Triple Fantasies

Author: stoneypoint
Published: Jun 6, 2009
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he likes her, she likes him, all three like one another. No sex, only fantasies, but fantasies of the mind fulfilled...almost

“Kristy home” she asked. The girl was smiling after saying hi to Kristy’s mom and after being told yes telling she said thanks. She headed up the stairs and down the hallway.

Kristy was in her room. After a long day at work she was alone and her door was locked. But she was on her bed and the pants she wore to work were down. She was on her bed filling her head with the use of one of her dildos. As she did, she slid it in herself and moved it all around, hoping to fulfill another fantasy she began to dream up while at work earlier in the day.

She noticed it again. She saw his eyes looking her way. Yes, she noticed it a lot lately. Not that she ever minded it. She loved her boobs a lot too. Plump, sumptuous, and open to any guy to admire, he did the best job admiring of them all. She saw him watching them when he thinks she wasn’t looking at all and she definitely enjoyed it all the same. She loves seeing his head turn and follow them when she walks by. She loves it when he not only looks at them but at the rest of her too. She likes her body, except for her belly. She often tells herself she must get rid of it, but lives and relives her new fantasy about the two of them intimately.

She gets those tingling thrills inside. Each is a thrill of a lifetime and she gets them even while she’s at work too. Smiling, she thinks he thinks she may be noticing, ohhh but she does and that’s the reason for the mutually smiles they share between each other. Yes, she loves her boobs- so plump, so deliciously juicy, and so soft and inviting, she regularly tells herself. And the idea he is polite and courteous and smiles at her all the time and for no apparent reason but to only reassure her she’s a sexy young babette. Chubby, pretty, wholesome, and curvaceous she can’t wait for him to see her in another new low slung top she’s purchased. She can’t wait for him to see her cleavage, her hips, and her nice fluffy pear shaped ass too.

So what does Kristy do when this happens at work She will slip into her company’s bathroom taking her purse with her and sits down behind the stall’s closed doors and she stuffs her rabbit, she carries hidden in her purse, up inside herself. Ooooohh, she says as she smiles. She’s going to leave them in there over half the day. “Ohhh god is that good” she whispers to herself as she stands up. They’re rubbing and mixing it up while scrambling and being pushed around as she walks over to wash her hands. Having them in makes her more excited and tingly all over, makes her wetter, makes her want that all out orgasmic flush and it makes her want it to go on uncontrolled. She knows isn’t happening, but she’s going to enjoy the day as best she can.

It makes her feel wonderful between her thighs as the she walks around as she feels the fluttery sensations inside her cunt as it makes it swell and she becomes hornier and hornier and she can not wait to clock out and get home, where she can do it for real, and where she knows she can feel safe doing it because she knows her mom knows why she ran up those stairs so quickly to take care of her business that seemed so urgent without having to tell mom what the “problem” was.

“It’s the cleavage. It’s like she walks around flaunting it. It has to be a way of flirting with us when she wears those tops. And nobody ever tells her not to” he told one of the guys he works with. The other guy shakes his head. He’s unable to believe what the other guy told him. “Well it is…I mean don’t you notice” The guy listening shakes his head. “Well I do…but…but I know…I’m probably way too old.”

He is, but he isn’t. He’s 34. He’s not married. He has no kids at all. He’s not fit. He’s not tall. He’s got somewhat of a guy, but in no way is it big, huge. He’s got thinning hair. But he has a couple things going for him. He is handsome. He has a nice face. He appears like he could be a loveable and cuddly man. Is he She does not know, but he always seems to be wearing a smile on his face.

But one thing she doesn’t know, doesn’t get is does he like her Truth is he likes almost all women and he likes them too, too much. Older or younger or skinny or even chubby and plump, he likes them. And he likes women who like him. He’s got an upbeat personality. She really likes that about him. What else is there to say

“Ahhh…ohhh…eeehh…ooooohh” she murmurs quietly and repeatedly.

KNOCK… KNOCK… KNOCK. She stops. She looks up. It’s deep up inside her. Her breathing was sharp, stuttered, and she felt the swelling until that moment. She pulled it out. She placed it beneath her pillows. She pulled up her pants. She hopped off the bed. She pulled up the covers. She walked to the bathroom. KNOCK… KNOCK… KNOCK.

“Kristy Kristy, hey Kristy it’s Laura.” Kristy knew. Laura would be the only one to come at a crucial moment like this. “Kristy” Laura said again. She told Laura to hold on. Laura knew and Laura smiled. But Kristy’s mom knew too so she did whatever she was doing and left it alone. She smiled. A girl’s gotta do what a girl has to do…right Laura slipped inside, closed the door behind her. Laura and Kristy sat down on Kristy’s bed. “What’s his name What’s he like Come on…tell me…tell me” she said.

Kristy zipped her lip, mockingly.

He was at home. Changing into shorts and slipping a shirt over his head he headed for the mall. Zipping through the streets he got there in no time flat. He felt good. He looked pretty good too, but knew what he wanted and headed for that store. In and out of isles he couldn’t find it so he headed to the other side of the mall. Same thing; he couldn’t find the slacks he wanted so he headed north, to the expensive place- didn’t want their stuff, but he ran out of places to look. He paid the extra money because they fit perfectly. They made him look better then his actual body suggested he looked. The slacks made him feel skinnier and fitter and even a little taller and he smiled even though he didn’t give anyone the gratitude they sought. He walked out and headed for his car, but stopped. In the middle of the mall was a temporary stand. They sold shirts. He tried on one and bought five shirts. Then he walked to the car.

She saw him first. “Hi, Danny” she said as he passed them up. He looked up.

God she looks freaking…sexy, he said to himself. He told himself in that hungry like manner he’d love to lay down with her and cuddle next to her, holding her for hours on end. He even thought about having sexual intercourse with her. That sped everything up. Her soft twirling curves and his loveable plush frame as each heaved and plundered each others endearing enticements.

I wouldn’t even want sex, he thought to himself. At least not right away I wouldn’t, but once he looked at her, at them that all changed in his head. “Hey, Kristy, hi” he said, his mouth full on smile. “What’s going on” he asked. He did it, instinctively, and she loved it when he did. He looked right at her body. He ogled her cleavage. He took in the extraordinary her fluffy, wide hips. And as he did, he drooled in euphoric reflection. Both of them saw his stares. And both smiled. That’s when he noticed Kristy’s friend Laura. Instinctively, he did the same thing with her as he said hi to her. She said hi back. They all stopped. But he knew what he felt. He was feeling great all of a sudden. They stopped and wanted to talk about something, anything he figured. Cool, way cool he told himself.

He asked them what they were up to. They answered like school girls who were not school girls, but growing mature women. And even though they were over 18, neither could behave in that mature fashion, but neither had he. He figured she was probably about 21. She was and still is to this day cuter then cute and so much so that he easily could have stared at every last feature on her. She has the nicest and warmest eyes ever. Her body, it is expressive as hell with the curves and sweet yummy trivial lumpiness. But it bends and it twists and it turns like many younger women’s physiques can. It’s a rolly figure, but not in any way large. She has an endearing, pudgy tummy he’s always told himself he would love to pet, love to kiss, love to lick a little, but loved to suck on if ever given a chance. He’d love that if she ever allowed him that pleasure. Her eyes are happy. Everything and everywhere throughout her there is something inviting him to tell her what and how he feels about her.

He would love to tell her all that he feels and adores about her. But no, he works with the girl. He sees her every day. And no, he figures she’d want more after that and he would love to give her more, but he wasn’t sure either was in to a relationship like that with a guy over 10 years older then her. He would only be there to let her know how sexy and how pretty her young little curvy boob laden body is. That’s all, that’s it, and her boobs as nice as they are, are perfectly proportioned in his mind. Not small, but not too large filled out her shirts exceptionally well he told himself how many times in a day.

“You two look like you’re up to no good” he told them playing the diplomatic part and a smile lying on his face. The two smiled and looked at each other then looked back at him. “I see it now. I have to be right” he added, teasing them and hoping for a rise out of them. They giggled but quickly composed themselves. They had to be mature about this as they handled a situation where they were speaking with an older and decent looking guy like Danny. “Well... am I right” he asked.

“Nooooo” she said while Kristy remained silent with a smile on her face. “You’re the one who is up to no good Danny” she told him.

Laura spoke for Kristy, but thought along the same lines as Kristy. He looked at her, looked at Kristy, and then winked at them both.

“See…see what I mean” Laura said. “You’re being how do you say it” she asked.

He winked again at both. Looking at them, at their boobs, and at their bodies he filled in the blank. “Mischievous” he asked. Suddenly he felt tingling, excitement rocking him from between his thighs. Damn… Cut through the crap, Danny. Say something…say something now, he thought.

He told them both while looking at them he could be up to no good. And he told them he wouldn’t mind being up to no good with them especially if that opportunity arose. Yes, he was flirting at that point. He was pouring it on full of smiles and charm and words. And better yet- they caught on quickly. They stood in their spots not moving an inch and both wondered what came next. But he did too.

Oddly though, he reeled back. He told them he shouldn’t have said what he did. Why on god’s green earth did I say that Hell, they wanted me to say it. Jesus, you’re an idiot, he told himself. But all they did was smile. All they did was stand there. All they did was tell him he didn’t insult them. All they did was tell him it was alright and what he had said didn’t bother them. “Not a bit” both said. So what he had said bother him either.

“Well then since that’s the case, may I say something else and as a compliment”

They stared at him in mindless way waiting for his next mixture of flirtatious words.

“You two look fine and extremely nice at this moment…well just in general actually” he told them. And he waited and he smiled and finally they did too. All was well in fantasy land that early evening. Yes…it…was.

He got in his car. He didn’t pull out. He didn’t leave. He simply stared at them, at their auspicious figures his mind was drooling over. He watched and he watched as the shapes and soft fluffy curvy shapes got smaller while getting closer to the mall’s entrance.

“Go back in. Catch up with them. Talk to them. Tell them what you feel, Danny. Go on, tell them…tell them how you feel and what you want. God, go on Danny, go on” he said aloud as he watched those hips and tender plump frames walk away from them. He opened the car door and slid one leg out to get out. “No…no way. You know better. This isn’t the smart thing to do…is it”

And he pulled his leg back inside. He started up the car. And he backed out. And Danny drove away. Danny drove towards his place. He thought about her and he thought about her. He thought about them. He thought about Laura. He thought about how she looked at him versus how Kristy looked at him.

He thought about things. He smiled. He thought how maybe she’d want him to slip off her top. Then he saw himself sliding it back down over her head. Not yet, he thought. She wasn’t ready even though she was. He thought about how Laura seemed more forward about it all then Kristy, but he didn’t work with Laura even though he adored Kristy’s body more then Laura’s. All he felt like doing in his short lived fantasy was lying down and let her stand up so he could gaze upon the depths of her abundant young cleavage which was similar in design to Kristy’s.

“Ohhhhhhh now wouldn’t that be cool” he said.

All he wanted was for her to stand alone and allow him to stare at her juicy boobs planted flawlessly between her lovely soft shoulders and beneath her incredibly adorable chin. And all he felt was the thunder down below. His hands would be resting underneath his head. He’d be looking up at her and seeing her tasty scrumptious breasts staring him back and doing nothing at all but teasing him more and more and more.

“He is cute, Kristy. I’d lie down with him. I’d let him…I’d make love to the guy” Laura said. She stopped. She looked at Kristy. She saw what was in Kristy’s eyes. She smiled, but couldn’t believe it.

Kristy felt the fluttering she felt at work almost every day. She knew what it was and agreed with Laura. She wanted it. She wanted it badly. She was sure of it too. She knew how she felt and what she felt deep down inside her. She thought about it more. She thought about it as if in a trance. She looked straight ahead as if at nothing. “I want to go home now” she said to Laura.

And while he headed home he thought about everything. He drove further and further away from the mall and became more aroused as he did. The very thought of it all. He wished, he hoped she fantasized about him too. He wondered if it was a possibility. No, not Kristen, he thought, but the other one, Laura. She was into him. He could tell. It was easy enough. She wasn’t too young. She’d love it. He would too even though he adored Kristy a lot more then her. He wouldn’t care about someone whose shape wasn’t perfect like his. Laura was pretty. He was good looking enough. He wished and he hoped and he envisioned her loveliness bedded down beside him. He grew harder. He felt the stiffness growing. He liked the sensations. But he knew better. And regardless if it tingled madly, like Kristy she also turned him on. But just like Kristy, he figured, it was a lost cause.

“Damn, he is so, so cute… Maybe a little pudgy, but he is soooo cute and soooo adorable Kristy” Laura told her and Kristy had to agree with Laura. “So that’s who it was” Laura asked, referring to Kristy doing herself when she got home and went upstairs. The whole time Laura was smiling. The whole time Laura was excited. She knew exactly what Kristy had been doing. Kristy completed fantasies which grew with her imagination. Kristy nodded. “Damn… I think I could…well you know…I could…I could do that too.”

Kristy finally made noise. She finally snickered. She finally acknowledged it. She let Laura know all about Danny and how she thought about her and him in bed somewhere after work. She told Laura about how she felt, what she thought as she plunged the dildo deep inside her horny swollen wet cunt. And Laura…well Laura was seeing herself doing those exact same things. She and Danny and her dildos naked on her bed and playing and petting and touching and illustrating all the joys of sexual relationships there could be on the face of the earth, and topping it all off neither of them had even kissed the other yet.

She told Kristy what she pictured. She could see herself and Danny finally all over one another. They’d be kissing and pulling and cuddling and tugging at the others clothes until they came off and then kissing and cuddling and rolling back and forth with one another as her boobs banged against his body or face and frolicking was part of the hearty agenda. He’d kiss her and suck and swallow her tits whole. He’d lick and tantalize her nipples. He’d take hold of her tits, squeezing them lovingly, but passionately too. And she told Kristy how she could feel it. She could feel his hardened aching cock pressing and punching her soft rolls as the two wanted but wouldn’t give in to mounting one another so the only thing they got out of their first time together was complete exhaustion from all out maddening sex. No, not their first time and maybe not their second time, but the third time with each other she’d for sure beg for it, ask to do it with him. And it would be ecstasy in the then.

“Damn, whew…I mean what are we doing here” Laura asked after telling Kristy all that.

Kristy didn’t respond. Her mind, her thoughts were miles away. They were on Danny. They were on Danny’s body. They were on her body mounted over his body and she saw her beautifully blossomed breasts swaying across his face and chest. Her mind envisioned what she hoped he’d be willing to do with her. His nakedness and her nakedness loving and playing and discovering all the pureness and beauty of love and lust between two souls filled her mind endlessly while walking with Laura.

Laura tapped Kristy’s arm. Laura saw Kristy’s eyes. Laura knew. Laura knew what Kristy was thinking and feeling and she knew exactly what it was Kristy needed.

“Wanna go to my place” Laura asked. Huh, why Kristy thought. “You know why” Laura said without having to be asked. Kristy shook her head. “Come on! Come on you know it would be fun. Let’s go. Let’s do it. Let’s just go, see what happens” Laura said. And Laura stopped, but Kristy took a couple more steps then stopped and turned. She looked at Laura and Laura saw that look, the look she knew very well

Kristy was horny. No… Kristy was freaking hornier then she’d been in a long time. And Laura knew that look well. She seen it before, she’d seen it on herself in her bedroom mirror, and all Laura did was smile an impish smiled which led her to turn around and walk to her car.

He was circling the place, repeatedly. It had been his fifth trip around the mall. Danny, for reasons he was unable to explain himself, had turned around. And he drove back to find them, wait for them. What was he thinking What was he hoping would happen. Was he in his right mind Was he thinking she or they would say yes

Okay, Danny, let’s go on and do it… You, me or maybe all three of us, he imagined. Okay, I’m game, I give in…I’m willing to put out…a little. I’m willing to have a little fun doing something somewhere with you. Sure, forget we work together or forget that Kristy is my best friend in the whole wide world.

Were they willing to have fun Was he thinking they were just going to say sure, let’s go to your place Okay, we’ll go wherever and we’ll get naked with you and we’ll play around and see what happens. Is that what he figured they’d be willing to say

He stopped. Up against the curb he watched as they walked out. He grew hornier. They were so sexy, so beautiful to him as they walked briskly to her car. It was Laura who drove. He knew Kristy’s car. He watched them, studied them, and as he did, he felt weird, weird feelings quivering and quaking intensely in his lap.

“Ohhhhhh god, I wish this was them” he said as he placed his hand down on his erection.

He watched Kristy’s body. He stared at Laura’s. He gazed at their faces. They were so pretty, so alluring, and almost too off limits for some reason, but why Why were they he wondered They were over 18. They were almost 21 he figured. He watched their expressions. They were in a huge hurry. Why were they in such a rush He watched them hop in their car and as they backed out and slowly, gradually he followed them out of the malls parking lot.

“Now I am a stalker” he said. “This is nuts” he added. But he continued to follow behind them. He kept his distance. 5 or 6 or 7 cars behind and slowly and carefully he followed. “Ohhh shit” he said again. He squeezed it this time. It ached. It thundered with massive power. It was thick and it was hard and it felt as if it was long as long could be. And Danny was horny. And he wanted the 2 cute beauties badly.

He drove on but they slowed and turned and then turned again. He slowed down too as they turned one last time. Ohhh cool, she has her own place. Not the greatest, but it seems to be her own. He saw where she turned in and he began to feel even more excited. He pressed and pinched his legs together. His body tensed up. He felt sudden rushes he hadn’t felt in ages. He was tingling now. He felt the awful aching pangs. He was excited about possibilities that existed, if he stopped and said hi. Laura’s place was a duplex. And before he knew it, the two had run into her place. And they disappeared for the night. And he looked down. He looked at his crotch. He looked at the imaginary erection hidden inside his slacks. He turned around and drove home at a fast rate of speed.

Danny knew he was horny. But Danny figured Kristy and Laura were equally as horny. Danny didn’t need any help. Kristy and Laura did it for him. All the flirting and all the talk and all the looks did all that for him and them too. And now Laura and Kristy were tucked away in her duplex doing things girls do when they are horny and Danny was speeding home to quickly fulfill those same familiar fantasies that the other two are doing right now in Laura’s bedroom.

Laura and Kristy slid underneath the covers of Laura’s bed. Both of them had taken off their pants. After Laura came out with two nice long but large vibrating assistants, both of them brought him into “view.” He was there, smiling, and undressing for them. He was there crawling towards them. There heads were back. They rested against the back of the bed. “Ohhh Danny…Danny, yes Danny yes” they said as they plunged the stocky vibrating buddies deep into their swelling pussies.

“Oh my god Laura…Ohhh my god Kristy…yes, yes…yes” he called out.

His hand was where it wasn’t supposed to be. His hand was on it. His hand was wrapped around his erection, pulling and jerking and helping him fulfill his dreams and hopes. No they weren’t there, but he wished they were just as they wished he was naked with them right now. “Fuck yes, yes…ohhhhhhh yes Kristy…I want you. I want Laura.”

And he came, they came, and life was tentatively good…until Kristy saw him again the following morning. Then they’d want one another all over again. A nasty lust filled cycle following him and her and even Laura too.

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