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Teds French Connection

Author: stoneypoint
Publish Date : Apr 5, 2009
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Ted comes to see daughter Carolina. She not home, but he stays and waits. daughter's mom and Ted wait and talk and she asks favor and she comes on to Ted. They have sex.

* * * * * * *

He knocked on the door expecting her to answer, but she didn't. Instead, her mom Mrs. Katherine La Petite answered, and typical for her she was wearing one of her strikingly attractive dresses that morning. As usual the dress highlighted her many often discussed physical attributes, which most young men of her age go ga-ga over. And he, like his peers was no different from any of the other gents her age who felt the same way. She was a MILF and he said to himself "One of these days I am going to have a MILF too."

"Mr. Ted" she said, welcoming him with a smile and with the French accent she never rid herself of. Her smile, always in place, she added "how do you do this fine morning"

"Good morning Mrs. La Petite. I am fine and how are you this fine sunny morning" he asked.

It was the same smile, her daughter, Carolina was blessed with. And he recognized it right away as it appeared on her face. He liked her daughter, like the daughter very much. The daughter had the same great personality, but the body of a princess much like her mothers. Hair as lustrous as it was complimented the mom's lean mature figure and Ted recognized it as well as everything else about her research partner's mother. Carolina's mom, with her sweet heavy French accent, was all woman, and more. Blustery bosoms held in check by whatever sheathed them underneath her simple stylish dressed blessed everyone's world daily and Ted that day happened to be one of its benefactors for sure.

"Once again mam I must say you look terrific! I mean your dress and your hairstyle do wonders for you. You are a beautiful woman, much like your daughter is beautiful, and if I may say she is very fun to work with. I am a lucky guy. I see you in her when I am working with her...if you don't mind me saying that."

"Ahhh Ted my dear, thank you, that is nice thing to tell me" she came back. She smiled more brilliantly as her fresh eyes gleamed, "but you should know that dear Carolina is not home now. She was supposed to be" Katherine asked. "I did not know you were coming to house. I am sorry, but her father asked her to go on short trip. She will be soon."

He asked how soon. She looked at a clock, said in hour and a half, but offered to let him stay and possibly help her with something. He didn't want to work. He was fresh out of the shower and didn't want to begin sweating at that point. He pushed passed her, walked straight to the living room as he had a hundred times before, and Ted plopped his young firm ass and fine figure on one of the couches positioned across from each other.

She looked at him, curiously, and said initially "you may come back if you like."

He looked at her with his warm blue eyes and told her he had nothing else to do. He asked if she would mind if he waited. She didn't have a thing to do, except maybe move some boxes, which she figured maybe she could get him to move for her to the garage. He knew she probably didn't either. He knew from what Carolina said, she always hung around the house, worked out, walked, or went grocery shopping or ran other errands, but that was it as far as he knew.

So he pulled out a woman's magazine which was all they ever had around their house and like the nice friendly woman she was, instead of asking him to leave, she offered him a drink. Afterward, she sat across from him, smiling and thinking of what to talk about. He was cute, but in a rugged manner boy's his age can be. She didn't mind his presence. There were things to be done, but she liked the young man, regardless if he was a year older then her daughter. He was a nice kid. He was 19 whereas Carolina was a 18 and still in high school, but Carolina was so smart she elected to help others out who were doing research projects as a side job earning extra credit and cash too.

"Is it okay if I stay" he asked.

With his unusual puppy-dog-eyes look, she caved in. She allowed him the freedom to stay put and sit around enjoying her company or whatever...or maybe it was the other way around. He read the lady's magazine, helped himself to the drink he was offered, and once in a while looked at her while as she sat in waiting. She was gazing upon him, smiling as she did, and if you knew what you were looking at you saw a woman considering the tempting evil's a woman is pressed with some days. Demons may have been in waiting inside her soul.

"You know Mrs. La Petite I can wait here by myself. If there are other things you want to do, feel free to go about doing them."

"No...no Ted, I not mind. I sit I talk with you while you wait here. It okay, Ted. It is nice of me to do" she added in her French accent. "It is not nice, not polite if I leave you" she told him. She smiled as her eyes opened her soul up to him. He liked her eyes. They said so much about this gorgeous sweet woman.

He liked her much more then he thought. She was sweet. She was pretty. She was willing to do stuff for him that most mothers never would be willing to do, like sit and keep him company, or talk with him about nothing important. But she watched him as he read his book. She studied him, his physical features, and she grew accustomed to his presence as well as his good looks.

But something happened all of a sudden and Katherine snapped; not noticeably but she had internally. She felt an unusual form of attraction for him she never felt for him before, and suddenly the woman hungered for the young man. He was a perfect houseguest except for pushing his way passed her assuming he could wait it all out. He was congenial and was mindful of his manners never once being rude or even putting on any moves on her...although the thought had crossed his mind a time or two.

MILF's...what are they good for I'll tell you what they're good for, he thought as he pretended to read the magazine for women only. They're good for getting experienced, experienced at stuff I wouldn't get out of someone like say Carolina. But Katherine well Katherine, now she's a babe and a half, and I bet...I just bet if I wait her out long enough, I will get lucky as hell. Maybe, hopefully I will.

His eyes rose off the top of the magazine, they set their sites on her lower legs. Damn, why isn't she wearing a skirt She does have great legs for a woman her age he told himself. Did I tell you that your dress is a really great looking dress mam" he said. She looked his way and smiled, thanking him again. "It well it...it compliments you, your figure if you don't mind me telling you the truth mam." It had been the second time he said that about her dress. He knew it, she did too. "I mean it really flatters your figure immensely Katherine."

She thought we are on first name basis We not on first names are we Well maybe it okay He does say my name with poise. I do like his poise, she thought. "Ted... I like... I like how you call me Katherine. It is nice we use first names with each other. It is nice how you say my first name. It sound pleasing coming from you, Ted. Thank you, thank you for saying you like my dress also. I like hearing nice things like that dear." She even blushed as she turned away, but then she bent down and scratched her toes. Wearing sandals and being bent over, she allowed the young man to look down inside her dress. She let the young friendly houseguest look into the swells of her stuffed cleavage which earlier was simply hidden by a cropped neckline. When she sat up she caught him. His eyes were looking down yonder, inside the dress, but at that point straight at the hearty chest before him. She was flattening out her dress when she caught him in the act. She only smiled, looked down at her lap and dress, and Katherine told herself she liked how he stole a peek at her like he had. "Ted sweetheart, I should say something."

He looked at her and studied the MILF's face. The only thing on his mind was the vision he was able to steal of her majestic set of tits and cleavage. She knew it, she didn't mind, and she was about to set up the trap. "You're a very handsome young man. You should have girlfriend. Why not you have girlfriend, Ted I not understand, dear."

He then blushed and said he did, but when he partnered up with Carolina, his girlfriend became jealous and they argued. He explained he let it out she was pretty, but Carolina didn't have feelings for him which was not true actually. Katherine was touched by his honesty. He only said it so he could be in her good graces, but he was about to get more then he bargained for and she asked a favor of him.

She asked him if he could move some boxes. She told him there were only a few. He graciously accepted to do it for her. Her sweet charming smile and her warm dark eyes led him to believe there was something in it for him and hopefully monetarily, but he was wrong. There were ten boxes, ten heavy boxes, and it took all he had to move them. She could have packed less in each one, but hadn't and he moved half of them before taking a break. Ted was sweating. Sweat lines formed all over him. The large v-neck perspiration line formed from around his neck collar, circles around his armpits too, and there was the drip lines coming off the temples. It was like a river on each side. He was a mess he thought. He needed a shower and a change of clothes he told himself. But Katherine love how he looked that morning.

Ooooohh he's shimmering all over she thought. Mmmmm he's soooo sexy looking like that, she told herself. Maybe I should offer to double his reward. Oh Katherine you are naughty. You are bad, bad girl Katherine. Ahhh I want to feel his skin. I bet it all sexy and oily all over. Mmmmm ohhhhhhh, Katherine...Katherine you bad, bad girl.

She left and quickly returned with a tall glass of ice cold water. He was catching his breath. She offered it to him, sat him down on the side of the bed in the other room where the boxes had been stored, and she let him sip or chug it down...all the way down. She said nothing, just sat watching and waiting and wondering when to make her move. He was oily from top to bottom. He was prime rib. She smiled, but he didn't see the smile. His sweat stained flesh aroused her.

She could picture it. Her hand touches his thigh. She rubs it, slowly. She can feel the warm sweat. It hovers across his firm youthful leg and she wants to feel more of his sweaty frame. She wants to feel his other leg. She wants to feel his chest. Ohhh the firm wet stomach, the sweaty but sexy pectorals she thinks. She wants to kiss his upper body, feel the perspiration on her lips. He is handsome, he is a man, and he wants her too. She knows this. She saw him looking down her dress. She saw his curious eyes roving around and she caught them staring into her chest as she sat up. She knew she wanted him. She knew he wanted her too.

"Do you want more" she said offering to get him more water.

He nodded, but stood to take another box down. It was as heavy as the others. He grunted, he tripped once, but he sweated and moved it near the garage where she wanted it put. He continued sweating everywhere and Katherine was beside herself. She felt her loins pumping, grinding, and she felt the heightening sensations within her driving her to get him to sit and sit beside her. She wanted to feel the thunder in him. She wanted to see if she was able to sense any return attraction for her. And she had, but he didn't have the guts to make a move on Carolina's mother.

So she made the first move. "You must be tired" she said in a sweet quiet tone.

He shook his head and turned it to smile at her. His breathing was a little hard, but he wasn't exhausted. He looked at her. God was the woman pretty just like Caroline, but older and more mature too. God I think I'd fuck you. If only you could read my mind. He took another drink of the cold water. It tasted good.

He stood to take another box. But she firmly planted a hand on the sweaty thigh. Yes, she had. He jerked his head. He looked at her, but then he looked at his leg. Her hand was definitely holding down his leg. Five nicely manicured fingers painted in a fine red tone, he could not believe his eyes. He looked up. He looked at her. He gazed into her eyes. He looked at the expression on her face.

"You like me Ted" she said.

He said nothing.

She smiled. "Does Ted like Katherine" Her hand was still above his knee. She gazed into his expressive eyes. She loved what she was seeing. They were full of her. They were full of desire. They were full of what some women look for in a man when the woman needs what she does not get enough of and Katherine knew she was not getting enough of it from her husband. "Ted does like Katherine, doesn't he" she said. She knew, she knew very well, and Ted's eyes and smile sneaked out the answer she wanted.

His zob as she called it tingled, then it began to swell, and as it swelled it grew longer and longer like Katherine hoped it would. Her hand left the cold clammy thigh shifting swiftly towards his crotch. Not expecting the move she made, he pushed back suddenly in a jerking motion. However, he loved how she placed her hand around his firm coiled form, grasping and embracing its beautiful thick size within.

"Ohhh...ohhh...ohhh" he breathed in rapid succession. She smiled. "Ohhhhhhh" he said once more. She smiled as her eyes rose to meet his.

"I suck on Ted's cock Is okay with Ted" she said.

It was probably sweaty like the rest of his body, but letting her know he'd like her to do it aroused her, made her want to please him, and make her want to go all the way if it came to that, which she would.

Are you crazy, he asked himself She smiled, nodded as if she knew he was asking that question, and she lowered herself down to her knees. He didn't resist. He watched her. God it was exciting. His knob, or his bite, as she called it, was pulsating horribly. His legs tightened as he waited expectantly for her to touchdown on it. She unsnapped them. She pulled them down, gradually, away from his underwear, down off his lap, and she slipped them off his legs. Then she did the same exact thing with his underwear. He was anxious, his cock was throbbing, and he wanted to grab her head and thrust his cock deep inside the back of her mouth he was so hungry for sexual gratification.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh" he growled as he let out a long slow moan. "Ohhh god ohhh god" he cried out in a baritone sounding voice.

She loved the deep manly sounds protruding from inside him. She licked swiftly. Licking the tip, twirling her lean sexy tongue around its tip, and for an encore she dove fast and furiously deep down the underside of its hardened, pulsating shaft, and landed but not stopping at his balls. God, she must have loved them because like the rest of him, she was cleaning him up. She was tantalizing his cock and ball tremendously. She was taunting him, showing him the way, and she was opening the door to a world of pleasures he really hadn't experienced yet.

"Shit, wow, ohhhhhhh Katherine, Katherine" he called out "you are awesome. You are soooo incredible."

"I know honey. I know I am, but I think you are too" she said.

"Ohhhhhh" he said in his deep baritone voice. She had immediately swallowed it and she was sucking on the manly cog, as she also called it, harder then the other girl had done.

"Relax, enjoy all this" she told him. "We have all morning. You, me...we will have lots of fun honey." And she gulped it down again, sucking harder then the first time it disappeared inside her mouth. Sucking, pulling the flesh of the bone while inside her energetic motions, Katherine pulled at his hips as her mouth sucked him wild and her breasts brushed along the bedspread, her nipples aroused to high heaven. "You like" she asked.

"Uh uhh uh uhh" he replied.

Suddenly his body, his ass rose up off the bed. She arose with it, cock still in her moth, and her mouth still hungrily sucking feverishly on the massive boned knob. But he wanted her now. He felt more comfortable then earlier and he wanted the woman. He wanted the woman's body, the woman's naked body, and he grabbed hold of her. He pulled and he tugged and he brought her level with him, her tits drooping and crying out for his hardened masculinity between them.

"Take off your dress" he commanded.

She did as she was told. He wasn't being rude. He was simply stating he was ready for her, ready to sex the woman's body up, and she smiled as she sat up and lifted the dress slowly over her luscious slimming and curvaceous physique. He saw beauty at its best. He saw womanhood like he'd never seen it before. She was tan all over. She was exquisitely shaped from every perspective. He saw her legs first, but his eyes popped up to take a gander at what he'd seen before...Carolina's breasts, but in Katherine's case hers were mature and more beautiful then any breasts he'd ever seen.

"Beautiful just exquisitely beautiful Katherine" he told her, his eyes bulging from their sockets. "Now stay there, let me gaze upon your sumptuous beauty." She did as he told her. She knelt in place, her boobs held in check by a sexy, flowery pattern he didn't expect, but she was sexy and he noticed she wore matching panties too. "Ohhh shit you are a sexy lady."

She smiled, closed her eyes, and seemed to feel the warm radiating through her figure. She opened them and mouthed the words "thank you, but said aloud "you are too honey."

He smiled and told her "Now take it off, please because I want to titty fuck them."

And she reached behind her back and they fell. But they were incredibly gorgeous and hearty tits and he could not get enough of them. He sat up. He leaned in. He pulled her forward.

And he buried his face in her mounds, kissing them passionately and vigorously as any man could. She pushed him backwards, her tits dangled over his face, and she let them pass across his lips allowing him the pleasure of doing as he pleased.

"Mmmmmm Katherine ohhh Katherine, Katherine...yours are just like...they are just like Carolina's" he said intentionally.

She pulled up. She pulled away. "Wha-what did you tell me"

She wasn't sure she was mad, but she wasn't sure she was okay with what he told her either. He smiled, sort of. He wasn't sure he should, but he gained confidence and knew he wanted to fuck one of the sexiest MILF's he knew. And seeing as she was a native born French woman made it all the more exotic and exciting for him. And with a body like hers who could resist.

"She and I do like each other, but she likes other guys too. She was curious. I think she's really pretty. I told her. So one night it just happened."

"You...you have...you have had sex with...with my daughter, Ted" she said. She asked it in a tone of voice which bled through as if she was astounded, amazed her daughter or he for that matter had sex, and now he was about to have sex with her.

"Ohhh no, no Katherine" he came back. "We didn't" but he stopped, looked at her lovely trim shapely body for a couple moments, and he contemplated its magnificence, its wonderful shapely attributes. He smiled. "Katherine, hers is as awesome and wonderful as yours, but we did not have intercourse. But we did..." and that was all he needed to say.

"So you do have some experience But you don't have much experience" she asked.

He shook his head and that was it. She smiled, knew what she wanted and she took his cock in hand. She stroked it pleasantly. She stroked it slowly, soothingly, and he moaned pleasurably.

"Ohhh wow...wow you are amazing." She knew it, but he asked her another question. "It does not bother you that Carolina and I did stuff with each other"

She smiled, shook her head, and replied to h is question. "She is not innocent girl. She is experienced. Her friend and her have had sex. I not approve, but she has her mind made up she will play around or have sex with others. She is pretty and boys will be boys...as will some men and" and she lowered her head as if regretful and added "I understand from certain circles my daughter is very good in bed...like I am too. So I show you what she is like, okay Is that good...do you approve of me doing that"

Hell yes I said to myself. What the fuck do you think we are doing here I smiled, big time, and she knew from that alone we were going to have sex and we were going to have great sex too. The phone rang. It was her husband and her husband calling. They told her they would be held up for two hours. If Ted stopped by tell him she was sorry. Katherine looked at Ted and told her daughter not to worry that she would take good care of him.

Hanging up the phone, she scooted up over Ted's raging hard boner, scraping along it as she did. She had closed her eyes as she did and quietly moaned when she felt its hard features. She bent down. She kissed his lips. He didn't kiss hers. She looked into his eyes. Then she kissed them again only longer. He kissed back, but not as ardently as she did. She kissed his lips even more passionately, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. She thrashed it and kissed him and thrashed her tongue some more. God he felt wild about her at that point and he crashed his against hers, kissing her equally as passionate as she was doing him.

She let up. She sat up. She looked at him. She smiled. "That was from Carolina. She said she sends her love. She wanted me to give you a big kiss. Was that big enough" she sat atop his upper body and awaited an answer. He finally smiled, then he winked, and he nodded.

Then he reached forward, pulled the woman's body against him, and began lustfully kissing her mouth hard. Then he kissed the woman's mouth harder, more zealously, and after a couple minutes he let up on her. She was winded, but he said to her "When you see her, later on tell her I send my love back. And tell her how you got it too, okay" He winked and the two laughed.

She was impressed, flooded with the overwhelming desires to be fulfilled more then ever. Her body sang from the tree tops. Her body was flooded with riveting cravings. His cock still hard and still thundering and pulsating couldn't wait. She wanted this incredibly unique young man and he wanted the mother of the girl whose tits and cunt he had a taste of. So he flipped her, put her on her back, and he spread them. He spread them wide and he dipped his tongue, pressed his mouth against it, and Ted dove in. Hot and silky, her cunt offered delicious tasty features Carolina's never offered to him. Hers were loose and intangible whereas Carolina's was tight and wonderful, but not as exciting as what he was experiencing inside Katherine's pussy.

Katherine was an untamed woman having never before experienced muff diving in her life. She wailed and she moaned and she chanted stunning noised he never before heard, but she engaged him and she consumed all his desires right there inside her vaginal waist land of lust.

"Oh...oh...oh" she cried. "Ted oh Ted no...yes...no ohhh no...yes ohhh yes it's soooo good. It is so good for me. You are so good for...ohhh yes, yes Ted yes" she squealed. "Do more...do me more and more and...ohhhhhhh my god Ted" she cried out, her breasts beginning to swell. Her back arched, her ass tightened and rose up off the bed, and she was reaching but not finding something of his body to hold on to.

He dug deeper, more frantically and felt swelling tissue everywhere. He sucked and he beat it as he massaged her clitoris arousing her all the same while. She squealed holy terror. Her legs wrapped around his head. They pushed hard against it. He pulled her against his face. Harder and firmer she came against it.

"Ohhh Ted... Merde alors" she shouted in French "merde alors, merde alors...Fuck me fuck Ted please fuck me...now...ohhh now, now Ted now!"

And he took her, came up on her, and he lifted her legs into the air, shoving his hot daring cock inside her "abricot." He jammed it once, he jammed it twice, and she instantly pushed forward proving to her daughters amazing friend she was as exciting as Carolina. She wailed and pushed and screamed and fucked as her tits danced wildly in every direction. The woman was amazing. She was healthy and hungry and he took her like an experienced older man and made clockwork of her fit mature frame.

Grunting and slamming her, the switched positions. In a doggy style, he went at her from behind, slamming his cock ready to blast away.

"Ohhh, ohhh...ohhhhhhh god yes, yes Ted thank you" she howled. "Thank you for having sex with me today. Thank...ohhh yes, yes thank you...ohhh god no...no, yes...yes it is soooo good for me. Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh" she continued crying out.

Then he changed positions again and she sat on top. He wanted to see them bounce, wanted to see her boobs dancing and bouncing wonderfully and they did. They hopped and jumped in all directions and as they did she did too. And he pushed up inside her, harder and harder, and she shimmied hard against it, grinding her cunt into his hard horny cock.

"Ohhhhhh you fuck soooo good Ted. You fuck very good" she said. Suddenly she blew.

She exploded. Not once, but twice, and it was over before she knew it. Cream, lots of it, seeped wildly out of the mature French woman's pussy. It leaked quickly oozing down his legs to the mattress. She dropped on top of him as their faces met. He wasn't quite done, but she was exhausted. Not spent, he wanted her to get her mouth on it and get it done and over with. He wanted to feel that feeling he's had with Carolina.

She went at it, spitting and tasting her own juices on his cock, but it was still exhilarating and she sucked hard and furiously. He exploded. He blew his load deep in her mouth and she gagged, it seeped down the sides, down her neck, and fanned out over her tits. He was still oozing, still cumming, and he wiped up the extra and painted her lips with it. He smiled, she licked her lips, and it disappeared. He shimmied to her side and pulled her close. He kissed her lips.

"Wow you are one amazing woman for your age. I don't know what's more exciting...well okay I do. You are more exciting, not Carolina."

She smiled and winked. Looking at him she said "I hope so. I am more experienced. And I probably like what comes from here...better then her. It is okay. We do again"

He nodded, smiled, and leaned in. He kissed her lips again. He whispered "You bet that sexy ass of yours we will."

They lay together, breathing quietly. He toyed with her boobs. He twirled his fingers around her nipples. She asked him what he liked better: Her boobs, her nipples, or her pussy. He told her while playing around on them. She kissed his lips.

"That was for Carolina too. Please come again" she said. She giggled afterward.

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