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Published: 05-Nov-09 Revised/Updated 07-Nov-09

Before I can protest she slides the straps off her shoulders and wiggles to let the dress fall to the floor, revealing she has no bra, and the tinyest excuse for panties I've ever seen, her breasts looked like tan melons with pink eyes, full and round , real for sure!

* * * * * * *

Friday night was going to be fun, finally a little time alone and a chilled bottle of wine waiting to be opened.

I took a shower and dressed in just boxers, grabbed a beer and headed downstairs to wait for her to get home. Typically my wife would roll in the drive about 5:00, but here it was already quarter past and I was anxious and feeling the excitement and anticipation of getting to spend some time together , alone.

The kids were away for the weekend as I dropped them off with their Grandparents after work and headed straight to the house to get ready.

My wife and I hadn't had a date or time alone for more than the brief half hour before I went to work in more than a year. But we kept the passion going when we could and both of us were looking forward to tonight.

Kelly is a beautifully seductive creature, standing about 5'6" and weighing all of 120, 34 going on 25 and fiery in the bedroom. Her scrubs hide the curvaciousness of her sexy body to some extent, but the way she moves her youthful looks give away her obvious sex appeal.

5:30 and she's still not here, wondering I call her cell and no answer, Oh well I think, she's on her way. So I grab another beer and kick back on the sofa in the basement (our play room) surf the net a little, popping through some XXX sites and occasionally stroking my cock when I see a hot image, I'm fully aroused and waiting so patiently for her arrival I fail to hear the knock at the door I guess, suddenly the basement door opens and I hear, "anyone home" , I jump, feeling startled, realizing Kelly wouldn't ask that so it has to be someone else, rising quickly from the sofa but still holding my lap-top over the pup tent in my boxers I wait for a second and see that it is one of my wifes co-workers, Lily, a gorgeous brunette that seems to have a thing for Kelly, or at least I tease her about it in a wishful thinking kind of way.

"Down here" I offer, slightly disappointed but curious as to her presence. "Kelly wanted me to come over and keep you company" , "said she'll be home in an hour tops" she says as she smiles and slowly walks in to full view.

"Really, what's the hold up" I ask, noticing that she is wearing a summer dress and strappy heels, hair still wet from a recent shower and she has a bottle of Patron in one hand and twirling her car keys in the other.

"well, she said she had a few errands to run and she'd be home later but didn't want to keep you waiting , so she asked me to come keep you company for a while", " That ok"

"I suppose, I wasn't expecting company, obviously, I barely have anything on", I suggest, looking down and feeling a bit embarrassed. "Aaww, I don't mind, if it helps, I'll strip down to my panties and even it up, K". Before I can protest she slides the straps off her shoulders and wiggles to let the dress fall to the floor, revealing she has no bra, and the tinyest excuse for panties I've ever seen, her breasts looked like tan melons with pink eyes, full and round , real for sure!. I felt a twinge in my balls and my dick seemed to yell "Look at that!". I couldn't help but stare, and she noticed my eyes locked in a rather bewildered state, travelling slowly all over her body. "Are you ok with this" she asks, all I could do was nod pathetically.

This woman is a pure hotty, tanned all over and a tattoo that reads "LIKE IT" with a smilie face on her lower back. Single and always hanging around my wife, I've naturally had to deal with thoughts of her naked, or making out with Kelly. Now I don't know what to do!

Lily walks closer and lifts the lap-top from my grasp and sits down on the sofa, looking at the bulge in my shorts I was trying to hide. "Open this for me, will you" she says as she holds the Patron out to me. I grab the bottle and twist off the top . "Want a glass" I ask her. "No , just sit with me". "What were you looking at on here" she asks. "Oh nothing really, checking my bank account" . Opening it up she turns it toward me. "So this is where you keep your money Were you making a withdrawal". Smiling at me she winks as she starts clicking on a photo of a guy getting sucked off.

Sitting down on the couch next to her I can smell the perfume and a hint of tanning lotion, sweet, unfamiliar and breathtakingly arousing. I wonder if Kelly intended her to come over, what else did she intend Lily to do. Mesmerized by this beauty in my house, nearly naked and looking at porn on my computer, her hand slipping between her legs and caressing her pussy. I wonder if she's here for me Is Kelly attracted to Lily, are they going to make out Was I right Wait, is Kelly going to let Lily fuck me All the things a guy would think when faced with something like this.

Watching Lily and wondering if I should ask questions, I hear her moan and chuckle, turning to me and asking "Does this make you hot" , " Have you ever had this done to you", Then the clincher and answer to my worries, "Do you mind if I try that on you" Looking at the screen I see a guy sitting on a sofa, and a woman is using her feet like hands to stroke his member, wrapped tightly around his cock and moving up and down rather slow. "I don't think we should do that" , "When's Kelly getting home" I ask again, really just trying to stave off my growing desire to feel her feet on my cock. "Does it turn you on tough" she asks.

"Do you think I could make you cum doing that", not wanting to reveal the fact that if she just sat there for a little longer I'd unload in my boxers, I suggest it looks too awkward. "Really, that would make me so horny to that" , "Let's try!" Again before I can protest, she slides off the sofa and positions herself in front of me and lays her legs up on my lap, reaching up to pull my hands away from my bulge, she opens the front and lets out my trouble maker. "AAwww...is he shy" , "Don't be nervous, Kelly won't mind, really, why do you think she asked me to come keep you company" "She and I talk about things like this all the time, we both know how much you tease her about us making out, tonight you get to see us do it and we decided to both fuck you silly".

Just then I hear the door open up stairs and foot steps across the floor, Kelly is home. Swallowing hard I sit up and put my hand over my cock, hoping to somehow look innocent with this friend of hers naked on the floor in front of me. Kelly skips down the stairs and starts giggling as she hurriedly undresses from her scrubs. "I'm sorry it took so long, I didn't mean to be late, I hope you've enjoyed your other date so far"

"Lily did you make him cum already, I'm gonna run up and take a shower, there are condoms in the top drawer if you want 'em, don't make him cum too many times right now, I am so horny I need it too!"

She leans over and squeezes my cock , kisses me and then kisses Lily and blows me a kiss as she pulls away and runs upstairs, "I'll be right back".

Lily stands up and smiles at me, "You thought I was kidding huh, Kelly has told me that I could tease you all I want, and if you were game to screw whenever I felt like it. You see Kelly and I have been lovers for about a year now, and she thinks it's only fair that we include you". "Does that scare you, are you upset" I was shocked, but scared, no!, upset, not really, hell it was my fantasy anyway. Too much to process, My god!, what was I in for tonight

"Honey, if it's ok with you, I don't like condoms, you can cum inside me, I like it better." Lily says through a smile as she straddles me and gently rubbing my cock on her pussy. "If want to go in me now you can, would you like blowjob first while we wait for Kelly". Not knowing what would be ok, and what wouldn't, I take over rubbing my cock against her lips and stare off in the distance, not uttering a word, just listening for the sound of water spalshing in the shower. A few minutes pass and I hear the water stop, I'm still gently and methodically rubbing Lilys clit, feeling her start to shift and grind harder as her breathing grows louder, moaning softly. I hear footsteps upstairs, and giggling, a door shut and the tinking sound of glass. Then another voice, a deeper one, and more giggling, trying to listen to the sounds upstairs over Lilys now increased vocals and wiggling on me I can't help but wonder what Kelly's doing, who's with her I pause with Lily, sinking my head into her neck and ask." Lily, is someone up there with Kelly" , she she licks my cheek and drags her tongue to my mouth, sliding my cock in his dripping pussy all at the same time, "Sshhh, leave her alone, she's fine, she's wanted this for a long time, just enjoy me, they'll be down soon". Perplexed, jealous, now and wondering who could be up there, I thrust my hips upward and my cock deep in Lily, feeling her clamp down and climax so string, she bites my neck and squeals through her teeth, grinding on me harder. Panting , her pace slows as she giggles and places her open mouth over mine, sucking on my lips and thrusting her tonue in my mouth. Upstairs, is quiet, just a the slightest shuffling sounds, then gigles again and a thump, followed by the tale-tell sound of a bed or sofa rocking under weight.

The rocking sound increases and is followed by groans and panting, growing louder and louder until Lily breaks the silence by saying, "He's pounding her good"

"you hear them going at it!" . "Who" "who's fucking her Lily" I ask, briskly sliding her off me and on to the sofa.

"Hey, this is all part of the game, you get me, and Kelly, Kelly gets hers upstairs, but you don't get to find out who it is, OK!"

"just stay here with me, she'll be down soon". "she doesn't want you to know yet".

I can feel my blood start to pump faster, with my heart reacting with Lilys words, "I can't just sit here, who is it Lily" C'mon, tell me who it is or I'm going up". -to be cont'd

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