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Towel and a Tank Top

Author: Hampton Forbes
Publish Date : Feb 7, 2009
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Seeking the typical male desire of having two women, Hampton experiences pleasures above and beyond belief with Tabitha and Jasmine. A loving hug and kiss at the door leading to fun-play of fondling and undressing sets the prelude for an experience rivaling what one can only see in adult movies. They creatively devise a way to experience simultaneous pleasure from the tongue and lips where the three feast on each other until making their initial release. From there it is an intense session of trial and success as the three take on multiple positions and roles ensuring that each reach powerful climaxes. They transcend the realm of normalcy to explore the heights of taboo and travels, where Tabitha and Jasmine are seduced by Hampton's tongue and love stick dancing in and out of their second pleasure hole. The three lay together spent after the session engulfed in an afterglow and smiles.

* * * * * * *

Chapter One

Looking to have my first threesome, Tabitha and Jasmine were on the top of my list of women to have that experience with. It had been a while since I had last seen either of them individually and I had no idea that they were friends and lived together. I had only met them at my hotel rooms on my visits to Los Angeles, but never ventured to meet them at their locale. Finding out they lived together and were very well acquainted was going to make the session much more exciting.

Tabitha and Jasmine sat so high on my list because each woman had her own uniqueness where combined made the perfect woman for exploring any and all sexual experiences. Not to be confused with the fact that they could not stand alone on their own, but if a woman had the qualities of both of these women would make it where a man would only be able to live half of his time. Tabitha was known for her lustfulness and energy and demonstrated a high sexual prowess and awareness. My first time with her made me have to use my inhaler just to catch my breath and keep up with her yet she had me always wanting more. Jasmine was known for her sensuality and passion where she makes you feel like you are the only one she wants and has ever been with. When I first got together with her she almost had me wanting to sell my house and move the two of us out of the country to an island. And now to hang out with them together was going to be more than a treat and might give more than I could bargain for but I was well rested and up for what turn out to be an exercise of pure delight and pleasure.

After stopping by the store for some bubbly, I headed over to their place and knocked on the door. After hearing the faint sound of "Just a minute", Tabitha appeared behind the door as it open. She stood there in very short shorts and a tank top that showed clearly that she was not wearing a bra as I could see her breasts from the side. My guess is that she was not wearing any panties either but I would have to wait to find out. She invited me in after taking my champagne offering. She gave me a deep passionate hug and a sweet loving kiss on my lips as she took my hand and guided me into the living room. I was hoping that I would see Jasmine seated since I could hear the television was on but she was no where to be found. Before I could ask the question, Tabitha told me that Jasmine was still in the shower and would be out momentarily. As I got comfortable on the couch, Tabitha went to the kitchen to get some glasses for the champagne. I finally paid attention to what was on television and was entertained that they had an erotic video on the screen. I couldn't tell if they had begin watching it before I showed up or had just turned it on after getting out of the shower. However, it was a good thing to get me aroused while waiting for our own personal experience to begin. Tabitha came back with glasses and I asked if we would want to wait for Jasmine but she insisted we go ahead and open the bottle. After pouring enough for the two of us, Tabitha sat closely next to me to watch the movie with me laying her head up against me and slowly rubbing my thigh. I am sure she had noticed that I had gotten erect by the smile on her face. At the same time, I could tell that her nipples were getting erect as well through her tank top.

We both continued to sip the champagne as we enjoyed listening to the moans of the two women on the screen as they pleasured each other. From behind us, I could hear the footsteps of Jasmine coming up. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me gently and gave me a kiss on my neck and ear. She smelled very fresh after coming out of the shower. I could tell that her hair was still wet, which I loved, as she stood upright and came around the front of the sofa. She still had a towel on as she made her way in front of Tabitha and I. She asked if there was room for one more while picking up a champagne glass and pouring something to drink. Of course, all I could do was stare while she stood there with her hair dripping and the towel line covering half of her breast. Tabitha sitting up and moving over was the only thing that had me refocus and shift my position so that Jasmine would have room on the couch. After getting all comfy, we had a toast to each for what was about to occur. With a half naked woman on my right, a woman with a tank top and short shorts on my left, and me being hard and becoming uncomfortable in my pants it was going to be an interesting ride to say the least.

We all turned our attention to the television to the screen as the moans and screams of the women got louder. The two women were in a 69 position and tasting the nectar of each other. They had been going at it for a while and were at a point that they were about to climax. The woman on top began to climax first as her partner focused feverishly on her clit and was fingering her in both holes. As the woman on top came, her body began to pulsate and she almost lost her balance but fortunately held on to her as she rode out the orgasm. It was then the woman on the bottom turn to enjoy a similar pleasure. The three fingers and a masterful tongue the woman on top brought her friend to a climax that forced her to squirt. The woman on top continued to lick her pussy as the love juices that she was just showered with. The woman on top then got up and turned around to face her friend to plant a deep kiss on her. The screen then faded to black and begins showing an infomercial in preparation for the next scene.

Chapter Two

As I took my focus off the screen, Jasmine and Tabitha were both looking at me and each other being just as turned on by the movie as I was. We had not had a chance to relish each other and that moment was the best time to start the four-play of our fun-play. Tabitha made the first move to sit up and give me a deep passionate kissing using her sweet lips and teasing tongue. She starts to rub her hands up and down my chest as she kissed me. Jasmine patiently waited her turn as she looked on at the episode between Tabitha and me.

Enjoying Tabitha's attention, I gave her body a rub down as well going straight to her nipples that were erect and then feeling on her smooth thighs. I had to remember to explore the rest of her body (like I would forget) once things became a bit more intense. Once we finished kissing, Jasmine, being the more sensual of the two, gave me a kiss as if I was someone that she was in love with and had missed for a very long time. She was creative with her hands as they wrapped around my neck and back and she placed kisses on my lips, cheeks, and neck. Tabitha, like Jasmine, sat back to watch the Jasmine and I made out and she touched her breasts in like manner that I had just fondled them. Once Jasmine and I finished our hello kiss, it was their turn. While sitting on me, Jasmine leaned over to give Tabitha her kiss and I got to see what both were doing to me while I had kissed them. Tabitha was rubbing up and down on Jasmine (unfortunately the towel kept her from what she really wanted, while Jasmine continues to be demure and kiss Tabitha sensually while running her hands up and down her backside. Needless to say as I watch, I rose and the more I rose I could tell that I was pushing up against Jasmine while she focused on Tabitha.

After completing their hellos, Jasmine sat up and looked at me and called me a naughty boy acknowledging that she had felt the bulge in my pants. She smiled when she got off of me and I noticed a wet spot on my pants and I couldn't tell if it was from me or from her but at that point it didn't matter. Tabitha reached over to my bulge and begin to massage it while Jasmine begin to massage underneath my shirt and make her way inside of my pants. I needed and wanted to explode at that moment just from being turned on by the two of them. Jasmine began to undress me and Tabitha followed suit. After removing every article of clothing I had on, I laid there on the leather couch naked in front of these two beautiful women. Tabitha reached over to her glass and took some of the champagne in her mouth while Jasmine begin to take the pre-cum from my dick and swirl it around my head and tasted what she had captured on her fingers. Tabitha then kneeled in front of me and engulfed my head along with the champagne making me feel the chill of the champagne but also see how fast she could warm it up with the movement of her tongue. Still in her towel, Jasmine leaned over from the side and being to lick my shaft and balls that was not yet consumed by Tabitha. Wanting nothing more than to explode at this time, I knew both women were not going to let that happen as they wanted to enjoy pleasuring me as much as I wanted to enjoy them pleasuring me. Tabitha gave Jasmine a turn at making love with her lips and tongue to my dick. Every sensation was increasingly intense and amplified by Tabitha licking and sucking on my nipples and rubbing along spots that she didn't know were my hot spots but could sense by my moans. I was being ravished by these two women and this was just the appetizer for the meal that was to occur.

Knowing how badly I wanted my first orgasm, Tabitha took over for Jasmine and being using her lips to start a suction action on my dick. She caressed my balls while to my right sat Jasmine unveiling what was underneath her towel to give me an additional visual stimulant from what I had from watching the new scene on the television and what Tabitha was doing in between my legs. Jasmine took my hand and placed it on her nipples that were now visibly erect and then stuck one of fingers in my mouth to suck on and make wet. Once she was turn on more which me sucking her finger and tugging her nipples she took her finger back and started massaging her clit with it. Without a doubt this just made matter better for me as I was looking forward to my first orgasm. As Tabitha worked my dick, I could feel the cum rise as she was summoning it with her lips. I could see Jasmine's pussy glisten from the wetness that she was creating on her own. She enjoyed me touching her breasts but wanted more and brought them to my face to lick and suck as I was getting closer to cumming. Now in a position to finger Jasmine, I worked my finger inside her pussy and massaged her walls and she moved up and down on my finger. Being sensitive and having the ability to easily cum, Jasmine allowed herself to become controlled my fingers, now two, in her pussy and my other hand rubbing her tender, juicy ass. Jasmine continued to feed me her breast and sensually touching my body which was a turn of for me, it was a matter of minutes of me telling Tabitha that I was about to cum. Jasmine being moaning and panting and I knew she would be the first and I put all of my focus on making her enjoy her first release. Her moans alone are like music to my ears and hearing her cum made me tell Tabitha that I was about to cum. Thinking Tabitha would begin to stop sucking on me, she kept right on sucking and begin stoking my shaft to ensure that I had a strong orgasm. I came hard and in a huge amount in her mouth. She took it all without losing a drop of my juice. After my shaking ended, she took her lips off and I had a clean head as if I had never had an orgasm. She then motioned Jasmine over and they began to share my cum between the both of them. After swapping back and forth, Tabitha took my entire load and swallowed it all without ever having a drop leave her mouth. They both then looked to me for my approval and my compliment to them was one dick up.

Tabitha and Jasmine arranged themselves back on the couch next to me to watch the new set of women play on the screen and to fondle my dick and balls. I joyfully played with their clits making the two of them become wetter than they already were. Tabitha still clothed of course made it harder but I didn't complain about her keep her clothes on. I had plans with the naked Jasmine to have fun with Tabitha. As they watched the screen, I took the champagne from my glass and "accidentally" spilled some on Tabitha's tank top making her jump a little but forcing her nipples and areola to show. Of course she didn't like the fact of being there in a wet shirt and neither did Jasmine or I. As Tabitha begin to remove her top, both Jasmine and I looked at each other devilishly and immediately went for a breast each before she could pull her shirt over her head. Of course being stunned as well as pleased by our action, Tabitha continue removing her shirt and begin stroking our heads embracing us as we lovingly kissed on her breast and sucked on her nipples. I pulled away and watched as Jasmine indulged herself on Tabitha's perky breasts thinking about what I do with the rest of the champagne in my glass. Just as I had figured Tabitha was not wearing any panties, after removing the wet shorts that she was donning as a result of me. Jasmine left the breasts and immediately headed straight for the bushy mound between Tabitha's legs. Tabitha, spread her legs open as an invitation for Jasmine to feast on what she had to offer. I moved a chair from across the room and allowed the two of them to enjoy each knowing I would get my chance to taste them both later. I freshen up my glass and watched Jasmine take control of the situation by spreading Tabitha out on the count making it easier for Jasmine to climb on top in a 69 position. It was nice to not only touch and see Jasmine's breast but to have her ass right up there in the air was a beautiful site. I barely could stay in my seat and let them two have their moment. Jasmine eagerly worked her tongue in and out of Tabitha's pussy making Tabitha squirm underneath. I got on my knees to watch Jasmine at work and loved to see how she controlled the pulsing of Tabitha's pussy. Eager to see how sweet Tabitha's pussy tasted, I ask Jasmine for a kiss to taste it first off of her tongue. I could tell that Tabitha also had not long gotten out of the shower and her pussy was fresh. Allowing Jasmine to go back to one of the things she does best, I joined her and helped in liking and sucking on Tabitha's sweet pussy making her enjoy the double tongue action. Being a woman who wants her pussy to be taken, Tabitha pushes her pussy harder into our faces as a sign she wanted to cum at that moment. Jasmine and I were all more than happy to provide that for her and in the next minute, Tabitha held both our heads in place as she experienced her orgasm. After she let us go, Jasmine and I share Tabitha's love juice kissing each other and swallowing the tongue of the other to ensure we got every drop. Tabitha sat up and thanked us saying she was glad to have that initial release. We decided to retire to the bedroom to continue the rest of the fun.

Chapter Three

As we entered into the bedroom, Tabitha grabbed Jasmine from behind and starting feeling her up. I was only mildly upset that Tabitha beat me to it because I knew how much Jasmine loved to be pampered. However, I had my own plans for how I would show some tenderness to Jasmine. I went over to the bed and watched as Jasmine relinquished herself to Tabitha's control. Allow Tabitha to kiss her along the nape of her neck, and run her fingertips up and down her torso, stopping long enough at her breast to increase the excitement. Having a good view of the two, I notice how Jasmine slowly fingered herself making herself wet all over again as shown by the glistening on her fingers. Relishing in how much the two were groping each other, I started to become erect again. Tabitha must have noticed as well because she pointed out to Jasmine the treat that I had in store for them. Having had the pleasure of tasting Tabitha, I was eager to get Jasmine's nectar on my tongue and lips. I motioned for them to come over as I slid back on the bed. I had Jasmine crawl on top of me in the 69 position so I could have access to both of her love holes. Tabitha decided to stay down and help out Jasmine with given my dick another pleasure run. However, knowing Tabitha it would not be long before she would come and help me out with pleasuring Jasmine.

My tongue started at the hood and I found my way exposing Jasmine's clit which was getting larger which each flicker. I took it in my mouth like a ripe fruit and sucked on it as if it was my favorite lollipop. I could the muscle in Jasmine's legs tighten against my arms which led up to where my hands beheld one of the best asses in town. I had seen Jasmine ass on many occasions but each time I see it, touch it, and kiss it, it is always like a new experience that I would hope to never end. This time with her on top and having it in my hands I made sure I enjoyed it and could probably sculpt as I learned its contours. Suckling on her clit and tasting her moistness from her first orgasm, I decided to let my tongue dive in to her pussy and get more of it to savor. I slid her lips open craftily with my tongue as was able to get inside deep enough to feel her walls. I knew she felt me because moments later her pussy tighten up on my tongue as it went up and down along the rim of her pussy. I had my fingers also do some exploring as well. A finger from my right hand entered her pussy along with my tongue to aide in massaging her walls. A finger from left hand started slowing massaging the rim of her ass. This too she noticed and enjoyed as she tightened and then relaxed for more play. Of course mind you that she has been focusing on making love to the head of my dick while Tabitha has been sucking on my balls and licking my shaft. It was a bit hard to focus on given sensual pleasure when both of these ladies were giving it in such a way it felt like they were teasing me and relaxing me but making me want to cum strong again in one of their warm mouths.

As I continued to finger Jasmine and could tell that I was making her lose concentration as well, I had Tabitha appear as a visitor to help me out with Jasmine as I knew she would. She took both of my fingers out of Jasmine's pussy and ass and stuck them both in her mouth to taste. She then leaned down for a kiss from me, darting her tongue in and out and then sucking Jasmine's pussy from my tongue. We both then went back to licking Jasmine's pussy together making Jasmine moan a bit louder while having my dick in her mouth. As we licked Jasmine's pussy, Tabitha and I would have our tongues dance together and quickly kiss before going back to licking on Jasmine. Being in sync somehow, we both started to go after Jasmine's ass and begin licking it making her love the sensation of never know when each lick would occur. At the same time, I started fingering her pussy again finding her g-spot. Jasmine kept my dick in her mouth but has stopped sucking and only massaged my balls at this point. I could hear her muffled moans as Tabitha and I continue to pleasure just about every spot between her legs. I stopped licking her ass and let Tabitha continue as I went back to sucking her clit. With a warm tongue and lips on her clit, a finger massaging her g-spot, and a tongue massage of her ass, Jasmine came so hard that she squirted given Tabitha and I something to enjoy. Jasmine continued her orgasm for about a minute because neither of us stopped what we were doing. My dick felt like a vibrator was on it with the way the Jasmine used it to stifle her small screams of ecstasy. I was able to maintain and hold on to one side of that plump ass of hers while Tabitha held on to the other making it easy for Tabitha's tongue to go deep inside.

After the orgasm, I could tell Jasmine need a few minutes to get herself back in composure from the intensity of her orgasm. Jasmine lay still on top of me breathing heavy and I could feel her heart beating fast on my stomach. While she took the time to catch her breath, Tabitha and I looked at each other smiling about our job well done and begin kissing and sharing the juice that Jasmine squirted out as a reward for our hard work. Kissing Tabitha made my dick harder as it was knocking against the head of Jasmine. Tabitha had nice juicy lips that I sucked on as it were her pussy lips. Every now and then during our kissing we would freshen up our kisses which some of Jasmine's pussy which made her jump because she was still sensitive. Tabitha and I kissed looking into each other eyes getting into each other more and more. Eventually we both knew how badly we wanted to have my dick inside of her and although we would start out missionary, being turned on by what just happen it would not be lovemaking but pure fucking.

Chapter Four

Jasmine rolled off of me and lay on her back across the bed. She has a look of satisfaction on her face that had her sucking her thumb. Tabitha and I never lost our lip embrace and when Jasmine got off of me, Tabitha climbed on top. Being as turned on by the visual and the result of our actions, her pussy was wet without needed any extra tongue lubricant. She was able to maneuver herself well enough to never break our passionate kissing to slide her pussy down on my hard dick. Feeling how warm and tight she was, I aided her by grabbing her hips and making sure we fit snugly together.

Continuing with our passionate kissing, Tabitha began to grind me hard and fast as if my dick was scratching an itch inside of her. Being caught off guard, but surprised, I may sure I scratched that itch for her and met her movements to make sure I got every spot. Our gaze into each others' eyes was one of pure fire and lust. As she moved in a rhythm, I noticed her precious fruit dangling begging to be fondled and then sucked. I certainly obliged the calling and took one hand off of her hips to begin squeezing her breast and then pinching her nipples. This only made her become more desperate to have an orgasm and who was I to deny it to her. Continuing to pinch one of her nipple, I use my other hand to pinch the second nipple and then placed it in my mouth. Her pussy walls begin to tighten around my dick and I knew she was on the verge of cumming. After a few more strokes of my dick, I felt her cream on me and she moan loudly to let me, Jasmine and any possible passerby know that she was having a strong orgasm.

As Tabitha's body slowly stopped convulsing, she laid on me and began kissing me again. Having been with her a few times that was always a sign that she wanted more and enjoying the ride that she gave me I wanted more as well. We changed positions this time making it so that Jasmine could be a part of the fun this now having recovered from her orgasm earlier. Tabitha got on her knees in the doggy position and Jasmine climb underneath her to have easy access to her clit. Coming up behind Tabitha and being able to look down at Jasmine while Tabitha and I fucked, just set the stage for another round of threesome fun.

Chapter Five

With Tabitha's cream still on my dick, Jasmine made sure it entered her mouth before going back in Tabitha's pussy. Sucking the head in way that only she can, I am looking down seeing the pretty ass of Tabitha and my dick disappearing and reappearing out of Jasmine's mouth. As she ensures that she gets all of the love juice from my dick, I begin to finger Tabitha to let her know that she was not forgotten. I put one finger in her pussy and another one in her ass allowing her to get prepared for something bigger to enter into both of her holes. Tabitha played with her clit as my finger massaged the inside of both her walls making her push back harder so that my fingers would go in as deep as they could. Making sure my dick was wet and slippery, Jasmine removed my finger and begin sucking on it while placing my dick inside of Tabitha. I immediate begin pumping away and giving it hard and fast to Tabitha just how she wanted and liked it. Jasmine finished licking my finger and began to suck on Tabitha clit. I grabbed Tabitha's ass with both hands to make sure she felt my thrust and my dick going in deep into her pussy. Purely focused on how she was being pleasure by my dick she put all of attention into ensuring she got every inch of my dick. Having Jasmine suck on her clit make her just want it even more and she begged for one of us to put a finger in her ass. Jasmine was more than happy to oblige beating me to the punch but it was fine since I had a priority one mission to attend. Tabitha learned down more to increase the angle for me to hit her favorite spots. Her pussy fit like a glove around my dick and got tighter upon every entry making me work to have to get it out but I could tell that was by her design. As she leaned forward I could tell she had her tongue flickering across Jasmine's clit allow her to have pleasure as well in all of this pounding. Having tiny fingers, I notice that Jasmine has put in another finger inside of Tabitha's ass. It was then that she began to cum once again making my dick nice and creamy. Jasmine immediately took my dick out of Tabitha's pussy and began to lick and suck off all of the cream as she had done before. It was clear she love the taste of Tabitha's cum and didn't want any of it to waste.

Tabitha continued to moan however as she lapped away at Jasmine's pussy as if she needed it. Jasmine put my dick back in Tabitha's pussy so that I could grind away, this time I knew I could give it to her nice and slow since she had cum twice and this is where she loves to relish the feeling. I relished the feeling as well, sometime just allowing only the tip if my dick enter into her pussy. I then would let it drop down over Jasmine's face so she could stop licking Tabitha's clit and lick my dick and we would do that over again. Tabitha rose up when I was inside of her so that I could hold her next to my body while I fucked her and Jasmine sucked her clit. She enjoyed the feeling of having me rub her breasts with my dick inside and I enjoy having her body next to mine. Jasmine decided to make both of us happy by sucking on my balls as Tabitha would slowly grind on my dick. I was in heaven and at the point of losing my load once again. I didn't want to because I wanted to be in Tabitha's ass so bad. But Jasmine continued with the teasing of my balls along with rubbing and caressing my ass and thighs. I held Tabitha tighter and whisper into her ear that I was about to cum. She whispered back for me to shoot my hot cum inside of her and paint her pussy walls with it. Her moaning indicated that she was going to come with me as I held her in my arms. And we did just that very thing. I stopped my grinding, focused on the sensations that both Tabitha and Jasmine were giving me and reached my second orgasm. Tabitha's pussy once again tightened as she went for her third orgasm.

As the height of my orgasm completed, I felt Jasmine's hand grab the base of my shaft and pull my dick out of Tabitha's pussy. She then began sucking it while the trailing end of my orgasm completed in her mouth. I am sure it was just a treat for her to have my cum and Tabitha's cum in her mouth together. Tabitha was completely relaxed in my arms as I was holding on to her tightly because of Jasmine licking the sensitive head of my dick. Jasmine then stopped focusing on my dick and gave her attention to the Tabitha's pussy which was now dripping of my cum right on Jasmine's chin. Although I had cum intensely once again, I was still hard and Tabitha felt me pressing my dick against her ass. She moved her ass in a circular motion enjoying the feel of my dick against her cheeks and loving the tongue action that Jasmine was giving her. Jasmine was quite content with the juice gift that we had given her. We could hear her humming as she got creative with the cum. Feeling the softness of Tabitha's body, I was eager to fuck her again and I knew that this time I wanted to have my dick in her ass.

Getting the go ahead from Jasmine, Tabitha got back down on all fours hovering over Jasmine. Jasmine spread open Tabitha's cheeks exposing her ass to me and making it easy for me to get my dick into. I positioned my dick and began to slowly making my way into Tabitha's tight ass. Jasmine helped to get my dick in as Tabitha moan from the pleasure of having my dick back there. After getting it in and working her slowly, I could tell Tabitha had gotten use to it and that I could go as fast or hard as I wanted. Jasmine went back to sucking Tabitha's clit and fingering her pussy looking for her G-Spot. Tabitha's buried her face in Jasmine's pussy. As I fuck Tabitha's ass, I could tell that the two of them were swapping back mini-orgasm with each other; Jasmine more so than Tabitha. I continued to bury my dick deep inside of Tabitha loving the ball massage that Jasmine was giving me while she pleasured Tabitha. With Tabitha's ass being tighter than her pussy, I knew that I was going to cum faster than before. With everybody having their privates being pleasure at the same time we somehow got in sync. I pull out of Tabitha and shot my hot cum on her ass. Tabitha came next but never missed a moment of sucking on Jasmine pussy and clit. Jasmine came last and had a tight hold on my thighs and found her way to hold on to my dick as she released. She stroked it as she let herself continue to enjoy the light licking from Tabitha. I rubbed my cum on Tabitha's ass and gave her a finger job in her ass and pussy which she pleasantly responded to. After a few moments, we all started to laugh just out of sheer erotic hysteria but we were hardly finished.

Chapter Six

It was Jasmine's turn to have my love stick inside of her. She loves being in different positions but her favorite is missionary. I was more that willing to accommodate her desires. We all arranged ourselves so that we could enjoy our final act of the night. Jasmine remained on her back and moved herself closer to the head of the bed. Tabitha lay next to Jasmine and I got up on top. Before putting my dick inside of her, we all took a moment of caressing each other and kissing. Winding down from the intense sex we just had was going to be just as fun as everything else we had done today. Making out with them, made it feel as if we had been lovers for years and were able to let ourselves let go and give in to each other.

Jasmine spread her legs for me to put my dick inside of her pussy that was wet from Tabitha licking her earlier and from her cumming. My dick still amazingly hard filled up her pussy and formed itself around me. Jasmine moaned as I entered in her. I begin making love to her as if she was my wife giving her slow and deep strokes letter her feel and take in every inch of me. Tabitha caressed us both as Jasmine and I continue on getting lost in our physical pleasure of one another. Tabitha then got up and got behind Jasmine and I and begin to massage and caress our asses, Jasmine's pussy, and my dick. Tabitha had magic in her hand and lips because as Jasmine and I were making out and loving each other it felt as if we had another person making love to us. It was weird to explain but definitely something that had Jasmine and I stopping at times to just enjoy what Tabitha had going on between our legs.

Tabitha came back up to join us and engage us both in kissing. I had switched from stoking for a while to grinding on Jasmine's clit and burying myself deep inside of pussy. She began moaning and cumming over and over and I put all of my focus on pleasuring Jasmine. Tabitha sat up and began rubbing her clit and pussy looking to get one more orgasm. She gave me a clear view of her pussy and clit. Watching me watch her was a turn on for her both and Tabitha ensure me with a wink that she would give me a good show. She fingered herself and then would taste her own juices and share with me. She fondled her breast, putting some of her own juices on the nipples and then licking them off while putting her fingers back in her pussy. It was a treat to have my dick deep inside of Jasmine's pussy and watching Tabitha play with her own pussy. In between me sucking on Jasmine's neck and tasting Tabitha's pussy, I was being supplied with sound stimulus of Jasmine's sweet orgasmic moans in my ear. She was having multiple orgasms that kept her satisfied and I kept right on giving her the dick how she liked it. Tabitha was trying to make herself cum so I lent a hand by fingering her as she suck on her nipples and massaged her clit. Jasmine, coming back from the land of pleasure, also join in and Tabitha came once again right in front me.

I went back to stroking Jasmine with my dick so that I could have my orgasm as well. After a few minutes it seems like it was going to be hard. Tabitha was willing to help me out with that. She got behind me again and started her magic with her hands and tongue. I felt my balls being licked and sucked while she used her hand to give me an awesome massage of my groin and thighs. After a few more deep, hard and quick strokes inside of Jasmine I shot my load inside of her. At the same time, she had another orgasm as well which made it so perfect. Tabitha, then pull my dick out of Jasmine and began sucking it just like Jasmine had when I came inside of Tabitha. Once Tabitha was satisfied, I rolled over off of Jasmine and laid on my back next to her. Tabitha crawled up on Jasmine to give her a kiss and a taste of her own pussy and my dick. Tabitha came to lay on my other side and we all laid there cuddling up to one another with satisfied looks on our faces. Jasmine got up and put some soft music on for us to listen to and we enjoyed the heat from one another. We continue to lightly massage and fondle each other until we all fell asleep in one another's arms.

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