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Winter Wonderland

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 04-Mar-09 Revised/Updated 24-Mar-09
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Mysterious cabin in wintery, snowy north brings about lust and sexual adventure for two unlikely individuals.

* * * * * * *

In a store in the coldest, whitest portion of the state, she heard the young clerk ask her what colors she preferred. Preferred the customer wondered What the heck does it matter I'm up here in the middle of nowhere...in bum fuck Egypt and the girl is asking me what colors I want The customer, an older huskier looking woman with pleasant looking curves surrounding her mature frame turned to look at the clerk. The look on her face was clear, but the young clerk persisted to ask her any way.

"Is there something wrong mam" the clerk asked.

She wore a sales clerk's smile but the quizzical gaze made it apparent she was out in left field. The customer intended to be polite. "Miss, I'm up here in no-man's land you see. I'm staying with others for a week and seeing as I've lost my luggage, all I want are the basics. Nothing fancy, nothing ummm alluring you see, but a woman like you should understand that shouldn't you" the mature customer said.

No the young lady waiting on the older woman didn't understand. This is still a store. People came in for all the same things. Women came here to shop for the same stuff they'd shop for in the big city if they lived there, so no the young lady servicing the customer did not understand the skepticism. No, the young lady was doing her job and selling underwear the customer would need even if they were full bodied briefs. Even if the full-bodied briefs were enticing to the touch as well the customers' romantic interests, the clerk didn't completely understand the woman's doubts.

"But Miss, I'm not here for a romantic outing you see. No disrespect intended, but as you plainly can see this is simply an outing with two fellow coworkers doing a series about the area...and that's all" she added.

The young lady apologized, looked at the large sized pairs of the colored briefs, but put them down. The customer who had some attractive features studied the sales clerk. She was "adorable." She was cute in a way. Maybe not the most attractive, but up there in no-mans land who was counting

"Alright, what sizes do you have" the woman conceded. The girl's eyes lit up. The woman knew why. The girl was even more adorable, even cuter then she anticipated. "I like these, these, ohhh and these too" the woman said. The more she looked at them, the more she felt the sleek cottony material against her cheek, and the more the woman imagined them rubbing across her waistline after she put a pair on. "Mmmmm, I guess I can feel them against me already. Do you do that too" she asked the clerk.

The young lady's eyes were lit like candles. Brilliant brown eyes which were big too she nodded hopelessly to indicate she did it all the time. She knew, like the customer knew just how fun it was to browse as much as buy something that looked and definitely felt wonderful to the touch. Along with those briefs she bought several pairs of thermal underwear. Along with those items, she bought some nice sweaters and turtlenecks.

"Mam, may I say something" The customer turned and nodded, happily. "Something odd always happens out there at that cabin. Nothing bad mind you, but stories exist where romance somehow...well it will somehow blossoms, explodes, or strangely come to exist even if it's a short lived affair. God's honest truth mam and from what I know it is not and I repeat not folklore either."

The customer let out her infamous laugh. A bellowing roar she of all people would never see something like that coming or happening to her. She wasn't the kind to see others. She liked men, but for Charlotte romance never came easily. She had social outings with male friends, but normally they'd end up being platonic relationships. And Geoff wasn't going to be any different. But she thought about it, laughing her heart out inside as she pictured him and her trying hard to be romantic...no, not Geoff and her.

No, uh uhh, not Geoff and I, she thought, but the sales clerk saw her thinking. "What's he like" the young woman asked. Charlotte turned. Like how did she know "Who is the guy you're thinking about, mam"

The young lady knew. She'd heard the stories, she'd heard all the folklore, and she'd written them down too so what made her think a semi-attractive, husky but curvy woman would have the same thing happen to her

"It's like the Bermuda Triangle mam. It's an odd phenomenon. No one's able to explain it...maybe, just maybe, it has to do with...with your selection of underwear"

Charlotte balked at that idea, but she bagged it all up thanked the young woman, and set off to meet up with the other two. Geoff and Mike, who was gay, met up at the truck, and trekked northwest to their home made cabin. Mike had been there once before, but oddly by the next day something odd happened. He became ill. Developing a fever, they drove him back to town, and he was admitted for a week in a local hospital, then a hotel after two days in it. Geoff and Charlotte were left to do the series by themselves.

Charlotte thought about the sales clerk and what the young lady said. She laughed, to herself, but looked at Geoff when she did. Preposterous she thought. Nooo, not me...never in a million years she told herself. She unpacked what she bought while he did the same. He changed into something else. Was he crazy They barely had the fire going in the fireplace. The cabin was still a chilly 20 degrees. He's gotta be freezing she told herself as she looked on. There he was, his snow pants off, thermals underneath, but nothing on up top. She peeked. His back which expanded healthily into broad shoulders had Charlotte wondering vividly. If I did something like that would he take notice. I'd love to try on one of these lacy thermal bras. She practically giggled aloud thinking maybe later, maybe another time when I get some guts.

"Aren't you going to change" she heard him ask.

"Change...change into what, Geoff"

"Well, I thought we were going out into the wild tonight. I thought..." and he explained their destination and mission. She hadn't realized that was their plan; not without Mike. She asked if it was safe. "Of course it's safe. You have me, right" He winked. He had never winked at her before. Huh What the heck was that

"We'll be alright Charlotte. It will be fun...lots of fun. Winter silence, moonlight, winter animals, and maybe some great pictures too if lucky. So go on, get changed, and put on what you need to stay warm" he told her. "Promise...I won't look." He laughed.

She smiled, giggled half-heartedly, and hesitated changing where he could see her partially naked. Oh god...ohhh shit...do I have to she wondered. He's going to see it. He's going to see me partially naked, the rolls, and...and the flab surrounding my hips and boobs. God no...nooo, she thought. I can't, I can't she said worrying.

He asked if she was done. No she hadn't even started. Did she need help with anything he joked. No Geoff, I don't need help. I don't need help. I'm a big girl. She heard a snicker. Was he a little immature the 38 year old Charlotte wondered. He was a jokester, always was in fact. Even on important assignments he liked joking around.

"Wait, let me help you change. It'll make it-"

"Geoff, shut up, and don't turn around while I slip on my other stuff."

"Why, we're professionals aren't we" he said. "Are we not professionals, Charlotte, and we are mature human beings too are we not"

She thought about that sales clerk. The more she thought about the young ladies words the more she wondered if she was beginning to believe in them. Folklore, the stories the girl had said. She had written numerous tales of men and woman who went into the wooded tundra and came out never expecting anything, but came out lusting for each other. So what was going on here Geoff never ever played around, if you will, or talked and joked like he was at that moment. It was unreal. The isolated cabin and the isolated surrounding atmosphere was having an unexpected desirable influence on him, on her.

She slipped it off. Hesitating, she eased off the next piece. She told him not to peek, again. He laughed saying he wouldn't. She heard rustling. She turned abruptly. Nothing on up top, if she turned a few inches more he could have seen, if looking, almost all of her breasts...all of one of her tits at least, and Charlotte had a sizable set of boobs. Healthy as any they fit her husky figure relatively well. And she knew her nipples which were naturally large to begin with were fatter and firmer seeing as it was cold too.

"You do notice we only have one bed, right"

What, one bed...only one bed she thought as she slipped on the first layer finally covering up the exposed boobs. Shit! Shit...shit...shit. He said something. She wasn't paying attention. Shit...shit...shit, she thought again. This sucks. Why isn't there another bed "Geoff, if Mike was here...where were we all expected to sleep"

He didn't know, she didn't either, but let it drop. They'd deal with that later. Meanwhile once they collected their toys to go out on their nighttime walk, a two mile one, she thought of the walks she took at some of the beautiful county parks at night.

She recalled how she thought they'd be wonderful, romantic, and relationship establishing places if only she had a man with her. Now she did, but seeing as Geoff was years younger and they never were out romantically and anything of the sort was off limits in her mind it wasn't going to start now. Not even if it was for one week.

They had trekked and found some wild animals. Using the infrared cameras they took great pictures, but finally it was almost eleven. They needed to get back. Finally back at the cabin they sat on the porch drinking something warm and alcoholic based. He loved making them, she loved tasting them, and he opened up to her on a personal level.

"If I was with Carolyn everything would be different up here."

Charlotte didn't understand. "I thought you broke up month's ago." They had he told her. "What happened" she asked. He explained. He wasn't moving forward enough, he was too aggressive, she wanted to slow down, and then he wasn't aggressive enough again.

Up and down, down and up he had told her. "You know...it was like an emotional sex session all the time. You get the drift, right"

Strange analogy she replied laughing, but yes she did understand. She paused to think about it all. Folklore, stories, written accounts of unexpected romance up here she remembered the girl telling her earlier.

"Geoff, you've been up here before, right" and he said yes he had. "Have you ever heard accounts almost folklore about this place" He looked towards her holding his special brew and smiled. He winked. He said yes he had, but it's never happed to him. There was another guy he was with. That guy and Mike somehow hit it off and they left for long walks he told her. "Ohhh, but no male female relationships" she asked. He said he'd heard of something like it, but no one he knew personally. "Strange isn't it" she said.

He told her the stories were, but seeing as nothing ever happened with him he didn't believe in them. Silence filled the surrounding space they filled. Thoughts of the conversation with the sales clerk and being alone with young Geoff beside her filled her mind. I'm here, he's here, we're here soooo... she wondered. She faltered and became weak, fragile throughout the silence between them.

"May I ask you something and be straight with me, okay" She didn't even wait for him to say yes or no. "Am I an attractive woman at my age in your opinion"

His neck and head cocked and turned abruptly at the suggestive question. He smiled. His eyes planted themselves on her face. Without hesitation he told her the truth. "Charlotte, whenever a man and a woman are alone in a setting like this, and yes you are very attractive in my opinion there is only one way to confirm it." Huh, what the heck did he mean by that she asked herself. "Have sex and see if the two of us are compatible tonight. How's that sound I am a great lover...and we don't have to have intercourse either."

Flares, fireworks, and flashes of erotic turmoil exploded within Charlotte. Folklore, stories of the unexplainable cabin ambled rapidly throughout her head. She felt the emerging thunder within her. Her heart and loins burned with excitement.

"What...what did you just say" she exclaimed.

"God's honest truth" he told her. "It's never happened to me, but I sure would love to be a part of the folklore here. Wouldn't you" he said. An open smile, he did not care about her body size. It was romantic. Snow everywhere, the skies were clear and the stars and planets along with the moon sparkled all through the sky. She didn't know how to feel, but in truth she did. "Well how about it, Charlotte" he asked as he took her hand, carefully.

How's this happening I can't...can't believe he took my hand and I, I can't believe I'm letting him either she thought! This is...this is mad. Why's he trying to be attracted to me She did not understand any of it at all. But those feelings and fireworks seemed to be taking over. She felt those flashes of exotic disorder flamboyantly erupting within her, between her legs. God no, no she told herself. This is all wrong...isn't it Am I right to let him have me, take me to bed, and have his way with me.

Her legs tightened and pinched forcefully and she squeezed his hand not realizing she had. She did not know why, but she felt what she had been wondering about all day since leaving that store. She felt what all the others had felt. The uncontrollable and unexpected arousal within had ignited her. She was ready. She wanted to take in anything he was willing to provide her soul...and loins.

"Geoff...I am ready" she said softly.

She turned his way. Her eyes appeared unusually gentle and loving. And Charlotte was ready for lust and love and adventure Geoff style that was. Oh god what am I getting myself into she asked herself. They walked inside. He was never a charlatan. He was the real deal, but did she know that No, she had no idea what to expect except to enjoy the fruits of his lengthy but indulging sexual escapade.

They stood in front of the large bed, the only bed there. She looked hesitantly into his eyes. He looked confidently into hers and with a smile. How could he be smiling I'm not. I'm scared she had told herself. I'm frightened as hell. Folklore and tales of romance the girl told her. Folklore and written accounts she recalled. Her body was riveted with thunderous excitement. Her legs, especially her thighs, trembled uneasily. They quivered. Charlotte was anxious. She wanted to know, to feel it, to experience the maddening ideas running through her head and now running through her explosive swelling pussy.

He reached forward and she looked at them as they began to remove the tails of one top from her snow pants. Lifting, removing she raised her arms up. Over her head, through the arms she let him take it off. All was quiet. The fire was burning. Not raging they could smell the oak and hickory from it. All seemed perfect. She looked into his eyes.

He had that twinkle. That playful look in them and on his lips as well. He was actually enjoying the moment. How at ease he was. How was it possible. What was going to happen she wondered She wanted to grab herself, feel her warm swollen cleft protected by her flabby but strong thighs. Too much she wondered Was he going to be displeased she asked herself Was he going to be repulsed by her fatty thighs They weren't gross, but they weren't pretty as say that sales girls and his former girlfriend's body was much, much better then hers. She was gorgeous by comparison. But Charlotte was still woman. And Charlotte still had desires too. And Charlotte still had all the same capabilities any woman had. She could perform. She knew that. She could excite him. She was totally aware of her abilities. She knew what she desired. She knew she yearned for it too. Yes, she knew and she craved it and she would return what was presented her by Geoff.

He un-tucked another shirt and looked at her upper body. His eyes seemed startled. What's he looking at she wondered Why is he looking at me like that Oh ohhh, she thought...he's staring at them...my boobs. Okay, alright I know she said. He's looking at how tremendous they probably can seem once he takes off this and my thermal bra. But he probably won't like what he finds. Maybe I should-

"You are a beautiful woman" he said in a quiet voice.

Huh, what did he say No, no I'm not. I am not beautiful. Maybe I have some redeeming qualities but I am not beautiful. "Thank you" she replied timidly. She let it be known by responding that way she didn't believe a word he said.

"No, honestly Charlotte...you are a very attractive and beautiful woman."

His eyes followed her figure and followed it all the way to the floor. She read into it, into his eyes, and the man was duly impressed. Taking a deep, deep breath she closed her eyes and her chest expanded making it seem as if her bosoms were filling with air too. They grew and grew larger then life and she was pleased as Geoff watched how they stretched and blossomed while breathing in gulps of air.

She was beside herself. Wanting it horribly, wanting to be undressed, under the covers, and being made love to in ways she imagined only after a long night of partying with her beautiful friends who always went home with someone and she hadn't. And especially seeing as Geoff had no intention of having intercourse with her per what he said she wanted it more then ever. I want it she told herself. God I can see it. I can see him in me, already. I can feel it...feel it touching me, touching my body, and touching my pussy all over the place. God oh god...against my pussy's lips, inside it...I can feel that cock all over my cunt. Geoff if only you knew...if only you knew what I really wanted and desired in me.

Strangely as the girl had predicted, he stood before her undoing his own top, then another dropping them to the floor wearing only a thermal top. Then he removed the snow pants off him then her leaving both in their thermals. How is this possible How is it possible we are becoming intimately connected she wondered And as soon as they were down to nothing but the thermal underwear, he climbed in bed and offered her to come with him. She accepted without reservation and he removed her thermals once beneath the covers.

Suddenly his hands touched something. What was he was feeling What is that It's soft and silky and...but it's not silk. It was smooth to the touch like silk or satin, but he could see it wasn't. His eyes lit up as he felt it. What is this he wondered "Ohhhhhh" he said in a mildly excited reaction. She saw he was fascinated by them and smiled.

"Do you like them" she whispered.

He smiled and nodded, his hands feeling them again, and again. Ohhh wow, he's really fascinated by them, but I was too when I rubbed them against my cheek. That smooth silkiness of them was captivating. The girl said I'd love these and I do, I do Charlotte thought excitedly.

"Mmmmm, your hands feel nice Geoff. They really do when you do that" she told him.

"God are those your underwear Charlotte" he asked in amazement.

She didn't say yes. She couldn't. She ached too much. She ached and ached. She told herself she had to have sex, had to be sexed by him. She just had to be and any way he felt like doing it with her was acceptable in her eyes. Just do me, do me Geoff, and do it now she cried out inside herself.

Then suddenly it was irrepressible and Charlotte clearly cried. What was buried, now had surfaced, and what was in her heart and loins came to her lips. "Ohhhhhhh Geoff, Geoff...god Geoff have sex with me like you said you would...do me like you told me!"

And he went down on her. His cascading lips and face and cheeks crusaded across her sexy large briefs while tugging at them or pulling them off or even tonguing up over her belly and around her pussy as he pulled the crotch aside to do so. He was more then a machine. He was the love master somehow. Slowly and surely those briefs came off. And beneath it, beneath him lie the loose layered limbs of flesh he couldn't tear himself away from. He did not know why. She didn't either. But somehow the mysterious attraction was there inside the walls of that cabin. And it was cemented in intense heat and desire.

Geoff tumbled across her body. He plummeted over the opening of her cunt, lathering it all up, and driving her into an insane climatic orgasm. Her pussy swelled as he licked and swallowed the flavorful moist tissues of her opening. And before diving deep inside it he kissed and kissed the glorious layers of her husky flabby surroundings.

Deeper and deeper he went, playing and toying with the moist, but delicate and easily aroused surroundings of it. And Charlotte murmured quietly, heightening noises which affected him too. He felt the bubble. He felt the swelling prickling and stinging more.

And as he felt the mounting affects, he felt her solid husky pear-shaped ass and hips rose off their bed, pushing herself determinedly against his mouth. More Geoff more she had started to say to herself ecstatically. She was crying out in her heart giving it all to him, giving all she could muster so she'd reach that climatic plateau.

Yes, she wanted it and the blankets rose as they worked at attaining it. And with it all so did the contained sounds, muffled moans of pleasure from within the blankets. That rejuvenating ambiance fulfilled them each as he made love to the stocky sexy coworker. Ten years his senior didn't seem to matter. Lust in a mystifying way had grabbed their souls and Geoff wanted to continue on. He sucked and he kissed across her loose flesh. Warm air filled the pockets all around them. And the underlying lust and desire permeated everywhere. Neither was able to comprehend the inexplicable grasp their cabin had on them.

Geoff had to have it. He had to taste it and savor the essence of her body. Kissing her cunt continuously aroused him more as his erection swelled. He did not know why, but it was more terrific then any woman's he had ever had before. He felt her loose folds and savored the experience. The squishy soft layers never stopped him. He pursued it all, his lips and tongue groped her flesh and pussy. He dove into layered crevices even after making love to them already. He came back for more and more of her showy flesh, making love to it as if there'd never have a chance like it again. He murmured that he couldn't get enough of her stout figure, kissing and sucking and licking far and wide, he honored her pristine thighs, belly, and ass more then anything else. And once he examined all of her, he went to her deliciously sumptuous cunt. Hotter then hot and wetter then wet, he was unable to draw himself away from that swelling crux.

He felt she was worthy of so much more and Charlotte responded in kind. Making love to one another as if they were queen and king or a princess and a prince, she moaned in exaltation grabbing him at every possible chance she had. She took his body, took his head and pleasurably pulled him closer, firmly against her. His face and tongue went at this beautiful husky woman as he pulled at her, pulled at her hips, and he turned this woman on more aggressively then ever.

She needed this to happen. She needed a body to make love to her. She needed him to make her body, her flesh feel womanly once again. And in turn she needed to touch him. Charlotte felt the yearning to touch "things" on him. The need to feel his chest, to claw at him too, to grab his lovely and sexy ass as well, but the desire mounted and it mushroomed even more and she couldn't help it any longer. The need to have that dangling manhood was creeping around the corner and Charlotte was close to achieving it soon.

Charlotte had to have it and very, very soon.

"Ohhh Geoff" she called out at the top of her lungs "I do need you! I do need to feel you...all over Geoff, all over, and I need to touch you everywhere Geoff all over you!" She grabbed his body, she tugged at his flesh, and she cried out one last time.

"Ohhhhhhh Geoff give it up Geoff...give it...to...me...please baby" she begged.

His cock, erect and swollen had been pushing against everything else, but her. He arose. He pulled away from her sumptuous stocky frame. And with it she saw his smile, his determination to be one with her, somehow.

Charlotte eased her way up, first into a sitting position, and then lying him down so she could make her way around him. Kissing his chest, his pectorals, slowly moving across them, and then hovering over him as her tits dangled above his body so she could kiss his lips tenderly, but the urge was there inside and she felt it growing horrendously. She had to take him, take his cock, and she knew she needed to handle it with all the desire in her soul.

Spitting on it, she stroked the upright manliness with appreciation. Stroking, spitting only to bring him closer to blowing his load at her. She wanted it, not inside her, but on her. She wanted to feel that forceful exotic flow rising crazily into her oral cavity. Her nipples and tits were within his reach but the affects of her hands and mouth handling his excited cock was too much.

He needed this. She needed it. That's all that mattered after he attended to her body. Make him cum. Make him explode. Feel it on my face, in my mouth. That's all we need. That's all that is necessary now. Closer and closer and closer the two came. He began hemorrhaging as his groans grew louder and his back arched higher. Closer...closer she told herself. She asked if he loved it and he uttered a yes, telling her how beautiful she was, telling her how amazing she was too.

"Ohhhhhhh god ohhhhhhh god" he screamed.

It gushed and splashed and as it did, she opened her mouth, accepting it inside it swallowing his forceful plunging white gel against her tongue and sides. Splashing so hard she couldn't keep up. It overflowed and crept down her cheeks, down her neck, and into her tits. The white warm heavenly solution poured everywhere. And as it exploded from the tip, she savored and swallowed what she could.

She didn't care for the moment about herself. Satisfying the younger man who made love to her the way he had, accepting her unacceptable body the way he did was gratification alone. Life was wonderful, their sex even better, and somehow she knew there was more to come...more to do...more to explore with him.

They lay beneath the covers. Naked and holding hands each smiled not speaking a word. Why were they holding hands I am not in love with him. It just feels right. He feels right. His hand feels good in mine. She turned her head and smiled his way. He turned his and smiled back.

"Charlotte" he began to say "are we going to be doing this a lot now"

She didn't know but she did smile and she liked how she felt afterward. She liked the after taste too, so Charlotte leaned in and before kissing his lips nodded as she thought folklore says this is a mysterious place. It does things and that girl says she's written all sorts of stories.

"I think so Geoff...I really do" she told him after thinking about it.

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