Lucy And Dann

Author: Dann
Published: Jan 23, 2009
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They kissed for a while, naked, Dann still hard and Lucy getting even wetter by the minute. After a while Lucy got up and grabbed Dann's cock in her hand, she pulled him off the bed and moved him to the corner where she whispered in his ear...

The train was later than she had expected, Lucy sat on the bench by the vending machine waiting for the train he was on, and she grew weary of waiting she had gotten here a half hour early just encase the train was a little before schedule. And now 40 minutes later her mind wondered off and she began to fantasize about the man she was about to meet in the flesh for the first time.

Of course she had only seen pictures, his webcam and the occasional video but she remembered his details well, he had grown in muscle singe a year ago when she had first started to talk to him and now thinking of his broad shoulders and toned biceps she felt a wave of arousal tingle through her nether regions. she looked about her, she was quite alone.

Closing her eyes she moved her hand closer to her lips that were from the images of his robust manhood quickly getting wetter and wetter her hand touched it through the soft material of her skirt; she was without knickers, and she began slowly rubbing herself. Opening her eyes she looked about her, the train had come in and crowds of people were streaming out, she could not lift her hand from the warm crease between her legs, someone sat beside her saying nothing, she ignored him and continued in circles on her clit, her hand had now reached under her skirt as she tried to hide it with a handbag, the man next to her spoke and put his arm round her.

"Well fancy us meeting like this"

She turned to him and in an instant she stopped. It was the man she had been waiting for it was the man she had just been fantasizing about

"Dann" she exclaimed as she hugged him "oh I've been waiting for ages"

The train ride for Dann was a little worse than what Lucy had had to endure he had been sitting in that cabin for over 3 hours, and a mere 7 minutes in, his mind began to wonder towards the soft curves of Lucy's body from what he had seen from his computer, his massive erection had lasted the whole journey and had only started to go down after he walked out the cabin. And just as quickly grew again as he saw her pleasuring herself on that little bench just hidden from view of the rest of the crowd.

And as he sat beside her he swore he got a glimpse of her sweet womanhood as her hand delved beneath the skirt

After swiftly ignoring what she had just been doing they started to talk as they walked out of the train station, simple things like how was his journey and how was her day. It moved on to better talk about there fun over the internet and all the conversations that had previously passed them, Dann quickly realised that he had no idea where he was going and yet he seemed to still be leading the way,

And as if she had known what was going through his mind at that point in time she took his hand and led him from there. They walked like this hand in hand for a little while without thinking what it the long contact meant until Dann and Lucy reached a bus stop together. They broke contact while Lucy looked at the times

"We've got about an hour to kill until the next bus" she said pointedly

"We could always grab some food, I haven't eaten singe breakfast and it's almost 2"

Neither of them really wanted to waste money on real food so they decided to go to a fast food restaurant. They talked on and on slowly feeling more relaxed around each other and Lucy could have sworn that Dann's eyes fell to her large firm breasts as she sat down at the table.

After they had finally reached Lucy's house after another hour on a bus it was quite nice to get out of the cold. They put on some cheesy movie on Lucy's laptop and snuggled up under the covers, as they held each other Dann couldn't help thinking that the movie that Lucy had chosen was a bit on the raunchy side and as he was watching what was probably the 5th sex scene he started to imagine what Lucy's perfectly formed body would be like on the end of his cock

Lucy felt it, she knew what it was, she ached for it but she didn't know if it was just the movie or if it was her close contact to him, whatever it was she wasn't to use it... yet.

As Lucy got up and said that she thought it was a good time to start making some dinner Dann flushed red as he tried to stand up without his erection showing. Luckily by the time he had got up Lucy had made her way out the door, he gave it a little while before he started walking downstairs slowly in the hope that it was totally gone when he reached the bottom. Lucy was frying something in a saucepan when dann got down,

"Ah your cock back to normal finally then"

Dann was taken aback for a minute and his response was slow "yeah, it has."

"good film isn't it" Lucy smirked

"well maybe it wasn't just the film that did it" replied dann with a hint of flirtation


Lucy continued to cook whatever she was cooking and dann wasn't really bothered about that, what he was noticing that the skirt Lucy had on had gotten allot shorter and changed colour to blue he figured she had changed while he was struggling to tame his denim encased beast.

They sat together and ate dinner, it was quite a nice meal shredded duck with pancakes and hoi sin, with some other stuff that lulu had whipped up. As they talked and ate the conversation slowly moved to sex, and there adventures on webcam together. Like the time he a written a story for her and she got so horny she used most of her toys in plain view while he fiercely masturbated to it. The flirting grew too much for Lucy and she began to get very wet...

They went back upstairs the movie was still paused right on a view of a hard young cock inside some girl, Lucy walked over to it and turned it off.

"oh I was enjoying that"

Lucy looked right down at his crotch and pointed at it. "From the feel of that thing poking me I could tell"

Dann flushed red and looked at the floor "haha oh yeah"

Lucy looked at him and started to walk forward, the ache between her legs growing stronger as she got nearer, she had to have his hard massive cock rammed inside of her, she walked right up to him and slipped her arms round him he looked her in the eye and kissed her softly on the lips, he then slowly led her to her double bed as the kissing became more passionate,

She felt him grow again, by the time he was straddling her on top of the bed she could feel all 8 and a half inches of him poking her, she couldn't take it with this new sensation, she skilfully flipped him over and got on top of him and striped off her top and bra exposing her soft succulent breasts. He grabbed out at one of them and fondled, then sat up and sucked on her nipples till they grew erect and hard, she pushed him down forcefully onto the bed while taking off his shirt, she then began to kiss slowly down his masculine body along his shoulders down his chest, teasing him she slowly unbuttoned his jeans and slid down the zip. She looked up at Dann. He was begging her with his eyes, begging her to carry on. She slid her hands to the sides of his hips and gently took the top of his trousers with her fingers, looking him in the eye while she bought them down further.

His cock was so hard it sprang out of his jeans as she pulled them over the head down past his knees and off completely, His Large python stood out in front of her almost tearing his boxers from the strain, she had to unleash it. Lucy placed her hands at the base of his cock and slowly moved them up towards it, Dann reached down to pull off his boxers but she slapped his hands away. Next she ripped them open at the front tarring off the buttons sending them flying, his cock sprang out hard and erect already the head glistened with precum. She then pushed it back through the hole in the front of his boxers and took them off completely leaving him bare and exposed.

She wanted to toy with him, she wanted to make him feel as horny as she was, her knickers were wet through so she decided to take off her skirt and show dann this, as he saw the wet patch of her juices making the material see through and her luscious lips well defined he grew even harder, he reached out to her to kiss her and she let him, but she gently moved him back down. Then squatting over his hard throbbing penis she bent it up so it was flat across his belly and she touched her slit to the hard shaft rubbing up and down gently toying with herself playing with her nipples while he watched. Then she moved to kiss him and his cock sprang to her and if it weren't for the knickers, penetrated her, but of course she had been thinking and again moved down his body kissing gently, teasing her man.

The shaft was in her hands now, she was going to give him the best blowjob of his life and not let him cum, he would be so horny and Lucy would love it. She took the head in her lips gently sucking and licking with her tongue, then she swirled around it and licked all the way to the balls then spent some time sucking one of them, moving back up to the tip she took a few inches in while her hand grasped the base and gently moved him up and down, she grew faster. Sucking harder and licking with more force her hand moved up and down with some pace, he was enjoying it greatly his moans were enough to tell her that, and then faster than she had started. She stopped abruptly, with not wind down or warning.

And then in one smooth motion she moved her wet pussy up to his mouth while tarring off her knickers and she planted her slit directly above his mouth.

His tongue was better than any toy she had had, it darted in and out of her with such speed she could hardly bare it he licked all around her and then bought up two fingers and finger fucked her while he sucked on her clitoris, it felt so good. She toyed with her nipples and drove her hips into his face smothering him with her drenched pussy.

His tongue twirled and swirled, flicked and licked so much it was unbearable for her she could feel the pleasure build up inside her she was about to, she was about to cum. Her hips bucked and an explosion wrought her body and she came all over his face.

He was still going and it felt so good to her, she reached behind her and grabbed his cock in her hand and as she did this he instantly stopped licking. Lucy knew what was gona happen now.

Dann immediately took control and flipped her over; he bought up his massive beast to her opening and rammed it in all the way sparing no time. She felt it enter her and it was the best feeling in the world, his cock opened her up and filled her completely, he was so big and so thick she thought she was going to cum from just the entrance. He continued to ram his magnificent snake into her depths and it felt so good she had never been fucked like this in her life, she moaned and moaned as he thrusted his hips back and forth ramming his large pulsating cock into her from hilt to tip over and over. Her hands grasped at his strong shoulders as another wave of orgasm flowed through her body, Lucy's nails dug into his flesh as his twisting motion brought her right over the edge and she came so hard her dripping loins tensed over his magnificent shaft while she gushed all over him screaming wildly.

He then flipped her over and started to fuck her doggy style, his dick slamming into her, the sound of the slapping of her ass and his flat hips dancing in the air as the fucked harder and harder, he pushed her down into the bed and her ass was still thin the air so he could get his massive cock even deeper in her, the were both moaning and screaming with pleasure and the continued thrusts that Dann gave lifted them both to heaven.

The waves of pleasure pulsating through Lucy's body was too much to bare the build up was so much she felt another orgasm coming her way, his hard cock ramming into her soft warm dripping sex, it was coming, she was coming he was so fierce and hard with her. Pulling on her hair, as he fucked him from behind. The orgasm shot through her loins she tensed her back arching and her vaginal walls squeezing on Dann's cock, the pulsating of Lucy's pussy sent Dann over the edge and he shot all his hot salty cum right into Lucy as his cock throbbed with each wave, he continued on getting slower and slower.

As dann pulled out of Lucy's snatch his and her cum dripped out of her she stuck a finger in it deep, pulled it out and sucked on it. Dann grinned as he yet again went down on her, his tongue lapping up all of her cum and tickling her clitoris after there encounter.

They lay next to each other for a while taking each other in there breathing still heavy and Dann's cock still rock hard. Lucy looked at him and kissed him softly on the lips,

They kissed for a while, naked, Dann still hard and Lucy getting even wetter by the minute. After a while Lucy got up and grabbed Dann's cock in her hand, she pulled him off the bed and moved him to the corner where she whispered in his ear

"count to 40 then try and come find me" and with that she left the room naked with her fingers between her slit massaging her clit.

Dann counted to 40 and by this time his erection had subsided, he walked down slowly trying to listen and see if he could hear Lucy, but he couldn't find her. He searched the whole of downstairs but he couldn't find her, he searched the kitchen, the playroom, the dining room bus she wasn't there, after a few minutes of searching he heard a giggle and he rushed toward it but was too late, he found a note on a chair saying "hehe you haven't found me yet hehe why don't you check upstairs"

He realised that she had been downstairs and he missed her he could smell her perfume in the air, he was remembering what they had just done while he was climbing the stairs and his cock began to grow again, he checked all the rooms upstairs but couldn't find her he was really starting to get horny and she was nowhere in sight, just then he heard a gasp from one of the bedrooms, it was her room, he had overlooked it because that's where the game started as he slowly opened the door the sounds got louder there was a moaning and a feint buzzing sound. And as walked in he saw why she had a vibrator sticking out off her pussy which was drenching the sheets and her hand was rubbing her clit while the other was pinching his nipples.

He immediately jumped up onto the bed tore the vibrator out of her tossed it aside and shoved his very hard cock right in between her slit. He was so horny he fucked her so hard, harder than he had ever fucked anyone. It seemed to last an eternity and they both rolled around together changing positions and even falling off the bed until finally they came together at the same time.

Then, exhausted from all the work they simply laid there dann on his back and Lucy still on top of him is massive hard cock still inside of her. After a while of this relaxing they both fell asleep for what seemed like a little while, dreaming of strange and sexy things, of dripping lips and pulsating hard cocks of sex and pleasure,

Dann woke to find Lucy screaming and bouncing up and down on his hard cock, from the feel of it she had been at it for a while because he was about to shoot another load right in her, she saw this and took the shaft in her hand moving her mouth to it and let his cum all over her face and in her mouth then she licked it all up.

"come" said Lucy getting up "its time for a midnight snack"

they walked downstairs still naked, Lucy still enjoying the taste on her lips of Dann's warm cum as they reached the kitchen the both began to get too horny to eat and ended up fucking once again this time Lucy perched on a chair while dann drove his shaft home within her. This continued for a while. Every time dann came and they finished he would just not go down so they fucked again and again. All over the house on the floor on sofas and up against walls. They even decided to go outside in the cold night air and had sex on a garden chair while Lucy's nipples became massive and erect, this of course prompting another massive orgasm on Dann's part while lucy was in seventh heaven with more sex than she could count. Her pussy just didn't seem to let up she was dripping wet the whole night while Dann's massive cock pounded away at her the waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

After about 4 hours of this the sun began to come up and they decided to call it a night

They both went upstairs and snuggled under the sheets but ofcorse mere seconds later dann was hard again and Lucy had him down her throat. But eventually they did manage to get to sleep.

Lucy got up before dann and decided to surprise him, she went into the en-suite bathroom and lit a few fragranced candles that flickered against the white tiles, the warm glow now filled the room as she entered the shower, and allowing the tumbling water moisten her skin.

He awoke and rose and intently walked towards the en-suite completely naked, the scent of the lather from the shampoo lightly brushed his nostrils, his intentions now apparent as he silently tip-toed into the shower, she was unaware, the lather covered her eyes and he put his arms around her thin waist and firmly pressed her against him, her tender breasts flattened against his manly physique, they faced each other but she was still unable to see, he kissed her lips tenderly, and she recognised the taste, he knew this but softly said 'Guess who,' in an alluring tone, he licked the edge of her lips and the two tongues met in the middle, as the kiss deepened she felt his hard penis against her thigh, and let out a soft moan, she clasped it in her left hand and he slid his hand up her stomach to her breast, smooth with the lather that trickled down her, he rubbed softly and she soon met his tempo.

The room darkened as a couple of the candles scattered around the room dimmed and Dann pushed her up against the tiled wall. His hand fell from her breast to her thigh and slid to her pelvis rubbing down to her sex, as wet as he was hard, his other hand gracing the edge of her bum... he pressed her against the wall harder and she let out a soft groan from beneath her breath, together they rubbed harder and stronger, their lips clashed in a fury and he held her up as she put her legs around him, arms over his shoulders, together they bonded like never before, she clasped his penis and placed it inside her, then together they rubbed up and down the wall, smoothing the water like a trail, causing a strong glimmer and reflection Dann could see himself in, her nails dug into his back and he squeezed her bum tightly, enjoying being able to see himself.

They sat down on the floor opposite each other, Lucy sat with her legs open for Dann, he leaned forward and gently kissed her on the ear lobe and licked it playfully, he whispered to her and she replied then she immediately grabbed his bum and forced him to lunge on top of her, this surprised Dann in the best sort of way, together they mixed and held together tightly, rolling over with some force until one would be pinned down and took control of the action, Dann grabbed Lucy's breast and clenched it, he pulled it up towards his mouth and sucked until a love bite appeared around her nipple, she loved the sensation and responded by pressing him against the wall, he now sat with his legs open and Lucy loomed forward and put his penis into her mouth, she sucked and licked up and down until Dann could bare it no more, he pushed her onto her back and penetrated her softly, it was the perfect mix, by now she was wetter than the shower walls and he could feel the warmth around his penis, barely a moment later and Dann fell onto her and Lucy let out a moan of pleasure, the climax was more than they both expected. Dann rolled off her and they lay there in the shower...

"so what do you want to do today Dann" she panted to him

"oh I dunno" he replied playfully, "I'm here for a week"

About: The author of "Lucy And Dann" is Dann. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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