Author: stoneypoint
Published: Dec 28, 2008
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Guy is given name and number of girl to ask out. She's a pretty but chubby girl and he's not an admirer at all, but ends up liking this one. She's nice, funny, and has lots of curves due to losing weight. She falls hook line and sinker for the guy and goes him to fantasize and masturbate. And boy does she.

It was Tuesday. Late morning, he still hadn't found a date for the New Years Eve party. To him it was frustrating. He always, always had a date, but this year for 2009 he didn't. He was humiliated, almost. He was always in the circle. He was almost always the focus of attention. He sat in his office, staring at it, and switched from it to the phone. He gazed upon the phone for a moment or two and then he looked at the other piece next to it.

In his hand was a phone number. His sister told him to call it. "She's a really nice girl and she's actually pretty" his sister had said. Yeah he's heard that one before. A really pretty girl, but being a blind date was like oil and water. What does she really look like he recalled saying to her. "You'll be surprised" was her only response.

Then he put her number down. He looked at the other article. It was colorful and full of balloons. He smiled at that one. That party was awesome. That party he always enjoyed himself at. Lot's of friend, lots of food, and always lots of frolicking going down. In other words he'd bring a date, all his friends would hit on her, and in turn he was hitting on all his friends dates or wives. It was all in fun, kept friendships alive, but it also left any speculation about possible affairs up in the air.

He smiled and put it down. He picked up the other piece of paper, the one with her phone number on it, and he stared at it. "You'll have lots of fun. She's a blast and she's pretty" his sister had said. "... and she's pretty." That rang in his ears. Oh shit, she's a dog. He put the paper down and went back to work.

She decided to take the last few days off from work. No sense loosing it if you can't carry it over. It's a huge company. With five hundred employees in it not everyone's going to know everyone. But she knew he worked there. He worked upstairs. He worked in one of the management offices. She knew what he looked like. Yes, he was as good looking as they came. She liked the idea he was going to call. Or he was supposed to call. Her phone rang. She picked it up. Answering it, it was her friend.

"Has he called you" she asked. Her friend said no, not yet. "He'll call... he will call you in less then 30 minutes. I guarantee it." The young woman said it wasn't necessary. "Hell yes it is. If he doesn't then you can come with us." She didn't want to impose. She wasn't imposing, but everyone had dates if not boyfriends to go with.

She called her brother. He picked up the phone and answered it. He answered it professionally. "What the hell is wrong with you" his sister asked. He knew exactly what she meant. He laughed. He told her he was going to call her, but exactly what does she look like How pretty is she "Does that really matter" she said to her brother.

They hung up. He felt guilty now and he called the girl's cell number he had next to his phone. She didn't answer. Voice mail kicked in and he left a message. A really nice message, he left his number, his direct line. Ten minutes later she got his message. He works there too He works in the same building as me, for the same company Oh god... oh god she thought. She stood up and walked to the bathroom. She looked at herself.

She looked okay, not necessarily beautiful, but she looked okay. God I'm such a fat cow. I lost over 45 pounds and I'm still a fat cow she uttered. Even though she looked svelte and even though she looked prettier then ever, she still was chubby in a cute sort of way. Her svelte physique showed those incredible curvy changes going on throughout her body. The defining "lines" from her waist down around her hips and around her ass through each leg was incredible looking to so many guys it was unimaginable. Those same significant contours that defined her lower body displayed her indescribable upper body. So perfectly proportioned from a chubby admirer's point of view it was unbelievable he couldn't appreciate her.

But at first he would not. He wouldn't truly appreciate her beauty. He wouldn't truly appreciate the warmth of her personality and figure. She loved to show her love. She loved to show her sexuality. And she loved showing off her tastes in fashion too. She had already bought the dress. It fit her frame flawlessly. And she had set an appointment to have her hair done a special way.

She settled down, took some deep breaths, and she called it like she was asked to do. Anxiety settled in. Suddenly she was giggly. Suddenly she wasn't sure what to say. He answered, professionally. There was a brief silence on her end. He asked who was calling. It was a pretty voice on the other end.

"Is this Patricia" he asked.

Silence then she said yes. Then she said hi. Then she said she was calling him back. His voice mellowed. That casual and suave tone kicked in. She looked at the number she called. First thing out of her mouth was spittle. Then she had control of herself. Then she said they both worked for the same company. They did... really What department did she work in She told him, told him exactly which department, which floor. Ice breaker, big time, and she was more at ease. She was funny, engaging. He loved her personality.

What do you look like That's what he wanted to ask. No, not going to ask that. Uh uhh, dumb ass thing to do. Tell me about yourself he said to her. She was entertaining, amusing, and she was interesting as hell. He asked her to lunch that day in fact.

"In 30 minutes But, but I can't get ready in uhh 30 minutes" she told him.

He said sure she could and she could. Hell, she had already done her makeup and she already did everything else- brushed teeth, hair done up, dressed, and... and... oh that's right... perfume. That's all that was necessary. She said she'd meet him at the mall. Mall was a perfect site. Casual, relaxed, and a great place to let her hair down and he agreed. Both hung up. He smiled. He liked what was going on. So what if she was "big." She what if that was his impression. Maybe it will go alright.

She was dancing. She was dancing every conceivable dance ever invented, almost. On cloud nine she forgot herself. Sprayed way too much perfume on. Realizing it, she changed clothes. Put on an even sexier outfit.

Ooooohh her tits were looking good! No cleavage yet, but tomorrow, wait until tomorrow and she'd look hot. She'd look hotter then any of his past conquests. Slapping on that heavy, warm but conservative sweater showed her boobs better then prototype cars at an automobile show. Still with a small belly which wasn't too big she put on her girdle and she put on different jeans. She turned and turned, liked how she looked, liked her hips, loved her ass, and she loved how her curves looked in the mirror.

"Let's go" she exclaimed. She put on a perpetual smile and she smelled great and she danced to her car, excitedly. Parking at the mall, she parked next to some large SUV. Big thing, expensive looking, and clean as a whistle, spotless. She got out. He got out of his SUV. She didn't see the guy in it, but she was still happy, still excited, and she was humming some familiar tune. He smiled, she happened to look at him. He looked familiar. She said hi. He smiled and nodded and he walked ahead. He was a fast walker, good looking too, and the guy had a nice looking ass. She smiled as she watched it stroll ahead and disappear.

There it was. That nice looking tight manly ass she told herself. She smiled again. He was facing away from her. She saw the older guy turn around. She diverted her eyes as fast as she could. He looked around. Spotting her he couldn't believe how pretty she actually was. Neither put two and two together earlier, but she was in a happy mood and humming. He certainly liked that about her.

"Patricia, are you Patricia" the suave voice said from behind. She had turned away. She didn't want to be caught gazing at the fine ass so she didn't see him walk up behind her. She wasn't the only one who was big, but she was the only big one dressed as if she was on some kind of casual date.

She swung around. She recognized the voice. She couldn't believe her eyes. You're my date her eyes said. You and I are going out tomorrow her face read. He smiled, stuck out his hand, and told her it was a pleasure to meet her. Always the charismatic guy, always... always charming, but his eyes didn't stop at her face. No, no they didn't. He let it be known he was going to be interested in her. He definitely let it be known he wanted to be more then interested in her so he let his charming brown eyes float like a feather down her soothing curvaceous rolls, and to his surprise... she actually enticed him.

She giggled seeing as he did look her over. She felt flushed, excited, and wanted to look him over. She already saw his tight ass in his slacks. Mmmmm he was a looker as guys go and she couldn't wait until the following night. She couldn't wait until New Years Eve, draped on his arm, and in that gorgeous dress she bought. They ordered, sat and talked, and actually enjoyed getting to know one another. In all earnest he loved having lunch and she craved being his date on New Years Eve.

He was a turn on. He laughed, she laughed, and he flirted with her. He touched her forearm and he touched her hand when certain funny things she said came up. She had him in stitches and he couldn't believe how pretty she actually was outside of her body size.

But it didn't seem to make a difference. No, it didn't because he showed all signs he liked her. He touched her arm and hand, listened to her, and he laughed at all the funny things she said. And that sparked something inside her. He had aroused her. His attentiveness, his flirtatious touching, and his steamy good looks too... whoa, yes whoa... they turned her on in a big, big way.

Two hours later, they left. Two hours later she was eager as hell. Two hours later, while walking to their cars, she hoped and prayed he'd take her hand in his, but he didn't and it started coursing through her- The hormonal exciting surge that can happen to anyone. She felt it. Suddenly just before they said their final goodbyes until Thursday evening, it began. She didn't want to wince. That would let on that something was wrong and nothing was wrong. Nothing at all was wrong. It was a good feeling, a tremendous feeling she had, and she'd love having that feeling anywhere but out in the middle of the parking lot at the mall. In fact what was happening to her she'd love sharing with him... if things went that far, but it was too premature for any of that.

Say goodbye. Kiss me goodbye on the cheek and say see you tomorrow at 7, okay or something like that she told herself. Or better yet, just come with a change of clothes and we can... we can well you can sleep over. Now there's a better idea.

"Patricia... you off in lala land" he said.

Yes she was but she didn't know he knew she was. Her eyes were off in lala land, in her bedroom, in any bedroom with him, and fantasizing him naked against her naked rolls of wonderment. "Oh sorry umm I suppose I was thinking about what else I needed for tomorrow" she told him.

They did hug, he did pull away and honk not once, not twice, but he honked like four times. She crawled into her car, called his sister, and told her "He's as sexy as they come. I owe you big time." They laughed, but a problem existed on her way back to her apartment. Oh god oh shit oh fuck she kept telling herself.

Her underwear kept getting wetter and wetter. He was on her mind and she wanted him on her body. Everywhere and anywhere physically fathomable she wanted on her. His body, his hands, and his legs or whatever, she wanted crawling over her. She wanted anything physically possible, like in a game of twister to occur between them, and it only made her wetter. Not only were her panties soaked, but she felt it seeping heavily into her jeans. The crotch was becoming darker and darker and darker.

Oh god... oh wow she thought. She tried fighting it. She fought that urge. She pushed and pushed the urge out of her mind, out of her head, but her left hand let off the steering wheel. Her left hand lowered itself down. She felt the warm denim. She felt the warm dampness of her denim jeans and for a split second she closed her eyes, moaning and longing for the following night.

Then her hand pressed into the dampness, the warmth and moistness of her jeans. And a smile protruded from her face and another long moan seeped out of her mouth and she rolled up the window to make sure nobody heard anything while hurrying home.

"She thinks you're cute" she said. She called him after getting speaking to Patricia.

"Of course she does" he replied. They laughed. It was an inside joke. "She was looking at my ass too."

"How do you know"

"I caught her. Just as I turned, she turned away, quickly." They laughed again.

"Everyone checks out your ass. Even I do that" she told him.

There was silence on the line. He was trying to come back with a snappy line. "You do" he said "since when" There was silence again. He began to snicker. "Really, you do"

"Not that way you sick pervert." She laughed, he laughed back.

"Then why do you look at it Do you or have you seen in without anything on"

"Nooooo" she said. "You're a sick person" she told him.

"You're the one who told me you look at my ass. I don't look at yours. I don't check out your titties either... at least not usually." There was silence. She giggled after the silence.

"Really... You mean to tell me you look at my tits, really... honestly"

"Yeah why wouldn't I I mean what are brothers for You want to know that you have nice tits, right So why wouldn't a brother make his sister feel good about themselves. That doesn't mean I uhh look at them uhh sexually. You do have nice tits though."

There was silence on the line.

"Hmmm but you don't look at them in a sexual way, never ever" she said.

"No... Do you ever look at my ass in a sexual way And for that matter what about-"

"Don't go there" she said and she burst out laughing. "I've wondered, but that's all" she told him. They laughed. There was silence. He told her if she was ever curious that if she agreed to stand naked to compare herself to other girls he's been with then he'd do the same for her. "You're just sick" she said "Just really sick!"

They said goodbye, she laughed, and so did he. She stood in her room, wondering. Could she do such a thing like that with him Nope, she couldn't.

Patricia ran up the steps. Ran as hard and as fast as she could. Music, curtains, and lights, yes all lights off. That was for sure and almost all curtains closed too. God he's so sexy. God I want to touch him. I want to touch his chest. I want to feel his stomach... that six pack stomach of his. Those abs ohhh those abs... mmmmm she thought. And... and oh I'd love to undo it. I can see it. Looking at him, looking at each other, and we're smiling. He's watching me as I caress his chest, rub his abdomen, and slowly work my way down slithering down to undo it. He's watching me, watching as I undo his belt buckle, unzip him, and he's watching as I slip them off, slowly.

Oh god oh wow, gotta get in bed. Have to get in bed, get out of these jeans, these wet jeans, and close my eyes and see him down there looking up at me. Smiling up at me, down between my legs, and he's rubbing... ohhh rubbing them. He's watching me as he does, tantalizing me, and taunting me and waiting for some kind of... some kind of reaction.

Oh god yes. Yes, feel me, rub them, reach in, and rub them. Tease me... oh shit don't tease me, don't do that. Yes closer and closer and closer... Oh ohhh oh, oh yeah she told herself.

Her fingers swipe the outer layer, her lips... her pussy lips and she cries out silently. But it is good, no it is incredible. It's awesome. It feels incredibly awesome. She licks her hand, slaps her pussy lips again and again and then she brushes it with her fingers some more. She cries out. Her head falls as far back as it can possibly get. And she imagines him at her crotch, his tongue swiping away, and she feels it. She feels the arousal tantalizing her more intensely then ever.

She's becoming wetter and wetter then ever. Her fingers are wetter then before. Her fingers are hungry and she is letting them have that field day they were hungry for from the moment they left the mall.

Where's my vibrator Where did I put that Oh shit I need it, need it now. More then ever before I'd love to have that and she hopped out of bed, went to her shoes, and she pulled out the box, and she pulled out the one she wanted. She threw it to the bed. She pulled off her top. She undid her bra. She pulled off her panties completely and she lay down again. With everything off she bent her knees and she spread them apart and she turned it on.

And a hum filled the air. It filled her hands. And it filled her pussy with craving she hadn't felt before. Everything tightened. Everything was heightened. And moans joined in chorus with the hum of her vibrating toy. Moaning and humming and swaying all in unison as she rocked and wailed and came closer to orgasm.

She pictured him on her. She pictured him in her. She pictured his hips. She pictured them thrusting themselves against her. Fast, hard, and willingly she envisioned his sexy cute body coming against her merrily, desirably, and it was good. It was fantastic as hell.

She wailed louder. Her hips were thrusting. Her mind envisioned it. And she was rising upwards. She rose off the bed, into the air, and she moaned and she called out his name and she heard her cell ring and she closed her eyes to block it out, but it continued to ring. And she worked even harder and concentrating on her wondrous upcoming orgasm.

So wet, so horny, and so needing this. Not now, not right now she told herself, and it went to voice mail. And she rose off the bed. She wailed even louder and it was good. It was incredibly good. She felt it. It was coming. She was swelling. She was tightening. She was wetter then a dishrag. And it was all good.

Then suddenly she squealed and she wailed and she tensed up and then she released it. A fury of spasms was set off within her. An explosive ferocity of orgasms released within her that created white but extraordinary heaving inside. It was exhausting, but it was breathtaking as hell.

And she cried out as she forced out another one, another orgasm. And she wouldn't and didn't let go of her vibrator. She held in place and created another one, another orgasm. And that was good too. That felt really good to her. And Patricia lay exhausted as she breathed heavily, panting exhaustedly after four self-induced orgasms. She finally smiled. He was good and if only he knew he was that good it could be better.

She closed her eyes. Breathing heavily and quickly, she was weary. And that phone rang again. Damn that phone. Damn whoever is on the other end Leave me in peace. Leave me alone, but she picked it up and she answered it. She answered it even though she was still breathing heavily.

"Hello" she said. It was him.

"Hi, what are you doing" She looked down, smiled. She pulled the phone away, sighed.

"Nothing, nothing at all" she replied.

He heard the hum of her vibrator, had no clue at all. She lay upright, twirling it across her belly, up through her tits, and back down again... all the way down against her bush, against her spent pussy. She smiled.

"Cool... I'm like two minutes away and" and she cut him off.

"Umm uhh I'm in the uhh bath if you were looking to uhh stop by, but I can get out and put on some clothes. That's cool" she said. Oh god need to clean up and fast.

"Cool... I'll be there in a few minutes." He hung up, she dropped everything... everything where they were and ran and got a wash cloth. Wetting it down, soaking it she began wiping and wiping and then soaping herself up, and then she rinsed and rinsed and rinsed all over, except her face. And she did it again, everywhere, just like the first time.

She pulled on all the same clothes. She freshened up her room, spraying a deodorizing spray. Didn't want any remnants of her playful antics, didn't want any of that at all, and she stopped to take a deep breath, a long deep breath of air. And it was good, everything was good.

The doorbell rang and she opened it. She was excited as hell to have him stop by. She was extremely excited. Her date, her New Years Eve date had stopped by to her So cool... So very, very cool and it looked apparent that she was excited.

She was jumpy, nervous just like any young girl might be, but Patricia wasn't young. She was 25. She dated enough to have that experience, but this guy well this guy he was sexy. Too sexy for the likes of her she thought, way too sexy for the likes of her.

"Hi" he told her and she said hi. Again, his eyes floated. From top to bottom they floated. From her hair, her eyes, her lips, and passed her big tits they floated over her belly around her wide hips, and he wanted to check out her ass, regardless of how big that was, and they continued to float downward scanning those legs, and all the way to her ankles. He didn't see flesh, but he imagined it.

He imagined her naked or at least partially naked and it was okay, she was okay, and he liked her well enough. She was nice and she was funny and she was pretty enough. And he was into trying different things and it didn't always have to be sexually related if it was a date. He had been on dates. He had been on second and third dates and there was no sex involved. And it was okay, but Patricia she was different and he liked her.

"I didn't tell you this earlier, but I like that sweater. I think my sister has one like it." Patricia says she does. And he thought about saying something about her jeans too, but he let that wait. She told herself she wished he'd compliment her jeans, but that was a stretch and she thanked him for the compliment on her sweater. "You have nice eyes" he said and she almost hoped he was going to say she had nice tits. She would have enjoyed hearing that from him as good looking as he was. But he wasn't like that. He wasn't crude. He wasn't crass. He was a gifted and charming person, but with another gift for getting a woman he liked into bed when he wanted.

"So why are you here" she asked.

To look at you, check you out, and see if I want to go to bed with you tomorrow after its all said and done or maybe tonight even. That's what was running through his head.

Her eyes started their floating procedure. They looked into his eyes, then darted to that sandy blind wavy hair. It was nice head if hair. The kind a girl loves to grab hold of, run their fingers through for hours on end. Then they looked over his upper body and it excited her. Oh no, don't get excited again. She smiled and looked at those abs. He was a good looking guy with a handsome physique and she had a fair idea what his ass looked like. And he knew she did. He discussed that with his sister. He smiled as he watched her check him out in detail.

"So how do you feel about sex on the first date" she asked. He roared out laughing.

That was different. No one's ever asked him a question like that. They sat and she got drinks and he still hadn't answered her question so she asked it again. He told her he wasn't sure. She knew he lied. But she was into the guy and she was into him big time and she felt like showing him around. Why, she wasn't sure. So she began giving him the ten cent tour. And her door was slightly closed and as they got to the end of the hall she showed him the guest bedroom, but he pushed her door open.

"Oh that's just my room. It's a little messy.' He said that's cool. She totally forgot about her "magic wand" and let him in. On the bed with all the covers pulled back it lay. Her vibrator was still humming, still vibrating, and she smiled. And he turned. And he looked into her eyes. He looked deep into them. Her face was red. Her face was flush as could be. "Oh umm uhh well umm uhh you know" but there was no answer for that. He already knew it.

"Was it worth it Did you at least enjoy yourself That's all that matters you know. As long as you got something out of it and you had fun and it was worth it then like I said... that is all that matters."

And she was standing, frozen, and embarrassed as ever. Gazing at her mistake of leaving it out and leaving it on and he watched her as she blushed and he smiled. He smiled and smiled until he couldn't smile much longer.

"What are they like" he said.

She couldn't speak. She was dumbfounded by his discovery. He touched her arm. He touched her shoulder. She finally looked at him. She was ashamed she was caught. He told her it was so cool she did that. It was even cooler he said that he knew she did it. Then he asked her if he was at all apart of it.

She looked at him again. She nodded, still ashamed that he knew. He winked. She did not smile. "May I" he asked. She didn't nod, she didn't shake her head. He walked up to her bed and grabbed it. It was still a little sticky. He looked at her. He smiled. She faked a smile. He stuck out his tongue. She looked at him. And he licked it all over, everywhere.

"Want to try this thingy out" he said. He had to ask again. She dropped her head. He walked up to her, kissed her on her cheek. And he ran it across her belly, around her hips, and he ran it across her backside especially her wide shapely ass. Then she felt it. She shrieked. He jammed it, jammed it between her butt cheeks, and she felt its vibration and power drilling her ass cheeks. She squiggled around, but didn't brush it away. "Do you enjoy that" he asked. She nodded. She finally smiled too.

"We should go and lie down together and we should play around with this, see what happens tonight. Then tomorrow, on our first date, we will enjoy each others company a lot more.

"Ohhhhhhh god, oh shit" she said.

She was getting wet, again. She told him. They climbed into bed together and they played around. They played around, he got her wet, and he used her vibrator on her, everywhere. They had a hell of a lot of fun for just meeting that day.

"Oh shit, shit... eat me out... eat me out" she wailed.

About: The author of "Wet" is stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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