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All That it May Bring

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Author: allforyou
Published: 05-Nov-09 Revised/Updated 07-Nov-09
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When a night of fun for Christina takes a strange turn, she decides to go along for the ride... Making this one of the best nights of her existence.

* * * * * * *

As a college freshman I was pretty much a nobody. I had friends at other colleges, but I was the only one into this music program. The only person I knew was my best guy friend in the whole world, Evan.

He and I had only met in ninth grade, but he caught me in the years when I didn't look so scraggly. In the years of my development I had a lot of mess ups but by the time ninth grade rolled around I was sporting a 36C and some really gorgeous curves. Like every girl, I called myself fat or ugly, but Evan was the only guy who ever interjected. All the other guys were too 'macho' for that girly talk.

I didn't have time for many social outings because I was so focused on my studies, but one night when I was sitting alone, playing the piano for Evan in my dorm...

"Christina, you should really go do something. Get out, see the campus. There's a party in my building if you want to go with me."

"You know I don't do those sorts of things Evan!"

"Do you DO anything these days"

"YES! I have tons of homework, and I help out at the humane s-"

"No, are you fucking anyone Come on, Christina, you should be getting laid."

"Haha, like anyone would want to screw me, I'm just a freshman!"

"A freshman with a tight ass, curvy figure and the hottest tits I've ever seen! Just go to the party already! You'll have fun, get smashed... I'll introduce you to some guys that have been talking about you throughout the night.."

"But, Evan I really don't think-"

"Either you go on your own free will, or I'll drag you and say I made you my personal sex slave!"

"You wouldn't!"

"Do you REALLY want to take the chance"


Truth be told, being Evan's personal sex slave would be amazing. I've always had a thing for him. But he has a girlfriend who goes to another college in Manitoba.


So there I was, sitting in the corner at the party while Evan had long disappeared for some drinks. A few, he told me... riiight.

Out of the blue a tall guy with some fairly chiseled pecs and arms came striding over. He was in some faded blue jeans and a very stunning t-shirt that stretched ever so slightly over his hard abs.

"Hey, are you Christina My friend told me about you. He said you were looking for a fun night. Can I buy you a drink"

"Oooh, a drink sounds perfect, but I can get it myself, why don't you go wait at the far end of the room, where they set up the mini bar.."

"Sweet, I'll be waiting."

As he turned around he winked at me and my heart jumped. What was I thinking! I didn't even know this guy!! What if Evan had told him to fuck me I normally do this sort of thing without a condom. I mean, of course I'm on the pill but I like the extra security... oh well, I guess I do need a life after all. But, I did want to pick up my own drink. I'd like to be fully conscious if I get laid tonight.

"Hey sexy, I've been waiting for you."


"Yeah Evan, who else"

"Oh, just this guy I met... did you send him over The poor guy has to deal with me now.."

"What OH YEAH! I was going to set you up with a friend, so you found him, eh Well, looks like I'll be seeing you tomorrow then. Have fun and try dropping that money again."


"Don't what me... when you paid for that beer I saw you drop the money. Now YOU have some damn fine legs on that beautiful body. Talk to you later... WAY later... hahaha."

He walked away and I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sadness. I hoped Evan wouldn't get the idea that I'm into this guy or something...

At least he hadn't noticed that it's actually ROOT beer I'm holding, and not the real beer... maybe that new guy won't notice either.

I walked over to the guy at the end of the room, he saw me and he smiled. Talking to Evan had gotten me hornier than a bull in mating season. My pussy was already dripping with the prospect of what lay ahead...

"Hey you, by the way, what's your name..."

"It's Ian. I see you got your drink with minor difficulties..."

"Are you talking about that money incident I swear I dropped it by accident... and I didn't realize my skirt was so short!! I wouldn't have bent over if I had known..."

"But what a waste of perfection. You have got a smoking body..."

"Ah, well. You're the first guy to tell me that since I enrolled this year."

"Wait, you're a freshman"

Oh shit, he's going to find out I'm a freshman and then never talk to me again... and I was really looking forward to getting to know him...

"Well, yeah."

"Shit!! What size are you girl, DD You can't seriously be a freshman!!"

"Actually it's only a 36D, and yes I actually am. Not only have I still not got a life, like most of the freshman I also haven't gotten a boyfriend... well. I guess most freshman DO have a relationship. Guys don't really think I'm pretty..."

"Are you out of your mind... here... see that guy over there The one with the blonde He's Brent Jackson, captain of the football team. He looks over here every other minute to see what you're doing. He keeps giving me dirty looks."

Sure enough, I saw Brent look over his shoulder many many times in the next minute or two, all the while scowling at Ian.

"Hm... seems like he wants to have everything. Oh well... too bad for him."

"I bet I can make him really jealous. If you wouldn't mind testing a theory for me..."

"Sure as hell can!" This new found pride washed through me, for god sakes, I was willing to get down on my knees and suck him there if he told me to!

"Scooch onto my lap babe, watch his face when he sees you now!"

I did, and we made small talk for mere seconds before Brent glanced over and glared at us, mouth hanging open like we'd just killed a dog. That's when he dragged his blonde out of the party, Ian and I started laughing because his face was just priceless.

As soon as the distraction of Brent was gone I realized that Ian was really hard. Not to mention really long! I could feel his thick shaft nestled in between my backside, and boy, did it feel good.

"Now it's my turn to request something... if you don't mind..." I leaned over and whispered into his ear all the while I stroked his neck lightly with my finger tips.

"Name your item" his breathing was getting heavier because I was moving slowly back and forth on his dick.

"How about this" Slowly, I turned his head toward mine and nibbled on his lip.

Sensing the direction this was going, he gladly returned the favour by lightly kissing me on the lips, then becoming more aggressive. I took a break for some air and he began stroking my cheek with one hand and my thigh with the other. He stopped his hand just short of my hemline and went back to kissing me. The fire between my legs needed to be put out somehow, but I kept on kissing him back. Slowly he prodded his tongue between my lips and I found myself opening up to his kiss. We passionately kissed and I could feel him get harder and harder. My honey-pot immediately responded and soon enough I was running like a river.

Unfortunately we both needed to breathe at some point. I took the opportunity to place my hand on his hardness and he in took a sharp gulp of air.

"Babe, can you feel what you're doing to me Come closer to me..."

I did as told, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my chests as close to him as possible. He began kissing my neck and shoulders, down to my collar bone and then stopped. I was panting from the intense feeling of heat around me and I was shocked when he stopped so suddenly.

"Oh, please don't stop..." I moaned, with sadness in my voice.

"I could continue, but I think we're being watched."

"Fuck, you're right." I cautiously eyes my way around the room and sure enough there were at least ten pairs of eyes on us.

"Is that an invitation Because I'd be glad to fuck you. What do you say we head to my room"

"Oh hell yeah, that would be good. WAIT! Lemme grab my drink!"

"Mmm, sounds like a plan. What's a good fuck without getting drunk in the process"

Personally, I would not be getting drunk. But I bought him a beer and he took my hand. He led me up a floor and down the hall... and then we were at his room.

"Before we get started..." He leaned over me, with my back against his door, and he started kissing me again. Oh, he was so good at it, too. He started to pinch my nipples and I squealed in delight. It felt so good, and my pussy was begging to be fucked. I slowly closed my eyes and let him nip at my neck. I felt his hand move down towards my skirt and he grazed my soaking thong.

"Mmm, baby, you're so wet. I wonder why that is..." He kissed my neck and collarbone and stroked my upper thigh.

"Oh, hmm don't know," I had a sharp intake of breath as he grazed my thong again. "Maybe it's because I have a hot, sexy guy about to whisk me away into his dorm room"

"To do whatever he pleases"

"Whatever you want and more, babe." I looked into his hungry eyes and leaned in for a kiss. He gave me one, long and excited, and then we heard a laugh.

"Haha, well, Ian... I see you're making progress. And Christina, woo, aren't you supposed to get IN the room before you let him fuck you"

"Oh my god... Evan" Sure enough there he was, that gorgeous grin on his face making me blush furiously... What was he thinking

"He's right you know... why don't we continue this somewhere else... See ya later Evan."

Ian unlocked his door and went inside. I took one last look at Evan and he winked at me.

"Go have some fun sweetie. I'll see you in the morning"

"K, see ya." I hurried into the dorm room and there was Ian. All thoughts of Evan disappeared as I thought of the fun we were going to have tonight...

"So, babe, where were we" Ian grabbed me in a tight embrace and kissed me passionately. I started to wiggle my hands under his shirt trying to get it off... but he wasn't letting me go anywhere.

"Not so fast, sexy. You first." I must have looked confused because he laughed and said, "I'm just going to get you warmed up first. No worries."

He lifted off my shirt and I knew that I had taken the plunge. No turning back now. He turned me around and hugged me to him. My back to his chest, he began to kiss my neck and rub my shoulders. Damn, this boy knew how to treat a girl! I wiggled my ass against the front of his jeans and he laughed against my neck.

"There'll be plenty of time for that later... but we've gotta get you out of your clothes first. Come on; let's get you outta that skirt."

After scrambling out of my skirt I suddenly realized that I didn't know what to do. Should I just let him take the lead Is this going to be a one-night-stand Make love or hard fuck Oh geez... I started to look nervous, I suppose because he took charge.

"Come here babe, sit on the chair would you"

I sat on the chair, but it was un-natural and he could tell. I sat very still with a straight back. Like I do when I get nervous I started chewing my lip.

"Hun, calm down. Just let me get you started. I can tell you're going to be a pro. Can you give me a sec I'll be right back."

I didn't know what to do and I was freaking out inside. I tried to look less awkward. I could feel that my body was aroused... but I was just confused. I decided to try and get into it. I pinched my nipples, lightly at first. But then harder, because I really liked the feeling of it. I started moaning and I tipped my head back and closed my eyes. Oh, it felt so good. I'd never really taken an interest in my nipples, but this was heavenly.

"Couldn't wait for me, eh Well then, I'd better be quicker."

I was really horny at this point and I continued to pinch my nipples. Everywhere was hot and I was ready to start fingering myself at any moment.

"Yeah, you should hurry up next time. I like it fast."

"You are one sexy bitch, you know that It's really getting me stiff... watching you there pinching your sexy tits like that. But you know what would make me really horny"

"Tell me, babe."

"If you let me at em."

"Be my guest."

He reached over and took one of my soft globes in his hand. He pinched my right nipple and slowly rolled it in between his forefinger and thumb. A tiny moan escaped my lips and he chuckled softly.

"You're so fucking hott. How can you seriously not have a boyfriend I can tell already you'll be a great fuck. Just listen to yourself when I do this..."

He pinched my nipples again, but harder and more aggressive. Then he pulled them towards each other and gave a sharp tug before he let go and they bounced back into place. Once again I was moaning, but this time I had a quiver in my voice. A wave of heat rolled through me and he kissed me roughly on the stomach. Slowly he trailed up and latched onto my right nipple. He flicked me with his tongue on one while he twisted the other globe with his fingers. I had a tiny shake as shivers rose up my spine.

"Oh... Ian. This is amazing. Mmm, keep going."

"Wouldn't stop for a million dollars."

"Fuuuck," I panted heavily, "Ugh, you're making me so wet babe, look, I'm dripping on your chair already."

He flickered his eyes down for a second and then back up at me. "Well, I can't let that happen, now can I What should I do about that"

"Anything, please! My cunt is dying for some action!"

He leaned in close to my ear and grabbed both nipples with each hand, "I want to hear you scream it..."

"I want you in my pussy, Ian, please." I was still huffing from the nipple twisting before. Suddenly a sharp tug on both breasts told me he wasn't kidding.

"I said, scream it, doll."

"I want you, Ian!" I raised my voice a bit.

Now he was really tugging on my tits. They were on fire from pain. But my cunt was still absolutely soaking!

"Ahhhh! IAN!! FUCK ME LONG AND DEEP! I need you inside of me now!!!"

"That's my girl..." He leaned over and plunged his tongue into my mouth, swirling it around in my mouth. I felt absolutely open to him, and I liked it. His hands let go of my sore globes and tickled their way down to my waist.

"Are you sure you're ok with this"

"I know what I'm getting myself into, I can handle it. Lay it on me."

Ian chuckled and kissed my jaw line. "Whatever you say, baby." With that he rubbed my pussy over my thong and asked me once again. "Can you really take it"

"Yes, please. I want it so bad. Hurry. Pretty please"

"Well, since you asked so nicely, I guess I can oblige..."

Finally! He knelt down and leaned over my thong, removing it with his teeth.

"Close your eyes, you'll get a better feeling that way."

So I did. And suddenly there was a funny smell and I was out. I heard nothing, saw nothing, until I woke up, that is.

Then suddenly, as quickly as I had been asleep, I was awake.

Except I wasn't just awake. Because I was tied down, spread eagle to a bed frame, with a blindfold covering me.

What the fuck.

What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck.

What did I get myself into

"H-hello" I ventured a shaky word, seeing as I couldn't hear a sound.

"Babe. How's it going" Ian's voice was sitting at the end of the bed. He probably had a perfect view of my pussy.

"Ian. What the hell is going on" I was mad.

"Babe, listen carefully. We're just playing a game. The element of surprise was necessary, but you're safe. Trust me."

"How can I trust you now!"

"Here, you don't believe me What's wrong"

"You aren't going to hurt me" My fear had started to turn into panic.

"No way in hell am I going to hurt you. Besides the fact that you look like a great fuck, my friends here probably didn't come to watch a horror flick. You have a striking personality, and I'd hate to ruin that." He was getting closer.

"F-friends Who is in here" I started to move and try to get out.

"I can't tell you. But if you trust me, we can get started. So let me ask you again. Do you trust me" He had come and either leaned down or squatted to reach my ear level. The last sentence had been whispered. Only for me to hear.

"I-...I guess so." And it was true. He was very nice and really liked giving himself to pleasure me.

"Perfect." I could hear the smile in his voice. "Ok everyone, let's get this started!" He stood up and placed a hand under my chin, bringing my mouth to his for a hot kiss.

"OK, Christina. Here's the rules. You aren't allowed to move or talk."

"Or what"

"Ah, first noise, first level." I heard a switch and suddenly a cold metal object was pushed roughly into my snatch.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT" I practically screeched when I felt the invasion.

"Oh, second level." He clicked the switch and the vibrator went from barely there to slightly noticeable.

"Ian, please tell me!" I was squirming and trying to face him.

"Since you asked so nicely... It's a small metal vibrator, normally used for back massages, but I got myself hooked up with someone who has them in stock. There's ten levels..."

I in took a deep breath. Evan! He worked at a sports store that sold those!

"Babe, you gotta learn sometime. No noise, no moving."

"Sorry. OH SHIT!" I talked again. My stupid good nature.

"Haha, no problem. The higher the level, the better the view." He switched it up two levels.

I sat there for a while. Only getting half of the torture. I wondered how long I was going to sit here. And if Evan was there.

I risked another level. What can one level do

"How long am I going to be here, and is Evan the one who gave you the ball" I clenched my teeth for the next level.

He didn't immediately switch it though.

"Well, if you can sit for five minutes on one level, you'll be finished and you can take a bow to all my friends. (Speaking of which, they're enjoying the show.) And no, Evan didn't give these to me. He doesn't even know what's going on just across the hall from him." He flipped the level up then.

Five minutes, I thought. Just five.

But I'd already been there 5 minutes. Five minutes more on level six without so much as a cough... oh no.

It seemed like forever but finally Ian said "One minute left" and I knew I'd make it.

Except that now they were getting up to touch me.

"No one near her pussy. It's mine." Ian warned. About five sets of hands went to roving my ass and breasts.

They were pinching my nipples, forcing me to give them head, and I would've been fine, if one guy hadn't started to fuck my ass with a lubricated dildo.

I tried to hold my position, really I did... But all this was too much... I tried one last attempt and clenched my jaw tight as it would go.

Nope, no vice. I started panting and moaning out to the faceless hands.

"Ohhh, that feels so good."

"Back off boys..." Ian had ordered them away, and now I was left I shivered with delight and smiled.

"Christina... what did I say Now, let's move you up a level." He switched it up. I was on seven.

A question was stirring in my mind... "What if I never last 5 minutes I could be stuck here forever!" Another level... I didn't know how I'd make it now. The vibrating was really strong, I could feel my pussy vibrating, and I was surprised that I could even feel myself clenching and unclenching my muscles.

Again we reached the four minute mark, and I still hadn't gotten my answer. I was so close to cumming, I'd been on this thing for ages. Well, it felt like ages, probably only about 15-20 minutes, in reality.

The hands were on me again, groping, stroking, teasing.

I guessed there were about 5 or 6 guys there. I knew there were no girls, or the hands would've been gentler. Still, while they weren't gentle, they weren't exactly rough, and it was really making me drip.

As if on cue, I hear Ian. "30 seconds, you're dripping Christina." Suddenly someone, Ian I assumed, because I knew his hands, pulled my pussy lips apart and flicked my bud, causing a shocking orgasm.

"Ummmm," I bit my lower lip in a feeble attempt to stay quiet... No luck.

"Haha, look who's quivering." Ian was right. My legs were shaking, the force of such the orgasm that I'd been holding in was too great to stop shaking.

He turned it all the way up to ten. One for my outburst, one for my shaking.

This was amazing, embarrassing, and oh, so sexy all at the same time.

Every nerve in my body was alive. The guys had stopped prodding and stroking, and had gone to sit back down... Or so I thought.

I heard a few groans and then some sharp breathing. I knew what this was, they were wanking off. I'd never had a guy wank in my presence, let alone because of something I'd done.

I felt good, really good. And, since I couldn't even go up another level, I might as well have some fun with this.

"So, Ian, I can hear all the other's wanking, what are you doing"

"Hey, quiet, remember"

"Yeah, but-" I shuddered with a minor orgasm "But, now I can't go up another level. Sucker."

"You still aren't getting out of here without sitting still for 5 minutes." I could hear him getting breathless... that meant he was jerking off.

"Well, let the good times roll. You might as well let me suck you. I know you'd have a big cock, and I could make it sooo nice." I was practically purring. I knew what he'd say next...

" Rules were no touching you until four minutes of quiet. So sit still."

"Oh, baby, this is so much fun. Would you really rather sit there and do that while it should really be my job. Sucking you off like a good slut Making you all wet, oooh, you'd like that. Right"

"I know what you're doing, and it's not happening. Now shut up, and sit still."

Fine, I thought. I'd do that.

2 minutes left, I mentally counted it. One minute, my teeth clenched my muscles not moving. Not even when they started probing...

"I can't take it anymore." That was Ian.

"How is she holding this in It's impossible! Let me at her." He moved toward me quickly, and spread my lips. I was ready this time; I braced myself for the impact of his fingers on my clit.

"FUCK!" He yelled. "Fine. I'll take this another step." He inserted a finger quickly and started finger fucking me, hard, fast, and oh soo good. But I held on.

"Uh, Ian" I recognized this voice... It was Brent! What the hell! "Ian, five minutes is over, you have to let her go." He was definitely wanking, that was for sure. I could hear the whole room going off.

"I guess..." Ian sounded reluctant. But he moved closer to my ear and whispered... "What do you say we give them a REAL show I'll take the blindfold off, the ties come off, but you get to have some special attention from me. And this time, I won't knock you out with sleeping gas."

"So that's what it was!" I whispered back. "And, I guess, if you really want to..."

"That's one I know I want."

"Let's get to it." I spoke louder. "Hey boys, blindfolds coming off, if you don't want me to see who you are, I understand, just get up and leave, but you'll miss out!" I laughed in a tinkling way.

No one moved. The door did not open. I smiled and licked my lips. This would be a first.

"Let's get to it then sexy!" Ian ripped the ties from my feet and hands, and then took off the blindfold. I blinked and adjusted. The first thing I did was lean up and kiss Ian, long and deep. I sunk my tongue into his and played with his mind. Making him huff when I pulled away, and then lightly getting a kiss on the nose.

"Better make some room for me in your pussy." He reached in and pulled out the vibrator, he threw it to the other end of the room. I looked around and saw not 6 but 7 guys all stroking their dicks, which were perky and large! Who knew there was this much meat in the school! Must be the water, I mused in my head. I tallied up the room, Brent was nearest my head, and there were other guys I had seen and always dreamed of talking to. Head of the basketball team, Andrew; Mac, who always threw the best keggers; Jack, the younger brother of Brent, and his twin brother Luke; Matt, soccer star extraordinaire, and he had the biggest piece of dick I'd ever seen, I'd say about 7 inches. (OK, so, I hadn't seen too many at that point.) Finally there was Kyle, who was the student body president, easily one of the most popular guys in school. And here they all were, watching me like hungry falcons, about to watch me get fucked by Ian, who was turning out to be a seriously good finger fucker.

"Babe, look at me." I turned my attention to Ian, who pulled his fingers out and sucked one gently. I leaned over to pull another of his fingers into my mouth, tasting myself. "You are definitely the best pussy I've ever tasted."

"Why thank you, but Ian, you're being a bad host... Shouldn't your guests each get a taste" I giggled as his face lit up.

"Well well, you're turning into a slut, aren't you Let's see, youngest first"

The youngest was Luke, by three minutes apparently, but he was still a year older than me.

"Alright! I never thought being youngest would have so many advantages!"

He was gentle, I recognized his hands when he reached behind my back to pull me in for a kiss. These were the hands that had splayed across my stomach, stroking my tummy, tickling softly. He kissed all down my body, suckling my nipples, and then finally moved onto my pussy. He gently suckled my clit, softly circling with his tongue. Using his fingers to rub my bud, he tongue fucked me, an experience I'd never had before. That was heavenly. When I shuddered for an orgasm, I felt amazing. That was so incredible. So nice, pleasant.

"Come here," I told him, and let him have another kiss for being a gentleman. Only thinking of pleasuring me, he'd gotten a check in my book.

Next up was Jack, Luke's twin brother. Things only got better. He was always the class clown, even in grade school, but this was a whole other side of him. He nibbled my ear lobe, and sucked in my bottom lip before lifting my chin for a hot kiss. His fingers were playing with my globes, and I lifted my pussy in response. He chuckled in a playful way.

"Yeah, I want you too. Let's fix this up." He licked my outer, glistening lips. Teasing me. I grinned. This was his style. He kissed my bud for what seemed like too long. I wanted him to suck me.

I told him so. "Suck me; you're just making it unbearable."

"I know. But I'm tired of holding off." With that he plunge his tongue deep into me, apparently the twins had one thing in common besides their age. They both knew that this was a good move.

I'd finished my orgasm on that one, and then it continued, all the way up to Brent, who was the oldest.

Finally, Ian, who had sat out of the line up went up to me and kissed me. I smiled against his mouth and he seemed to know what I wanted.

"Fine, I can oblige to you. Fuck, you're hot." The rest of the guys cheered in response as Ian flipped me over onto my stomach.

"You do doggy" He smacked my ass hard.

"You bet I do!"

"Let's move this somewhere else, make it more comfortable for you." He picked me up and placed me on one of his couches, between Mac and Andrew.

"Now, baby, these boys came for a show, but I bet they'd like to leave with a little extra... wouldn't you say" I caught his drift and wiggled my ass in his direction.

"Don't worry; they'll get what they want." I engulfed Andrew's dick in my mouth, and grabbed Mac with my hand.

"Good girl... Here I come." He slowly pushed his cock into my hole, and I got him all.

He started slowly, getting used to the feeling.

"God, you're tight. How many other guys have you fucked"

This was the point where I blushed. Of all the things he had to ask, this was the worst. I didn't want to seem like a little girl. But I answered truthfully.

"Only one. And I was drunk, so was he."

"Fuck, babe, one guy and you're so good at everything you do." This was Andrew, who apparently liked the feeling of my mouth on his cock.

"Haha, just because I've only fucked once, doesn't mean I haven't given head more than that."

"I noticed. Oh god, you're so good. I hope you plan on helping out Mac after this." Andrew managed a tight laugh. "He looks like he'd like it."

I peeked up and Mac shoved Andrew. "Shut up man; let the fox do her thing!"

I smiled.

And so it went like this, getting fucked hard and fast by Ian (who was seriously pounding me with no stop in sight). And sucking off the some of the hottest and most popular guys in the entire school. I was in heaven.

The number of orgasms were a blur, the amount of times I swallowed cum, more than I had fingers and toes, and the number of moans I emitted were gargantuan.

Ian had started getting tired, I could tell. He slowed down a bit, after about the 20 minute mark, I noticed a change. Then I noticed another slow down after another 30 minutes.

I didn't know how long people normally were able to go, but once I had finished pleasing the boys with my tongue and mouth, Ian tried to finish me off. He rubbed my clit ferociously and tweaked my nipples. I had this orgasm building all night, a huge one, only possible because of the amount of pleasure I'd gotten. I smiled at every single one of them. And then I turned to Ian, whimpering and breathing heavily.

"I-I... uhhh, I just want to say-" I had to take a break for breathing deeply. "Oh God, fuuuck..." My body shook a bit. "I never thought... ohhh, yes. Mmm, keep hitting that spot Ian... I never knew there were so many guys-" I groaned again. "That would make me feel soooooo damn good. Oh, oh, yes, Ian. Fuck. So, just thanks. I - mmm- I guess." I squeezed my eyes shut as Ian continued to fuck me.

"I think we can all say, you are the hottest damn fuck any of us has ever seen." This was Kyle, and he was smiling a quirky grin at me. "And, in the future, if you're available, you know where to find us." He winked at me.

Then Matt, who always knew how to pump up a crowd, made eye contact with Ian. Ian nodded and Matt smiled. "Let's get this fucker DONE!" All the boys cat-called and hooted and cheered then started making their way towards me.

I bit my lip as another small tremor moved through me. I was excited. They were all over me now, and Matt whispered something to Ian, who quickly put me into missionary, with Matt under me. Matt slipped on a condom and entered my ass. Something I'd never experienced before. But oh, it was amazing.

Everything hurt and felt wonderful at the same time. The boys were grunting, rubbing, licking and playing all over me. I couldn't take it. I couldn't just stay quiet. I had to grunt and huff and pant and moan. Every nerve ending seemed alive, and not one part of me was left untouched.

Mac was twisting my right nipple, Kyle on my left. Ian was grunting as he fucked me, clearly near an orgasm, and Matt was nearing one too. Andrew was rubbing my clit in slow, tantalizing motions, and Jack was licking my stomach. Brent was nibbling my earlobes, and kissing my neck and collar bone. Luke was softly kissing me, showing the same amount of passion as he had when he'd tongue fucked me.

I moaned in my throat, and I felt Luke smile against my mouth. He knew I was close... So close. And he warned the rest of the guys.

"She's ready to blow, let's take it to the finish." He plunged his tongue into my mouth, and everyone suddenly went faster at everything. Better, harder, everything was going blurry.

With every thrust by Matt and Ian I grunted in my throat, with every tweak and tickle I sharply in took breath. I couldn't take this much pleasure. I was going to be so sore in the morning, but for now-

"Ah! Oh God, oh God, fuck me, yeah... Oh, I'm so close." I was twisting in pleasure by now. I whimpered and Luke looked at me.

"Come on baby, we know you have it in you. Just let go." He leaned in to kiss me gently and then I blew.

My whole body was shaking; I thrust my chest up, threw my head back and took it. I didn't know how long this lasted, just that everywhere felt like heaven. And that's when I passed out.

"Dude, she just passed out!" A male voice was cutting through the haze.

"Why the fuck did that happen Did you hurt her" Another one, mad, almost.

"I don't know, I don't think so. We were all around her, just giving her pleasure, like I said before. Then she just cums and she's out cold." I knew this voice... who was it

"Wait... she passed out after her orgasm Well, no duh, that's why. You all must have been really good to her." Now the voice was warming up.

"Shit, dude. I didn't even think of that! Of course!" I knew it! This was someone I knew, Ian. "Well, she's all yours. I've got her out of her shell, like you asked."

"Man, thanks for that. I couldn't do it myself. She's just weird around me when I try to make a move on her. I know it has something to do with the time we got too drunk and-" Ian cut him off.

"Wait, you're the guy! The only other guy she's fucked She said she's only had it once, and she was drunk and so was the guy... Holy crap!"

"Yeah, but I guess she didn't tell you the rest. Kind of, preoccupied, I assume." He sounded sad now. I wanted to reach out and comfort him, but I didn't know if I should move. I kept my eyes closed, listening.

"Dude, what are you talking about"

"We have been best friends for a long time, and finally I told her we were going to a party in when she was in the 12th grade, it was the summer solstice party that this rich guy always threw. It was her birthday, and she's always told me that one day when she was old enough, she'd use the opportunity of having the most daylight hours on her birthday to party till she dropped."

"Seriously, what happened" Ian sounded nervous.

"Basically, I forced her to go. It was my first year at this school, and you were the one who invited me...remember Anyways, she went, but was so nervous. I told her a drink would calm her down, so she took one, then two, then three... Eventually I had to force her to stop. But I was drunk as hell, and we ended up going back to my dorm..."

"Shit, Evan, that's terrible." Ian had cleared up my confusion. This was Evan who had me in his arms.

Evan kissed my forehead, then. "I know. Her first time, she couldn't even remember it. I don't really remember much of it, myself. She was so beautiful, even while she was drunk. That is one thing I force myself to remember, everyday. I feel like a monster. She woke up the next morning with a pounding headache and a sore cunt, with no memory of the previous night. But she put it together. I mean, we were both completely naked wrapped up in each other..."

"Man, you don't have to tell me. I get that it's hard for you."

Evan played with my hair, and let a finger brush my cheekbone. "No, you should know why I asked you to do this. I love this girl, and what I did to her was my fault. Christina was-" No, I thought. Don't tell him. "She got pregnant. I didn't find out until she had gotten rid of the baby, gotten an abortion. I couldn't believe it. Our baby, even if the conceiving wasn't ideal, this was something we had done together... I would've helped her take care of the baby... our baby. It was horrible, dude. I couldn't look at her without feeling hurt and hateful. I distanced myself, for a month or so. And when I came back to her, after I had gotten over losing this wonderful thing that is supposed to be a miracle, she had changed. It took her a long time to forgive me for backing out on her. I told her that if something like that ever happened again, I'd stay with her, but she said it couldn't happen. Because if I left again, it would break her heart. So, I just stuck around as a friend, and I still hope that one day she'll take me back." A tear hit my cheek, and I had to hold back from crying out myself.

"Anyways," Evan swiped the tear away. "I guess I'll keep her here, until she wakes up and tells me all about her great night. Thanks for taking care of her man, I owe you one." I heard Ian go back through his door, and Evan readjusted me to get into his room.

The second we were inside I flung my arms around him and kissed him with what I hoped was strong passion. I pulled away to look at him. "If I had known how much you cared about me, I still wouldn't have kept our baby, you know. As much as I'd like children, that's not something I could deal with at this age. It's not your fault."

"I was just always wondering if we had talked about the options..." He looked at me warily.

"No, I don't think I would've kept our baby. I wouldn't want to have you or me have to give up school, or our lives. You have to understand that point of view." He nodded slowly, and sighed.

"If it happens again," I say slowly. "If it happens anymore, I'll tell you."

"But how can it happen again sinc-" He stops talking when he sees the look on my face. "Oh, you vixen!" he picks me up and leads me to the bed.

I laugh at his urgency. "We've got all night! Calm down."

He sheepishly looks at me "Well, since you spent so long at Ian's place getting God knows what done, it's about 3:00 in the morning, sweetie."

I must look stunned, because now it's Evan's turn to laugh, "Haha, that leaves us the rest of the night, plus Saturday, and Sunday."

"And every other weekend after that..." I smile as Evan rips my shirt off.

"Plus after school." He's licking my stomach and I'm squealing.

"And vacations," I'm running my hands under his shirt and over his nipples, then lift it off his head.

"And any night time sneak outs." He's slowly undoing my skirt, running his hands over my panties. I reach out and just remove his skirt altogether.

"And those odd days when we just skip class, magically at the same day." I kiss his mouth and I take off my skirt, while he slips off his boxers.

"Mmm, let's worry about tonight, though," he looks at me and I nod. "Starting with that pretty little face of yours."

Slowly, he moves his mouth in perfect rhythm with mine, building the intensity and using his hands to explore me. We're both sighing and smiling, as he runs his fingers through my hair, pulling me closer to him.

Turning his attention to my breasts, he makes me tingle. Softly licking and suckling on them each. He massages them gently with his hands, and I stifle a laugh as he drags his fingers lower still.

"Christina" Evan is looking at me as though I'm the lost city of gold and he's just found it.

"Yes, my love" I smile when he smiles... He hears me call him 'my love' and I think that he's been waiting for that moment for a long time. I want to make him happy, and he wants the same thing for me.

"Let's make this right. Between us. I love you." He kisses me stomach with a surprising roughness.

"I love you, too." I smile creeps across his face again, as he lowers his face over my panties. He wiggles them down with a hand, and stops himself. "How long have you been shaving for"

"About three years. Give or take."

"Who knew" He parts my cunt lips and licks my clit. An electric shock makes its way from my pussy to my head. I sharply breathe in.

"Mmm, you like that" He's teasing me now. Only placing tiny licks in different spots.

"Yes, babe, I do. It's so nice." My eyes are closed, and my breathing is labored.

"You'll love this..." He engulfs my clit in his mouth, sucking and licking and flicking me. Pushing slowly one finger, then two, then three. He's filling me up and I'm flowing like a river.

"Oh, you're so, so right. I do love that. Keep doing it." And he does, obliging me. He's making a 'come here' motion with his finger. I feel a strange pressure in my womb. Different from the one our baby made, more pleasant. Much more pleasant.

"I've never tried this before on a girl." Evan admits, blushing. "I'm hoping it works out well." I've heard of this. The intense orgasms it brings. I'm pressing my pussy up to his face and he slurps down some more juice.

It feels so good, everywhere. My cunt is on fire, and Evan is doing a really great job keeping me going. I can feel his fingers rubbing steadily inside my cunt. And after a few minutes of slurping and sighing and moaning I can feel what he means. This is so nice, and this orgasm is sure to blow my mind.

As sure as I can feel it, I clench my pussy around his fingers. He's smiling now, still licking everything.

"Here it goes, baby." And he's right! So right! All my nerve endings light up and buzz! I'm screaming, but I don't realize it, because everything is just so damn good.

"Mmm, now that was a show-stopper." He's licking his hands and fingers. I look over, panting, and his chin is covered with my honey. I lean up to clean him off with my tongue.

"What... did you - do" I'm still catching my breath. And I look down at my throbbing pussy. But holy shit! It looks like I peed right there! "What the fuck!" I scream as I move away from the spot.

"No, calm down. You just had a really intense orgasm. You've squirted. God, you're delicious." He's lying me back down, opening my hole with his fingers again.

"Oh, I thought- Well, you know. I didn't know I'd be able to squirt."

"Lots of girls can't, just makes you special." He's smiling again. And pushing. Gently.

I close my eyes and let him slide into me. It's so easy after my display of juices. I feel him adjust to how tight I am and then start to squeeze his cock with my pussy.

"Alright, calm down... Let's do this right." He starts slowly, like Ian did, and sighs. "I can't believe how tight you are. It feels so good." In, out, in, out. Like breathing. And that's what it is to us, easy as breathing. We just seem to know how to move, and what we both want.

His climax is building. He's going faster.

After I don't know how long we're both struggling for breath, I'm up on my elbows, kissing his jaw and his face and his mouth. He's leaning over me, giving me pleasure and receiving it.

"Fuck, Evan. I love you. God, ohhh, this is so good." I check the clock, 3:47. We've been going THAT long I look back, yes, we have. A few orgasms from each of us, and yet we're still at it.

He's thinking the same thing. 'Aren't you even tired Sore" I can tell he's tired, but then again, I'm not doing much work. He's thrusting and pumping me.

"One more" I plead. And he smirks, and obliges.

"Mmm, yes. Oh yes. I'm so close, Evan. Keep going."

"I'm almost there too." He's getting louder.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!!!" I scream out and give way to the warm feeling again. Evan's laying on top of me panting when I come back from the pleasant trip.

I roll over so I'm side by side with him. He spoons me from behind and kisses my neck. He places one hand around me, pulling me as close as possible.

I look over my shoulder at him. "Thanks."

"You're welcome."

"That was amazing." I smile.

"Yes, it really was." He seems to be thinking. Then he look back at me and kisses me. "That should've been our first time..." And with that I smile and close my eyes, excited and sleepy. Waiting for the morning to come, and all that it may bring.

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