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Jordan and His Wanton Cougar

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Author: stoneypoint
Published: 28-Dec-09 Revised/Updated 14-Aug-14
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she cried out as a break ensued between connections of a kissing binge. He dove right back in, kissing while throwing his tongue deep within the woman's mouth. She adored it reciprocating his action. His cock reacted violently. He thrust himself, or more to the point, he thrust his cock against her body letting her know he was hard and he was hornier then ever at this point.

* * * * * * *

Later after they had made love, after they had some of the greatest sex he ever experienced out of a woman, he lay there, on his back, and he gazed up at her ceiling as he thought about how everything had come to this point. He wasn’t feeling guilty. He wasn’t feeling bad about it. He didn’t hate himself for doing it. And his woman, Sam, was out of town on another business trip for three days.

Could it get any better then this he wondered He loved Sam. She was great. There was no doubt about that. But this woman, a woman he only knew in a capacity completely different from his usual world of events made him feel things he never felt with Sam his longtime girlfriend. For this woman who was lovelier then he ever expected her to be did things to him and with him that Sam never had him feeling.

He lay with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling of her bedroom. It was serene. It was gratifying to be there with her. He could feel the warmth of her body, the warmth of her breath. Her head and soft hair lay spread out over his chest. Alone it had him feeling warm and replenished after performing an act with such greatness that even she felt comforted enough to drape her leg over his. Her soft and curvy splendored figure was snuggled against his and it was then that he lay recalling how they first met. He had recalled all the events which had culminated to this point and he smiled as he sighed loudly by accident and waking her up.

“Mmmmmm,” he heard her say as she moved her hands around him. Reaching around him she pressed herself closely against his firm body. “Thank you” she added, “mmmmm that was…it was wonderful sweetheart.”

He told her she was welcome and thanked her as well and it was then she turned her head upwards to face him. The look he saw was an angelic one just as her voice was the first night out. He’d never seen it like that before. Oh he’d seen her around. Mainly where he’d seen her working at the library but after making love the way they just had for the very first time, she looked entirely different. She looked complete. She looked whole. And she seemed more womanly then he’d ever seen her before that day.

Something sparkled in her eyes. Something said to him she felt complete again because he had done something no man had done for her or to her in a long, long while. He had provided her with what she’d been missing for many years now. He didn’t know it but that was how it felt to him so he pulled her closer, he felt as if it was right to do so. He pulled himself down towards her so he could see her face to face and looking her in the eyes he shook his head as he smiled.

“Making love like we did a little while ago” he began “it was…it was amazing Shelli. You’re amazing” he told her.

Her eyes were full of warmth. Just saying what he’d said had him feeling loopy, tingly, and he felt slight pangs of desire jumping throughout him momentarily. She had to agree and leaned forward to kiss his lips. When their lips touched a new spark felt as if it was erupting. “I think, because of you, I may get horny again.”

“That’s nice” she replied. She paused before saying “Me too” she added, “me too honey.”

She looked into his eyes and he gazed back. Unable to believe all this was happening he thought back to when he first came in contact with her. “Mam, can you help me with any of this” he asked some woman. She said no she couldn’t but that another woman could instruct him with the periodicals of the library he was at. He was unfamiliar with their location. She told him the other woman could help him out. Seeing as she was much older and more experienced at it all, but never saying it to him, she could help him find his way through all the stacks. She left him to go and speak to the other librarian. That librarian looked up. He watched as they spoke. The other librarian nodded as she looked his way. She smiled. The two of them smiled. Then the other librarian, the one who was to help him walked his way.

It was then that this attractive, stately looking lady who was several years older with her grand looking figure in the long traditional looking dress strolled elegantly towards him. The woman seemed to know her stuff. She knew exactly what it was he had been looking for and practically took his hand in hers and led him to the exact place he was researching and it turned out to be exactly what he needed.

“Thank you” he told her.

She had turned and looked him in the eyes. She had calmly replied. She had told him in no uncertain terms “It isn’t a problem. I don’t mind. Anything…anything you need” she said as her eyes bored holes through his as if searching for something he had but hadn’t realized she wanted and needed, “please and I repeat, please do not hesitate to ask me.” It was then for the very first time that he smelled it on her. An aroma, a scent so pleasing he wanted to bury his had against her. The aroma was so delectable, so enticing he didn’t know what to say, what to tell her, but he felt as if he should say something like it was a great aroma on a great looking woman too.

And she was great looking. No, she wasn’t a 25 year old lingerie model from one of the top companies you’d read splashed all over in some fashion or gossip magazines, but she was a close second. In his eyes, she held a wider girth with plush velvety curves swirling throughout her and one which he quickly found himself surveying as a charming and endearing physique. Somehow hers was one in which he found to his liking and her demeanor was swiftly one which he wished she’d share with him on an intimate basis. But why he had no idea at all, at first. Soon and surprisingly he would.

As they lay facing one another, she looked down at his tranquil and slender chest. She could see its definition. She was able to see its strength. She could feel its power as the two had made love earlier. And her hand moved over and moved about it as if she was ice skating on it. He closed his eyes. He loved how it felt. How she moved across his pectorals and how she unnervingly moved about his nipples, she played or toyed with each one as if to tell him each one was adorable.

“You have a beautiful body Jordan.”

“So do you, Shelli.”

He hungered for it. He hungered for all of her again. It was hard to believe he said so, but it was true. Then he told her how he hungered for it as he thought back to how they came to know each other on a personal level.

“Sweetheart, do you care to take a walk tonight” He asked Sam

Earlier it had been raining, then it quickly turned to snow, and the snow blanketed the area covering up any and all icy patches. He ignored the early rains however light they’d been. She, Sam, his longtime girlfriend, had declined the invitation. Knowing he loved walking while it snowed on quiet evenings like this one, he went it alone. He slipped but didn’t fall a couple times and knowing it was slippery he mainly walked on the grassy areas like he was seeing from others who were out momentarily. But then he realized it. He and only one other person were out, or so it seemed. He became braver and braver and walked the streets, slipping every so often, but holding his tongue.

Then it happened. “OHHHH SHIIIIT” he cried out. “DAAAAMN IT ALL” he shouted as he lost it and began his first header backwards into the pavement on his ass.

She heard him and immediately headed his way. She was across the street. Somehow she had no problem walking across the icy pavement. She called out asking if he was okay. He loved the woman’s angelic gentle tone of voice. Harmonic and soft in nature she sounded introverted but genuine and self-assured in nature. He looked around while still on his ass, his feet and legs still unable to get a grip on the pavement below him. He felt like he looked as if he was a klutz.

“Are you alright” she said and put a hand and an arm underneath him. It instantly felt protective, safe, and comforting. “Here, let me help you” she added.

That voice, he thought, but then he smelled it. That aroma, that smell…where do I know it from, he thought. He knew it from somewhere. Was it Katrina Was it from Sam Was it Lynn All people he knew well from work or of course Sam his girlfriend. It couldn’t be Sam. She rarely wore that stuff. But he loved it. That smell always had his heart “dreaming.”

“There you go” she said, the same safe and comforting voice said.

He couldn’t see her face. It was too dark. He wished he could. She sounded beautiful, angelic, and she seemed like she could have been his long lost lover from another period in time.

“Are you sure you are alright”

He nodded, said yes, and he thanked her. He wanted to offer her a hug because she came to help him out. He didn’t. She didn’t seem to reciprocate one anyway. Finally on his own feet, he tried walking away. She was across the street again, looking back his way, and he was standing there right over the ice, and watching this mysterious lady wondering how he thought he knew her.

“SHIIIIT…OHHHHH DAMN” he said again and he fell once more on his ass.

She smiled as she made a u-turn and headed back his way. She knew. She knew who he was now. She didn’t know his name, but she would and he’d know hers too soon enough. “You are a lout but aren’t we all sir”

He didn’t know what a lout was but agreed. He thanked her trying to discern who the wonderful smelling, sweet sounding lady was. He still hadn’t recognized her face. He couldn’t pin it down yet. They arrived with her help at his house via neighbors lawns instead of the slippery streets. Outside, they stood and chatted. He was already mesmerized by her gentle attractive features as he smelled her scent. It was tranquil like she was. It was hypnotizing almost like her gentle features were as well. And it was at that point that he wished he could thank her “appropriately” by offering his new friend a long and energizing hug, but didn’t.

“Thank you again” he told her not taking his eyes off hers. “By the way, I’m Jordan… Jordan Conklin” he added as he stuck out his hand to shake hers.

She told him her name was Shelli Parker and again offered that anytime he needed her assistance to call on her. And he remembered her offer from the other day at the library as he recalled her perfume, recalled her strangely attractive looks. He wanted to ask her out. He wanted to take her to lunch or dinner or both or whatever. Suddenly he’d forgotten about his beautiful and wonderful girlfriend who was just inside his house 20 feet away. His only affections stood five feet away for the moment. Our Jordan Conklin was more then taken by his new friend Shelli Parker. He wanted things he shouldn’t be wanting.

She said goodbye and started walking away. “Uhhhh Shelli” he called out and then wondered if it was the right thing to do. She asked what but he blew it off and said never mind. A smile came to settle on her face and she began to head back towards him. “No, never mind…it’s ridiculous, silly.” She told him nothings ever silly or ridiculous. “Then will you give me the honor, the pleasure of having lunch with me some time”

“Like tomorrow” she came back. That was quick, real quick. It was so quick it turned him on, sort of. He was jazzed up by her telling him that. “Tomorrow, if you’re not busy, if you aren’t working,” which he wasn’t “would be…perfect. Let’s say 11:30. You could even come earlier if you wanted to” she added as her hand touched his arm almost lovingly. “Is it a date”

Oh god, ohhh shit he thought. He was heating up all over. He could feel the energy of whatever existed between the two of them mounting. He couldn’t believe he was being invited or having lunch with this woman, a woman so eternally attractive in his eyes that he hungered for her every second. She finally said goodbye. He watched her walk away until he was unable to see her any longer. Pangs and quivering rung throughout his frame like nervous energy unleashed. He felt tingling so severe he was unable to control the physical outbreak within himself. He had to channel it all. He stood outside too long. She came to the door and saw him. She called out his name. He didn’t even hear her. She said his name again and he abruptly turned towards her.

“WHAT” he said to Sam.

“Honey, are you alright dear”

“Oh…yes…I’m…I’m fine…sure” he told her and apologized to her. She thought something was upsetting him. “Can I do anything to make it better” she said as if offering to sex him up.

He declined. He was holding on to false hopes, but a false hope is better then no hope at all he figured. He was restless. She knew it too but had no idea why. Finally he fell asleep two hours later and she readied herself for the airport at 6 in the morning. He took her, got home right away and got ready for his date at 8 in the morning. Slowly he pressed her out of his thoughts while picturing himself and Shelli together and maybe, hopefully intimately He did not know, but he cared and he wished and he hoped he was right and seeing as he knew where she lived sort of, he was ready, and headed her way careful to stay off all streets seeing as he had a habit of falling lately.

He knocked. Slow to answer, she was nervous. She wasn’t the same calm, cool, and relaxed person she was the night before. She was dressed but what she had on wasn’t attractive nor was it appropriate for a meal at any nice restaurant. She said she had to change and offered him a chair after the two hugged. He loved it. He didn’t know how she felt about it, but he loved holding the beautiful longer haired woman. She felt soft, full, and wondered how she’d look in a tighter looking outfit, her curves upholding the laws of gravity flawlessly as he’s seen her numerous times before.

In her room she was dressing. Something crashed and he immediately wanted to jump up and head towards her room, but only called out. “Is everything okay” She said she thought so but wasn’t sure. He asked what happened. She told him a shelf fell. “Uhhhh do you want me to take a look” Silence. Not sure if she should say yes or not, she hesitated. “Shelli is everything okay” he asked again. She told him to hold up that she had to put something on. His head filled quickly with ideas. He smiled, but became nervous about what he could see with an answer like that.

“Ummm okay, alright…you can…uhh come on back I guess” she said.

He did but when he arrived at her doorway she was looking down. Embarrassed how she appeared she wished she would have put on clothes. Why hadn’t she put on clothes She wasn’t sure or wasn’t sure what she wanted to wear she said much later.

“It’s okay…I think I know how you feel. I’ll wait” he told her as he felt flush. He turned and started to walk away.

“NO…WAIT…PLEASE” she said. Her voice was emphatic. It was louder, but insistent he remain in the room. Much quieter she added “please stay.” She looked and acted nervously. She twitched. She fiddled with parts of her long cotton robe. He felt uncomfortable, aroused too, but remained at a safe distance. He wanted her, but didn’t want to overstep his boundaries. “Ummm, all I have to do is ummm get ummm dressed. That is ummm unless ummm you’d like to ummm stay here for a little ummm while” she tried saying with very little confidence in her tone. He noticed.

Shrugging his shoulders and seeing as she was in the long cotton robe has his mind wandering everywhere. Yes, everywhere and his eyes did too. She blushed sharply noticing that they were doing just that.

“I was unsure what to where to be honest” she told him.

“Anything you where is fine with me” he replied, “anything at all” he reassured her.

She looked down. He wasn’t sure what to make of it, but he knew how he felt. He felt strange and queasy and he felt unexpected explosions within him. He felt pangs. He felt serious tingling which ended in his dick swelling a little as a result. Ohhhhhh he thought as his eyes almost closed as a reaction to her appearance. He watched and studied her closely. Tied tightly that he could easily view the silhouette of her figure and its winding curves anchored only by the precious set of her bulbous tits he viewed the woman as a sculpture of beauty. Neither had spoken a word for full few minutes it seemed. He wanted to tell her things she probably didn’t know he thought about her, but didn’t.

He only said “Do you know how beautiful I think you are”

She looked up. She tried to smile. What was surging through her he had no idea. It was coursing through her veins. Desire, temptations she hadn’t imagined ever in a long while throughout her lifetime, and here he was, a younger virile man standing how many feet away from her She had opportunity knocking and she was afraid of the opportunities. She was afraid of where they may lead to.

“I mean it” he said again.

“You mean…what…Jordan” she said disbelieving his words.

“That you are a very beautiful lady…a gorgeous woman I think” he reassured her.

“I am not that beautiful.”

His heart jumped, skipped a beat as he thought about her, about her body and its contours. “Ohhhhhh” and he nodded. “Yes you are.” He closed his eyes. His body surged with desire like hers was only neither knew it.

“Do you mean it” she said, her voice lacking confidence.

“I mean everything I say…everything.”

Her face filled with great enthusiasm. He saw her eyes brighten and begin to sparkle. She even smiled and that smile aroused him so much that she wanted him to see it for what it was. “Jordan, if I show you something, will you tell me how beautiful and sexy I really am then” He said yes.

And she untied it. She did not pull it open. It fell open by itself, slowly, and by doing so it exposed him to dreams he’d had for many weeks and nights alone without anyone around him. He saw something black. Tied up the front was what he thought was a corset, but it draped down past her cute little tummy. He knew she had one, but couldn’t see it clearly enough. Her innie was hidden from his eyesight. Who cares She looked exhilarating. She looked ohhh soooo delicious. He was unable to keep His eyes off what he could see of her outfit. Dark with slivers of white ruffles gathering at the edges, her body looked like it was calling out his name. He hoped it was at least. She managed a small but uncomfortable smile as he took it all in. Suddenly he felt it happen.

Jordan felt the tingling erupting. Oh god no, not yet he thought. Then he heard something strange. “Grrrrr” she said quietly. What…where did that come from he wondered. He looked away from her body then looked back over at it. Jordan began to take it all in again. The hips, wide and inviting as they were, were surrounded just beneath the robe by a perfectly sized g-string to fit her wide girth. Hers she had on was made only for woman of her beauty. No, this woman wasn’t large but she was solid and curvaceous in many other ways. She was a mature and physically fit beast and shapely and perfectly molded in ways he never imagined her to be. With thick and velvety thighs he could see about her he imagined the remainder of her to be inviting and riveting to the touch. Running his hands across her brought on tremendous feelings within him. Smooth rolling lines like quiet running brooks throughout her as her figure ran and ran up and around to her full bodied breasts. He knew he wanted to be with her for a very long while.

“God, you are gorgeous” he told Shelli. “Simply and absolutely gorgeous” he added.

“Thank you” she said quietly, almost impishly. “Jordan,” she went on to say, her voice soft spoken. “Will you do me a favor” Her eyes looked towards the ground now. Gradually they lifted to meet his. “Will you…” and she looked back down, but he knew by then what the older, quieter, and beautiful most sexy looking woman was about to ask anyway. “Will you have…will you have…will you make love with me, please” Finally her eyes lifted and met his.

She was determined now seeing as she said it. Her robe, hanging open, was no longer. Having taken the edges around her shoulders through the use of her fingertips she began to remove from her shoulders. Once again he heard it.

“Grrrrr…I want you” she tried to say more assuredly. Her shoulders seemed to square off as she uttered it. Her bosoms took on that sense of confidence and the cougar of his looked as if she was ready to pounce on him.

Looking at her in her sexy “God you make me horny” he told her.

“And you turn me on too…grrrrr” she said again.

The robe dropped to the floor and he could see her velvety, fleshy thighs. Ohhh they were sweet. Her hips were grand and stately. Wide but simple, he could picture himself riding her like a Trojan horse but being sensuous and loving and totally full of passion through the course of making love with this older woman he adored. And in a piece such as she wore, she only looked more delectable then he ever imagined her to look. What now, he wondered. Do I undress Does she undress me He didn’t know so he began undoing his own shirt.

“No, don’t…let me do that…please”

He let her. He felt her presence. It was an exhilarating, arousing moment. All of it was to him. He was heightened by her sexuality, her looks, and her scent he always adored. He finally told her too. It was the right time for it. She smiled and thanked him and for some reason did that grrrrr sound again. She never had to do it but she did. Then she leaned in and she kissed his lips tenderly.

It was then these two were all over one another. He grabbed hold of her first. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his body. Their lips, their tongues were in full throttle, kissing and molding passion and defining passion as it was meant to be. She felt herself being pushed backward. Further and further she stepped back. But their bodies found a way to push together as they pulled and walked backward towards something to brace them and form a unity with one another.

They fell. Falling backward they didn’t know where they were headed, but they hit a soft, bouncy patch. Landing safely the two continued on- Kissing and holding but pushing at an intense rate against one another as his dick pressed firmly into her warm wanton flesh.

“OHHHH LORD” she cried out as a break ensued between connections of a kissing binge. He dove right back in, kissing while throwing his tongue deep within the woman’s mouth. She adored it reciprocating his action. His cock reacted violently. He thrust himself, or more to the point, he thrust his cock against her body letting her know he was hard and he was hornier then ever at this point.

His shirt finally came off and she flipped him. Now on his back, she went after his chest. Kissing it, their hands were spread apart as her lips attacked his chest and stomach. The moment, to her, was magnificent. She tingled wildly. She wanted him horribly. She dropped and pressed her body feverishly against his.

“I want you so much” she whispered. “I can’t tell you how much I need this.”

“Me neither” he whispered back. “I wanna… I wanna… Ohhhhhh I wanna…” but was unable to express his feelings.

Finally for the time being both stopped kissing. On top of him, her bosoms contained by the sexually taunting piece she wore, she knelt over him looking him in the eyes. She told him she was crazy about him, but her words seemed so apprehensive as if she wasn’t sure of herself. “I want us to make love” she told him for some reason. We’re we already doing this he wondered

Kneeling up right and looking down over him she began to undo her corset. Slowly exposing her luscious round boobs, he couldn’t contain himself. His cock throbbed madly. He found himself pushing up in between her legs, her thighs. Her head cocked backward and as she felt his power, her back arched. Her bosoms fell out from beneath the lovely piece she wore. He was beside himself. They were extraordinary. Their size was overwhelming. Her nipples were fatter then strawberries he thought. Succulent, majestic, and crying out for him he wanted to flip her and take her tits in his hands and focus on each tit, each nipple suckling them for long periods of time.

“What is it” she asked unsure of it all.

He said nothing, but she persisted to ask unsure of putting herself out there like she was. She knew she wanted this. She knew she wanted to make love with this younger man. She just wasn’t sure of her actions. He told her to relax. He told her to lie down. He told her to let him make love to her. He would do it lovingly. She still wasn’t sure but she lay down like she was instructed.

He mounted her, but removed his pants first. She saw his thick throbbing erection within. She was fascinated by its size. She never imagined a man’s cock so big like his appeared to be. Her eyes were all over it. What did it look like What did it feel like What do I do to make him happy Do I lick it Do I taste it everywhere Do I swallow it like I’ve read or seen in those dirty and then her felt bad She never wanted others to know her naughty side. Never, ever wanted others to know.

She was almost completely naked. She was ashamed of her body, kind of. “What’s wrong Shelli” he asked. She told him nothing was wrong. He knew something wasn’t right. She wanted to cover herself up. She wanted to cover up her bosoms, but being with him she wanted him to make her feel sexy, make her feel alive and she wanted to feel more confident that she was a sexy beautiful lady. “Something’s bothering you, isn’t it” he said again.

She nodded. “I can’t do this” she said, her voice quaking. “I just can’t.”

“Yes we can. Yes you can. I know it’s what you want isn’t it” he said.

She lay there. Her breasts and her eyes facing him, she laid gazing and awaiting him and what he may have planned. Anxious, she wasn’t sure of herself any longer. She wanted to do something, but it was clear now to him she wasn’t confident any longer. No more of the grrrrr sounds and no more confident swaggers, she lay trepid beneath him, her rolling flesh exposed to his desires. His eyes and soul hungered for her. He wanted to climb all over her. But he did the chivalrous thing and moved about her slowly as he kissed her lips and kissed around her bosoms and kissed the soft zones of desires surrounding her tits as well. Downward his body crawled, Shelli murmuring sweet nothings along the way. Her body squirmed all over while feeling his lips and hands moving about her. Inching his way further around her hips, he moved inward between her velvety thighs.

He spread them apart. “Mmmmmm, oooooooohh” he heard her say quietly and anxiously. Her body and more apparently her ass rose off the mattress. As he kissed her thighs, they came together. “OHH GOD” she cried out louder. “OHHH OHHHHH GOD” she cried out again, her thighs closing firmly around his head. He loved it. He loved how she pressed them decisively against his head. He continued on. Kissing and kissing and moving in closer to her majestic fountain. Instead if licking it, he simply kissed it, but he kissed it passionately, sucking her inside his lips.

“OHHHH FUCK” she squealed surprisingly. “FUCK YESSSSSS…YESSSSS” she squealed again and again. Her ass and body rose again and again and again, pushing inward as he and his lips kissed and kissed her pussy’s lips. No tonguing and no sucking, he only kissed her pussy’s lips.

God she was wonderful he thought. She was that and more, but he persisted in making her feel wanted and beautiful and sexier then ever and he did nothing more then kiss her pussy and then he slowly slid off her g-string undies. Now she was entirely naked. He knelt upright. Wow, what a beautiful looking woman and he told her so too. He ran his hands and fingers up and around her lines. Her hips and he told her so were sexy and gorgeous as ever. It drew out the ferocious woman she could be.

“I want you in me Jordan. Put it in me” she practically demanded.

Closing her eyes, arching her back, and almost screaming, she felt it enter her. Her bosoms filled with desire as her backed arched and her tits thrust forward. “OHHHHH GOD YES…YES…YES” she called out and before she realized it, she found herself turning and grinding her beautifully blessed figure left to right over his thick horny erection. “OH UHH OHH UHH OHH UHHH…YEAHHH JORDAN…YEAH… OHHH YEAH” she continued saying as she turned on it left to right.

He pushed himself upwards into her. She wailed out. She wanted this more then she ever wanted anything in her life. She lifted and dropped but nothing became of it, yet. Finally he did something about it all. He slammed it inside her, deep inside her swelling needy pussy. “OHHH GOD YES…YES JORDAN YES” she cried out, squealing. “DO IT… DO THAT AGAIN…AND AGAIN AND AGAIN” she screamed as he plunged inside her. “OH EEEHH OHHH EEHH OOOOHH EEHH YEAH EEEHH” and she pushed and he pumped and she thrust and he made everlasting love to the older sexy woman.

Finally yes finally she screamed and caught hold of his body and held on for dear life as she tightened down on him. Shelli began to orgasm madly. And thankfully he came, but not in her, but outside and on her. He came as she did too and his sprayed all over her mountainous boobs. She smiled a smile he’d only seen once before, but he exhausted the woman like she never had felt in her life.

“Ohhh uhh my lord…ohhh uhh my uhh god” she tried saying as she tried to catch her breath. “Uhh you…you uhh were…uhh amazing…Jordan…ohhh uhh god…so amazing.”

He pulled her against him and kissed her cheek. “Thank you” he told her.

“Why” she said looking at him.

“Because I’ve had this secret little fantasy to make love with you for a long time” he said.

“You have” she came back. “I guess I have too. I like you. Can we do this more often”

He turned and looked at her. “If you’d have me I will.”

She nodded her head and confidently slipped her hand over his spent cock. “Yes I will.”

Soon after she fell asleep with her head splayed out over his bare chest. She smelled beautiful and in more ways then one.

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