Teacher, Thomas, and Mother's Day

Author: stoneypoint
Published: May 9, 2009
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An 18 year old has another dream about him and his mom in bed together and on Mother's Day weekend. He was ready to drop to his knees and lift up the full length skirt against his face. He surprised her to no end. He scared her. He did it. He dove into it. She wasn't sure what he was doing. All she could tell was he indulged far fetched fantasies and she incited it by doing something she was advised never to do.

"What are you doing" his aunt asked. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak. "Why are you in my drawers going through my personal stuff" she said. He began turning a brilliant shade of red. His hands, arms vacated the draw with rapid-fire speed. He looked away and down towards the floor as she asked him the same question again. "Go on honey...why are you in there doing what I saw you doing"

He didn't or couldn't tell her, but the shy meekly young man needed his fill. He was curious what her likes and dislikes were. He wanted to know if she was like his mom. She was a lot like his mother. Built almost the same in every way, the aunt had similar trends in her physical features. His aunt was all anyone hoped her to be and then some. What his mother exemplified, his aunt seemed twice that and in some ways more.

She was as pretty as they came. She was flamboyant and beautiful and as physically gifted as his mother, plus she wore some of the nicest most alluring outfits any young man could put their imaginations around. And Tessa was that and more as she invited men to her lair in life. She adored their eyes as they meandered across her shapely, thick physique, and Thomas, her nephew was no exception to the rule except he had front row seats to her life.

"Thomas" she asked again.

Ohhhhhhh man...he loved the sound of her voice. Exactly like his mothers, it was pure, innocent, and soothing to one's soul. He looked up with red still lying against his cheeks, looking right into her eyes.

And she smiled. "Ohhhhhh, still carry that torch do you Still wondering about a woman's tastes I see" she said. A faint smile crept through the corners of his lips. "Here, sit down dear...relax...let's take a look at some of it."

His heart thumped expressively. And the timid 19 year old with an inquisitive mind again got first hand knowledge of what women's wear was like. She first gave him a few of her sexually daunting slips. Satiny, they felt exciting to him as he rolled them through his fingers. She smiled. She saw how his shoulders relaxed. She wanted to, but she held off and didn't lay a hand on the young man's lap. For a timid soul that he was he looked more like he was a wrestler, an outside linebacker, or even an inside utility forward on some basketball team. Tessa adored her young nephews frame. So much bulk and muscle, but not endowed with strong instincts. She always told herself it would be interesting to see how he performed inside and underneath her sheets.

That would be a sight to see, she'd often think.

"Mmmmm, it feels nice...no"

He looked up, nodded, and smiled into her eyes. She could see she was right. It was as if she had tamed the wild lion's soul. How is that possible How is it something as simple as this could do that to him Wow if there ever was a beast inside him it's lost to the wind, she thought.

"I have one on right now. Care to see it and feel it Thomas" she asked, smiling.

He turned his head, his eyes widened, and he shook his head excitedly. She winked and pulled up the summer dress. She saw his body go stiff. He was staring at it rigidly. She noticed his legs. They had tightened up fiercely. She told him to let her take his hand. He shook his head. He couldn't let her. He wouldn't let her. She grew curious. She asked why not. He couldn't tell her. He wasn't about to. Why not, she wondered. What was up What was going on He gave the slips back to her, said he can't, wouldn't. She said it was alright, okay if he didn't want to feel it, but he did. He wanted to feel her slip. He wanted to clutch it, feel it in his fingers, and even run his face and cheeks through it while she had it on her, but she never knew it.

He was in a store one day and looking at lingerie, telling a young woman older then him he was buying some stuff for his girlfriend. The sales clerk around 30 who reflected a great amount of confidence and who was a full figured beauty was swept up by Thomas' looks along with his strong frame too. He seemed like a nice young man, which he is, but he becomes obsessed when he's around women's lingerie. Sometimes he forgets himself. And that day was too, upsetting the woman assisting him when he went out "shopping."

"May I help you" he heard. He liked the voice- slightly older, mature sounding, and something in it that "spoke" volumes in respect to a self-assurance in her voice. He turned around and said yes. Immediately he was enamored by her height, size, poise, and her looks. She was everything he could ask for in a woman and he wanted to tell her even though he didn't know her and she didn't know him. "Is there something you're looking for...for a special person in your life" she asked. He loved her twinkling eyes and the fullness of her lips as she smiled.

He smiled telling her yes while nodding. He looked the brilliant woman directly in her eyes. He made sure, for the time being, he would not gawk at her figure until she turned away. Then he'd assess her overall beauty, which he always did. Once she had, he'd look at the sumptuous figure. While she had his attention showing him various pieces he'd take stock in her. He'd smile vividly but casually too trying to let her know he liked her and her body's features. This worked in his favor. She liked how he admired it and soon enough they warmed up to one another.

"No, no" he told her, his eyes squinting as he shook his head, "I...I just don't know. I well..." and he paused. "I don't mean to sound like I'm lying, but...but she and you have the same figure. God, if only I knew what it would look like on her" he added and looked deep into her eyes. He was so taken by her. She had long thick brown hair. It was shiny and lustrous too. The more he tried studying her, the more he adored her. "It sure would be nice to see her model it. Then I could buy it for her" he told the woman.

"Welllllll..." she began as she looked around the store, "seeing as you seem to be a nice guy...I might...I suppose...no, I shouldn't do this" she said. "This isn't advisable we have been told." She looked around again. He followed her eyes. Whispering to him she said "Come on...come here with me. Wait here okay...right here!" She pointed to a spot.

They went through the entrance and she went into one of the dressing rooms. He could see her lower legs. He could envision himself in the little room. Her slacks dropped to the floor and a leg lifted off the ground. Then he saw an arm lifting a leg of the slacks up. His imagination got out of hand. He grew warm. This woman was partially naked from the waist down. Oh damn, hot damn, he thought. She's...she's like almost naked. "God, I'd love to see that" he said quietly.

"Pardon me" she said.

He told her nothing as she removed her blouse. It had accidentally fallen to the floor or did it Maybe she dropped it intentionally He didn't know. She called out telling him she was coming out and showing him the full length slip. She did and once she did, she looked exactly as he pictured she would. She was absolutely gorgeous in it and fireworks shot off inside his pants. He almost, by accident, placed his hand against himself, but realized what he was about to do.

He was in awe and gazed upon her beauty, its beauty too. He was amazed how beautiful she looked in it. He told her she looked exquisite in the piece. He told her how beautiful it hung on her, looked on her too, and she thanked him. She thanked him not once, not twice, but three times and she was gushing. She was excited, more excited them him.

"It's alright" she said with a smile, a very endearing one on her happy face. "If you want to, I will be more then happy to let you feel this with your fingers."

Fireworks again set off inside him, but this time not only in his pants. It raged throughout him, throughout his whole body. He was being ravaged by desirable ideas and fantasies galore. She smiled as he stepped forward, planting his hand low against her hip. She liked that he did that too it appeared. She let him feel the slip as his hands gradually slid across it, but she saw his face. It seemed he had tensed up. She said nothing. He fingered the slip more and as he did, his eyes closed.

He held the skirt up. She watched closely. Still she smiled, but guardedly. He caught the edge of it, kneading it through his finger tips. "I can see you like this, huh" He looked up, forced a smile, and nodded. "I also love how these feel" she added. He was surprised and turned on by what she said. "Honestly I do" she added. "In fact sometimes when I'm worried or upset do you know what I do In the privacy of my own home I take a lot of my silks and satins" and suddenly she lowered her voice to a whisper "and I rub them all across my body, everywhere...all over me. It soothes me for hours on end. Ooooohh yes it does. Guess what else It can be a huge turn on for your girlfriend and you. Or maybe just you" she added, still whispering.

Ohhh he had become horny! She turned him on big time. He practically dove into her, her slip. He was ready to drop to his knees and lift up the full length skirt against his face. He surprised her to no end. He scared her. He did it. He dove into it. She wasn't sure what he was doing. All she could tell was he indulged far fetched fantasies and she incited it by doing something she was advised never to do.

She yelled, jumped away, and fell backward as he told her he was sorry at least a dozen times. She was abrupt and told him it was best that he leave and leave now. He did as she demanded. He hadn't been back, but had passed the store a few times. He liked her and wanted to apologize, but he told himself it was best he leave her alone. He was sorry he did that; very sorry and he wanted to express it to her.

Tessa looked at him curiously. She still had no idea why he wouldn't touch her slip if he wanted. She took his hand gently and led it to the full length slip. She muttered soothing noises as if enhancing the moment. It definitely worked. He loved touching it, but realized what he was doing and retreated from feeling her satin slip. She grew curious again and asked if he was okay. He neither nodded nor did he shake his head.

He looked down. Her hand had come down on rest on his lap and Thomas jumped. Not an inch, not a few inches, but Thomas he jumped almost a foot away. She knew she shouldn't have, but she couldn't help herself. She loved her nephew's body. She was entirely enamored by it. Good stock, good shape she was able to picture her and Thomas spooning in bed together. She adored the idea and would put it to him, if possible some day, but how was it possible she could even love her nephew like she did she wondered This is her sister's son she had just put the moves on.

"I can't...I can't let you" he exclaimed. "I mean...I mean I know I...I want to but I...I can't Aunt Tessa."

She didn't say a word as she pushed the summer dress back down her lap covering up the pale pink full length slip. She understood and quietly uttered it was okay. Maybe another time, she told herself finally looking at him. He was troubled by something and knew he needed to get whatever it was off his chest. She asked him what was bothering him only having to ask him one time.

So he told her. He told about this clerk at the store and what happened between them.

"And that's what I really wanted," Thomas said. His voice gradually became more confident. "I wanted to finally buy her some stuff for Mothers Day, but I couldn't tell the woman, could I Isn't that a little ummm well uhh-"

"Incest-like" she cut in. He nodded. "Noooo not really honey. I mean based upon what I know and what I've learned by way of your mom, you Thomas are the best son a mother like her could ever...need and want...ever."

He was surprised to hear it. Ever since he turned 18 he felt and knew he needed to somehow express his manliness, but as timid and as na´ve and as ignorant as he was in the ways of boy and girl relationships he had only one avenue to go down. That was his mother's presence. They'd talk and share lots of thoughts and memories and dreams and wishes as he grew up, but at 18 he wanted something he never had in his life, but barely could express them to his mom.

So his mother "opened" herself up to him so he could truly learn about a woman and a woman's body. She had called him into her room one Friday since none of his high school pals were doing anything and it was raining out. She lit candles in her room trying to set it up as "romantic" setting for him, albeit his mom, a woman of beauty and size and sexuality. Along with a scented fragrance, vanilla, burning to give the room an intoxicating ambiance so to stir up a man's emotions she sat in a long silky flowery patterned gown.

She looked incredibly attractive and even though it was his mother something about the moment stirred him. It heightened his inner desires. And Thomas felt wild unimaginable emotions he'd never felt in his soul or loins ever before in his life. He was excited and nervous and the first thing to do was soothe those nerves, get him to calm down, and then let the handsome stocky young man approach her the way he wanted too.

She untied it and beneath laid an exquisite looking pink satin chemise with a lace border. With its V neck and his mom's bosoms opened to the world, his heart seemed to thump madly. He was impressed, impressed how fit his full figured and curvaceous mother was. Her hair, another featured asset fell down over her shoulders as her eyes twinkled and a smile rested comfortably against her sumptuous lips. Never once did he see anything wrong with this picture as his eyes rolled merrily across her wholesome boobs, down her sensuous tummy while coursing over her wonderfully wide hips. She was a vision of loveliness from top to bottom. From her hair and eyes and lips to her hips and thighs and toes, everything seemed to assemble in its righteous place and inside Thomas, his dick began sizzling madly.

"Mom, wow...mom you...look...amazing. I mean it" he told her. His eyes were wide and they yielded passion and eagerness within. "I mean wow mom...wow...wow" he continued as she lay smiling joyously.

She patted the bed. He climbed in, keeping his distance, and with his clothes on too. He couldn't get over how his mom looked. She knew this was weird, but she had a plan. Albeit a perverse one, it would work out in the long one; she read about it and studied it back to front. It would work itself out.

Seeing as it was Mother's Day coming up in a couple days this is what she wanted she told herself before venturing into forbidden but electrifying territory. As stimulating as something like this was she looked inside herself to be sure it's what she wanted. It was and she was damn sure of it.

"I know you like girls honey. I watch you when I can. I see your eyes. I see how you look at a girl's body...her boobs, dear. Do you like girls' boobs a lot honey" She watched his face, his eyes and studied them closely. Finally he responded. He nodded his head. His eyes sauntered towards hers. They remained lip locked on her large tits for several seconds and she smiled as she eased her chest forward and as her back arched inward without him noticing. "Do you want to tell me what you like about girl's boobs"

He shook his head. She slid closer as her bosoms appeared to get larger, more life like. But it was simply the proximity between the two and the sumptuous size and nature of her physique. She wanted her son to feel her, feel her flesh, boobs, and her body. She wanted him to feel her everywhere and anywhere he desired.

Touch me, she was saying to herself. Thomas you may feel my body anywhere you so desire honey. He hadn't read her eyes yet. He sat on the bed gazing at them, her opulent sized boobs, and she began wishing he'd touch them fruitfully, rewardingly, and devotedly.

"I'm going to do something. Don't be alarmed or afraid" she told him and she reached out to grab hold of his hand, placing it against the high side of her tit. He quivered. He trembled nervously, but didn't pull it away; not once did he pull his hand off his mother's boob. "You like that don't you"

He nodded, barely, but she could see he liked feeling the soft fleshy and spongy tit. He moved it around, a little, and all on his own accord. And she loved it immensely. She loved he had the nerve to do it all alone. She loved the feelings she derived from it. She also loved that someone was finally feeling her boobs again, which was missing in her life lately even if it was her own son.

She wanted to play a game with her son. He listened to the rules and complied. "So if you open your eyes, you can't look at my face or eyes at all. You can look anywhere else you want...anywhere, but my face and eyes...okay sweetheart But I can watch yours if I want to...ready"

And Thomas went to it. Feeling her chemise drew out unrecognizable emotions inside him which thrust his hormones into the spotlight. He grew hornier and hornier and hornier while feeling the woman's lustrous and curvaceously blustery body. She'd coo. He'd utter interesting noises, but she understood each one. She could tell her son was growing hornier by the second.

"Honey, may I ask you a question...a personal one" He nodded instantly as he felt the chemise where her soft lathery tummy resided. "Mmmmm that feels wonderful, exciting. All of it does, doesn't it" He nodded and quivered again, his hormones raging on and stimulating him to no end. "Are you...is your penis hard Are you horny son"

He did not want to admit it so she took it upon herself to reach across, feel his crotch, and that answered every question in the book. Now's the time to let him feel incredibly wild in a way he never imagined and if he does it while I'm doing it...so be it.

"Undo your pants for me, okay honey"

"Huh, what...why mom" he asked.

"I'm going to teach you something. Let's just say I'm going to be your teacher for the time being."

He understood, but didn't want to. He was afraid, timid, but he did as she told him. And he undid his pants and she had to pull or push them down to his ankles. He yelped. He was unable to believe what was going on. She touched me! Fuck...oh my god, my mom's gonna touch...my dick. Ohhhhhhh man...man oh man...wow, shit he thought.

But in all the irresistible excitement, in all the stimulating power she was generating, he took off his underwear and both stared at the mammoth size of his once limp penis. Erect and emotions off the chart, he knew he had to come down from all this. He wanted a release. He wanted to cum horribly. He didn't know how, but his mother was going to show her son exactly how it's done.

He moaned. He groaned. She delicately slipped her deft fingers over its tip. He moaned high pitched moans. He yelped some more. His ass rose off the mattress. He went crazy as he wanted her to do anything and everything that allowed him the opportunity to ejaculate all over. Before he knew it, she was all over it.

"Fuck...shit...ohhh mom...mom wow...ohhh wow, yeah mom" he shouted as she sucked him off. He tried to hold out. He couldn't. He didn't want to cum in front of her. But it was impossible. It was utterly impossible. He couldn't stop it. It worsened. He was rising farther off the bed. Closer and closer he came.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh mom, mom" he called out. "Yes, yes, yes mom...yes" he yelled.

And finally the load within him blew like an overdue volcanic eruption. He unleashed his wild fury in her, on her hair, up her nostril, down her chin, and across her chest as it streamed downward towards her bosoms and sexy pink chemise.

"Ohhhhhhh...ahhhhhhhhhh....ooooohh" he muttered. "Mom...wow...whoa...what did you and I just do Whoa...I could do that a million times over with you...with...with any woman in the world if that's what it feels like" he told her.

"That's what it feels like. And I'm glad you feel that way. I'm also glad to hear you say you could do that with almost any girl in the world, but one thing" she added. "Don't ever force someone to do it. If she wants you or knows she wants to do it...you'll know it. You understand that"

He told her yes as he looked at his now limp dick. He was amazed at how the whole process worked. Becoming horny, blowing his load, and then seeing the thing go back to living in its limp existence was incredible.

"Anyone huh" he asked.

She leaned over, kissed his forehead, and told him "Well almost anyone."

"Yes Thomas...I did hear that night was amazing" his Aunt Tessa had said to him. She was envious. She had some great partners, but none who unloaded like she heard Thomas had. "You aren't embarrassed are you...I mean about cumming like that with your mom"

He shook his head.

"Good because I need a few favors. I'll let you play in my drawers all you want, alright" He nodded and said sure. "I want to introduce you to this girl. She's very pretty. She's a few years older, 22 years old, but she doesn't date at all, and I promised or practically guaranteed her I could get her a date. Also I want you so do something for me..." and she explained, "but not now...later on once every one leaves today. I mean seeing as it's Mother's Day and everyone's here we can't do it...conveniently can we now"

He smiled and agreed, but asked what the third favor is. "No! No way...I couldn't...I embarrassed myself with her, in front of her. I know I did" he came back.

She wanted him to go back to that store and apologize profusely. Knowing her as well as Tessa knew her, that woman would ask him out on a date. And she would persist until he would say yes to her invitation. But how did his aunt know that and know the woman She didn't tell him, but the two of them once and a while spent time exploring their common bisexual interests together. Tessa is an intriguing woman.

"We better go back to the party or your mother might become jealous of us" Tessa said. "But I truly want to do what your mom started last year...okay honey"

"Okay" Thomas replied.

He grew horny thinking about the opportunities awaiting him.

"Thomas...Thomas dear" she said, pulling back the sheets. He was naked from head to toe and when she pulled back the sheets, he was lying in his bed still asleep but with a hard on. "Why are you...ohhh my god" she exclaimed seeing the erection.

His aunt ogled his mammoth hardened cock. She couldn't believe its size. Should I, she wondered. "Thomas...get up...no I mean well you already are up from what I see." She shook his shoulder and he woke up noticing his erection. He pulled up the covers.

He had been talking in his sleep, but no one knew exactly what it was about. Eventually he told his aunt Tessa. He could tell her anything. They went shopping that Saturday morning, to a lingerie store he'd been to and he told her about his dream.

"You gotta promise me you won't ever tell my mom...right Right Tessa" he said.

She promised, but he owed her. It was payback time and this time it was over and above the call of duty, he thought.

"Well let's see what we can find for your mom that she'll appreciate. She loves lingerie like me. You know that, right Oh and I loved that dream" she added.

He knew she would. He did too. His aunt and him were tight as tight could be and that's why he could tell her about them. He always told her his erotic or wet dreams. She loved those...a lot.

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