suggestive in her outfit she picked out that evening. Her bosoms were far from submerged in that outfit. Her uplifting flesh enhanced her upper body, twofold.

Life was good in every respect with mother and daughter dressed to kill that evening. Terri was greeting everyone. Young woman or young man, she welcomed them and directed them downstairs and if not escorted by a girl or girls, she stopped to chat with some of the "mischievous" looking young men. They didn't mind. With looks like hers, an attitude like hers, and tits as big as she was letting everyone know she had then why not stop and be gracious and talk to Tracy's mom

Wow, talk about tits... I mean she's built, she's stacked, and she's advertising big time. Some called her the House MILF, some called her House Bitch, but some called her desperate. She knew which were which. That's all they had to know so when it came time and if she was lucky enough, they'd get lucky too.

Hello dream... Maybe tonight it comes true.

He was in the kitchen, all alone, and seemed out of place, kind of lost. Didn't know why he even came to be honest. She walked in, he saw her, and like every other guy his instantly were glued to them too. There wasn't enough space available on her chest. Too many others had taken up or wanted to take up residence on her tits and cleavage.

You like them too she wanted to say. Want to touch them too I bet she said to herself. Mmmmm, I don't mind... really I don't... it's just that well it's just that... so many others have wanted that too. Now... who gets first dibs You, what's his name, or the two tall ones... you know those two big tall black guys It is a tough decision. I don't know who would come first... and speaking of that... do you cum easily I wouldn't want that. Those were only a few thoughts quickly running through her mind.

He was a geek, kind of. He wore that nice button down shirt, open only at the collar, and perfectly ironed with not a wrinkle in it. Pressed jeans suited him well and also a clean cut head of hair. He was the one. The one who tutored her... tutored Tracy in her Biology Lab. That's why he was invited. She couldn't leave him out. He was told to come with friends, but didn't. Like on the outside looking in, that's what it seemed to be. Jason was out of his element that night.

He was the type who rarely, if ever, dated. Carried never had a grade under an A-. She knew his type, seen it all before. He was the one, the type that was still a virgin. Maybe some cuddling, definitely lots of kissing, and most likely the only "sex" had was "outdoor petting" and an occasional dry fuck. Yes, that was the label she put to him, but she felt sorry for his kind. He yearned for it more and more each day.

"So you came alone" she said. He nodded. Terri already knew that without asking. He was walking around the upstairs while everyone else socialized in the basement. He was lost and it was easy to see. "Nothing else going on, huh" she asked. He didn't want to answer. Knew if he did it would seem to say he was a loner. He looked up and she held a smile. The two shared a warm and friendly one which put him at ease. "It's okay you know" she told him. He had no idea what she meant.

She meant to say it's okay if you look at it. Referring to her boobs and cleavage, she smiled warmly again. Life was beginning to get good she thought. His eyes slipped. She saw the angle in which they were sliding and her shoulders pulled back ever so slightly. Mmmmm that's it... that's it Jason... look... look as long as you please, honey. As long as you care to... make it worthwhile, make me feel good tonight... mmmmm keep tantalizing yourself... that's it she was telling herself. She wiggled her upper body or so it seemed. He jerked his head, he blinked his eyes, and when he caught himself staring at them he looked up. He was embarrassed. He thought she'd be upset. She was smiling brightly, but she was looking elsewhere when he looked her way.

He seemed relieved. "Have you had one of these yet" she said. She was referring to one of the mixed drinks Tracy had made. It was sweet and laced with something. Masking the alcohol content, it went down smooth. It was easy to gulp down another on without questioning one's self. "Another one sweetheart" she asked. He was smiling easily and nodded. He thanked her and he toasted one to her. Yes he is feeling much better, much better indeed. Move in for the kill Yes, no... she wasn't quite sure.

"Another one" he asked. She said no. Two was more then enough. She liked that sting of a good buzz, but more then two of them would make anyone worthless. "Oh okay" he said. He didn't reach for another. "Maybe I shouldn't say this" he started to say. He didn't know why he even opened his mouth. He told her that her outfit was "one sexy ass piece."

He laughed and she smiled thanking him. She moved in for the kill. Next to him he sat, conversing as if they knew one another well. Her hand came to rest on his lap. He looked down then looked at her. He liked how it felt. He looked down at her bulging bosoms. He looked up into her eyes. They were smiling. He smiled at her. He looked again at her deep cleavage. It felt good to be able to do that. He didn't feel bad about looking. She liked it too.

With the loud music playing downstairs and drowned out only by his and hers own ideas possible fantasies were playing out in their heads. From out of no where she asked him if he'd love to see more. She knew basically how he'd react. Yes, the eyes bulged. Yes, the body would pull back. And yes, he would hesitate, momentarily. Of course there was some stuttering. He wasn't sure if she was serious. He wasn't sure it was right. He wasn't sure of anything. But he was sure of one thing.

Feeling boobs, real boobs, or any girls fleshy boobs was tops on his list at the moment. He was looking at her. That warm friendly smile eased upon her lips and she lightly patted his hand. "It's okay you know... if you wanted to I mean. I wouldn't mind one bit" she told him.

In her room, after closing and locking the door behind them, she stepped in front of him, that warm smile still on her face She asked if he needed any help. He couldn't believe what was happening. She could tell. She looked down and took hold of his hand.

She put it to her other hand, clutched it in hers, and warmed it up. He was in awe of what was happening to himself. He watched as his fingers touched down and then his hand found a spot against one side.

Oh god... his heart, beat fast. He was jerky all over. She eased his fears, his excitement. She caressed his cheek. She even rubbed his hair. Pushing his hand further inside, it disappeared underneath the layer of her bright red Christmas dress. Oh shit, oh god. His eyes closed. He felt it. He felt it exploding, mounting some kind of charge all over, but yes oh god yes it was incredible. It was freaking incredibly good. That... that feeling... whatever it is... it's... it's freaking... oh god, oh wow... oh shit yeah.

She saw it, she knew it too. He was surging with desire now. He was probably tingling wildly, madly, and his dick was probably if not harder then concrete and stretched out to the max. Was he even in the mood for one Would he even like one And for that matter, if he was, would he prematurely cum And if so, was she prepared to swallow it or let it ooze and drip down the front of her. Had to hide it, had to clean up all evidence. Yes oh god yes...mmmmm cock, just like the dreams... no, but he's a cute one... why not, what the hell.

"Ohhh shit" he said jumping away. That was an unexpected move. Her hand was lying against his crotch. He shook his head. "Umm I don't... uhhhh I uhh don't know about... this" he told her. She assured him he would enjoy it. Her voice held a soft and perfect pitch. He placed his hand on hers as if trying to pull it away, but not forcefully. "Oh god" he uttered. She pushed firmly against it. "Oh my god" he said quietly. His eyes glazed over. He could feel it mounting, surging powerfully.

"Mmmmm it feels nice, Jason honey... wouldn't you like someone to rub it, lightly... touch it gently" she asked.

He couldn't look her in the eyes. He didn't shake his head or say anything. He didn't even back away. He couldn't. The bed was behind him. She reached for his shirt and tugged at it, pulling it out of his pants. He didn't and couldn't move. He didn't resist. He didn't want to. He wasn't even sure what he was thinking. It felt too damn good. She pulled it out of his pants. He stood frozen and excited in front of her, letting her do as she pleased. From the bottom, she began undoing one button then the next until each one was undone. He looked down. His trim upper body was now exposed. He looked at her. She was smiling then looking at it. She winked. He tensed up. Her hand reached up and stroked his flat stomach. Oh fuck, oh god he thought. It felt wonderful, exciting, and... and... and fucking arousing as hell.

"Do you like that" she asked him quietly.

Jason nodded. How couldn't he How could anyone not enjoy the gentle soft touch of a woman's hand, fingers against them Oh wow, oh my... oh wow this is... this is so... this is so cool he thought.

Her hand strolled delicately upwards, over his tensed up abdomen as she eased towards his chest. Man... oh man he thought. He looked at her hand. He watched it slide upwards as it pleased him, teased his senses, and he felt his cock wanting and screaming to be touched by her.

She continued to feel his body, smiling all the while, and as she did one shoulder was exposed and then the other. She slipped the shirt off, pulling it to the floor, and Terri looked at him to see how he was feeling. Neither said a word. She didn't have to. She knew exactly what the inexperienced young man was feeling, thinking. She didn't kiss his lips, she didn't kiss his chest. She simply toiled over his pectorals and his flat stomach.

Easing her way back down to his pants, he felt himself wanting her. He told himself he wanted to feel them, see them, kissing them or at least something... anything. God it did not matter what... just let him have it, have her... sex, boobs, or whatever it takes. He looked at her burgeoning cleavage and boobs. She saw that his eyes were fixated on them and knew what he desired.

"Go ahead sweetheart... whatever you want... it is perfectly fine with me." Again her tone was sweet and comforting. She waited and she waited... and she waited. "I'd love to feel you, see you undo my dress... touch me like a man really touches a woman. Will you" she said.

He nodded, forcing a smile, and hoped for the best. He began undoing her Christmas dress. Slowly it opened up. Gradually he began seeing more of her, more of her exciting and riveting womanly figure, and more of those shapely buxom breasts. He was in awe but found some way, some how of appreciating it without looking like a buffoon. Jason reached forward. Placing a hand against her upper body he discovered what she had on beneath the dress. His eyes widened. Even more sexiness underneath... a corset which brought them, lifted them upwards. Holy crap... this is a dream.

"Wow... you're so... I mean you're so sexy!"

She leaned in and hugged him and afterward she undid his jeans, gently pushed him backwards on her bed, and he had no way of stopping it. As he fell, he began to brace himself. She took off her dress letting it drop to the floor. He moaned upon seeing her "naked" like she was. Wearing the corset sent rapid gyrations through him. She was perfect. An angel of... of mercy or was she an angel of god or what was it

His pants were off. He had on underwear and she stroked his bulge that was underneath. "Mmmmm ohhhhhhh" she mumbled "now that's what I call sexy. She closed her eyes as she felt it. Stroking it up, stroking it down she smiled. He moaned, he groaned. Yes, yes baby... I want it. I want it badly, badly she was telling herself.

"Ohhh Fuck" he screamed. She smiled. Her hand slipped inside the bottom of his underwear and felt his lean, long shaft. It wasn't thick, fat, and long but it was more then sufficient.

It was one long one and it was leaner then lean... one that a woman easily could suck on and not gag on. She caressed the shaft without pulling them off. He felt like he could easily cum. No don't cum... not yet... not yet Jason he was saying to himself. Fuck no... no and he pulled it together. She pulled down the shorts, leaned in, and grabbed hold of the pulsating membrane. She kissed it. He moaned louder. She licked it. He moaned even louder then before. She continued licking the underside of his shaft and he moaned and groaned louder and louder. His but lifted off the bed.

Damn he's going to cum prematurely. I know it... I just know he will... Damn it all. She quickly slipped it inside her mouth. Sucking, pulling at it forcefully she gave him the best head job she could in what little amount of time they had. He never had a woman suck his cock before. No lips ever touched them and for that matter no hands or any flesh, so what better way to get a Christmas gift then to have a sexy mature woman with looks like hers to suck him off then now over the holidays.

"Oh god oh shit... I'm so... so sorry" he yelled out. She knew, but it was okay. There would be other guys, other opportunities and the night was young and maybe just maybe her dream might still come true... possibly, but who knew for sure "I, I can't... I can't" but she knew and she sucked harder and more vibrantly. "Oh yes, yes" she shouted and he exploded and it soared upwards so quickly she had no chance of pulling away to let it burst into the air and settle on his own flesh. "Ohhh god yes" he said as he tried catching his breath and he looked up at her. There in her mouth it oozed. It oozed from the sides, but most drained down the back of her mouth. And as if they were in the kitchen just getting to know one another on her face was the gentlest smile a woman could offer another who was in dire need of assistance. And Jason needed that. He needed that and more. "I... I didn't mean for that... to happen" he told her.

"I know honey... I know, but it was tasty and warm... and it was fun, wasn't it"

He nodded as a smile surfaced. He thanked her. She leaned in and hugged him whispering that there's always an open door here... almost.

3:15 in the morning, everyone had cleared out, and Tracy was slumped in a couch passed out cold. Lights were on, music was still blaring, and Terri lay away naked in her bed. Thinking, she smiled. He left a happy man thanks to her. He was a nice guy. She smiled some more. Should go down and shut off that music, turn out those lights she told herself. It will wait. No, she stood up, put on a robe, and headed downstairs. Two guys were getting ready to leave. "Have fun boys" she said. It wasn't the best of robes to be wearing. She didn't recognize them. They nodded and smiled. "That's good. Have a good holiday too" she said. Their eyes were affixed to her robe. They could see the naked silhouette beneath it. She hadn't realized it. "Umm is there something else" she asked.

She saw it or realized it, finally. Oh... ohhhhhh... ohhhhhhh she thought. They were nice... nice looking too. She looked up the stairs. She looked back at them. She smiled. They smiled back. Hmmm, dreams do come true she told herself. All of a sudden she figured it out. She was wearing the robe, the wrong robe. If she was to get any rest... any rest at all she shouldn't have put that one on.

They were closing in on the front door. He was looking at her, at it. He wore a smirk on his face. She knew it, knew it all too well. One said good night, so did the other, and both left. She saw them out. Both started their cars, one pulled away. Dreams can come true. He shut his off. He opened the door and stood by the car.

Tall, good looking, and very well dressed he looked towards the house. Mmmmm, nice looking... woman and robe and... and well she ain't closing that door. Not yet at least she ain't. Black dude, white woman... what's she staring at me like that for Is this for real Am I picking up... shit I am picking up the right signals...Damn this is, she is oh wow man.

Chester proceeded back towards the house. She stood in her lightweight peek-a-boo robe. Her arms propped up underneath her boobs let out an air of natural sexiness only he could pick up on. Dreams do come true. She shifted nervously in the door way. He was tall, built well, and hopefully with that well equipped frame came an equally equipped cock.

"Hi pretty lady." She was twice his age. She took his hand, led him inside, and closed the door behind her.

"Oh god yes baby yes" she squealed, her tits bouncing and dancing for him. "Harder oh fuck me harder, harder" she cried out. "Drill me honey drill me... shove it deeper baby" she shouted in ecstasy.

Dreams do come true.

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