Hefty Sex

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Jan 28, 2009
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Jeff was younger. Alicia was a senior. They were lab partners, but she made quite an impression as did he on her. After years of not seeing each other and having secret fantasies of one another, they run into the other, disclosing their fantasies eventually and...

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The flesh on her limbs were flapping and jostling wildly back and forth. Spread out flat against her bed she felt his thunder. He was between her, inside her legs pumping her harder and harder, and he felt soooo damn good again. She winced, she smiled, and she kept telling herself she wanted him. As she lay naked filling her cunt with her vibrator she pictured his hearty cock fulfilling her every fantasy, again.

He was amazing. Again, in another hopeless vision, the two of them were together and she saw him merrily fucking her endlessly. His slender nakedness against her while she planted her gaudy tree trunk like limbs over his shoulders in a most violent fucking of her flabby hot pussy.

After seeing him that day across the way, after seeing him wave to her too, and noticing that she was sure he wanted to stop and talk with her that was what incited it all. She couldn't wait. His smile incited what exploded within her. His wave touched off a barrage of emotions. His stopping and looking towards her momentarily had brought on the most recent euphoric fantasy about them together, again.

Ohhh, another one... oh yes, another fulfilling fantasy. It came back, it aroused her so much, his charming grin touched off emotions she wished she could personally show him she has for him. If only he knew she wanted to tell him. After how many years, after so many different visions of him, and of a multitude of times together, she finally saw him. Oh god oh wow...he held a special place in her heart. He didn't know it, but he did, and as soon as she could, she undressed and lay down in the darkness with some candles burning and turned on some music. She journeyed into another night time fantasy.

She took it in her hands and held it close against her horny, fat, and swelling cunt.

"Ohhhhhh Jeff yes, yes Jeff yes... ohhhhhhh god yes, yes you're soooo good Jeff. Fuck me... fuck me more Jeff, fuck me harder" she wailed. Her arms and thighs and belly flapped and jostled everywhere as she brought herself nearer and nearer to one more euphoric orgasm. She continued on. Plucking away at her hot fat pussy, she did her pussy as she wished and prayed sometime soon they'd finally meet again. She envisioned it, she fantasized about it that the two of them would soon have the great sex she was imagining that evening as she did it alone with her trusted friend... one of her big vibrating toys.

"God yes Jeff... ohhh ahhh yes, yes... ohhh god yes, harder, harder now... please" she'd shout and scream aloud in the sanctity of her small home. It was only her, no one else, but her and her two cats and a trusty friend, the vibrator. God she loved that mechanism. It was so gratifying on so many occasions one couldn't begin to count how often it came in use. But she saw him as if he was in her and he was so, so good.

Yes, he did see her. He couldn't believe it was her, but he saw her and he had all the intentions of stopping and talking to her when he waved to her. For one split moment he was going to cut across and say hi, but he couldn't. Something happened and he looked down, looked at his watch. He knew he couldn't. He wanted to and it was a let down.

She would have loved to say hi and chat with him, but she could see it wasn't possible. He kept looking at that watch on his wrist. So all she had was an old and trusted friend. All he had was his imagination... and a hand and computer.

"Yes oh god yes, yes Jeff that's it, yes baby yes" she screamed. And suddenly it happened, suddenly she screamed at the top of her lungs, and all of a sudden she was oozing and gushing wildly. From out of that fat, thick cunt of hers white cum crept out at a maddening pace. It was whiter then white and thicker then ever and she reached down over her 260 pound body and began smearing it and tasting it as she collapsed against her bed. Huffing and puffing rapidly, her big fat saggy boobs swelled on each concerted breath of air. But she was smiling and it was good and she hoped she'd see him soon. God was that good.

Wow, where did she come from Ohhh I wish, how I wish we could have said hi he thought. He wondered where she worked, if she took that train at that same time every day, and if so how could he get across to say hi. He adored her. 15 years since he'd seen her and he still adored her. 100 pounds later and he still thought her sexy. All those rolls, all those layers, and all that poundage did not stop his adoration and attraction for her.

He wanted her, wanted her badly. He wondered if she was listed in the book. Wait, maybe she's married. Maybe she was married. Maybe she has kids. Hell, I don't know, but I gotta try. I have to look and see. He looked her up...nothing. Damn. He did a deeper search... damn nothing again. He went online some more... anything, anything at all Damn, geez... nothing at all. Damn, she's sexy. I don't know why, but she is.

He was desperate. He wanted to see her, be with her, and he wanted to talk. The only thing left Go to one of those sites, use my imagination... that's what... no, no I shouldn't he thought. But he did.

His hand, it undid his pants. Mmmmm... ooooohh... ohhhhhhh....yeah Alicia he mumbled in his head. The feelings mounted. Excitement surged within. Pulling, stroking, and stiffening... ohhh it felt so good. "Alicia, Alicia... I want you" he called out. "Ohhh Alicia where... are... you" he said. His voice was desperate. He needed to be with her. He had to be with her. His eyes closed, the surge became more intense. He could feel it. Ready to explode, he rose off his chair. Hardening, tingling he raged on. He felt her, he felt her body... oh god yes, yes he thought. "Yes Alicia, now Alicia... yes... yes...yes."

And he exploded. Cum sprouting, blowing, and sliding down over his hand it was... it was so, so incredible. She was there, in his mind, in his dreams, and fulfilling him just as he fulfilled her dreams and fantasies.'

He wiped it off. Using his shirt, he wiped it off. He wanted more, he wanted lots more, but he was spent. Spent for now but maybe later, before he went to bed he try again, and he'd use one of those sites. Maybe just maybe... the phone rang.

He cleaned up his hands, reached over and answered it.

"Hi is this Jeff Lincoln" the female voice asked. He said yes not recognizing her voice. There was a pause. He called out asking if he could help her. "Oh uhh yes umm this is Alicia... Alicia Abbot" she told him.

"Oh wow, wow...umm Alicia... Alicia" he exclaimed. Then he envisioned her, envisioned them, together, and making love to one another. Naked together, his body, her body as one, and kissing one another passionately he pictured her. "Oh my god" he said again. He was inspired more then she could imagine. He could have driven over at that exact moment and proposed to her he wanted to have sex with her.

"How are you" she asked. He said good and asked her in a broken up question how she was doing. "I'm good... I mean I'm doing well." She was up the street. She looked him up, found his phone number, looked up his address, and called from her cell down the road. "I... I was umm wondering ummm well it was nice uhh seeing you earlier and I umm just wondered if you'd be interested in getting together"

"Oh uhh well uhh" and she took that to mean no because he immediately hesitated. No, he wanted to see her. He should have said yes right off the bat. He could see her any time she wanted, but he was ready and willing to bare his soul... like she would too. "Yes, sure umm why not When, when would you"

"Tonight...like now" she said without hesitating.

"Like now as in this minute"

She said yes, he hesitated, looked around his house, and saw that it was a mess. It needed a quick cleaning job. Papers, clothes, some food boxes, and that kitchen well that needed cleaning too. She said she was in the area and asked how soon. He looked around again.

"10 minutes do" he asked.

She giggled and said yes. She drove around for 9 minutes, he cleaned up, straightened up, and in eight minutes his place looked immaculate. He waited nervously. He was heightened by her upcoming presence, thinking about her and him baring their souls, and he was thinking and daydreaming about the two of them, undressed down to their underwear. He wanted to be with her as intimately as two individuals could be. Visions danced in his head. From when she was his lab partner when he was a sophomore to when she and that curvy thick body of hers hugged him, all the way to earlier that day when each of them froze while waving to one another.

He was hot. He was expectant. He was slightly turned on by the upcoming arrival of her at his home. He couldn't believe it. She was coming there She was stopping in to say hi Yes, yes that's exactly what she was about to do. And he wanted her. He wanted to tell her things a man tells a woman he desires about her. He wanted so much and would ask for so, so little. But she was prepared to help him with his needs.

"Hi...hi" he said.

"Uhhhh... hi, hi" she replied. She stood in the doorway waiting for him to ask her in. He hadn't. "How...how are...how are you" she asked. Smiling she gazed upon him. He hadn't changed a bit. Still skinny, still small in stature somehow she was drawn to his quiet nature.

"I'm good...and...and you" he came back. She was pushing a smile and still outside.

She looked amazing. Although large and too overweight for most, he was beside himself. He didn't see any flaws, none whatsoever. He saw nothing wrong with her. She was in a dress, a wonderful and colorful dress adorned with a quiet floral print across it, and it highlighted her body especially her thick wide hips and large ass. But he loved it on her.

She asked if she could come in and he apologized taking her hand and leading her into the front room. After offering her a drink he simply stared at her. He thought of high school, that long hug, and earlier when he had fantasized about her, masturbating while online at some ambiguous big and beautiful porn site. And it had come to life. It was surreal but it had. Here she was in his house and waiting, waiting to be told all of it.

"What, what Jeff what" she asked.

He stuttered while saying it was nothing. But she was crazy for him too. She sat trying to figure out what to say. A little while earlier she was lying in bed and fantasizing about him too. Yes, she was thinking while she was entirely naked and she was doing herself with her personal assistant best known as her fat, long vibrator.

Her eyes diverted back a couple hours ago and she was reliving it for a moment. It was glorious, fulfilling, and she wished she could show him and tell him all about it. He asked if something was on her mind. She looked like she wanted to tell him something. He saw the distant look on her face. She snapped her head, looked at him, and she said it was nothing.

Then full disclosure came to be. He had to tell her. Why was she there anyways She was two years older, far removed from his life, and all of a sudden they are back in one another's life again No, there was another reason. He knew he wanted to tell her, but he wanted to know why out of no where she called on him before he did.

"Because...well because" and she looked away. He looked away. She looked back. He was thinking how to tell her what had been going on all these years and how to tell her. "Because Jeff...there have been...well I suppose...I suppose I've had things...on my mind." He looked back at her. What things, he wondered. His face gave it away. "I think about you...a lot, Jeff."

Whoa...shit...oh my god, like how much he thought. How much do you think about me His face lit up, his eyes widened. He was thrilled to hear that. What did she actually think about "Alicia, like what...what have you been thinking about 'cause I've been doing the same thing."

She was surprised, really surprised. Like how much had he been thinking of her. What had he been thinking She asked him, she pushed him to disclose his thoughts. She was curious, but she didn't know his thoughts were intimate and erotic fantasies of her and him. No, she had no idea.

"I can't say" he told her. That alone said a lot. She pressed him, why not "Because, that's why" he replied. "Anyways, why have you been thinking about me What have you been thinking about"

It was building up. The moments grew intense. One of them was going to break down. He sat across from her, looking at her thick long brown hair and that nice floral print dress and he wondered should I tell her Should I tell her No, no I can't. I can't tell her.

She said she had a confession to make, but wanted to know what he had been thinking about. She was hoping it was something along the lines of what was going through her mind. He couldn't believe she even cared to see him. Still she pressed him to tell her. He was weak, he was hopeless. He had to tell her. She had to know. What have I got to lose

"Alicia...don't...don't be mad at me."

"I won't" she said not knowing what he was gong to say.

"I mean, yeah okay ummm I do think about you. I mean I think about you all the time." She looked on and nodded excited to hear that out of him. He went on. He started to tell her the truth. "I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world having a senior in chemistry class as a lab partner. I mean...I mean...well there I was, a lowly sophomore, and there you were this mature and pretty woman. Not a girl, but a woman to me with a womanly figure too."

He tried maintaining his composure as he explained himself. "But as the year went on my parents couldn't believe my enthusiasm and how I was always so excited about getting to school. They didn't know about you." He laughed but she only smiled. "Anyways, when it was all said and done and when you came to me and you gave me that hug and thanked me...well Alicia, I fell in love with you that day. I have...well I've adored you and admired you and...and...ohhh god Alicia...there is soooo much more to this."

"Huh Like what are you saying" she said. If what he was saying was what she was thinking, he was turning her on and she wanted to know everything...everything he had to tell her. "Umm why don't you tell me the rest Jeff"

"Are you sure" She nodded, smiled. "Are you sure you want to hear what I'm gong to tell you" she nodded again and smiled. And he asked her if she wanted to really no.

"Yes Jeff, yes... yes I do."

So he proceeded. "I wanted to tell you how I felt but I knew I was too young, maybe immature, and well you know how that goes" he had said not sure if he should say a thing. "Upperclassmen, well you understand, they don't socialize or usually affiliate with us underclassmen, right" She didn't nod nor did she shake her head. She simply listened and looked at him without acknowledging. "Well I thought and thought and I thought about my situation. I thought about you just as much. I told myself I needed to get a life, move on, and drop the idea. I was stupid and crazy. But honestly and obviously I couldn't" he said as he looked up at her.

Her eyes had widened. She was unable to believe it. She was unable to believe he was about to tell her what she wished for. It was true He liked her He actually liked her, maybe just maybe in a romantic and intimate manner too No, could it be true Could all her dreams, all those fantasies over the years be possible Oh lord... oh god...oh wow. She was...She was hot, hotter then normal. She felt like she was on fire. She wished she could tell him, tell him her...her fantasies, but no... no that would be wrong.

"Anyways I knew it was impossible and I'm sorry if I am offending you." Holding it together, somewhat, she said he wasn't, but she didn't smile reassuring him at all. She wanted to hear more of his ideas and exciting news. "Okay well anyways I've dated like lots of different people. I've dated enough I mean and all sorts too."

"Meaning what, what does 'all kinds' mean" she asked and with a smile.

He told her he had dates with all kinds of girls, mostly "bigger girls" but some were skinnier too. He had said as subtly as possible one way or another each reminded him of Alicia. By saying that he impressed her, it aroused her more then he knew. There was more to it, he told her. And she was willing... more then willing to sit and hear him out.

But he couldn't. He felt ashamed to say exactly what there was. He didn't want to feel like an idiot all of a sudden by telling her that his dates would become romantic and sometimes intimate relationships. Realizing it was becoming too personal and she really didn't need to know he held out. He clammed up. She wanted to know more. She had to know more. She waited to hear more. But Jeff wouldn't say any more.

There was suddenly silence in his house and neither looked at one another. She looked around his place wondering and waiting for him to reveal more. She was burning up, hornier then she expected, and she wanted to know any and all intimate details of his love life or loves of his life. She couldn't help herself. She felt like saying it. Should I or should I keep it private she thought. What should...ohhh god... oh god this is turning me on she told herself. She looked towards him, he was looking away. He couldn't bring himself to say what he did or what he felt.

"I fantasize" she said. He gradually looked towards her. She looked away wondering if she should open up, break down, and tell him her most intimate secrets. "I've fantasized...and...and" and he looked at her again "and to tell you the truth, Jeff, I've...I have...thy have been about...about...you."

His eyes exploded. When he heard those words, his eyes exploded, his body went numb, and he felt his body heating up fast and furiously. He was on it, on those words, and he had to tell her. He had to let her know everything. She had to know the absolute truth about his feelings, fantasies, and former girlfriends. It did not matter. She fantasized about him No way, no how...there was no way this was real he thought. Oh god, he was hot. His dick was prickling, tingling, and he sensed it was hardening as they conversed. Fuck, oh shit, oh wow he thought. I have to, she has to know.

"You...you think...I mean you actually do what I think you do" he exclaimed.

She nodded. She was flushed red, but she sat still looking right into his eyes. She didn't know how to feel anymore. Was she horny for him Heck yes she was but she knew better. She knew it wasn't gong to happen. But finally, finally she got it off her chest. Good, she felt better now, or so she thought.

"You are...oh my god...you're telling me that...that...that you ummm do things, imagine stuff, or...or should I say you uhhhh actually do girl stuff when you fantasize about me"

She nodded and looked horrible. Flushed, she was ablaze with arousal coursing through her body. She felt as if she could jump off that couch, cross the four foot span in a split second, and she felt she could have his lips and body under her emotional control is seconds. She quietly moaned or sighed or something as her body quivered slightly.

"I have to tell you something then" he told her.

"Me too" she came back.

He broke down and explained. He told her about how on most his dates after seeing them for a while, he started imagining her. He'd imagine her when he'd kiss them. She couldn't believe that, but he insisted it was true. He told her when it got to the "next level" that's when it worsened. He was ending up "making love with her" and not the actual girl.

"Ohhh god Jeff, is that true Is it Jeff" she said.

He said yes, but told her there was so much more. He finally caved in. He finally held it together. He finally told her. "Over the course of the last year I started fantasizing so much that I'd...I'd...well I'd be in the shower with you and we'd...well we'd you know."

She said she didn't know, but all she wanted was to hear it spoken so she insisted he tell her precisely. Both were getting hornier. Both were more excited then ever. Both could do inexplicable things with one another. She wanted to finger herself, rub herself, or get him to do those things to her.

"I'd jack off thinking it was you who came over and undressed and put your well you know...your arms around me. I could almost feel them Alicia. I could almost feel you and your presence with me in my shower as you caressed my chest, by tummy, and then held it and stroked it until I came. Ohhhhhhh Alicia...Alicia...you have no idea."

"I think I do...yes, I think I do" she replied. Her eyes closed, her body quivered noticeably, but she didn't expound on her response. She quivered again, noticeably.

"But there's more...there's other stuff too" he added. She looked up and begged him, quietly to tell her. "I'd lay in bed, thinking and thinking and I'd see us sitting around, like we are, and I'd see us start to undress. We'd get practically naked, Alicia. All that's left is out underwear. Me with my underwear and you with only...only your bra and underwear and...and...oh shit, oh wow Alicia...and all we want is to start having...having...ohhhhhhh god Alicia" he cried out.

Before he realized, her dress she had on was coming off. He was looking around the room trying to get control of his emotions and trying to collect his thoughts. He knew he had gotten out of control. She hadn't stood up, but she lowered the straps of her dress off her shoulders as he looked around. She reached behind her, unzipped it, and folded the top half as she exposed all her folds and layers of bulging flesh.

"Jeff" she said as she stood up. It had dropped to the floor and her body unfolded before him. He saw the considerable deposits of flab before him. He grew weak and horny and he wasn't sure what to do. "Is this okay Is this what you mean Is this what you've fantasized" he nodded. He wanted her. He wanted to suckle it, grab hold of all her layers, and kiss them and lick every plush rolling and curling layer of her body. "Then you should have to do this too, shouldn't you...I mean one can't play this can they"

He groaned quietly looking at her body. It was everything and more. It was almost exactly as he imagined it to be, but when he removed his shirt, she moaned just as quietly. Both were oozing with hormonal stimulation practically beyond their control. Her eyes were locked on his skinny chest, his on her larger foliated physique.

All that flesh, all those rolling undulations, and not only around her belly but around her breasts and her hips and her thighs...ohhh wow look at her. Look at her sumptuous body. It was...it was a miracle, a miracle come true...all his fantasies coming to life before his eyes. It couldn't...was it really, was she really there in the...in the flesh, literally

He hadn't removed them. He hadn't thought to remove them. His jeans were still on. She wanted to see for herself. She had undressed. She had bared her body. She sat practically naked and exposed herself to him, but had he totally exposed himself

No, he hadn't, and she felt it was only fair. It was only fair she saw it all so she stepped towards him, his eyes gushing wildly with excitement as she did. He wanted to cream himself on the spot. He could have even though he came earlier. Hell, it wouldn't have been hard. He was hard, she'd find that out, and she did once she took control. She unbuckled it, she unzipped them, and she slid them down over his erection. But she stopped. She stopped when she saw it, the bulge inside his underwear.

"Ohhh" she sighed "ohhh, ohhh...ohhh Jeff, Jeff" she said stuttering.

Her eyes were glued to it. He looked down. He saw his erection and he looked up. Was he embarrassed No, he was not embarrassed. No, he was not ashamed of having one. He looked up. He took hold of her hand and he pressed her hand against it, firmly. He pressed it harder and harder and he pushed down on her hand even harder. He moaned considerably. It was rock solid hard. He looked down. He looked down passed her bulging layers of her stomach. It wasn't horrid. In fact it was succulent and he caressed it a couple of times, but he wanted to rub her crotch. He wanted to caress her underwear. He wanted to feel her underwear too just as if he was fantasizing about her.

"Jeff...can we...can we make love" She was staring him straight in the face. He didn't hear her. He was in another world. "Jeff...Jeff...will you...will you make love with me"

He nodded, didn't say a word, and he stood looking at her wondrous large frame. She took his hand off her and led him down the hallway. She saw one bedroom then another and then another and turned into his room. It was messy, but it was his bed. She could tell. She wanted to make love with him in his bed. This is where he fantasizes about me she told herself. This is where I want it to be real.

They stood facing each other. His skinny frame and her large succulent layers heightened by their sexual awareness of one another and she couldn't wait to be devoured and to devour him as soon as it was sexually possible. What will he do What will we do

"Oh Jeff, touch me...touch me everywhere...anywhere you please" she said.

She reached behind herself to undo her bra, but he stopped her. He led her to the bed and sat down, she sat beside him, and her hefty layers settled in. He could feel it. He could feel the heat, the chemistry boiling, and he could sense things he never sensed before. He wanted this woman in ways he'd only seen or read about online.

He pushed her back and she lay down, swinging her large legs on around. He looked at her and climbed up over her. His cock tingled. He quivered seeing her like she was. Her wide flabby body nestled against his mattress looked angelic in its own way. He smiled and crawled over it. Up and up until he was able to kiss her.

They kissed and hugged and pulled at each other, tugging violently and passionately. His cock was tingling madly. Pangs of excitability shot out everywhere. He wanted to ingest her and he wanted to swallow her up. He wanted to tell her more. He felt so much passion and so much love for this woman he didn't know where to begin. He knelt upright.

"All I want to do" he said "is cum all over you. I mean yes I do want to make love to you, but I am so horny and so...so out of my mind right now that I could jack off right here, on top of you and spray all over this gorgeous body."

She told him to not do that. Quietly she said she'd rather kiss or at least feel him inside her. Could he do that Could he lay and just kiss her or at least go inside and lay inside her Could he at least do that

Cock inside her versus kissing...let's see...fucking versus kissing...kissing versus fucking he was asking himself. "Okay, I'll go inside." But she said she didn't want to fuck. She just asked him to place it inside her and let her feel it, feel his cock. That's all. "Really, that's it...no sex, no orgasms...nothing but lying inside you" he asked. She nodded indicating that was it. He could feel it practically exploding. "But I want you to orgasm" he told her. She said not to worry that she would. She assured him she would and smiled to reassure him of it.

So she opened up her thighs, wide, and he looked down into it. There were layers upon layers exposing themselves. It was arousing and orgasmic by itself. Pink slick layers of vaginal tissue awaiting his cock's arrival inside it. Her pussy was already beginning to ooze somewhat. Her eyes had closed. Her breathing was unusual. Her hands laid flat against the bed and she spread her legs open and raised them up.

He slithered inside her. She was wet and comforting. "Ohhhhhhh Jeff, Jeff" she cried out. He did nothing except put it inside. That was enough. He wanted to slam his body into hers. He wanted her to cry out excitedly. He wanted her to force herself back against him. But none of that was necessary. All she needed, all he needed was one another. He felt her expansive flesh against his body as he lay inside her squishy cunt. It felt nice. Warm and wet and squishy was enough.

She cried out. He groaned. It was doing something. Somehow she was pinching his cock and stimulating him. He groaned as she groaned. Fucking her but not actually fucking her was crazy and wild and she came closer and closer to climaxing as they lay there. That night was different. Usually she needed more. Usually she needed her friend. And usually her friend and her were humping and banging her mattress while she worked on having one of her awesome orgasms, but not that night...no all she needed was him and his wondrous hard cock inside her.

No huffing and puffing, no hearts racing, and no sweating and flailing flesh between them...all either needed was one another. All either needed was desire and contact between either's sexual organs. That was all it took.

He exploded, she exploded, and screams filled his house. She was full of his cum, her cum joined in, and it seeped fastidiously out of her fat swollen pussy. But both seemed overwhelmed and overjoyed that they could join in this great sexual adventure. She held him close. She held him lovingly, but she held him close as her fingers lightly danced on his chest and he tried returning the favor. He loved her that body, he adored it, and he told her he could make love to it all night long and all the time too.

"Then show me how you'd do that for the next couple days...can you" she said.

About: The author of "Hefty Sex" is stoneypoint. You can print this erotic tale for your own personal pleasure, or read more naughty stories like this in our Longer Sex Tales section.

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