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Part Time Lover

Author: A loving wife
Publish Date : Feb 18, 2010
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My name is Cindy and I have been married for almost fifteen years now and I am 37. My husband and I have a decent sex life but it has been losing its luster over the years and I was always ok with it. My husband, come to find out wasn't and wanted more. Now you might be thinking that he wanted another woman but it turned out to be the opposite. He wanted to bring in another man and that is where my story begins...

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I like reading the stories on this web site and I thought I would send one in for your reading pleasure. My name is Cindy and I have been married for almost fifteen years now and I am 37. My husband and I have a decent sex life but it has been losing its luster over the years and I was always ok with it. My husband, come to find out wasn't and wanted more. Now you might be thinking that he wanted another woman but it turned out to be the opposite. He wanted to bring in another man and that is were my story begins.

One night in bed he started talking to me about what I thought might be a good way to improve our sex life. I told him I was open to any suggestions he had, he responded by saying I have this fantasy I would like to try and it involves another man, I stopped him cold, and said I to him, so what do you want, another woman if I get a man. He turned to me and said, I knew you would say that. I have been thinking about this and I want to bring a man into our bedroom, so I can watch him and you have hot passionate sex. I sat there for a few moments thinking about how I could answer this. I told him that he was more than enough man in bed and I didn't need someone else. My husband responded and said that it is his fantasy to do this and really wanted to try this idea out. Now I must say that for a long while my husband has been average in the sack and I have not had an orgasm in some time, but I also felt that this could hurt our marriage and was not sure if it was something I would be interested in. I told my husband I would have to think about it and we could discuss it at a later date. My husband is a great guy who always tries his best to make me happy and I try to stay hot for him, I am about 5'5 with brown hair, green eyes. I am about 120lbs with nice tits and a round ass that he loves to spank.

Some time went by and I thought about my husband's idea and I was just not sure if it would be good or bad. I am an old fashion girl and don't believe in doing things that could upset our marriage. But he talked about it all the time and I started thinking more about it, at work their was a co worker I was hot for and every time I saw him my pussy would get wet. I thought about what it would be like to ride him and realized it could happen if I wanted it to. My co-workers name was Brian and he was so cute, he was ten years younger then me and he was about 6 foot tall, large chest, nice legs. He had black hair with brown eyes and a hot ass. If it were going to happen, he would be the one I thought. That night I talked to my husband and told him I was ready to do this if he was. He was so excited he took me to our bedroom and started fucking me doggy style and I started thinking about Brian, I was getting so hot I thought I was going to cum but hubby pulled out before I could. I thought to myself I hope the man I do this with will make me cum, more then my husband does.

My husband and I talked the next night about whom it would be, and I told him about Brian. I said I was a little worried that Brian might not want me or he may tell other co-workers about it. My husband said he understands what I was saying and I should pick someone else, but it was Brian I wanted. I went to work that night and saw Brian and started chatting like normal with him and he told me he was being transferred to the other office, I asked him which one and he said it was a few towns over. I thought to myself that this was to perfect to let go. It took a few days to get the courage up to ask him about it. A day later I asked him if he would like to have a drink after work, I said I wanted to talk to him about something and he agreed, he asked me if it was all right with my husband and I just said it was fine. I got to the phone as quick as I could and called up hubby.

I told hubby about the drink, and he said just go there and he would meet up with us soon after, I told him I didn't know if I could bring myself to ask Brian about this. My husband told me not to worry he would take care of everything. He told me, when I give you a sign, just go to the girls room and take your time. I meet Brian at the club, and we got a booth and sat down and ordered our drinks. Brian looked at me and said, well Cindy what's going on, I said to him my husband would be joining us soon and he wanted to ask you something. Brian asked me what it was all about; I just smiled and said we have a favor to ask you about. Just then my husband came in and I introduced him to Brian, we talked for a while and hubby gave me that look, I got up and headed to the lady's room and stayed in there for ten minutes, I looked out the door and started walking out and my husband flagged me over. I sat down and Brian had a big smile on his face and said to me, your husband and I was just talking about this Friday night for a few drinks and then possibly going back to my place, What do ya think Cindy. My face must have been turning red, and I was feeling like a little girl on my first date. I said to Brian I was up for anything he had in mind and looked forward to Friday. We drank for a while and nothing more was said. Well Friday came and I called into work so I could go shopping for some new panties and sexy things to wear. I kept wondering what his cock was like; it was driving me crazy all day.

I spent hours getting ready, looking at myself in the mirror wondering if Brian was going to like what he saw, my husband came into the room and said, babe you look so hot tonight, Brian is going to love you. I said I hope so and he asked me if I was still OK with this. I told him I was fine but worried about him getting jealous. My husband looked at me and said, Cindy please don't kill this by not having fun or making this difficult, what do you mean I said. Cindy look, for this to be great you need to forget that I am even there, just have hot passionate sex and enjoy it, if you do that, I will enjoy it. I said OK I will, and we headed off to meet Brian at the club for a few drinks.

We got to the club and found Brian at the bar, I sat next to him and he gave me a big smile. How are you guys tonight, he said. I looked at him and said, getting ready to have some fun Brian. And fun we will have when I get you naked in bed. I smiled and started getting turned on. For the next couple of hours we drank and had allot of fun, I was feeling pretty horny and asked my new toy if he wanted to go to his place and play. My husband said, let's go Brian; we will follow you in our car.

We got there and walked up to the door where Brian was waiting for us. We went in and sat down on the couch and Brian asked me how I was doing, this was getting real very fast and I said I need a drink. Brian brought me my drink and said I looked so hot he could not wait to start. I said, I need another drink, I felt like this was my first time for some reason. We all drank for a while till I felt really buzzed and Brian was sitting beside me playing with my hair. I was getting so turned on I could feel my pussy getting wet. My husband went outside for a smoke and Brian started kissing me on the neck as he slipped his hand down the back of my sweats, he was grabbing my ass and it felt unbelievable.

Brian asked me if I was ready and I said yes, I didn't know where my husband went off to but I new I wanted to get started. We walked into the bedroom and my God what a sight, he had all these candles burning and mirrors on the ceiling and along the walls, a very large bed. I have never been so turned on in my life, I sat on edge of the bed and Brian went into the bathroom for a minute and came out in just his underwear.

His underwear had a very large bulge in the front, I sat there and thought, that can't be how big his cock is. It was long and hard as a rock, my God it was big. He came over and stood in front of me. It was happening, what I have dreamed about for so long was coming true, I still didn't know where hubby was but I new I wanted his big dick. I pulled the front of his underwear down with my teeth and could not believe how big his cock was. I thought my husbands was big but Brian was bigger. A lot bigger. I slipped his big cock into my mouth and tasted his pre-sperm as I suck his hard cock. As I sucked on him his dick got bigger and I got wetter. I just couldn't believe I was in Brains room sucking on his big dick. Brian asked me if I liked his dick and I said I couldn't wait to feel it deep inside me. Brian then turned me around on my hands and knees and rubbed his hard dick along my asshole and then he pulled my sweats down slowly, I then felt him kissing my asshole with my panties on till he started pulling my panties down, I was so hot, I wanted to feel him eat my pussy, he rubbed his finger up and down my asshole and pussy getting me wetter & hotter then I have ever been. A few minutes went by and I was in heaven, he was eating my pussy and ass nice and slow and driving me crazy, but I wanted to suck him off some more.

We got into a 69 position and we sucked on each other for a long time before I looked over and saw my hubby looking though the door jerking himself off watching us, I wanted to give him a good show so I rolled off of Brian and said, I want to feel your cock baby. He bent me over on the edge of the bed and the anticipation was killing me. I looked over to the mirror and watch as he got ready to fuck me, I felt the head of his big cock rub along my pussy and then he started pushing it in very slowly, I put my face into the pillow screaming, I could not get over how big he was. I was watching Brian fuck me in the mirror and it was driving me crazy. Within a minute Brian was making me cum, I cried out to him, I'm Cumming Brian, fuck me harder, and he did. Hubby must have loved watching us fuck, with in a few minutes Brian had me cumming again, as I was cumming I said to Brian, nobody ever fucked me like this. We fuck in every position possible for hours and he stayed hard the whole time. I never knew a man could stay hard for so long and make me cum so many times, Brian was a sex goddess. My husband blew his load twenty minutes after we got started and went to watch TV. But Brian and I just kept fucking and I have never came so many times in one night. What a lover Brian was. He fucked me so hard I didn't want to go home. When the night was over we kissed passionately and I said I hope we can do this again some time. We said good-bye and driving home hubby asked me all about it, so I sucked him off in the car as I told him how great the sex was. My husband asked me if I expected him to perform like Brian and I said no baby, my husband looked at me and said, whenever you need a good fuck, let me know and we can go over Brains house. So every three or four months we all get together for some fun and it keeps my husband happy watching and it keeps me happy fucking Brains big dick. If you're wondering about any private sex that might have gone on, you thought right. I get together with Brian every other week without hubby so Brian can fuck the shit out of me. Don't get me wrong, I love my husband, but I love Brian's hard cock. A girl has needs you know!

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